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'SBI is a good, safe buy'

March 09, 2005 13:08 IST
nanik : Dear sir, your chats are very useful. Thanks a lot for the same. Sir, can we enter into caprihans, lakshmi precision screws, deccan goldmines, pix transmission.
Ramesh Damani : thanks for joining, all. Let's start, I think the one that seems good at these rates in Caprihans, i own it

kittu : hello sir Do you have any Idea about "SVR SUPERCHEM" , A small company looks very cheap? can you please throw some light on it.
Ramesh Damani : Sorry don't follow it

RDDisciple : Sir, how is the performance at Arvind Products? Is there a good story developing in fabrics?
Ramesh Damani : i think so, it will take time to unlock

rajesh_ : Do you still think valuations in breweries are still attractive? still you recemmend these stocks at current values?
Ramesh Damani : they are not cheap anymore

StockInvestor : What are your views on McMillan, Honeywell, Geometric Software and Hinduja TMT ? This group as a whole has been a laggard in this bull market. What are your views on the ITES sector going forward.
Ramesh Damani : they all look good to me at current rates. ITES remains positive in outlook

amitsarkar : sir, shree rajathan texchem is almost in the same level for last 2 months. do you think it will gear up in near future? should I hold it for long term?
ramesh damani : stocks take years to mature

Shikha : Mr.Damani I bought Universal luggage on your recommendation at 14 Rs. Now it is 9.
Ramesh Damani : when did I recommend that?

dhar : sir i want to invest heavily in surya roshini. is it a trading call from u or balance sheet seems not promising any turn around story? please, ur view on this query
Ramesh Damani : at this time a trading call. Let us watch the stock

Jayraj : Excellent price discovery in Mcdowell. Thanks for teaching us to be patient. I am also reminded what Peter Lynch said "Buy a business any idiot can run, because someday an idiot will run it anyway" Look forward to this evening's Wizards with Sukumar. Thanks very much!!
Ramesh Damani : thx. hope you enjoy it

Ganesh : TV Today – Sir, why are you recommending this stock? This is on a downslide for quite some time now.
Ramesh Damani : you have to learn to think beyond price moments on a day to day basis

lovelysunny : sir what's your view on markets as a whole?
Ramesh Damani : i remain bullish

Amit 4 : Sir : Thanks a lot and we all salute you for your vision , time and again its been proved and Mcdowell is latest ex. Should we continue holding
Ramesh Damani : has been gratifying

Jayraj : Would you still Hold CONCOR to capture bigger gains in the 3rd leg of the Bull Market? Or is it rather expensie to hold now that more players are coming in?
Ramesh Damani : i have sold container and moved to gati, balmer lawrie and tci

Ganesh : Damaniji, GAIL is not doing well as compared to other big stocks? Do you think it's a good hold for 8-9 months?
Ramesh Damani : thats what i think

Rahul : Sir, do you think Encore software can repeat the success of Nucleus Software? Can we go fresh investment in Encore Software?
Ramesh Damani : no nucleus is a far superior co,encore is speculative yet

barracuda : do yu believe in the rule of the opposites the more enthusiastic investors are in the long term the more certain they are to be proved wrong in the short term
Ramesh Damani : that makes sense to me

skp : Markets have gone so much that it is very difficult to find a good stock. In fact, wherever u see B1, B2 stocks are touching new highs everyday that is more worrying than anything. In this situation we request you to look back to your recommendation and give us a advice that which stocks even do look good to you at current rates.
Ramesh Damani : it is a thoughtful question. but markets remain in bull grip. while i rotate in and out of some stocks most of the stocks i am holding

StockInvestor : Do you really believe that Geometric can clock 60% revenue growth for the next 2 years ?
Ramesh Damani : they have a chance

ROBIN : sir, is balaji the most attractive of the media stocks?
Ramesh Damani : it is cheap

Amitabh : any vies on Indian Hotels as hotel industry in booming
Ramesh Damani : bullish

barracuda : do yu feel that yu should ask CNBC to make a VCD of all the episodes of wizards so that in the future investors can benefit out of it see the advice regarding investing is always the same that's why we still read graham
Ramesh Damani : i am sure they will.

sureshmakhija2 : sir currently i m reading the book hot commodities. so how u consider the commodities investment better then stocks as it was told by jim rogers, thanks and regards
Ramesh Damani : great, I hope you enjoy it

Hitesh : Regency Ceramics (CMP 31, mkt cap 40 Crs) is a very large ceramics company with 165 Crores in annual sales, GAIl hasn't been able to supply it the gas they need for their operations, so they've had a bad performance last quarter. They have been paying a dividend steadily for many years. I've studied it in detail. If we go by Benjamin Graham's theory everything about the company seems to make it a good buy. You know what he says about buying good companies when they're being neglected in bad times. What do you think, Sir?
Ramesh Damani : i think if you have done your work and have conviction. By all means buy it,. Conviction is what makes money

sureshmakhija2 :  thanx sir i really enjoyed it but do u consider commodity investment better then stocks
Ramesh Damani : you have to buy it cheap and then make money. I prefer equities, but you can make money is commodities

amur : Damaniji, please give us some good picks under the present market conditions?
Ramesh Damani : SBI seems safe. i own it

sureshmakhija2 : sir why jim roger and marc faber dont favour the India as an investment destination in hot commodities also jim said that India is good country as a tourist place but he doesn't favour it for investment . why like this sir thanx
Ramesh Damani : lets hope he is prooved wrong. they are in love with china

Amit 4 : MCDOWELL : with 4 way merger looking possible ( including swc ) , its moving for great valuation. Are we looking for 500+ in due course . It was your 10 bagger at 50 when swc sale was no where in the picture
Ramesh Damani : that was part of the reason i recommended it (herbertsons) recently korean rice wine makeris being sold for $3.5 figure it out

score : why Polaris is not doing well and where as Nucleus is doing well in business even though both are some what owned by Arun Jain
Ramesh Damani : ithink polaris is turing aroundthough jain just holds a small amtof nucleus

ramudu1 : sir this is the 1st time i am at ur chat pl reply to my Qus on Petronet & IOB ur ware saying Bulish about Petronet is it good time to Buy for 2 years
Ramesh Damani : i think petronet may be a good investment though i have not bought it aggressively yet

Newbieatstock : Sir your view on the bank of rajasthan deal that took place today(another weak bank being bought) ?
Ramesh Damani : more and more deals will happenin that sector

SHMM : Mr. Ramesh, do you think we should look at PNB issue, please advice
Ramesh Damani : my sense is that post issue it may make a intermediate top

rogers : sir accept a million thanks on behalf of all the people who have profited from your rec.What are your views on Titan industries ?Your friend R J has invested heavily in it recently.
Ramesh Damani : while on PE basis it is expensive they are doing well and should turn around. i think remain invested

Rahul : Sir, but SBI have already risen about 50% in last 3-4 months? Do you think it still has some steam left?
Ramesh Damani : i think so

sumi : Have u seen INDIAN IDOL? I told my wife "Look the strength of Media". They Made a HERO from Zero. For this reason I am buying TV TODAY. Anyway lot of thanks for Mcdowell. We are speaking so many years on this share with u. Definitely u are my GURU.
Ramesh Damani : yes media will be very imp.valuations are attractive,thx for your apprecaition

barrracuda : if there is a school in mumbai which teaches chinese will yu send your son to learn at least how to speak
Ramesh Damani : that is jim's view not mine

Firdaus : Amongst the weak private sector banks would you include IndusInd, Karnataka Bank and South Indian Bank?
Ramesh Damani : they probably would not be classified as weak

Amit 4 : MCDOWELL : IF it is to be sold at USD 1 Billion then its price should be around 850 and if we are taking about 3-4 billion then sky is the limit. Looks like we can still sit on it for some more time
Ramesh Damani : i have learnt not to dream these numbers, but be patient and see how value is unlocked. over time it has to trade at global valuations

ROBIN : sir,by riding piggyback on your recommendations we have made money. thanks so much...looking forward to more picks from you sir.
Ramesh Damani : thx again

StockInvestor : I am a value picker. Even when it comes to growth stocks, I tend to buy them only when I see value in them. Right now, I no longer see much value in this market as I did 2 years back or even during last May.Is this not the time, maybe to just hold on to your picks and wait for this market to cool down before entering. Cooling down, does not necessarily mean, a drop in the index. It might also mean a sideways movement in the index for a prolonged duration of 3 to 6 months.Some of my best picks have been value picks. SAIL at Rs 6, Arvind Mills at Rs 5, M & M at Rs 69, etc.
Ramesh Damani : you have done well. if you are not comfortable just hold on and do not make new investments. I remain bullish

ramudu1 : sir there is a investor meet in Hyderabad. would u be coming to hyderabad?
Ramesh Damani : i have been invited

jks : Sir, who do you think will win the test match?? India or Pakistan???
Ramesh Damani : the Karachi stock exchange maybe??

maneeshk : sir, abee info consumable is planning an aggressive retail foray for it's inks business. Are you following it?
Ramesh Damani : where did you read that

vasant : sir, do you also invest in foreign stocks ?
Ramesh Damani : no

rrr : then what about UB holdings if UB and mcdowells stock shoot through the roof, then that should also go up isn't it? Thanks a billion for your recos.
Ramesh Damani : it is moving up

ramudu1 : sir i am a great fan of u if ur coming can i meet u pleaseeeee
Ramesh Damani : i will be talking in hyderabad

ahmedabadguys : mr. Damani construction stocks are currently in limelight..According to you companies like HCC at 500 rs. still cheap? I had conviction when it was around 120 last year..But over 500 rs. what to do??your advise on conviction and hold is very useful but tip on when stock gets fully or over prise your thoughts needs to be share here...
Ramesh Damani : no correct answer fits all stocks. You need to come up with answers to each co or sell when you think the bull market is over

jeet : sir which gas stock is the best buy acc. to you
Ramesh Damani : start with GAIL

AccentDharmesh : Damaniji: One of CNBC experts says: Pick Cos with low euity base with growing numbers for multibaggers in the long run. Do you subscribe to this view ? Wold you recommend a few cos with low equity base pls ? - Your fan
Ramesh Damani : the trick to investing is buying cowith a huge gap between value andmarket price. Then dont try and time it

Ramesh Damani : i will try and find it

lovelysunny : sir you said you are bullish on the markets as a whole ..... sir in the nearer term is there any chance of a retractment
Ramesh Damani : it could happen tomorrow

Newbieatstock : Sir what was your biggest learning experience in the market, something that completely changed the way you looked at the markerts
Ramesh Damani : the importance of having your ownconviction and staying true to it,Not arrogance but convction.

Amit 4 : SANDESH : Have you finally made up you mind to go heavily as all of us find it cheap
Ramesh Damani : not at this time

sureshmakhija2 : sir i know u had answered this question why u rr not so bullish on tata investment though it has good assets good earning u said that they dont have a business model but my view they have the busness model like aany mutual fund
Ramesh Damani : that may be right. Thanks all for joining. Will see you next week bye