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Kamal Nath turns author with India's Century

February 05, 2007 19:51 IST

Kamal Nath, Minister of Commerce and Industry, will turn an author this year when McGraw-Hill Professional comes out with his new book tentatively titled India's Century.

In the book, aimed at the world's economic elite and general readers, Nath will use his insider's experience and insights to explain India's rise to superstar status and provide a primer on doing business with the world's largest and fastest growing middle-class.

The book will be launched globally in August 2007, the same month that marks the 60th anniversary of India's Independence.

Nath, who calls himself a 'midnight's child,' provides rich anecdotes and narrative about the transformation Indian people's mindset -- from colonial subjects resigned to poverty to citizens of a global economic power. Nath is a key enabler of that transformation.

"Nath will share with readers his front-row seat on India's history as it is being made," said Herb Schaffner, publisher for business books at McGraw-Hill Professional.

"He will show how an ancient culture is being plugged into the globalising world, and offer insights into the widening economic and diplomatic corridor between America and India -- honoring the two nations' shared values of democracy and free markets."

A Correspondent in New York