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'If Kerry wins IT may go down'

November 02, 2004 18:47 IST
dhr : sir what is ur openion on geojit
Ramesh S damani : Hello everyone. Thanks for joining. Let's start. Geojit looks okay to me on fundamentals.

sureshkumar : sir, good evening, your stock goldiam international is on upswing i think you are happy about this, any news on that sir
Ramesh S damani : Good results, Rs 2 interim dividend.

sanujkadavil : Sir-South Indian bank come out with a bad Q2 numbers. But this was expected due to treasury lossess and provisioning. At current rate stock gives a dividend yield of over 7%.(3 rs dividend expecting next year).Would you add more at these levels ??What's your call on private banks after F.M 's statement on foreign holding and acquisition.Especially the small old private banks like SIB, KTK , BANK OF PUNJAB, ETC….
Ramesh S damani : The Left will oppose it so it is hard to say. I think this year is 50 years of SI Bank they may declare 50% dividend.

VBK : Sir, Your call on panacea bio and rpg life. I wish to buy some in panacea and accumulate in rpg. Pls give your call sir. Thanks.
Ramesh S damani : No particular view on these stocks. Panancea results were good.

balchan : Sir, what is your view on Crisil post Irevna acquisition? I think it looks very good with finally one large growth opportunity opening up
Ramesh S damani : I concur it is a good acquisition and price is good. I own it.

DCB : Hi Ramesh How are does India glycols look as it has been raising prices of MEG and petrochemical cycle is strong. Also Is Micro Inks and Tata Tea good long term buys
Ramesh S damani : I like Micro and Tata Tea. I don't follow India Lycos but the story seems good.

dhr : sir which scrip u will prefer ub holding or tata investment
Ramesh S damani : Both deserve a share.
sureshkumar : sir, how is d-link results looks to u.
Ramesh S damani : Disappointing. I am not sure why hardware growth has been so anemic in India.

Farzana : Sir, The Times of India has bought a stake in Midday Multimedia and have offered 100 Crores to the promoters for 69 % promoters stake. Negotiations are on. If this deal goes through do you think Times be compelled to make an open offer at the same price? What do SEBI guidelines state in this regard, can you sehd some light. The price offered is almost double market valuation which is 58-60 Crores for the promoters stake.
Ramesh S damani : If they do buy it they will have to make an open offer. Synergies would be unlocked with a merger, no doubt.

vikas : GODREJ IND : came out with woinderful result and then today block deal in God consumer which indirectly helps God Ind.Do u think a re rating is on the cards for God ind. sooner than later
Ramesh S damani : I think so. It is good value. I own it.

ash : Sir, Mr. Swaminathan Iyer's article in 'Sunday Times of India' (31.10'04) on steel king - L.N. Mittal titled 'Putting Nehru, Tata to shame' is a must read.
Ramesh S damani : I agree. He writes the best columns in India.

StarBlazing : Sir, What are your views on the results of Opto circuits?
Ramesh S damani : On track. Next year could see a good bump up. I own it.

ahmedabadguys : Mr. damani gati board is declaring rights issue.. Can you shed some lights on it and also please advise on what to do with present holding?? sell cumright or ex right or simply hold on and apply for rights.....
Ramesh S damani : I have not seen the announcements yet. At what price is it at?

RAJESH : Sir , What is the status of Balaji Telefilim's divident payout. Do they pay it?
Ramesh S damani : They will pay it if FIPB approves its new equity.

ash : Sir, Swaraj Engines has a very consistent dividend record. Is it a well managed co. too ?
Ramesh S damani : Yes. It is well maanged.

probal : Sir what will be the impact if Senator Kerry comes to power in US. What will be impact on Technolugy stocks specially the Big boys, infy,tcs,wipro. Its seems Senetor Kerry is more organised that President Bush. I feel that oil prices will drop is Senetor Kerry wins and it will be good for the world economics. Senetor Kerry will again try to unite the world. Sir Please your view? Thanks
Ramesh S damani : If Kerry comes to power IT may go down. Temporary though. Bigger problem is fall in $ value.

kushkatakia : what makes you so bullish about Nuclues Software & how can GMAC contribute towards its growth
Ramesh S damani : Orders from MAC for BFSI sotware. Maybe even North America. Good management and well run company.

demimoore : are yu happy with crest results i feel the stock price is ahead of fundamentals the dreamworks ipo was a sucsess in the usa
Ramesh S damani : Results wise they should improve with every quarter.

simplify : Have you looked at Castrol ? Beaten down stock..almost zero working capital reqmts..a cash generating machine ! Pays handsome dividends too !
Ramesh S damani : I would buy it at current rates. It looks good to me.

sharad : Hello sir, I must complement you for very succesfully selecting real value stocks for us small investor..we all have be handsomely benifited by your recom.Out of Shares recommanded by you which share look really promising after the current results???
Ramesh S damani : Thanks for your kind words. You know my ideas.

tony : Mr Damani , I dont think you know your effect but have you realised the "damani effect" the day after you recommend a stock on a channel , it goes on circuit .. Please do tell us ONE stock you would by at the current lvel with a horizon of 12 to 20 months. THANKS
Ramesh S damani : I
don't beleive that. It is a coincidence. Look at Swaraj Engines. It makes sense at these prices.

BombayGuy : D-Link and IGate Global. I have been watching the price declines in these 2 companies for a while now! Would you say that these companies out of the woods yet - can one take a 2 year view and invest in phases?
Ramesh S damani : I am not sure. But do keep following them. We dont know when lightning strikes.

vatsal : hisir i am an investor from australia u r relly very eneus person sir my question is why the good companies not perform in bull market like j l morison godfry phillips whaats ur views on that?
Ramesh S damani : Sometimes the sector is out of favour (tobacco). Sooner or later though co's that perform will berewarded by the market.

KRR : I agree fully with what Sharad and Tony has said.... "damani effect" does exists in the indian stock markets.... :-)
Ramesh S damani : It is pure chance. The day someone thinks that you can move markets you are history. Markets don't listen to anyone.

simplify : Blue Dart is getting expensive...but momentum is behind it...My head says sell...heart says hold on...Any views ?
Ramesh S damani : I would hold on.
BombayGuy : Why did you choose Banco Products out of so many companies in the ancillary sector. Was it the div yld or the management?
Ramesh S damani : Div yield helped.

kvg : sir please give one scrip which is about to break out pleaseeeeeee!
Ramesh S damani : Invest with patience and conviction not on break outs.

vatsal : sir thnks very very much for answer but sir any view for glaxo smithline consumer and j l morison whats ur advise for that to invest right now in those companies
Ramesh S damani : Stay investd in both. They are doing well.

vikas : Macmillan : Your view after a week from q3 result. Anything which makes you positive and remain invested in the result. ANy point u would consider shelling out in favour of sWARAJ eNGINE
Ramesh S damani : Probably not. However it continues to disappoint with its publishing business.

demimoore : why hasnt kale declared its results do yu know when they are they recently bagged two orders from large int airlines the names have not been disclosed stock appears to be taking rest do yu still like its market cap
Ramesh S damani : They did. They were break even. Results should improve over the next few quartes.

dhruv : Sir, can we buy Arvind products and Geojit Financial Services for long term at current levels considering textile and commodity market boom in next two years
Ramesh S damani : I would think so.

sharad : One stock looks really attractive at current valuation and with growth in tourist business & forex business is THOMAS COOk..a very good investor friendly company with equally good management and they have even declared that their peformance will be outstanding from now on..UR views??
Ramesh S damani : I agree. Tourism is increasing and they are gainers.

dhruv : Sir do u find the markets are at unattractive levels because of negative effect of rising crude oil prices and rising iterest rates scenario
Ramesh S damani : No. Liquidity remains strong.

BombayGuy : I noticed that while most techs declined today, Elxsi held up by 2% and is trying to break the previous high of 168 I read somewhere that we have an acute shortage of animators. How could this impact Elxsi?
Ramesh S damani : Animation in only 10%. They will be able to attract talent.

ahmedabadguys : mr. damani banco, gr8 div.yeild but stock prise is not moving anywhere...other stocks have given much better results...any perticular reason for banco???
Ramesh S damani : As you said yield.

kushkatakia : Sir, do you feel that the latest development of Skanska by Ital-Thai Co. buying the Company Assets would augur well for the Company or is it similar event like the previous change in names from Ceminda to Trafalgar to Kvanrnear to Skanska
Ramesh S damani : The company might go private. Otherwise it is a good bet. I own a small amount.

KRR : you call it a chance sir... but such repetative performance is not possible with just a chance... i have been following you consistently for last one and half year and been using my head alongwith your advice (mainly for booking profits)... my money has grown four fold ... (many thanks..) and you call it a chance!!!! :-) :-)
Ramesh S damani : Trust me, it is. Good stocks will go up whether they are on CNBC or not. Thanks for the kind words.

hydinvestor : sir, what do u feel about aegis logistics? Is it still linked to its chemical business? when i checked their website it appears they are still moving chemical materials rather than emerging as a all-purpose logistic company
Ramesh S damani : I think they do chemical supply logistics.

CuriousCarl : Mr.Damani, I've visited the Financial technologies web site and they don't seem to be very impressive compared to say Aztec, Four Soft, Hexaware etc. They don't seem trustworthy. I'm in the IT industry and I can judge a genuine company from a fake one. This seems more like a smoke and mirror show.
Ramesh S damani : I am not sure I would call them that. They are a young company and they have done good work. They are not cheap. But give them some rope.

Ramesh S damani : Thanks for the very kind words. I have to leave early today, thanks all for joining. Bye.