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Priyamvada's property intact, says Lodha

December 20, 2005 02:06 IST

The Calcutta High Court, which is hearing the case pertaining to the appointment of Rajendra Singh Lodha as administrator of the Birla estate over M P Birla, was on Monday told that the special officers' report had proved that Lodha is a man of truth.

In support of his statement, Anindya Mitra, counsel for Lodha, said the special officers had in their report recorded that all the items which were listed in the petition were intact in Birla Park, the residence of late Priyamvada Birla.

Not a single immovable article was missing from the house though 18 months had passed since the death of Priyamvada Birla.

Disputing the argument of Birla camp that keys were not easily available to the special officers, Mitra said that on the first day of the visit by the special officers, four keys were handed over by Lodha.

Priyamvada gave them to Lodha when she was shifted to a nursing home for treatment.

Lodha gave the keys to the special officers to open rooms from where the officers found more keys.

No case was made out for appointment of administrator, the counsel added.

Lodha welcomed the order of making inventory so the question for any administrator over the estate was not required, the counsel concluded.

The court directed the parties to file notes on argument on second week of January 2006.

Two sisters of late M P Birla and some Birla family members filed the petition for appointment of administrator. The court had appointed four special officers to make inventory.

The officers filed two reports. With the final hearing of the petition getting over and the court is expected to pass its order soon.