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May 17, 2024
'Elections May Sway Markets Temporarily'
'The long-term impact of elections is minimal.'
May 15, 2024
'We'll Have 50K People Trained On GenAI'
'We're putting a lot of focus on GenAI developers and people who can really do all the architecture and programming.'
'Election results not to have long-term effect on markets'
'If the majority falls short of expectations, it may prompt initial adjustments in investor sentiment.'
'No impact of elections on commercial vehicles market'
'In April, we saw a 10 per cent growth in our own volumes.'
'MSMEs, mid-corporate will be focus for loan growth'
'As these segments are growing at 25 per cent for the last three years, credit quality has been extremely good.'
'In three years, we want to reach 1 million direct outlets'
'Our target will come from rural areas as there are more outlets there.'
May 10, 2024
'Markets Could Crash 40-50% If...'
'If the NDA comes to power with 320-330 plus seats, then we could see some correction. We could possibly see a level of 19,500 to 20,000.'
May 08, 2024
'Be In Cash; About Over 20-25%'
'The markets will correct, and they are bound to correct. The boom will turn into bust.'
May 05, 2024
'Govt won't privatise GIC Re at this stage'
'Because it is the only public sector company in this sector, currently.'
May 03, 2024
'India Offers Once In A Lifetime Opportunity To Create Wealth'
'We see mid-and small-caps as a real pot of gold.'
April 29, 2024
'Markets Are Too Confident, Excited, Aggressive'
'The main worry is lots of new investors coming into the markets in order to make a quick buck/easy money.'
April 27, 2024
'Aim is to double individual first-year premiums in 3 yrs'
'Currently, our individual first premium would be in the Rs 3,000-Rs 3,200 crore range. We want to take that to about Rs 6,000 crore in three years.'
'We will grow at about 20% over the next few years'
'Private General insurers are poised to grow at 17 per cent - 18 per cent over the next 5 to 7 years and we will grow faster.'
April 25, 2024
'Our focus is on converting lands into projects'
'There has been a huge shift. Consumer needs and requirements have changed, and differ from city to city.'
April 21, 2024
'ITC aspires to double its business in five years'
'While every year presents new challenges, it also provides opportunities for better growth and performance.'
April 16, 2024
How Berger Paints plans to protect its market share
'Which is growing fast and where we are very strongly positioned.'
April 13, 2024
'Will end year with a growth rate of over 30 per cent'
'In life insurance, it is about creating distribution capacity and solutions for customers. We are constantly working on that.'
April 11, 2024
'Take A Staggered Approach To Investing In Smallcaps'
'Exposure to small and midcap stocks exceeded desired levels in many portfolios, prompting rebalancing.'
April 10, 2024
'VinFast has committed $500 million to Tamil Nadu'
'Our objective is to reach a localisation rate of 50% in the span of five years.'
April 05, 2024
'Markets started building on NDA's win since Dec'
'Rather than taking a very short-term view on the markets, equity investing should be premised on longer term growth opportunities.'
April 03, 2024
'Some Cooling-Off In Small Caps'
'More than investors, fund houses, and advisors have raised caution and limited flows on small-and mid-caps.'
March 29, 2024
'India is a bright spot. Lot of hope for next two decades'
'China is somewhat disappointing in its recovery, and slow growth, and India is reporting strong growth numbers.'
March 26, 2024
'Small, mid-caps attractive long-term'
'Given the inherent volatility, investors should take at least a three to five-year view.'
March 21, 2024
'Midcaps, Smallcaps: Exercise Caution'
'While Indian markets are indeed not inexpensive, the valuations of largecap stocks are still a considerable distance from being overstretched.'
March 15, 2024
'Banking system has learnt lessons from 2008 crisis'
'They have since only tried to improve systems. Also, with regulatory guidance from time to time, we are in a position to assess a situation and react in time.'
'Small finance banks need to build all product ranges'
'You cannot have only one product or one market or one customer segment.'
March 14, 2024
Why K V Kamath calls Indian banking system the best in 50 years
'I don't think we have ever seen such alignment of everything that we need in the banking sector.'
March 13, 2024
'Strong growth in electric vehicles has slowed down a bit'
'Now that all the early adopters have the electric car, governments are backing down in some countries because they do not have the money to subsidise so much.'
March 12, 2024
What PhonePe did differently from Paytm
'We went from zero to about 10 million users in three months. Paytm came out with the wallet play and we came out with the UPI play.'
March 09, 2024
'Premium and luxury segments becoming more prominent in India'
'The Indian economy is expected to grow in terms of per capita income and GDP, and with that, the luxury segment becomes more relevant.'
March 07, 2024
'Market has factored in BJP's victory'
'The trajectory of headline indices will be determined by the number of seats the BJP would win.'
March 01, 2024
'Investors should have balanced portfolio'
'...which is possible through flexicap and multicap funds.'
February 29, 2024
'Largecaps offer a reasonable margin of safety'
'Investors should focus on largecap funds, flexicap funds, business cycle funds, or hybrid-category funds.'
February 24, 2024
'The formulations business been a growth driver'
'However, we have seen weakness in our active pharmaceutical ingredients business.'
'Rural consumers also driving power demand'
'This was earlier driven by industries and the commercial sector.'
February 22, 2024
'Next few months are likely to see increased volatility'
'Valuations of midcaps and smallcaps have reached very high levels, and hence to that extent leave little margin of safety.'
February 21, 2024
'Should construct 13,000 km of national highways in FY24'
'The vision now is not just to look at national highways as a number of kilometres, but quality as well.'
'60% of taxpayers will shift to new tax regime'
'Personal income tax is growing by 27 per cent and most refunds have already been issued.'
February 18, 2024
'Rs 1.7 trillion may be GST average collection next FY'
'We crossed Rs 1.7 trillion in three months this financial year.'
February 17, 2024
'Our unsecured loan portfolio is better than secured'
'Our unsecured loan is not exactly unsecured. It is backed by cash flow of customers.'
February 16, 2024
Midcap, smallcap indices have nearly doubled in 4 years'
'We are cautious only on sub-sectors that have seen massive melt-up during the past six months.'
'Tax buoyancy can't continue year after year'
'The revenue projection arises out of all sectors doing well and the formalisation of the economy helps in making sure the tax domain gets widened.'
February 15, 2024
'Rural areas been stressed for many FMCG companies'
'In staples, we have still managed in rural areas.'
February 14, 2024
'Private capex will depend on demand and supply situation'
'The private sector will look to the budget to check whether there are any headwinds or tailwinds.'
February 12, 2024
'There's a de-emphasis on divestment'
'We now look at divestment as an opportunity for maximising the value of public assets, not necessarily as a short-term resource-raising measure.'
February 11, 2024
'NPA recoveries has helped to reduce credit cost'
'For the first time ever it has come below 1 per cent, at 0.97 per cent.'
February 10, 2024
'We expect the losses to be lower from UK'
'The UK is more of a structural problem, and that's why we're doing the restructuring.'
February 08, 2024
'The more we automate, the more work will come'
'We do not see people getting reduced, but because of automation, we will do more work.'
'Global investors willing to pay premium for India story'
'With China falling out of favour, India is where investors see the demographic and digital dividend apart from the benefits of reforms playing out.'
'Disinflationary stance allows for rate cuts'
'Investment creates capacity and reduces inflation. Income, employment, and savings rise.'
February 06, 2024
'We are almost at peak of interest rates cycles'
'The stabilisation of interest rates followed by reduction is going to happen over the next year.'
February 05, 2024
'BYJU's showing green shoots towards profitability'
'If you look at assets truly working for us, you should look at Aakash and Great Learning.'
February 02, 2024
'Money lending has become prudent and conservative'
'We need to be far more careful given the fact that while this is group lending, it's essentially unsecured.'
'There is tremendous amount of caution in the environment'
Debashis Chatterjee speaks about the overall demand environment and company's strategy
'2024 may be one of the best years for debt markets'
'Investors with higher risk appetite and longer horizon (more than one year) can invest in longer-duration funds like corporate bond funds, long-duration funds and gilt funds for maximum gain.'
January 30, 2024
'Balanced advantage funds are good option'
'.. if you do not want to take the asset allocation call.''
January 29, 2024
'GenAI is going to be the tip of the arrow for HCLTech'
'It will drive a lot of surrounding business, that is where we see some good projects coming in.'
'Market is headed for an eventful 2024'
'Higher valuation remains the only spoiler for equities.'
January 28, 2024
'Aim to be strong fast-moving consumer goods company'
'Will make sure that we create value. We will again look for organic and inorganic opportunities.'
January 27, 2024
'Aster DM's plan is to be among top three in India'
'Now that we are a pure-play India business, many investors are open to investing.'
January 26, 2024
'Diageo India focuses on value rather than volume'
'Our approach has been to work with consumers and help them drink better, not more.'
January 25, 2024
'Investors could tilt towards largecaps'
'Hybrid funds, especially balanced advantage funds and multi-asset funds, are a good option right now when valuations are on the higher side.'
January 23, 2024
'Investors shouldn't get into a waiting game'
'Sell part of your portfolio where you're making good money, especially in small caps and mid caps.'
January 19, 2024
'We are going to be an AI-first company'
'GenAI has democratised the AI conversation. I do not know of a single client who is not interested in that conversation.'
'New Investors Won't Digest Such Falls'
'If individual stocks start falling 25% to 30% or more, then I doubt how many of them will be able to withstand that (kind of selloff). That is when you'll see panic coming in.'
January 12, 2024
'Railways plans to carry 10 billon passengers every year by 2030'
'We carry 6.5 billion passengers every year. We have crossed seven billion this year, and are targeting 10 billion by 2030.'
January 10, 2024
'Don't shun midcaps, smallcaps just because they surged 40-50%'
'What will matter in 2024 from the market standpoint is the direction of interest rates globally, as well as in India.'
January 09, 2024
'Public AI infrastructure we create would help startups'
'Similar to the case of the digital payment system where the government created a public platform and others joined in, we are exploring a similar structure to create a PPP platform where the compute required for AI could be accessed by the small player.'
January 07, 2024
'APIs are a very strategic part of Biocon's business'
'There is no reason why we should break this business up.'
January 04, 2024
'I am addicted to entrepreneurship'
'We look at the opportunities that are going to come in various fields in the next 5 to 10 years, do some research and come up with business plans.'
January 02, 2024
'The daily numbers give me confidence'
'We have a plan to plough back a 'This year in the first half we had profits of more than Rs 31,000 crore.'
January 01, 2024
'Huge demand for life insurance products in India'
'As our per capita income increases and various demographic segments emerge, the need for various kinds of protection and risk covers will become even more explicit.'
December 31, 2023
'The agenda is 'insurance for all by 2047''
'If you want it to grow well and serve the true needs of the economy, it needs a lot of freedom and flexibility, which comes in terms of the reform objective set by the regulator.'
December 29, 2023
'I expect 8% growth next year'
'We will see a lot of investments from the private sector.'
December 26, 2023
'We prefer stocks likely to gain from strong domestic growth potential'
'We like certain stocks from banking, insurance, retail, hospitals and capital goods.'
December 24, 2023
'Successful listing is true justice to RE development in country'
'This is not just the IREDA's IPO. It is the success of the ministry of new and renewable energy and of the renewable energy industry.'
December 22, 2023
'We've invested in the growth of India'
We are, therefore, setting up more branches in more tertiary terms, like tier 2 and tier 3 terms.
December 21, 2023
'Banks are actively working on several IPOs'
'The deal pipeline across products is robust for 2024.'
December 19, 2023
'2024 poll will be major event for mid/smallcaps'
'It will dictate the flow of funds into the index. We will maintain caution on mid/smallcaps.'
December 12, 2023
'IPO market has bullish outlook in 2024'
'A key reason for the strong interest in IPOs has been an increased focus on profitability and reasonable pricing of deals.'
December 11, 2023
RBL Bank's business trajectory remains intact
'We are committed to achieving the targets we had outlined.'
December 06, 2023
'We can deliver market-beating growth'
'We will continue to build new engines of growth in terms of innovations, enter newer categories, and look at newer propositions.'
December 04, 2023
'People Love Diesel SUVs'
'SUV is a very intensely fought category, unlike hatchbacks and cars.'
December 02, 2023
'It's a tough job to sell life insurance to people'
'We are expected to grow at above 28 per cent this year, higher than the industry.'
'There is huge demand for home loans'
'We started affordable housing loans that has good traction and the books have grown to Rs 750 crore as of the end of last quarter.'
December 01, 2023
'The real GDP was captured better'
'Revision of the base year for both CPI and GDP are long overdue.'
November 30, 2023
'Largecaps appear attractive'
'Auto, pharma, and industrials have delivered well in the recent quarter, while businesses like quick-service restaurants, consumer staples, and durables have underperformed in volume growth.'
'Aim to be among top three biosimilar players in world'
'We've got a huge track record and success in bringing several biosimilars to the market.'
November 22, 2023
'Markets may experience turbulence'
'...similar to the 2008 global financial crisis, the 2012 taper tantrum, or the 2018 midcap crash.'
November 21, 2023
'Challenge for us is resource management'
'The fact still remains that we will have to deliver, so the pressure is now on us to make sure we get our resources, our supplies lined up at acceptable costs.'
November 17, 2023
'We are building Kia 2.0. India is a long-term bet for us'
'India is the sixth-largest market for the Kia Corporation, and contributes 8 to 9 per cent to our global sales.'
November 16, 2023
'I don't think I will die so fast'
'My wife, family members as well as members of the workers will be trustees.'
'Subrata Roy was arbitraging between India and Bharat'
'The India which was all about glamour and razzmatazz through which he could earn the trust of people of the other India, which was Bharat.'
November 15, 2023
'I have never done one wrong thing in my life'
Excerpted from Sahara: The Untold Story by Tamal Bandyopadhyay.
November 12, 2023
'Growth during the second half should be good'
'With NPA under control, we should be able to post better profits.'
November 11, 2023
'We are confident our H2 will be better than H1'
'Our Q1 was almost flat, and there was very negligible growth in Q2, but the deal pipeline and the order book have been fairly significant.'
November 09, 2023
'We see strong momentum for the second half'
'We will have a strong exit as our third quarter is strong.'
'We are seeing growth in retail health insurance'
'Pandemic has triggered interest and awareness among the people about the need for healthcare.'
November 08, 2023
As of now Mobikwik has no plans to enter banking space
'We are focused on playing on our strengths, which are technology, and building a large profitable business by working with banks as well as non-banks and NBFCs for loans.'
November 01, 2023
'Lacklustre Market Is Good Time To Invest'
'Historically, equities have consistently outperformed debt, gold, property, and other assets over a reasonable period.'
October 31, 2023
'Prefer largecap to midcaps and smallcaps'
'Midcap and smallcap indices are trading in the expensive zone.'
October 30, 2023
'The size and number of deals have increased'
'We have focused on it quarter after quarter and started to build the pipeline.'
'If you have made good money, book profits'
'In the next one-and-a-half, two months you'll get decent amount of opportunities in the mid-cap and small-cap sector at lower levels.'
October 28, 2023
'India is big enough to have over 4 airlines'
'Within five years, we should be achieving more on the international front than what it took most airlines 15 to 20 years back.'
October 27, 2023
'Global factors are making investors nervous'
'There are concerns regarding global factors that are making investors nervous. However, India has stood out in such times before as well.'
October 18, 2023
'Time RBI became data-dependent'
'Data-dependence means you can raise or drop rates. The present stance is only for raising rates.'
October 17, 2023
'Adani has deep pockets...'
'Adani can attract vessels at a much lower cost to Vizhinjam as he has the financial muscle to do so.'
October 13, 2023
How Amazon Works With Indian Railways
'Building a whole product with the railways was challenging; we had to figure out how to load and unload a train when it stops for only about five minutes at a station.'
October 11, 2023
'Bond inclusion positive from long term perspective'
'Higher inflows into these securities should lead to lower borrowing costs for the government.'
'We want to be No. 1 in affordable housing by FY26'
'This segment has performed very well for us and this is reflected in our bounce rate which is about three to four per cent.'
October 09, 2023
Stockmarket: 'Not the time to be fearful'
'The risk is in not being invested and missing out on an upmove.'
October 07, 2023
Genpact CEO: 'We are investing $600 million over three years in AI'
'AI is not a new thing for us. We started our AI journey in 2015.'
October 05, 2023
'Bond inclusion will lower cost of capital'
'The cost of financing the fiscal deficit will decrease, as new passive investors join in.'
October 03, 2023
'Building a war chest essential for expansion'
'To sustain our growth trajectory, we must continue to explore and capitalise on growth opportunities.'
October 01, 2023
'Our Aim Is Housing Finance's Siginficant Role In Economic Growth'
'We are working with a few housing finance companies to drive affordable lending because that's where we believe our sweet spot is.'
September 29, 2023
'Hard To Ignore India As Investment Opportunity'
'The assessment of most people is that there is a stable economic and political environment in India and that is attractive to investors.'
September 26, 2023
'Need to make Auto Exports a national mission'
'There is a need for a national task force with a singular objective to increase automotive exports.'
September 25, 2023
'Greed and adventurism are bull market traits'
'The market should maintain optimism on the back of range-bound oil prices, a robust fiscal balance sheet, a better-than-expected monsoon, and moderating inflation.'
'Nothing alarming about fall in financial savings yet'
'As long as economic growth remains steady, creating jobs and generating stable incomes, the rise in home loans should not create problems.'
September 22, 2023
'ESG means doing business the right way'
'ESG is actually a concept which cannot be applied effectively in the very short run.'
September 18, 2023
'Yes, we are coming back'
'I want us not to underestimate Indian voters. They can tell good work from bad.'
September 16, 2023
'Many Indian unicorns have set up businesses in Dubai'
'As part of our D33 strategy, the plan is to establish 30 unicorns in Dubai within the next 10 years.'
September 15, 2023
'We are not going back to licence raj'
'I'm pitching India for the strengths we offer, including the English language, engineers, doctors, nurses, professionals, innovative talent of startups.'
September 07, 2023
'There is not a major worry on the price front'
'I believe that as we produce more, our cost will come down further. We will maintain our competitiveness.'
September 05, 2023
'India will be beneficiary of China plus one strategy'
'Our factories are world-class and are becoming increasingly attractive for our global business leaders to use to serve other markets.'
September 01, 2023
'Markets could remain firm with occasional corrections'
'In case the El Nino pattern plays out negatively and/or the political situation becomes messy, we may see markets correcting and waiting for the situation to become clear by early/mid-2024.'
August 24, 2023
'Jeevan Kiran offers a risk cover at no cost'
'At the policy's maturity, the total premium is refunded.'
August 23, 2023
'Which country is now standing tall in BRICS? It's India'
'India has the potential to do a lot more to take advantage of the time today where we stand to gain, geopolitically and in terms of market attractiveness.'
August 21, 2023
How Ather Energy is taking on its rivals
'Our expectations are that we will be able to double our market share from 14-15 per cent currently to around 30 per cent by the end of the financial year.'
August 16, 2023
Maruti's Goal: Hybrid, Not EV, Cars
'We are going to have hybrid cars, which, as far as I know, none of our competition is working on, and this includes ethanol.'
August 15, 2023
'ICICI Pru's focus is on value of new business growth'
'If through growth and serving the customer we become number one, we will be very happy and very proud.'
August 14, 2023
'Private investors will wait for election results'
'Policy-sensitive sectors will wait and watch, but policy-agnostic areas will continue based on normal consumption demand.'
August 04, 2023
'Pace of engagement with UK has picked up'
'As Tata Steel we will obviously use group-level leverage to make progress where we want.'
'Steel prices have already bottomed out'
'While lower steel prices may impact a part of the quarter, this will be offset by softer raw material prices.'
August 03, 2023
'Markets expect current government will return'
'India has always been a bottom-up stock-picking market, and as growth recovers with higher liquidity, mid and small-caps always tend to outperform.'
August 01, 2023
'This isn't an irrational exuberance bubble'
'Earnings will be the catalyst for markets to march higher from here on out.'
July 31, 2023
'No Reason For Investors To Worry'
'Especially if their investment horizon is over two years.'
'We need a remarkable turnaround'
'We have not seen too many large deals compared to last quarter.'
July 29, 2023
'Indian manufacturers are making good-quality EVs'
'I'm very much against petrol and diesel....''
July 27, 2023
'Investors must look at a mix of asset classes before investing'
'We are in a sweet spot.'
July 26, 2023
'Volume of AI Deals Is Growing Massively'
'There is not one discussion with a client without a discussion around AI. They all have it on their mind.'
July 20, 2023
'HDFC merger template for faster growth'
'If we want faster growth and want greater flow of credit towards the private sector, it's important to have many more of such large entities.'
July 17, 2023
'The first priority is to ensure seamless customer service without any disruption'
'We created war rooms -- from an IT perspective and also a customer war room -- to address any challenges that come up.'
July 14, 2023
'Investors should stay invested'
'Markets are not expensive; they are fairly priced.'
China's loss is India's gain
'As China's reopening euphoria fizzled out on the back of some disappointing economic data, we saw inflows coming back to India with full force in the past 3-4 months.'
July 13, 2023
'India is a equity market to invest in'
'India is an equity market with a breadth and depth of companies to invest in.'
July 11, 2023
'Growth is fragile'
'If all goes well, we may well hit or even surpass the forecast growth rate.'
July 05, 2023
40% Of SAP's Innovations Come From India
'We aim at establishing India as an early talent hub on a global scale and are actively recruiting professionals in areas like cybersecurity, machine learning, data science, and other relevant fields.'
'You should have a mix of equity, gold, fixed income'
'Returns can be very variable in equity markets.'
July 04, 2023
'Blockchain, algorithmic collusion challenges'
'Global coordination, convergence, market complexities and dynamics and cross-border enforcement compound the existing challenges we face.'
'El Nino impact an immediate concern to markets'
'Geopolitical risks and their impact on oil prices, if any, are another concern for global markets, particularly for India.'
July 03, 2023
'The expected credit loss model will not dent profits much'
'We will test the waters, ferret out information through our business correspondents, and only then open a branch'
'Mercedes To Launch 10 Cars In 2023'
'And a majority will be in the top-end vehicle range.'
June 29, 2023
'Investing is a loser's game'
'In investing, you have to first make sure you don't make big mistakes.'
June 27, 2023
'If you want to invest, invest quickly'
'Very few of small investors stay invested for those three or four or five years.'
June 23, 2023
'India is fastest-growing large economy in the world'
'India has formed tremendous resilience and still a strong growth.'
June 19, 2023
'Next 10-20 years are going to be India's golden years'
'Even where we are now today, the growth rates are very good, but we need to get to 8-9 per cent growth in the years to come.'
June 15, 2023
'If BJP Is Not Re-Elected, Foreign Investors May Sell'
'The biggest risk to the Indian markets from a 12-18-month view is that the current government does not get re-elected, or loses in a way that is not represented at all in the next central government.'
June 13, 2023
'The group has quality physical assets'
'If there is any reason to change my holding in Adani group stocks, the Hindenburg report on the group is not the one.'
June 12, 2023
'We should not call it demonetisation'
'...because it is still a legal tender.'
'We are not saying everybody has to pay that much'
'If you are going to have only a handful of telecom players on whom the entire dream of Digital India rests, it's important they are financially sustainable.'
June 08, 2023
'Very healthy and fertile market for long-term investors'
'Investors should look to incrementally allocate towards equity from a medium-to-long term horizon.'
June 06, 2023
'The impact of El Nino is always a matter of concern'
'If because of El Nino, the monsoon is affected adversely in the current year, naturally it will affect income projections and consequently Budget numbers.'
June 05, 2023
'Best way to beat inflation and create wealth is...'
'...over the long-term can be done only by investing in equities.'
June 02, 2023
'Investors, prefer flexi cap schemes'
'Small cap funds do have their own merits and they make sense when the investor has a longer investment horizon.'
June 01, 2023
'Going in and out of the market does not add any value'
'Chasing sectors which have reported strongest earnings is not always the right strategy for outperformance.'
May 29, 2023
'Our aim is to encourage global companies to shift to India from China'
'I was in the US, where I met top executives of HP and Dell, and they are very keen to come to India.'
May 27, 2023
PNB Housing well capitalised to support loan growth: Girish Kousgi
Housing finance company (HFC) PNB Housing is planning to focus on reducing delinquencies in 2023-24.
May 25, 2023
'ONGC is venturing into high-risk ultra-deep water exploration'
'We plan to add over 100,000 square kilometres every year, to reach an ambitious target of 500,000 square kilometres by 2025.'
May 24, 2023
'The story of inflation is not yet over'
'The actions of Indian monetary authorities will depend on how quickly they want the inflation to come down to 4 per cent.'
May 23, 2023
'We talk about India in every board meeting'
'India has a lot of potential, not just in commercial aspects, but also in hiring of people and sourcing of products.'
May 16, 2023
'Will come to decision on UK biz in 12 to 24 months'
'It's an open secret that the UK business is structurally not in a great place.'
May 15, 2023
'Rural demand is back, El Nino is a worry'
'A weak monsoon always spells disaster. But it's too early to have a pessimistic view.'
May 11, 2023
'Build portfolio in mid-, small caps via SIPs'
'As the Indian economy continues to expand over the next three years, mid- and small-caps should do well as they have higher exposure to the domestic economy than large-caps.'
May 08, 2023
'Markets have growth potential in medium to long term'
'Indian equity valuations, although not very expensive, are not cheap either.'
May 02, 2023
'I don't want to think of challenges, but tasks before us'
'Every time a new tech comes in, there are a set of people who will predict that this will be the end of Indian IT and every time the Indian IT industry and overall technology providers have proven to be resilient.'
April 24, 2023
'Once we make an offer to a person, we honour it'
'Even during the pandemic we did it.'
April 17, 2023
What Are PhonePe's Expansion Plans?
'We want to achieve overall profitability, and then we would go for an IPO.'
April 14, 2023
'Aim to make FAME scheme more transparent'
'The aim is also to probe how the ministry and testing agencies made negligence in examining these OEMs, so that such negligence is avoided in the future.'
April 12, 2023
'India can continue to be fastest growing economy this decade'
'With a solid investment programme and sustainable development strategy, India can exceed 7 per cent growth per year, or a doubling of high-quality national income within a decade.'
April 11, 2023
'No second thoughts on Great Nicobar Port'
'An area of land has already been earmarked for their protected habitation.'
'We may be late to board the bus, but we have not missed the bus'
'India's manufacturing will take 10-15 years to catch up with China.'
April 10, 2023
'MSME, gold will grow faster than any other segment'
'The market has picked up for commercial vehicles. We are very close to pre-pandemic levels.'
April 07, 2023
'There could be new challenges, new battles'
'The Indian economy and the Indian financial sector today remain resilient and much better placed.'
April 01, 2023
'India has far exceeded our expectations in EVs'
'The Indian govt's initiatives on EVs are very strong and customers want to buy EVs. This will make the country's conversion to EVs faster than other markets, and I hope even faster than the US'
March 28, 2023
'SIP Inflows Remained Robust'
'Although mid- and small-cap funds have the potential for higher growth, they come with inherent higher volatility.'
'Growth Rate May Come Down To 3-4%'
'The government should act proactively to instil confidence in the private investors, and also boost the purchasing power of people directly or indirectly by ensuring minimum wages.'
March 27, 2023
'RBI should pause rate hikes'
'It will send a very strong signal that it is now our time to grow.'
March 23, 2023
'Markets Won't Enter Bear Territory Anytime Soon'
'Markets could face uncertainty in the short to medium term.'
March 17, 2023
'Fed rate cut appears unlikely'
'The Fed rate will peak in the range of 5.1-5.3 per cent during the second quarter of CY23 and will most likely stay there for a while before rate cuts start in CY24.'
March 16, 2023
Why India's Growth Rate Has Suffered
'80% of the rural and urban population don't have enough purchasing power.'
March 14, 2023
Monday Market Crash: Advice For Investors
'Such big falls are quite frequent these days, so do not try to time this market.'
March 10, 2023
'We are exploring setting up an aerotropolis'
'We would like to develop Andhra Pradesh into a logistics hub not only for India, but also for South Asia.'
March 09, 2023
'Economic rebound has run out of steam'
'When the average growth in the last three years was just 2.5%, how does that make us the fastest growing country?'
'There will be volatility in the interim'
'That can be better handled by investing in a staggered manner, ideally through SIPs.'
March 08, 2023
'India is in a sweet spot for the next few years'
'While foreign institutional investor flows are still negative, they will turn positive in the latter part of 2023 as India's resilient growth becomes perceptible.'
We plan to capture just 4% of market in 4 years: Prestige Estates' Irfan Razack
Bengaluru-based Prestige Estates Projects recently said it aims to double its annual residential sales bookings to Rs 25,000 crore by FY26 from its current markets and others such as Mumbai, Pune and National Capital Region (NCR).
March 04, 2023
'Every airport in India is on our radar'
'Domestic will remain very much the core of what IndiGo is.'
March 03, 2023
'Question mark if we will grow at 6%'
'The rebound has run out of steam.'
'Hindenburg-Adani will become yesterday's news'
'The market will focus on the fact that India does have strong earnings growth this year.'
February 28, 2023
'No need to raise capital for Citi deal'
'Citibank customers will migrate to the Axis Bank platform over 18 months.'
February 23, 2023
'Equities can deliver potentially superior returns'
'Investors should ideally consider equity allocations from a medium-to-long term perspective.'
February 20, 2023
Secret behing the success of Indian Bank
Indian Bank expects recoveries to be more than slippages in this financial year, which will result in improved asset quality.
February 17, 2023
'LIC keeps investing in companies...'
'In equities, it has diversified portfolios.'
February 16, 2023
'Budget has not touched upon unemployment at all'
'One of the biggest employment generators, the MSMEs, have not got much from the government.'
February 13, 2023
'Investors, focus on long-term goals; stay true to asset allocation'
'New investors may choose less risky products like balanced advantage funds or other hybrid funds or large-cap funds.'
How Cognizant plans to become an employer of choice
'Winning a deal is one aspect, making sure that we are able to execute it profitably is also important' says Rajesh Nambiar.
'We have not witnessed such decline in 7 decades'
'After 2011-2012, both our investment rate and savings savings rate have declined.
February 10, 2023
'If we want to fly some kites, we can fly them in different ways'
'... and without necessarily calling them Economic Surveys.'
February 09, 2023
'Premium valuations a big challenge for markets'
'The reason being we cannot let premiums go beyond a certain point.'
February 06, 2023
'<em>Amrut Kaal</em> is not an instant noodle'
'Modi has sowed the seeds of a transformational change.'
'Adani affair overshadowed Budget's stability, prudence'
'That is the one headline the world is reading about India this week, and it is a potentially damaging story...'
February 04, 2023
'Private Sector Is Not Firing At 100%'
'They have started becoming an important player, but not at the same level as they were in the earlier part of the decade.'
February 03, 2023
'Nirmala<em>ji</em> has taken a huge gamble on growth'
'Nirmalaji must consider herself a very lucky finance minister, partly because of the government's response to covid and partly because we as a nation have done very well as an economy, post pandemic.'
'Common Man Is Abusing The Budget'
'We had tremendous faith in honorable Modiji in his second term as he was well-settled. Sadly that has been belied.'
'We are closing loopholes exploited by highest level of taxpayers'
'...Market-linked debentures, high-value insurance, exemptions from capital gains by investment in real estate, etc.'
'More than a majority will shift to new tax regime'
'I believe the modified scheme is much more beneficial and simpler.'
LIC's Adani Investment:<br>'Policyholders' Money Is Absolutely Safe'
'It's a clear case of political patronage helping an individual grow.'
February 02, 2023
'Indian Stocks Will Continue To Outperform in 2023'
'Investors should hold equity assets for 3 to 5 years.'
January 31, 2023
'Panic part of market fall was over on Friday'
"What would be your advice for investors?"
'Markets Are On A Weak Wicket. Hold Onto Cash'
'Only if the Budget springs some surprises we may see a halt in the selling.'
'Don't Expect A Populist Budget'
'While the Budget would be growth-friendly, it would not come at the expense of an increase in the fiscal deficit.'
January 30, 2023
'Budget should set right stage for growth'
'India is showing a reasonable amount of resilience, but we are still living in a world that is quite fragile.'
'Finance minister's fiscal marksmanship has been very good'
'This government has always been fiscally conservative. It never resorted to fiscal profligacy.'
January 24, 2023
'Pent-up demand in real estate to continue in 2023'
'The inflection point that really happened in the sector was during the pandemic when buyers' perception changed towards consumption and that gave a trigger to pent-up demand with the increased affordability.'
January 20, 2023
'India's young offer growth potential for auto sector'
'The semiconductor supply is constantly improving, with visible green-shoots in the situation as compared to earlier part of last year'
Budget: 'No need to fiddle around with income-tax rates'
'Government's focus should be on the expenditure side in this Budget, not so much on the taxation side.'
January 18, 2023
'Don't expect major cuts in direct tax rates'
'You may see some movement indicating a simpler tax regime with less exemptions but with fewer tax rates making life simpler for taxpayers.'
January 17, 2023
How Toyota India will tackle its slow growth
'In terms of semiconductors, challenges do remain in the pan industry, but I think we are much better than where we were a year or so back.'
January 14, 2023
'PVR-INOX Merger In Final Stages'
'We would love to have more players entering the market because that is how the business will grow.'
January 10, 2023
'India is on a good wicket now'
'The pitch for India is flat, the ball for India is old, the sun for India is out, and the bowlers are not bowling too well.'
January 09, 2023
'Investors are not coming to do charity'
'Investment is continuously coming.'
January 06, 2023
'Do 81 crore Indians deserve highly subsidised food grains?'
'The decision to supply free food grains is not an economically sound decision because the government will find it very difficult in future to charge anything for food grains.'
'Expect moderate returns from markets in near term'
'Given the worries about sluggish growth, rising interest rates and likely volatility, it's quite logical to infer that the SIP route could be the preferred way of investing.'
January 04, 2023
'Keep booking profits when market makes fresh highs'
'We suggest investors with suitable risk appetite to consider allocating 40-50 per cent in large-caps, 25-30 per cent of funds in quality mid and small-caps and the rest in debt and high yield products.'
January 03, 2023
'A slip-up can break trust of investors'
'Strong regulations are crucial for the orderly development of the market.'
January 02, 2023
When R K Krishna Kumar Spoke To <em>Rediff</em>
Few people know Ratan Tata as well as R K Krishna Kumar does. Widely perceived to be among the managers closest to Tata, Krishna Kumar assesses Ratan Tata, the man and business leader, in this exclusive interview to's Vaihayasi Pande Daniel.
December 29, 2022
'One must not exit equities completely'
'Investors need to have a fairly diversified basket of funds within equities.'
December 27, 2022
Market Fall: What Investors Should Do
'Investors should continue to invest because you are looking at the long-term; in the next four to five years, we are bound to outperform (the rest of the world equity markets).'
December 15, 2022
How Punjab & Sind Bank plans to boost deposits
State-owned Punjab & Sind Bank is targeting salary accounts to boost the share of low-cost deposits.
December 06, 2022
'Long-term science is the only thing that works'
'If we are to be a contributor to the economy, we have to reduce carbon and imports.'
'$33 billion was taken out of India -- the highest-ever'
'Yet the market didn't do all that badly because it was cushioned by domestic inflows.'
November 18, 2022
'Markets are conflicted on which way to move'
'Calendar year 2023 is going to be big as pessimism takes a back seat.'
November 10, 2022
'Why do investors no longer panic during market downturns?'
'It's important that every portfolio is well diversified.'
October 26, 2022
'When the rates of interest fall, EMIs will come down'
'Marginal rates will definitely affect the consumer's decision in entering a new transaction, but in reality, they don't affect much because banks/financial institutions have come up with step-up EMIs: 50% of home loans which exceed 15 years in India are prepaid, within 7-8 years.'
October 20, 2022
'This is the year to pick and choose sectors and companies carefully'
'2022 has not been -- and will not be -- the kind of 2021 bull market, which lifted all boats.'
October 17, 2022
'AI is going to be used as a weapon by the bad guys'
'This is a race where every technology can be used by the bad guys and good guys.'
October 13, 2022
'Downside In Markets May Be Limited'
'India seems to be on a relatively better wicket compared to other emerging markets.'
October 12, 2022
'India's gold demand may cross China's'
'When the gold price rises rapidly, India's physical gold market remains on standby.'
October 06, 2022
'Global Slowdown Would Be Positive For India'
'If you look at the order books of capital equipment companies or money deployed on the ground, there is forward movement in terms of actual investment by the private sector.'
October 04, 2022
'A Global Recession Can Be Avoided'
'We continue to believe that the global economy will narrowly avoid a recession, despite expecting the US, Canada, and most of Europe to fall into recession at some point over the next year or so.'
September 27, 2022
'One must be mindful of stock-picking'
'It will be best for investors to have a systematic investment plan in mid-cap and small-cap funds with a three-/five-year horizon.'
September 23, 2022
'Indian market one-eyed king in the land of the blind in 2022'
'We have relatively strong growth and a healthy corporate earnings cycle as positives, but a worrisome current account deficit and high inflation as challenges.'
'India needs 5 Byju's, not one'
'We have gone through more than what any company will go through.'
September 06, 2022
'Frugal management is essential for Indian companies'
'It leads to more investment, more money put in R&amp;D, expansion and modernisation.'
September 02, 2022
'Govt has taken the right step of banning export of <em>atta</em>'
'We cannot afford to be complacent about our food security needs.'
August 29, 2022
'Markets may remain sideways'
'The idea is to invest where there is opportunity.'
August 23, 2022
Coming Soon! 5G Phones Under Rs 10,000
'By the end of 2022, we expect the installed base of 5G smartphones in India to reach 80-85 million.'
August 18, 2022
'Whatever the government says, take with ton of salt!'
'The prospects for both India and the global economy is that we are headed towards a very difficult time.'
August 17, 2022
Biocon Biologics Plan Molecule Launch Every 1-2 Years
'The tie-up with Serum Institute Life Sciences brings to the table their strengths in manufacturing and also their vaccine portfolio.'
August 16, 2022
'Our rate of growth will fall further'
'The finance ministry and the RBI will never admit to the difficulties in the economy because if they do so, it will adversely impact the financial markets, etc.'
'Data protection bill veered away from core issues'
'There were two options before the government -- create a complex, cumbersome law, which will cause a tremendous amount of compliance challenges for startups or say let's go back and do a clean slate, where we do a framework of laws and policies'
August 10, 2022
'Let public, not foreigners, own public sector banks'
'What we have to think about is, how to improve the efficiency of public sector banks.'
August 03, 2022
What The RBI Can Do About The Rupee
'To simply let the rupee depreciate to any level according to market forces will not be in the country's interests.'
August 02, 2022
'Should We Hand Over PSBs To Private Sector'?
'We have to think of the repercussions if public sector banks are privatised and if they go to foreign hands.'
August 01, 2022
'We expect GDP growth to moderate, but still stay above the trendline'
'As we expect the economy to continue to grow above the trend line, we expect capex decisions to be taken next year when there is more certainty about the cost of funding and the economy.'
'If you lose $5 billion to $7 billion every week...'
'... as has been happening in the last three weeks, then the foreign exchange reserves will not be comfortable to ensure that the rupee does not fall drastically.'
July 29, 2022
'Small Caps Look Attractive'
'The potential headwind is that the Indian economy is likely to see a slowdown in growth rates over the next two years.'
July 27, 2022
'2022 Is Year Of Investing In Markets'
'Our advice is to put money into equities now rather than staying away.'
'Government is doing the right thing'
'It is building the country's infrastructure, and delivering it very efficiently.'
July 21, 2022
'A $5 trillion economy won't be a dream'
'We have 750 districts across the country, and each district can create one cluster like Tirupur on any product of their choice.'
July 19, 2022
'Our most important client is India'
'We actually have a problem because there may be too much activity in India.'
'LIC's investment decisions won't change'
'We try to pick up stocks early and hold onto them for the long term.'
July 13, 2022
'Public Sector Banks Don't Like To Loan To MSMEs'
'The approach today is, instead of giving loans to 100 MSMEs, let us give one loan to a big-ticket corporate.'
July 06, 2022
'GST collections will be Rs 1.3 TRILLION'
'We revolutionised the system in a manner so that the chances of leakage will be much lower than it was in the beginning.'
June 28, 2022
'Over The Long Term, Equities Are The Best Inflation Hedge'
'Recent underperformance notwithstanding, equities should constitute a major part of investors' financial portfolio.'
June 24, 2022
'The concept of 'One Infosys' will be crucial'
'We spent considerable time re-skilling all the employees, and then we created a new focus called the 'One Infosys'.'
June 21, 2022
'No Challenge To SBI's Retail Loan Book'
'When we look at the quality of our retail loan book, the non-performing asset percentage is low.'
June 20, 2022
'A very long time since India experienced such high inflation'
Inflation trajectory, domestically as also globally, is what will shape the economy, and therefore the market, over the next couple of quarters.'
June 17, 2022
'Good time to rejig your portfolio'
'I am not saying start buying from today. but start buying in the next three-four months.'
June 16, 2022
'5G is a long haul'
'We showcased about 20 use cases in 5G trials in Pune and Gandhinagar and some of them were interesting and innovative.'
'Ranchi incident is a learning experience'
'We should have calmed down the child. We will do an internal analysis on that.'
June 15, 2022
US Fed Hike: Expect Indian Markets To Be Calm
'I don't see any major setback for the Indian markets post the US Fed event.'
'Markets will be in consolidation mode for some time'
'Investors need to expect steady returns over the next one to two years with bouts of high volatility.'
June 13, 2022
'Market is pricing rate hike up to December'
'There will be a series of rate hikes, but the pace and quantum will depend on how the economy in the US and the rest of the world behave.'
June 07, 2022
Will TCS Enter The Metaverse?
'At present Metaverse is a hype cycle.'
June 03, 2022
Markets: 'Volatility to remain higher than usual'
'Periods of high volatility are usually bad for mid-caps and this is something that has to be kept in mind.'
'Inflation is expected to stay above RBI's target'
'RBI is already late in addressing inflation pressures.'
May 31, 2022
'Growth will be driven by investments rather than consumption'
'A soft landing of the Indian economy would be a long-term positive for the equity markets.'
May 27, 2022
'Gurumurthy must be sacked from RBI'
'For a responsible person like him to utter such nonsense is shameful.'
May 26, 2022
'Inflation likely to average above 7% in Q2 and Q3'
'The FY2023 inflation outcome is likely to exceed the RBI's current forecast by a wide margin.'
May 23, 2022
'Growth will definitely be less than 8%'
'There will be positive growth, but if you ask me whether we are going to have the original growth rate of 8%, the answer will be, no.'
May 19, 2022
'Important to assess all investment options'
'Then select those that are well-aligned with your risk-return profile and investment time horizon.'
May 18, 2022
'We had surplus wheat stocks till last year, where has it gone?'
'All imaginary figures are pushed by government bureaucrats.'
'We should pay more attention to China'
'Our competitiveness with China is very important.'
May 16, 2022
'FM & PM keep denying reality about unemployment'
'According to CMIE data, employment in manufacturing saw a reduction from 51 million in the country in 2016 to 27 million in 2021.
May 13, 2022
'Investors should allocate more towards large-caps and defensives in the current risk-off scenario'
'For the next two years, we expect the bulk of earnings growth contribution from sectors like financials and energy, where the outlook remains positive, while the sectors which are linked to domestic consumption and are currently witnessing strains on margins have low salience for Nifty earnings.'
May 12, 2022
Why Is Govt Increasing Taxes For Middle Class?
'When you need to revive the economy, when you need to revive aggregate demand, you cut taxes.'
May 11, 2022
'Corporates will have to absorb inflation impact'
'Top lines will grow, volume growth will be there, but margins might also be impacted.'
May 10, 2022
'Rate hike will throw lot of people out from jobs'
'Nobody is talking about the inequality that is going to come.'
May 05, 2022
RBI, US Fed Hike: Expect More Selling on Bourses
'The selling in India may emerge as soon as the RBI reverses its interest rate stance.'
April 28, 2022
'How Long Should I Wait For An IPO?'
'Had there been no war, maybe, we would come out with a 7.5 per cent stake sale.'
April 26, 2022
Light at the end of the tunnel for PMC depositors?
'The money is readily available to the depositors.'
April 21, 2022
'Stock market was being sold false narrative for past few months'
'Thankfully, most investors in India have now seen through this false narrative and are once again deploying their hard-earned money.
April 18, 2022
My Son Raj Subramaniam, The FedEx CEO
'He is a busy man these days, still, he makes it a point to call me at least once a month.'
April 14, 2022
'The more prudent thing would be to buy on dips'
'The recent correction in indices has made the markets cheaper to invest for the long term.'
April 12, 2022
BharatPe: 'Why should I resign?'
'At the first board meeting I chaired, I sensed that corporate governance is an issue in this company.'
April 11, 2022
A Good Time To Buy Large Caps?
'Large-caps are better placed to withstand the impact of higher input cost inflation, rising rates and withdrawal of excess global liquidity.'
April 07, 2022
'BharatPe board is charting out path for listing'
'The company's transition from an individuals-driven private firm to a board-driven listed public one will be carried out in a well-thought-through and well-executed manner.'
April 06, 2022
How Policybazaar-LIC Tie-Up Is Working Out
'From our perspective, it will bring additional customers and from their perspective, it will get them younger customers.'
'If demand happens, fares will correct themselves'
'I don't think there will be a direct reaction to the fuel price hike on air ticket prices.'
April 01, 2022
What's next for India with FASTag technology
'EV-charging is the next big opportunity after fuelling'
March 31, 2022
'Govt must stop harassing entrepreneurs'
'...for at least 6 months and give them peace of mind to get back on their feet.'
March 24, 2022
'What kind of jobs are you talking about?'
'On the road, you see only youth in Swiggy, Big Basket and Zomato uniforms.'
March 23, 2022
'Paytm's business will continue'
'We now understand things that we have to correct.'
March 09, 2022
'Perhaps they want MSMEs to die'
'The finance minister said, the MSME is the backbone of the economy. My question is, what have you done for the sector?'
March 07, 2022
'Wise to invest in quality large-cap and mid-cap stocks'
'Earning expectations remain strong.'
March 03, 2022
'Smarter people will bend the law'
'You may put hundreds of checks and balances but human beings are ingenious.'
March 02, 2022
'NSE is not just Chitra and Anand alone'
'NSE has thousands of employees. It is their institution. So it's a dear family.'
February 28, 2022
NSE Mess: 'Chitra was wrong'
'She violated NSE procedures and rules, corporate governance norms; Chitra acted maybe within her capacity as MD and CEO, but not in the right spirit.'
February 25, 2022
Market Crash: Advice For Investors
'This is a good time to restructure your portfolio because the sectors and stocks that performed in the last bull market may not perform as much now.'
February 24, 2022
In 8-10 months, stage will be set for India's semiconductor biz: Minister
The government will undertake a detailed evaluation of applications it has received in response to the mega semiconductor scheme and expects to complete the entire process and sign agreements with companies in next 8-10 months, according to Union Minister for Electronics and IT Ashwini Vaishnaw.
February 23, 2022
'Decision to sell LIC is more political than economic'
'How can you explain the necessity of selling an institution that has been delivering regular returns to the government, that has never asked for any capital from the government, that has invested Rs 38 lakh crores in the Indian economy and that owns 4 per cent of the market capitalisation in India?'
February 22, 2022
'Arrest Chitra, find others involved in NSE scam'
'This issue is related to national security because they were compromising the entire capital markets's core infrastructure by leaking confidential information.'
February 21, 2022
'Introduce another slab to tax the super-rich'
'We can go somewhere between 35 per cent and 40 per cent.'
February 18, 2022
'Investment not gathering momentum will be a big risk factor for the economy'
'The government is trying to kickstart the investment cycle in India and while the corporate investments are yet to gather momentum, there are early signs of the same.'
February 17, 2022
'Government is selling people's trust in LIC'
'The entire value of LIC is created by its shareholders because after the initial invest net of Rs 5 crores in 1956, the government has not given any additional capital to the LIC.'
'International factors are a bigger risk to equity markets'
'Higher than expected inflation in the US or the European Union, faster than expected tightening by the major central banks, break out of a war in Europe, and withdrawal of portfolio equities from the emerging markets are factors which can result in equity market corrections.'
February 16, 2022
'Aviation ministry's role doesn't end with Air India'
'Government shouldn't be in the business of running airlines, instead it should develop the ecosystem of civil aviation.'
February 15, 2022
'Projected 9.2% GDP growth is just for the galleries'
'India's output contraction in the previous year was among the worst in the world!'
Market Bloodbath: Advice For Investors
'If you are invested in mid-cap and small-cap stocks, even if you are making losses right now, it is better to sell them now and sit on cash.'
February 14, 2022
'Petroleum Prices Will Rise After Date Of Counting'
'The signal is crude oil prices will rise, I am cutting my subsidy. Be prepared, prices will rise.'
February 11, 2022
'I am bullish on India'
'India has many attractive features for the long-term investor; it combines: A low per capita income, a young population, and a heavier presence of high margin, asset-light firms in the technology sector.'
February 09, 2022
'Government doesn't believe unemployment is a problem'
'Unemployment barely figures in the Budget except as a derived demand from the industry and infrastructure.'
February 08, 2022
'Our partnership with BharatPe is firm and good'
'Banking is a business of trust.'
'Budget has a gameplan premised on credible numbers'
'Increased allocations for MNREGA could have provided the much needed push to rural demand and consumption at a time when recovery continues to remain uneven.'
February 07, 2022
'Remain invested in equities for the long term'
'Short term volatility is likely due to various factors, global and domestic; investors may use this as an opportunity to increase the allocation to equities.'
February 03, 2022
'That there are no surprises is a big positive'
'The fiscal pressure will be there, but the intent of the government behind this move is to spur demand and growth.'
February 02, 2022
'Not too many surprises, not too many gimmicks, and welcome consistency'
'The term 'pro-growth' must be qualified somewhat because, while a rising tide will lift all boats, it will not necessarily do so equally.'
'BJP is focused on economic growth'
'I see in the BJP an attempt to get growth and redistribution of resources.'
3 Reasons Why Markets Cheered Budget
'Market feels this Budget will promote all-round growth and that is what is giving it confidence.'
'Budget has long-term vision'
'There is a vision in the Budget, and the vision is to take India from a largely agrarian, rural economy into a fast-track digitalised economy.'
January 31, 2022
'Workers are migrating even today'
'The government could not even ensure the payment of wages by the private sector during the lockdown.'
'Modi wants to raise standard of living'
'So you have welfare programmes, you reach out to the poor, you cut out the middlemen, you cut out the leakages and you try to raise the standard of living.'
Budget: 'Big challenge is inflation'
'The robust tax collections give the finance minister a fair amount of headroom for an expansionary fiscal policy.'
January 29, 2022
'2022 will be a year of volatility'
'Making money in such markets is typically harder and investors need to put in considerable effort to identify stock ideas over the year.'
January 28, 2022
'What investors want is stability'
'Hope they don't tinker around with capital gains tax in any way.'
January 27, 2022
'Unemployment is unprecedented'
'In May 2020-2021, nearly 10 crores (100 million) lost jobs.
'Markets won't see a blind rally post Budget'
'The markets seem apprehensive and that explains why the markets have been feeling slightly uncomfortable ahead of the Budget.'
January 25, 2022
'Another 600 to 700 points fall is possible'
'This fall is nothing. We could see worse if everybody hits the panic button.'
January 24, 2022
'People have realised Modi's capacity to deliver the goods is exhausted'
'What is most distressing is that the revival of the economy, creation of more employment, and reducing poverty are not on the agenda of the government at all.'
January 21, 2022
'Everybody wants to travel on an airline where they feel respected'
'Our focus is not going to be metro to metro routes.'
'This government prefers only ease of doing business, they are not interested in ease of living'
'We are worried for the workers because in the private sector, jobs are not secure, there is no decent work condition and there is no social security.'
'Nifty can rally to 20,000 in 2022'
'India has entered an economic super-cycle driven by a housing cycle turnaround.'
January 20, 2022
Mehul Choksi: 'I want to clear my name'
'I was shocked by the kidnapping episode. I could have lost my life.'
January 19, 2022
'Investors should trim expectations from equities'
'We would advise investors to invest in a disciplined way in equities for the long term.'
January 18, 2022
'Huge impact on livelihoods over two years'
'It's important to find that balance between lives and livelihoods, make sure that we protect lives while ensuring that the economic recovery is back on track.'
January 14, 2022
'Equity markets should remain in favour in 2022'
'The markets have corrected almost 8-9 per cent from their highs, so one can accumulate quality stocks at reasonable prices.'
January 05, 2022
'We will try to be among top 3 IT services firms'
'There is definitely a skill war, or a talent war going on.'
'2022 will be year of consolidation for markets'
'The IPO market is cooling off and getting a reality check.'
'Market volatility may continue in 2022'
'In 2022, active management, long-short strategies, multi-asset strategies, and asset allocation strategies need to be considered to meet long-term investment goals.'
January 03, 2022
'If India keeps growing, money flowing in won't stop'
'There will always be a challenge to maintain a fine balance to ensure that the growth keeps happening and inflation is contained.'
December 30, 2021
'What we need now is spending'
'The classic thing we need as a country is the virtuous cycle where you have robust demand which leads to more capital spending which in turn leads to more job creation and more money in the hands of people.'
December 29, 2021
'Room for more correction in equities'
'At current valuations, we believe large-caps offer better downside support.'
December 28, 2021
'I have raised Rs 90,000 crore'
'The ship has been stabilised.'
December 22, 2021
'India is in the mid of a compelling investment cycle'
'Good investment opportunities should not be missed.'
December 17, 2021
Amul expect revenues to hit Rs 62,000 cr
'We expect exports to touch Rs 1,000 crore by the end of the year.'
'Capital goods, real estate will see an uptick in 2022'
'Indices will remain range bound in 2022 as earnings catch up with the current multiples.'
'India should start thinking about having its own crypto exchange and crypto currency'
'India should start leveraging rather than banning crypto.'
December 16, 2021
'Key risks to markets in 2022 are...'
'Overtightening of monetary policy by central banks and the spread of new Covid variants, which may force governments to restart lockdowns or restrict mobility.'
December 15, 2021
'Any investment is prone to risk'
'The markets haven't corrected, that doesn't mean that they will only go up and up.'
December 14, 2021
'India is becoming less and less attractive for FIIs'
'In the overall global portfolio, India's weighting has come down in the past seven months.'
December 13, 2021
'MFs are a very good story. We want to nurture it'
'They have helped stabilise our market by acting as a counterbalance to foreign funds.'
December 10, 2021
'For us, there is no hurry to grow fast'
'In the business of money, where you are regulated, the liability lies on the head of the acquirer.'
December 09, 2021
'A ban would stop all innovations in cryptocurrencies in India'
'Any entrepreneur who wants to create companies on blockchain will have to move outside India.'
December 08, 2021
'Sebi won't interfere with IPO valuations'
'Sebi has to make sure that investor interests are protected and at the same time, there isn't over-regulation so that companies don't get discouraged to list here.'
December 07, 2021
'Our IPO signals faith in good old-fashioned profitable companies'
'We have focused on profitable revenue, cash generating businesses, throughout our journey.'
'E-commerce is primed for growth'
'We will be wherever the consumer is.'
December 03, 2021
'Swiggy is exploiting its delivery boys'
'They don't tell us what they take from customers. They don't tell customers what they give us.'
December 01, 2021
'US policy normalisation has implications for risk assets'
'Any normalisation exercise will bring its share of volatility.'
'Our rating is dependent on the medium-term outlook'
'While we note the very strong cyclical recovery in the economy, we believe there is still uncertainty over medium-term prospects.'
What IndiGo Learnt From The Pandemic
'Everyone says never waste a crisis.'
November 30, 2021
'It is hard to decipher precisely why Paytm share price would go down'
'I can tell shareholders we're going to be very responsible with our capital, we're going to be absolutely execution focused.'
'Policybazaar IPO minted 70 millionaires, 350 crorepatis'
'My father was asking me what an IPO is. He has no clue and he has never been an investor.'
November 29, 2021
'Government is mindful of interests of retail and small investors'
'The government will take proactive steps to see that their participation in the equity market, especially in PSU stocks, is rewarding.'
November 24, 2021
'Definite improvement in economic activity in October'
'I hope the trend is sustainable and that economic activity accelerates going forward.'
November 23, 2021
'Raising funds is not the end, execution is important'
'We do realise it is time to have a larger ambition.'
November 22, 2021
'Biggest risks to the market are always the unknowns'
'Just because you don't see them does not mean they don't exist.'
November 19, 2021
'For digital lending, trust is important'
'The digital trust level has drastically gone up due to Covid, not only in tier-I and II cities, but also in tier-III, IV and V geographies,'
November 18, 2021
'Insurance paid Rs 25,000-30,000 cr in Covid claims'
'Last year (FY21), we had about 1 million intimated claims for Covid.'
November 17, 2021
'Demonetisation cost India Rs 10 lakh crore'
'Those who should have been affected benefitted from demonetisation.'
'Adopt stock-specific, not sector, approach'
'Today, there is no easy money to be made after the run-up in equities.'
November 15, 2021
GST Revenues: Centre won't give states more
'We have already given Rs 1.59 trillion to states.'
November 12, 2021
'All of BMW's electric models will come into the Indian market'
'The global semiconductor shortage has inadvertently provided an imm­ense fillip to the pre-owned car market'
'Demonetisation didn't impact even 0.001% of black money'
'In the total of black wealth, only 1% or less than 1% constitute cash.'
November 10, 2021
'Ignoring new age businesses can hurt portfolio's health'
'Investors should keep them on their radar and invest over a longer time frame, and expect some of these companies to bite the dust.'
'Every company wants to recruit people'
'There was hardly any recruitment after the second wave.'
November 08, 2021
'Just look at the amount of gold sold during Diwali!'
'Last Saturday, the largest number of people travelled by air on a single day!'
November 02, 2021
'We are at the beginning of a new bull cycle'
'We expect the bull run to continue until economic growth continues.'
October 25, 2021
'We remain positive on India though there could be some blips on the way'
'Slower-than-anticipated recovery can be a bigger risk this time than a liquidity-driven event -- at least for India.'
'High-frequency indicators suggest recovery in economic activity'
International Monetary Fund Chief Economist Gita Gopinath tells Indivjal Dhasmana high-frequency indicators for the third quarter of 2021 indicate momentum in economic recovery in India.
October 20, 2021
5 reasons India's metrics are at their best in 20 years
'Indian macro conditions have never been better, and many businesses will safely compound earnings over the next five years.'
'Govt won't own a single share in Air India'
'The business continuity clause will mean the Tatas will have to keep running the airline for three years, and cannot exit the flying business.'
October 19, 2021
Coal Crisis: 'Next few months will be a wake-up call'
'They will be able to ride over this immediate crisis and carry on, but they need to take corrective steps and these will have to be long term measures which must include working closely with state governments.'
'We didn't expect such retaliation by bankers'
'We went to the NCLT to facilitate payment and in our wildest dreams we had not imagined that this would result in such a severe action.'
October 14, 2021
'The power crisis will not last long'
'This is a crisis which did not happen overnight. It was happening slowly.'
October 13, 2021
'Are we out of the woods? No, but...'
'But we are much better than what we all had expected and planned, and what all the prophets of doom had predicted.'
October 12, 2021
'Change to electric vehicles is happening faster than anticipated'
'It is going to be extremely rapid and anybody who is not there, be it investor, manufacturer, supplier, will miss out.'
October 11, 2021
'Markets should sustain at current levels'
'Markets are factoring in a good show by India Inc in Q2.'
October 08, 2021
'India has been a challenge'
'We can only promise we have not lost interest.'
October 01, 2021
'Market rally more likely to sustain than come to grinding halt'
'Private banks are well-placed to deliver good performance over the next six months.'
September 24, 2021
'Markets are looking towards FY23 earnings'
'We remain positive on technology, private sector financials, gas, infrastructure, and export-oriented plays.'
September 22, 2021
'Recommend focusing on individual stock picks'
'Markets are not prepared for a slowdown as the current expectation is of the continuation in earnings momentum.'
September 14, 2021
'This cycle will only break if a few high-profile issues 'bomb''
'It really doesn't matter that investors getting allotments sell their IPO stock holdings on listing day because a new set of investors are entering.'
'V-Shaped Growth for Economy'
'When you plot the growth, -- 7.5 per cent for Q2, 0.4 per cent for Q3, 1.6 per cent for Q4 and 20.1 per cent for Q1 now -- all you see is a 'V'.'
September 13, 2021
'Key risks on the stock market are...'
'Earlier-than-expected tapering from the US, followed by rate hikes, and locally, a potential third wave, which mimics the second wave in terms of severity.'
September 09, 2021
'Economy is Recovering Well'
'Even if there is a third wave or a fourth wave, it is hard to see the economy will suffer like that (during the first wave).'
September 08, 2021
'Correction in the Market is Overdue'
'A time-wise, as well as price correction, so that the market can absorb the gains made over the past 17 months.'
'We may lose a rupee now, but we will gain more later'
'The kind of tax which will be generated from the second pillar may far outweigh what we may be losing in the first pillar.'
September 06, 2021
'NMP is a great way of creating jobs'
'This will have a multiplier effect in generating more jobs.'
September 04, 2021
'Markets will remain choppy till 2021-end'
'There is a lot of interest from potential clients who have remained away from the markets in past years.'
September 03, 2021
'RBI faces an uphill task this year'
'It is going to be a tough balance for the RBI to manage economic stability and ensure smooth government borrowing.'
September 02, 2021
'NMP is very tough to execute'
'There will be political opposition, and this monetisation will require continued political will.'
September 01, 2021
'After <em>saade saath saal</em>, Modi govt has come of age!'
'It has taken 7-and-a-half years for this government to understand the fundamentals of economics.'
August 30, 2021
Covid: 'Huge Spike in Health Claims'
'Covid-related claims were almost 2.5 times the normal claims size.'
'This will encourage states to go for their own monetisation programmes'
'They are also sitting on huge public sector assets without many returns.'
'Time to reduce weight in mid, small-cap stocks'
'We are most bullish on all aspects of the financial sector -- private sector banks, even one state-owned bank, insurance, mortgage finance, broking, wealth management, gold finance, etc.'
August 28, 2021
'Monetisation of assets has come 75 years too late'
'When the government wants to sell these assets, even if one set of assets gets caught in any quagmire, the whole process will fail.'
August 25, 2021
'Stay invested, buy quality stocks, exit weaker ones'
'Stocks of weaker companies may see the correction continue, but the ones that are relatively bigger and stronger will see investor interest come back.'
'India is not for sale'
'This plan is basically to allow some of the government assets for rent, and surely not for sale.'
August 23, 2021
Stocks: 'Third wave will bring near-term challenges'
'Companies with a strong business case and healthy balance-sheet should sail through and emerge more robust in the future.'
August 19, 2021
'What is RBI doing when these frauds were happening?'
'Let them put their house in order first.'
August 18, 2021
'20 Indian companies now account for over 90 per cent of profits'
'The consolidation of the world's fifth-largest economy in the hands of 15-20 corporate giants is a once-in-generation event, which we are focusing on.'
August 17, 2021
'Invest in growth oriented mid-caps'
'In the medium to long term mid-caps tend to generate higher returns, albeit with increased volatility.'
August 11, 2021
'Why can't they catch the big thief?'
'What the RBI is doing is trying to catch the mouse when they have to catch the tiger.'
August 09, 2021
'Real money in the market is made by remaining invested for long'
'Waiting for a market correction and optimising entry time in the markets will be akin to missing the woods for the trees.'
'Everything is dependent on Ratan Tata'
'I think Ratan felt he had to do everything that he could to retain control of the company started by his forefathers, because that was the first priority and nothing else mattered compared to that.'
August 06, 2021
'Cyrus was a very sincere man'
'And he was really trying just to do the best by the shareholders, and by the laws of India.'
August 04, 2021
'Govt doesn't care about restaurant biz'
'The government is not ready to talk to us. They have their own agenda.'
August 03, 2021
'Jet Airways is being revived, but its employees have no future'
'The actual amount due to Jet Airways employees is Rs 1,200 crore, and the management is giving only Rs 52 crore.'
'Economic cycle to improve over 3-4 years'
'Over the next two quarters, markets will be guided by observing the earnings resilience of corporates during the second lockdown, progress of the monsoon and the damage, if any, to rural spending power due to the second wave.'
August 02, 2021
'It will remain a stock pickers' market'
'At this moment, investors should look for relative value within sectors and clear visibility (third-wave-or-not) on earnings delivery.'
July 30, 2021
'The potential in India is enormous'
'India is still a small market but whatever we do, we do it with full focus.'
July 26, 2021
'India is more fortunate than other emerging markets'
'It is less dependent on imported capital.'
July 24, 2021
'Covid has made Ayurveda mainstream'
'The spurt in demand for Ayurvedic products has exhausted our production capacity.'
July 23, 2021
Stocks: 'It makes sense to be more cautious'
'Pockets of mid and small-cap indices are showing exuberance and are discounting even FY23 valuations now.'
July 20, 2021
'RBI's whatever-it-takes approach insulated teconomy'
'A strong foreign exchange reserve is the best safety net against global spillovers.'
July 19, 2021
13 years after Singur fiasco, Bengal says Tatas 'most welcome'
Thirteen years after their small car project was forced out of West Bengal following the anti-land acquisition movement in Singur, Industry and IT Minister Partha Chatterjee has said talks are on with the Tatas for big-ticket investments in the state.
Is Navjot Sidhu right about Punjab's power crisis?
'The Akali government is not responsible for the Punjab power crisis as Mr Sidhu is saying.'
'Economic activities are expected to improve'
'We are very watchful about inflation and growth. But the main challenge is economic revival and growth.'
July 16, 2021
'IPO won't change how Zomato operates'
'We work with a very large restaurant base, we make sure that we're doing the right thing by them, and we're helping them grow because we'll grow only when they do.'
'As finance minister, it is very difficult to do as much as one should'
'Since the NDA took office in 2014, and aggressively since 2019, the Union government seems hell bent on centralising all power and resources, only to fail spectacularly.'
July 15, 2021
'We'll have to live with branches for some time'
'67 per cent of our transactions happen digitally and about 93 per cent of transactions happen outside the branch.'
July 14, 2021
Anjali Sud's BIG plans for Vimeo
'I am most excited about a new video production solution for large organisations -- think Fortune 500 companies -- that have distributed teams, many of which are based in India.'
2 Biggest Risks for the Equity Markets
'Q1 is going to bear the brunt of the second wave, exposing full-year GDP forecasts to downward revisions, unless phase-3 of vaccination is executed quickly.'
July 12, 2021
The other company seeking to attach India's assets
'Devas will continue to pursue its rights and enforcement actions against India in courts around the world.'
July 10, 2021
'GST execution has been extremely bad'
'From the tiniest to mid-level organisations and even some at the lower end of the large-scale ones would say that computerisation and the extensive documentation and regulatory requirements for GST have made the compliance process worse in many cases.'
July 06, 2021
'RBI should be more concerned about inflation'
'We have lived through 10% plus inflation in India and we are aware of the economic pitfall.'
July 05, 2021
Why Thyrocare sold out to PharmEasy
'I have done enough work for many years.'
July 03, 2021
'Amazon has an outsize impact on India'
'We are having an outsize impact not only on the lives of the customers and livelihood, but also the economy of India.'
July 01, 2021
'Economic recovery depends a lot on vaccination'
'Vaccination is very important for an economy to start functioning properly.'
June 30, 2021
'Quality mid-cap small-caps should continue to do well'
'As valuations of large-caps appeared to be out of whack, investors started lapping up quality mid-caps and small-caps, which were available at relatively comfortable valuations.'
June 29, 2021
'RBI has given us 120 days to operationalise SFB'
Only when we are part of the same family, which will happen down the line, then, of course, we will give them (PMC depositors) all the assurance and the comfort.'
June 24, 2021
'Covid-related death claims are a concern'
'The overall death claims have gone up.'
June 18, 2021
'India is at the cusp of a growth cycle'
'We will likely be buffeted by tailwinds from the global economy, geopolitical shifts and robust domestic demand.'
June 15, 2021
'Inflation is the biggest threat right now'
'For equities, inflation trending upwards but within the range of expectations can actually be a big positive as it helps earnings and may shift flows from bonds to equities.'
June 14, 2021
'Once this wave peaks out, we expect India's growth story to come back'
'While the country has been hit hard from a strong second wave of Covid, we believe the markets are willing to look through that.'
June 11, 2021
'Economy is not bad as it was during the first wave'
'While there has been an impact on economic activity, it is not as profound as the lockdown last year.'
June 08, 2021
'Strong economy attracts investment'
'I'm not sure it's a bubble.'
June 07, 2021
'I'm willing to give more than Rs 35,000 crores for vaccines'
'I'll give it to the vaccine manufacturers without guarantees, take the payment in advance and give me the supplies.'
June 04, 2021
'Economy is getting a Covid 2.0 shock'
'I would recommend two parts to fiscal support. One, support the lower end of the society by direct intervention through ways such as direct benefit cash transfer. Second, give fiscal support to the stressed sectors in line with the Rs 3-lakh crore (Rs 3 trillion) emergency credit line guarantee norms'
June 03, 2021
Mehul Choksi's wife: 'He thought he was going to be killed'
'My husband is no longer an Indian citizen.
Cryptocurrencies: 'Invest for long-term'
'Allocate some parts of one's surplus income towards cryptocurrencies, considering the immense growth potential of this emerging asset class.'
June 02, 2021
The man with the Rs 100 crore salary
'Personally, I have reached that stage where I think material things can't give you any satisfaction.'
June 01, 2021
'Mid and small-caps are likely to outperform in FY22'
'It is critical that the Covid curve does not have a fat tail and the chain is broken quickly.'
'EVs are the way forward for Volkswagen group'
'Our strategy is intact and our important pillars for India -- the SUV roll-out and the focus on the cost of ownership of a car -- remain in focus'
May 27, 2021
'Corporate earnings in June quarter can be weak'
'There is a weak link between the economy and the stock market.'
May 26, 2021
'Prices of many APIs, all coming from China, have gone up'
'The world over, everybody is asking for the same medicines, same APIs, same KSMs.'
May 25, 2021
Covid: 'If IT staffer doesn't recover in 2 weeks...'
'Companies are threatening to terminate them or putting them on unpaid leave.'
May 20, 2021
'Returns from stocks in next 1 year will be disappointing'
'If one believes that the Indian stock market will go up 70 per cent every year for the next 10 years, I wish you good luck!'
May 11, 2021
'Taming the virus is like fighting a war; all have to pitch in'
'I remain optimistic that 2021 will be better than 2020 because we have visibility of vaccinations this year.'
May 10, 2021
'When people needed oxygen, RBI gave them Horlicks'
'Are they assuming that by the end of May or the 15th of June, we will see the end of the pandemic?'
May 07, 2021
'In the short term, the markets may remain weak due to rising Covid cases'
'In the short term, we may see some disruptions due to Covid, but in the medium-to-long term, we should keep an eye on US inflation and 10-year bond yields.'
Was Nirav Modi tipped off?
'One cannot avoid speculating whether there was something else at play that led to the uncovering of this saga.'
May 05, 2021
'Nirav Modi won't be back on the first flight to India'
'It could take at least a couple of years for his case to go through the entire run of the British judiciary.'
April 23, 2021
'India remains investment destination'
'Rising Covid cases and localised lockdowns are being closely monitored.'
April 21, 2021
'CY21 will be defining year for start-up listings'
'Start-ups that generate a majority of their income in India are likely to opt for an Indian listing.'
April 20, 2021
'Scrapping centres will be an industry'
'Our automakers export 50 per cent of what they manufacture and once the policy comes into play, which is in the next 2-3 years, we would become a Rs 10 trillion industry.'
April 19, 2021
'Covid or not, show must go on'
'Post-Covid world will be different from the pre-Covid world.'
April 17, 2021
'In 3 years, India's infrastructure will be on par with the US'
'We completed Rs 17 trillion worth of projects in the first term and currently Rs 9 trillion worth of contracts are under construction.'
April 09, 2021
'Next financial year will be much better'
'Revival is happening slowly.'
'Reversal of IPO frenzy is taking longer than in the past'
'Investors should be careful in getting carried away; although a reversal of IPO frenzy this time is taking longer than in the past.'
April 06, 2021
'Investors who feel nervous at higher valuations should not exit equities'
'They can shift to dynamic asset allocation funds to automatically rebalance their equity exposure.'
April 05, 2021
'Stock valuations may not go up'
'It won't help being complacent about the momentum and valuations of equities that currently exist.'
April 03, 2021
'Govt wants more incentive to customers for vehicle scrapping'
'Some companies have agreed to 2-3% incentive but the automakers and SIAM have to decide amongst themselves'
April 01, 2021
Why are equity MFs continuously selling?
'Money that came into mutual funds near the previous peaks -- the second half of 2017 and 2018 -- has in most cases experienced unflattering returns.'
March 30, 2021
IBC: 'Defaulters' paradise is lost'
'The Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code cleans up non-performing assets and puts companies in capable and credible hands.'
March 25, 2021
'Government is taking LIC on BSNL route'
'The government wants foreign companies to capture the insurance market.'
March 23, 2021
'You never exit a portfolio'
'We will be looking to prune our portfolio to make GIC Re a healthier entity.'
March 22, 2021
'Private equity can transform banks'
'Facilitating conversion of well-run NBFCs into banks is urgently needed.'
March 19, 2021
'Make in India for India and the world'
'With nearly double the market share of our nearest competitor, we are shaping the digital transformation journey of close to 1,000 clients in India.'
March 09, 2021
'We will continue the Jet Airways brand and legacy'
'The government has assured us support.'
March 05, 2021
'Virus has shown us the inequalities of society'
'Inequality has been growing in the world. The virus has only amplified it.'
March 02, 2021
'Across industries, there is a shortage of digital skills'
'The kind of jobs the advent of artificial intelligence, data science and so on are creating simply didn't exist before'
March 01, 2021
How to invest in markets after Friday's BLOODBATH
'You can put 25 per cent right now; put another 25 per cent when Nifty corrects another 500 points.'
Is Nifty headed towards 14,000 this week?
'We are expecting lower levels in the week beginning March 1.'
Three reasons why the rupee fell on Friday
'It was because of the huge selloff in the Indian equities that the rupee fell so sharply against the dollar on Friday.'
February 26, 2021
What Adani is doing to prevent Mumbai's power outage
'We are working in association with the state government and other transmission companies to make sure that the city never experiences blackouts'
February 25, 2021
Market turbulence: Advice for Investors
'Long-term retail investors should not worry about these sharp dips and jumps if they have chosen their stocks wisely.'
February 23, 2021
'We should be moving towards <em>Aatmavishwas Bharat</em> rather than <em>Aatmanirbhar Bharat</em>'
'What do the moves towards protectionism suggest?'
February 22, 2021
What are the future plans of Tata Steel?

February 18, 2021
'It would be a mistake to allow private sector corporate groups to own banks'
'We still need a certain number of large public sector banks for financial inclusion and stability purposes.'
February 17, 2021
A worker would take 10,000 years to earn what Mukesh Ambani made in an hour during the pandemic
'The top 11 billionaires in India added so much to their wealth during the pandemic that it would have sustained MNREGA for 10 years or the ministry of health for 10 years.'
February 16, 2021
'Expect K-shaped, not V-shaped, recovery'
'This is happening regardless of the Budget.'
February 15, 2021
'We are in the ICU. Please save us'
'How does it matter to me if a foreigner comes, starts an industry and makes India a $5 trillion economy when I am dead?'
February 12, 2021
How AgNext will make Farmers Money
'Our technology is going to help Indian agriculture the way the White Revolution helped milk production.'
February 11, 2021
'Rating agencies are like Bollywood'
'Rather than cutting and pasting from advanced economies, we should use basic economic principles to think about what is right for India at the stage of development at which we are,' says Chief Economic Advisor Krishnamurthy Subramanian.
February 10, 2021
Why this entrepreneur turned to Rahul for help
'We have been telling the government that we need handholding.'
February 09, 2021
'No magic bullet to agriculture reforms'
'Agri reforms need to go beyond the limited concerns of these three laws in improving agriculture productivity in cereal and crop diversification and production patterns.'
'Economy needs animal spirits'
'Kindling the private sector's animal spirits is more important than focusing on how government can give jobs on its own.'
February 05, 2021
'This Budget will not take us to 12%, but it will help the economy fare better'
'There is good indication that the economy is bouncing back, but the problem is, we should look at the eight quarters preceding March 2020.'
February 04, 2021
'Government this time has said outright privatisation'
'They want (the ownership and management of PSU banks) to pass into the hands of a private sector entity.'
'2021 is the year of capital preservation'
'I have been advising investors since the last couple of months to at least take their capital out.'
February 03, 2021
'Economy will run on its own despite collapses, failures'
'The government has realised that the finances of the government are in a precarious state.'
February 02, 2021
'FM did nothing to create jobs, reduce inequality'
'I would want people to have food on their tables and their wages to rise.'
February 01, 2021
'Soon there will be time to be greedy'
'It is going to be a buyers' market and you will get a good number of companies at reasonable valuations and that's when one has to be very greedy.'
January 29, 2021
'Budget would have done a wonderful job, if...'
'If the Union Budget can provide incentives for animal spirits to come as well as induce demand stimulus and consumption, the Budget would have done a wonderful job.'
'Budget should focus on making manufacturing competitive'
'It has the potential to add half a trillion dollars to the economy over the next five years.'
January 27, 2021
'Equity market is in the midst of a bull market'
'If an investor is ready to stay put for the next five years, one can consider investing in mid- and small-cap funds, but through SIPs.'
January 15, 2021
'This is not growth; this is de-growth'
'It will be only in fiscal year 2023 when the size of the Indian economy will be bigger than what it was in 2020, you will see demand and employment rising.'
January 13, 2021
'Go with quality stocks; buy pedigree, buy performance'
'Let's not get carried away by stocks like D-Mart, Jubilant Foods and all those companies that are trading at an expensive valuations.'
January 12, 2021
'Economy is not growing, it's only recovering'
'In 2016, we had De-Mon and in 2017, we had GST.'
Sensex at Mount 49k: Are the markets overheated?
'The more retail investors keep away from speculative activity, the more they will manage their risks better.'
January 06, 2021
'Economy well placed to capitalise on recovery in 2021'
'The financial sector's performance in the first two quarters was a revelation.'
December 31, 2020
Best investment options for the next 10 years
'Internet, healthcare and life insurance are a few sectors which offer solid long-term decadal potential.'
December 30, 2020
Stocks: 'Returns will be much more modest'
'Valuations were depressed at 8,000 (Nifty 50 index) levels. It was a free ride to 12,000 levels.'
December 26, 2020
''No' vote could mean liquidation of securities'
'We know that returning money to unitholders at the earliest is the first and most important step towards resurrecting our brand and regaining investor trust.'
December 23, 2020
'Investor migration in IT and pharma will stay for a while'
'Quality of management, corporate governance, allocation of capital, full disclosures should form the basis to decide investing in a particular stock.'
December 18, 2020
'Demand for home loans is rising steadily'
'We tightened our risk frameworks once the Covid crisis started.'
December 11, 2020
'After Covid, demand will be back with a vengeance'
'When there is unlocking, there is demand revival.'
December 09, 2020
LIC has invested Rs 55,000 cr in equity market
'In FY21, as of October, LIC has booked a profit of Rs 18,800 crore through sale of equities.'
Stockmarkets: 'We have reached a point of caution'
'The probability of this being a suckers' rally, where all kinds of beaten down stocks have begun to rally sharply, should be a time to be cautious and circumspect.'
December 08, 2020
'India will see double digit growth next year'
'The fourth quarter will show a positive growth in GDP.'
December 02, 2020
'Good chance of substantial recovery in next financial year'
'I am sceptical of the Indian economy returning to a sustained high-growth trajectory any time soon'
December 01, 2020
Stock advice: Where should I invest?
'Investors should plan and make investments strictly on the basis of their risk profile.'
November 30, 2020
'Sebi has given go ahead for RailTel IPO'
'We have filed our draft red herring prospectus for a floating IPO for a net offer size of 86.6 million shares.'
November 26, 2020
How banking system changed post Nirav Modi scam
'If you give your ID and password to somebody else, how can anybody blame the technology for that problem?'
November 24, 2020
Why markets jumped 70% in 8 months
And why markets could give up 25 per cent of all these gains made since March 2020
November 23, 2020
'Your money is safe with nationalised banks'
'No commercial bank will be allowed to fail. There is nothing to worry about.'
November 20, 2020
Overheated markets? 'Expect 5% correction'
'12250 should be considered a reasonable level to re-enter into the market.'
November 19, 2020
'We are in search of a Shiva to consume the poison from banking system'
'Should the government be in the business of running banks?'
November 12, 2020
'Modi has no excuse not to run trains'
'The central government is putting conditions on farmers organisations, that they have to allow passenger trains to ply, only then will they allow goods trains to ply.'
November 11, 2020
'Economy is touching pre-Covid levels'
'It is entering growth territory on a month-on-month basis.'
November 09, 2020
'Govt must come with a survival package'
'Without reviving employment, consumer confidence will not go up.'
November 06, 2020
'GDP declined by 50% last quarter, not 23.9%'
'One cannot take it that the economy has recovered, and the GST payment has increased because of that, or that production is back to January 2020 level.'
November 05, 2020
What stocks should you invest in?
'One can start accumulating economy driven stocks in the next few months with a two-three year view.'
November 03, 2020
'Stock markets warming up to a Biden win'
'Indian markets may initially react and follow the pattern of US and other global markets post US elections.'
October 22, 2020
'There is a good alignment of stars and we hope to continue to surprise the market'
'We will continue to refine our operating model to drive more simplicity and nimbleness.'
October 21, 2020
From Microsoft to Jackfruit 365!
'I knew there was a huge business opportunity, but it was Dr Kalam who made me jump into it as an entrepreneur.'
October 15, 2020
'India's Asia's most attractive investment destination'
'India's march towards being a $5 trillion economy continues, notwithstanding momentary setbacks.'
October 12, 2020
'Economy is constantly on PM's mind'
'I would like to convey the message to your readers that the prime minister himself is directly seized of the situation on the ground. He periodically reviews the situation on the ground and how it is moving forward, taking inputs from economists, business leaders, chambers of commerce.'
October 09, 2020
'We will have to time what we want to do'
'Willing to spend is different from when to spend and how much to spend'
October 08, 2020
'On further stimulus, I've kept my options open'
'Prime Minister Modi stated several times that we shall not let this challenge go away without converting it into an opportunity to undertake systemic reforms.'
October 07, 2020
'You cannot kill trade'
'When you oppose a policy, you are labelled anti-government.'
October 01, 2020
'Small traders lost Rs 4-5 lakh crores in lockdown'
'You have come out with a package for the kisan.'
September 29, 2020
'It is a no-brainer that there will be a very sharp rebound next year'
'The CEA suggested that could be as high as 19 per cent.'
September 25, 2020
'Let govt ensure MSP is a legal right just like MRP'
'Government is saying that I will not be responsible for ensuring you get MSP but traders and large corporate will be responsible.
September 24, 2020
'Officers seem to be operating in an atmosphere of fear'
'Today, political formations seem to adopt an 'us' versus 'them' approach which shows up even in their attitude towards civil servants.'<br />'This creates an added layer of fear.'
'Investors must not take any knee-jerk action'
T'I am not going to buy small- or mid-cap stocks at very high valuations if it doesn't make sense for the investors.'
September 23, 2020
'In Q2 so far, we are continuing with our hiring'
Infosys is on a much stronger wicket today than where it was a few years ago, despite the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the business, says its CEO & MD Salil Parekh.
September 22, 2020
'The Modi government has given farmers freedom'
'The farm bills will not bring in corporate zamindari'
September 18, 2020
'Stock picking has become more interesting'
'There will be massive differences in sectors and stocks over the next few years.'
September 17, 2020
'2 years is fair time for companies to come out of pain'
'The economy is expected to bounce back and things are expected to recover faster than what we previously thought.'
'Amul is India's biggest FMCG company'
'We plan to touch Rs 1 trillion of Amul brand's turnover in the next five years.'
'If you want entrepreneurs to sprint, remove all hurdles'
'If you want Aatma Nirbhar, your policies should favour self-reliance, but your policies do not help the idea.'
September 16, 2020
'There is no disruption of imports from China'
'Industry realises we cannot overly depend on imports from anywhere including China.'
September 14, 2020
'Till <em>babu</em>s understand reality, growth won't happen'
'The babus in Delhi are not able to understand the pain industry is facing.'
September 10, 2020
'Pandemic is a Whatsapp moment for healthcare'
'In the case of Aadhaar, we were able to build and enrol 1 billion in five-and-a-half years.'
September 09, 2020
'The government has to take measures to create demand'
'Right now, we are increasing production in anticipation of the demand during the festive season.'
September 04, 2020
'Foolhardy to get into market for speculative gains'
'The market recovery is fragile,' warns Raamdeo Agrawal, co-founder and joint managing director, Motilal Oswal Financial Services.
'Without creating jobs and output, we are waiting for a disaster'
'We first need to acknowledge the truth.'
September 03, 2020
'To get back to 6-7% GDP growth will take a couple of years'
'The current economic contraction is certainly due to the lockdowns as a response to the pandemic, which is an act of God.'
September 02, 2020
GDP collapse: 'Policy paralysis in this government'
'It is not simply demonetisation or GST, it is this government's failure to manage the financial sector crisis.'
September 01, 2020
'The contraction in GDP is the result of COVID-19 and the lockdown'
Prof Ananth Narayan, well known financial expert who works as a faculty member at the SP Jain Institute of Management and Research and the RBI's nominee director on the board of Yes Bank, expects a double-digit contraction in India's GDP this fiscal year.
August 31, 2020
'Investors need to be extremely selective'
'The market won't wait for earnings to recover.'
August 28, 2020
Economy: '4 to 5 years for normalcy to return'
'The government has failed to understand the seriousness of the situation, and that's why they are underestimating the problem.'
'In the short-term, the markets will remain volatile'
'There is still scope for selective stockpicking.'
'Government is going back on its commitment to the states'
'Because of the COVID-19 pandemic situation today, the revenues of the states have gone down, the GST money is not coming and all the states combined have lost more than Rs 365,000 crore in revenue.'
August 26, 2020
120 million Indians will be unemployed!
'Just see what kind of political, social and economic impact it will have when the number of unemployed goes up four times in one year suddenly.'
August 25, 2020
Loan restructuring: 'Whoever needs relief should get it'
'Mostly, the relief, if needed, would be for housing loans where a person has lost a job and is unable to pay his EMI or there has been a temporary salary cut.'
August 24, 2020
Can India's defence sector be <em>atmanirbhar</em>?
'We see the defence industry as one of the leading sectors, which will significantly contribute to the growth of the Indian economy, but more importantly, bring <em>atmanirbharta</em> to national security.'
August 21, 2020
'People of Thiruvananthapuram want a first class airport'
'Mr (Gautam) Adani invested in Vizhinjam port when no other viable party was willing to bid.'
August 20, 2020
'We are trying to give migrant workers more bargaining power'
'Our clients need business. For business you need workers and so we decided to help'
August 19, 2020
'There is a need for more supervisors at the RBI'
'Those who come from outside are surprised at the relatively small strength of the RBI supervisory cadre, relative to the needs of the country and the needs of the financial sector.'
August 17, 2020
'It is not easy to be a gatekeeper of financial stability'
'There are deeper, underlying, forces at work and we need institutional arrangements to guard against them.'
August 13, 2020
'India in race for worst performing economy in 2020'
'India is in a slowdown which most of us have not seen in our living memory.'
August 12, 2020
'90% of India wants the lockdown to go'
'When you don't have food to eat, will you be worried about the virus or the next meal?'
August 10, 2020
'It will take longest for India's growth to return to pre-Covid levels'
'The outlook for private investment, which has been such a weak link for India for so long, remains challenging.'
August 06, 2020
Want to invest? Tips from a Master
'Investors need to diversify at least 30% to 50% of their liquid wealth across different markets, asset classes, and instruments across the world.'
August 04, 2020
How Biocon plans to fight COVID-19
'I cannot cope with the demand. It will take us a couple of months to ramp up production.'
August 03, 2020
Revealed: Modi's plans for the economy
he government is examining a plan of bank recapitalisation and considering an urban version of MNREGS.
July 29, 2020
'We will price Covid vaccine below Rs 1,000'
Pune's Serum Institute of India, the world's largest vaccine maker by volume, is placing its bets on the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine candidate AZD1222 with CEO Adar Poonawalla stating he would start manufacturing at personal risk.
'The markets can always disappoint you'
'People are doing a lot of trading.'
July 24, 2020
'India can cut nearly 50% of its imports from China'
'India has the potential to reduce its trade deficit with China by $8.4 billion in FY21.'
July 21, 2020
How TCS plans to make WFH its mantra
'At any given point in time, we expect only 25 per cent of our workforce will need to be in office.'
'Ban on Chinese imports will cripple economy'
'The ban on Chinese imports is a suicidal step.'
July 20, 2020
Modi must shut 20 ministries, 100 departments!
'When the country is jobless, why should I pay through my nose to feed these people who want some perks in office?'
July 17, 2020
'Air travel will normalise within two years'
'Airlines will need a war chest to deal with post-COVID economics.'
July 15, 2020
Modi should focus on wealth creation, not wealth distribution
'When you start distributing wealth, you end up distributing poverty.'
July 10, 2020
'You can keep locking down endlessly, but what will you do at the end of it?'
'We haven't flattened the infection curve, we may have merely smoothened it temporarily.'
July 08, 2020
'Why are even our sewing needles made in China?'
'We are not able to manufacture even low-end products as cheaply as China.'
A mask that can deactivate COVID-19
'If people use the mask properly, we can confidently say that this is as protective as the best mask in the market.'<
July 06, 2020
PNB ready to disburse Rs 16,000 crore in loans
'We have already sanctioned loans worth over Rs 3,000 crore to around 120,000 customers.'
'China has caught us by the neck and we have no way to escape'
'Indian entrepreneurs became traders for Chinese goods rather than producers of goods.'
July 03, 2020
Will India's Covaxin be world's first COVID-19 drug?
'We need to prove to the world that quality vaccines and R&amp;D are possible in India.'
July 02, 2020
'It is difficult for us to get rid of China overnight'
'China feels India will be hard-pressed not to go after China because we are so badly dependent on them -- and that is the reality.'
How tech alumni plan to raise 21,000 crore to fight COVID-19
Over 5 million alumni from the Indian Institutes of Technology, Mumbai University and Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai, plan to raise Rs 21,000 crore to start the world's largest infection testing lab in Mumbai.
June 30, 2020
'I can't see an Elon Musk anywhere in India'
'Saying the private industry will come and transform India's space programme is real moonshine!'
June 26, 2020
'Vested interests want private players in space'
'ISRO facilities are very expensive and any damage caused by these start-ups can create havoc to our space programme.'
June 22, 2020
'1,000 companies want to shift from China to India'
'China can't stop any company from relocating to India.'
June 20, 2020
'Business and war cannot go side by side'
'Have you met anyone who said "I will not boycott Chinese products"?'
June 19, 2020
'Defence is a permanent start-up'
'India should take up defence manufacturing in a more serious manner and encourage greater private participation.'
June 12, 2020
'Hurried Lockdown has Created Havoc'
'Unless we get the health and economic situations right at the same time, we will not recover.'
June 11, 2020
No question of removing labour laws'
'A proposal to do away with labour laws is not feasible.'
'Business should catch up fairly soon'
'It may be a bit slow to start, but all are eager to get back into action.'
June 10, 2020
'The crisis we are facing now is lack of demand'
'There is lack of demand because people have no jobs, and no income.'
June 09, 2020
'We are underweight on India'
'India is possibly the most fiscally constrained market in the region.'
Post Lockdown: What Offices Must Do!
'Everyone is confused, lost, worried and unsure about the future.'
June 05, 2020
'India's rating downgrade is done at China's behest'
'China's investment destination image the world over has taken a beating, therefore investors feel India is a safe haven for investments.'
June 03, 2020
'The fiscal stimulus is zero'
'If the government spends Rs 10 lakh crore this year then you would be looking at a GDP growth of minus 5 per cent.'
June 01, 2020
How this town persuaded migrant workers to stay
'It is because we treat them as our own people, and there is no difference between owners and workers here.'
May 31, 2020
'China will recover faster than many countries'
'COVID-19 will not stop the expansion of China's 'infrastructure power'.'
May 30, 2020
'This was not specifically a COVID package'
'It is a package for a new self-reliant India.'
May 29, 2020
'We will become a good welfare State if...'
'... the government provides adequate cash and kind support for the poorest of the poor for survival...
'We are facing a loss of Rs 15,000 crore per day'
'The government has stopped our earnings due to the lockdown and must do something for our earnings to restart.'
May 28, 2020
'Shopping for clothes won't be a priority'
'Fear psychosis has gripped the entire world.'
May 27, 2020
'A good chunk of 70 million small businesses will be shuttered'
'Several businesses like entertainment, hospitality, travel etc would never be the same again.'
May 25, 2020
'People are losing jobs left, right and centre'
'The situation is quite terrifying as you have no job creation and there will be loss of jobs.'
May 23, 2020
'Indian economy is in survival mode'
'Once the lockdown is lifted, we will see some pickup in demand.'
May 22, 2020
'Economic package is like an onion'
'You peel one layer, then another layer, then another, but in the end, you will see that there is no onion inside.'
May 21, 2020
'You don't ask someone in ICU to start exercising from the next day'
'Today when people are fighting to get their salary, you are telling them you will privatise airports!'
May 20, 2020
This business lost Rs 9,000 crores in lockdown!
'By the time the goods that were sent from December onwards reached stores in Europe, they became dead inventory as the stores there were closed by then.'
May 19, 2020
'Economy will take 18 months to 2 years to recover'
'The current financial year will see the full impact of this crisis, and we will start seeing the recovery in the next financial year.'
May 18, 2020
'They are using the pandemic to push their reforms'
'The Modi government is about privatising profits and nationalising losses.'
May 16, 2020
10 planned Mercedes launches on schedule
'Even during the lockdown, we have received many online enquiries and subsequent bookings.'
May 15, 2020
'India can be an economically self-reliant country'
'Opportunity for a country like India is huge in terms of wealth creation.'
May 14, 2020
Lockdown times have been good for Byju's!
'Now, because of COVID-19, we have become the only way to learn.'
May 13, 2020
'BJP wants to treat labour like animals'
'COVID-19 is just an excuse to pass anti-labour laws.'
May 12, 2020
'It will take a year for business to recover'
'There was already a cash crunch and this (lockdown) has created more trouble.'
May 11, 2020
Be Prepared for Very Bad Economic Times!
'We are going to have a recession this year, maybe next year too...'
'This will lead to a law of the jungle'
'Just as coronavirus has come to us from China, this disease is also coming from that country.'
Lost your job? This HR company could help you
'It could take 12 months or more for hiring to get back on track.'
May 07, 2020
'Govt should present new Budget'
'This prime minister thinks he knows everything.'
Serum Institute to produce COVID-19 vaccine by yearend
'The challenge will be making sure its efficacy is high.'
May 05, 2020
What Modi must do to revive the economy
'At this stage, you should distribute money and food.'
May 03, 2020
'Two-fifth of restaurants will shut down'
'Business will be 20% of what it was before the lockdown.'
April 30, 2020
'Blanket withdrawal is not a good strategy'
'Investors should restrict themselves to a few category schemes with high quality portfolios apart from overnight and liquid funds.'
April 27, 2020
'We are finished!'
'There are a lot of companies that have been struggling really hard expecting to do better year after year.'
April 23, 2020
'It will be a horrible scene in May'
'Where will industry have funds when they open up?'
April 22, 2020
Gadkari plans to meet infra target despite lockdown
'Despite the pandemic, we aspire to maintain the momentum of last year.'
'Coronavirus has taken us back 30, 40 years!'
'It will be like this: If you use the window seat in the first row, next will be the aisle in the second row, to maintain social distancing.'
April 21, 2020
How India's economy can deal with the COVID-19 crisis
'India's sizeable foreign exchange reserves should serve as a buffer.'
'Companies can't sack employees during lockdown'
'During the lockdown if you terminate your employee, then you will face action under the NDMA.'
April 16, 2020
'Corporates may not opt for downsizing right away'
'We don't expect any immediate impact on salaried jobs.'
April 15, 2020
'PM's complete silence on economic package worrying'
'Clearly, the next few months will be very challenging for industry.'
April 14, 2020
'India too large and complex to be under long lockdown'
'It will take six months to one year to move to normalcy, depending on how the pandemic plays out in India.'
April 13, 2020
'COVID-19 crisis led to Rs 4,000 crore fresh NPAs'
'So far, loans outstanding of around Rs 4 trillion, out of the total Rs 7.5 trillion, have been postponed.'
April 12, 2020
'Fighting coronavirus is a priority, so is giving timely salaries'
'We will not compromise on it. We will not make any deferred payments or cuts.'
April 10, 2020
Post COVID-19: 'IT industry will emerge stronger'
'We have to plan for whatever the new normal is.'
April 08, 2020
'Lockdown will lead to shutdown'
'You cannot start an MSME again.'
April 07, 2020
'No economic activity will cost India $120 billion'
'We believe there will be a full shutdown for four weeks and a partial shutdown for eight weeks.'
April 06, 2020
Coronavirus crisis: What start-ups must do
'If many start-ups lose in this environment, there will be less number of people willing to start new businesses.'
April 04, 2020
Coronavirus: 'Why is the government so stingy?'
'The Centre doesn't think of the states. We have to manage the crisis.'
April 02, 2020
'Lockdown should be extended for another 15 days'
'In the first phase, you might allow 30 per cent of the workforce to come in and see how it goes,' says industrialist Harsh Goenka.
'Number of deaths in India is not alarming so far'
'Unless it becomes really a big epidemic in India where a huge number of people are getting sick and lakhs of people dying, I do not see a major impact on the insurance sector.'
'Can government play with people's money?'
'...Rs 137 lakh crores of people's money?'
April 01, 2020
'When people are about to die of hunger, you have to step in big time'
'Most of the measures the finance minister announced will take effect after the lockdown.'
March 31, 2020
'It is bound to be a slow and strained recovery'
'When 99.9 per cent of the most vulnerable are above 65, I see no logic in this sweeping lockdown in a country in which 94 per cent are below 65.'
'Nationalise all private banks!'
'One by one we are seeing these private banks taking people's money and mismanaging it.'
March 30, 2020
Economy: 'March impacted. April and May will also get hit'
'This is a period of significant uncertainty, of unknown unknowns.'
'Bad times don't last'
'At this time, staying in the game is more important.'
March 29, 2020
What if kirana shops run out of stock?
'90 per cent of the food and grocery business is still with the kiranas.'
'We have to treat the economy as if this is wartime'
'We have to stop thinking about GDP and look at the impact on output and unemployment.'
March 27, 2020
'RBI need to cut by 100 bps in one shot'
'Rate cut should reiterate RBI's commitment in providing confidence to consumers and small business.'
Lockdown effect: 'Truckers lose Rs 1,800 cr daily'
'The government is saying that essential commodities are exempted, but on the ground there is no competent officer from the government who can say which is an essential commodity and which is not.'
Coronavirus: 'Govt needs to allow treatment by private hospitals'
'We are going to be overwhelmed by the need for hospital beds. There are simply not enough beds in government hospitals.'
March 23, 2020
'Don't be a cowboy'
'The only thing that is safe right now are government securities.'
'We may have to ask some people to leave'
'Our liquidity is strong for the next 15-20 days.'
March 19, 2020
'Defensive portfolio strategy is recommended'
'Investors should reduce cash gradually and look for value investing.'
March 11, 2020
Yes Bank: 'People will lose confidence in the system'
'RBI was focusing on public sector banks perhaps thinking that private sector banks are managed efficiently while PSU banks are not.'
March 09, 2020
Is Hero ready for an e-future?
'What volumes will we have with a Rs 1 lakh product?'
March 07, 2020
Yes Bank: 4 warning signs retail investors ignored
Independent market analyst Ambareesh Baliga points out the red flags that retail investors should not have ignored and lists three scenarios -two of these scenarios offer a glimmer of hope to retail shareholders of Yes Bank - that could play out in the coming days.
March 06, 2020
'The financial system is shaken, but safe'
Tamal Bandyopadhyay, columnist and author of several books like From Lehman to Demonetisation: A Decade of Disruptions and Sahara: The Untold Story, tells why Yes Bank depositors should not panic and the current crisis at India's fifth largest private lender does not pose any systemic risk.
February 26, 2020
'If Voda Idea folds up it will be bad news all around'
'The government is unwilling or unable to provide the kind of relief that Vodafone India is asking for.'
February 14, 2020
Anand Mahindra: 'I'm not vanishing!'
'Family businesses have to put competent people in charge who believe they can get to the top.'<br>'If you don't remove the glass ceiling, you won't get the best talent.'
February 13, 2020
'Getting rid of tax exemptions is a right move'
'If you do quick back-of-the-envelope calculation, someone earning Rs 10 lakh can get a benefit of anywhere between Rs 35,000 and Rs 45,000, even if s/he is availing exemptions.'
February 12, 2020
'We are in an economic crisis'
'The slowdown is likely to continue.'
February 10, 2020
'There should be an uptick in growth'
'There are some encouraging signs.'
'We will add more geographies': HCL Tech chief
HCL Technologies Chief Executive Officer C Vijaykumar spoke to Neha Alawadhi after the Q3 results about what gives HCL Tech the confidence to continue its strong showing.
February 06, 2020
'PM has no clear roadmap for $5 trillion economy'
Despite all of the PM's many strengths, it is increasingly clear that he does not necessarily have a coherent and clear worldview on matters of macro policy.
'Govt is not taking unemployment seriously'
'It does not look like unemployment is a priority for the government.'
February 04, 2020
'2 to 3 years for economy to recover'
'It was like a doctor giving some simple pain killers to a patient in dire requirement of chemotherapy.'
February 03, 2020
'Budget's tax rates are a laughing matter'
'The economy needed 3 or 4 major fixes. The major one was, of course, the direct tax structure, but we ended up complicating the existing convoluted tax structure,' says M R Venkatesh, chartered accountant and lawyer.
February 01, 2020
'FM has not been brave, but acted safely'
There have been some benefits to the corporate sector, agreed they also need support, but the government should realise that the economy is not suffering from lowering investment -- people are ready to invest but where is the demand?
January 31, 2020
Sale: 'Challenge is Air India's huge size'
It's too big to digest as one whole airline.'
January 30, 2020
'We want Air India to keep flying'
'Whether it is the unions or the politicians, they don't have to do politics over Air India, but be guided by a solitary factor -- that we don't want Air India to fly into oblivion.'
January 29, 2020
'Modi is selling Air India at a deep discount'
'If you are selling family silver, and if you are not getting the right value, then what is the point?'
January 28, 2020
'Air India sale offer is a win-win for all'
'It is very clear that Air India cannot be managed by the government.'
January 27, 2020
'Growth will happen only with higher govt spending'
'Slowing down of the economy was mainly due to the demonetisation shock...'
January 24, 2020
Modi must worry about India's malnutrition crisis
'With the largest number of malnourished people on the planet, India is poised to be a nation that significantly under-performs as an economy.'
January 22, 2020
Rs 18,000 crore: Kashmir business losses since August 5
'The economy of Kashmir has collapsed.'
January 18, 2020
'This is the only way to save the economy today'
'I suggest a cut in the GST rates and an infusion of Rs 1.2 trillion into the economy in six months.'
January 17, 2020
Why Maruti's R C Bhargava is not bullish on e-vehicles yet
'Our concern is only the affordability and availability of technology. Where are the infrastructure and batteries? Who will buy my EV?'
January 16, 2020
'Markets have peaked out'
'Four times in Indian history, in 1992, 2000, 2007 and now, markets are at 25 times price-earnings.'
January 15, 2020
'$5 trillion economy by 2024 does not seem possible'
'We are at $2.7 trillion and 2024 is not far away.'
'Average NBFCs are not going getting funding from banks'
'The RBI has always been saying that banks have lent Rs 50,000 crore, Rs 75,000 crore or Rs 1 trillion to the NBFC sector, but you should also look at where this money is actually going. You will realise that a good part of this money is going in to government-owned NBFCs or finance corporations -- they are getting the maximum funding.'
January 13, 2020
What Modi Told the Coal Minister
'The day I took charge, the PM told me you do the following -- stop imports, talk to all stakeholders and involve them to make mining more industry-friendly without affecting the environment.'
'Economy is already in recession'
'The economy will pick up in 2020 or a little later... When it picks up, will it reach 10%, 8% or still lower? It all depends on how realistic are the diagnosis and the prescriptions that follow,' says Professor K J Joseph.
January 09, 2020
Why Enfield CEO feels economic downturn is a blessing
'Our vision is to be a global consumer brand, so we are not much worried about the short-term. Downturn sometime is blessing. If you want to change few things, this is the right time,' says Vinod K Dasari.
January 08, 2020
'Quality mid-caps can outperform this year'
'We expect gradual recovery in the demand environment in 2020, driven by low interest rates, government spending, and rural recovery,' says Swarup Mohanty, chief executive officer, Mirae Asset Global Investments (India).
January 06, 2020
'Nifty, Sensex don't indicate problems in economy'
'So, what does one believe -- just 6 stocks that are pushing the indices higher or the 600 scrips that are reflecting economic pain?'
December 13, 2019
'Corporate tax cuts will affect tax collection'
'The corporate tax cuts will obviously result in lower tax payments by companies,' says Central Board of Direct Taxes member Akhilesh Ranjan who retires after 37 years in government service.
December 04, 2019
'Don't sell Air India, BPCL at a loss'
'National assets, created over the years through tax-payers's money, should not be handed over to business houses at throwaway prices.'
'India becoming 3rd largest economy is not far away'
'The Indian State needs to focus on healthcare, education, infrastructure and law and order, and get out of all these regulatory cholesterols.'
December 02, 2019
'It is climate change time for corporate India'
'There are companies that are losing and there are companies that are rising.'
November 29, 2019
How BSNL plans to save Rs 7,500 crore
'BSNL employee cost is Rs 14,500 crore and we anticipate that around 80,000 should opt for VRS.'
November 26, 2019
'Home prices will be flattish for another 12 months'
'After that, volumes and prices would move up.'
November 25, 2019
'You are in a crisis. You need to do things quickly'
'Unless we change and we see a change in the direction we are taking, times can only get worse.'
November 22, 2019
'Big guys r**e the economy'
'When you forgive a farmer's loans there is this ideological economists lobby which says: 'That's socialism. And that's bad'.'
November 21, 2019
Why we need to pay more for the water we use
'We have severely under-invested in waste water treatment.'
November 19, 2019
'Rs 30,000 crore NBFC loans are at risk'
'Usually, customers who don't get loans from banks approach NBFCs.'
November 18, 2019
'Things are not that bad in India'
'India can afford more debt at this juncture.'
November 15, 2019
'For the first time in 45 years, unemployment increased'
'Ultimately, people will revolt at one time or the other.'
November 13, 2019
RCEP: 'India has enough bargaining chips'
'RCEP may be in India's long-term interest, but it is certainly not in India's short-term and medium-term interest.'
November 11, 2019
Cognizant job cuts: 'Effect on India minimal'
'In India, the impact will be less than 1% of employee headcount.'
November 05, 2019
'People should feel like spending more'
'One of the ways to do that is to ensure that NBFCs have got liquidity.'
November 04, 2019
What Uber plans to do in India
'12% of all our global trips are done in India.'
November 01, 2019
Why Kerala's start-up ecosystem is unique!
'We have integrated start-up space created in almost all the 14 district headquarters of the state.'<br>'They have incubation facilities providing entrepreneurs common facilities like shared software, legal support, fab labs, hardware, manufacturing facilities and services like chartered accounting facilities, etc, enabling the start-ups to concentrate on technology R&amp;D and product development.'
October 31, 2019
'For sustained growth, investment is absolutely critical'
The economy could grow at 6-6.5 per cent this fiscal year (2019-20 or FY20), said Chief Economic Advisor Krishnamurthy Subramanian, revising his earlier estimate of 7 per cent in the Economic Survey.
October 25, 2019
Auto sales pick up during Diwali
'Inquiries and bookings are at quite a healthy level.'
October 23, 2019
He built India's first airplane
'I will be happy when Indians will get to see a plane made by an Indian taking to the skies.'
October 22, 2019
Infosys' deal pipeline remains strong: Salil Parekh
After posting double-digit growth for the fourth consecutive quarter, chief executive officer and managing director Salil Parekh tells Yuvraj Malik and Debasis Mohapatra that the firm is not facing any delay in ramping up of large deals.
October 20, 2019
Shyam Srinivasan on Federal Bank's vision, and more
It has been a decade since Shyam Srinivasan took over as managing director and chief executive officer at Federal Bank. He wants to ramp up the bank's unsecured lending going ahead even as it homes into the space vacated by competition. Reappointed for a fresh three-year term as the bank's helmsman, he spoke to Hamsini Karthik on the plot ahead.
October 13, 2019
'India's answers will influence how internet evolves'
We genuinely believe that the right answer for India would be to keep the doors open on data flows, says Vice-President and Managing Director Facebook India, Ajit Mohan.
October 10, 2019
Economy: 'Modi's the right man for the job'
'The expectation was that Modi would become even bolder in his approach, and after only four months into his second term, we are starting to see evidence of this.'
October 09, 2019
Explained: Why the monsoon is pulling out so late
'The last time we had such a late withdrawal of monsoon was in 1960 or so.'
'Tax cut is not just revenue lost, there are long term benefits too'
Amid debate over the possibility of widening fiscal deficit because of the reduction in the corporation tax rates, announced recently by Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman, Revenue Secretary A B Pandey tells Indivjal Dhasmana that the crucial parameter is whether the deficit number reflects disciplined fiscal behaviour of the central government.
How Cognizant plans to revive growth
Cognizant's new-found focus on cost is not a strategy but to come back on growth path, new chief executive Brian Humphries says.
October 05, 2019
'RBI won't allow any cooperative bank to collapse'
One incident should not be used to generalise the health of all cooperative banks, says RBI governor Shaktikanta Das.
October 03, 2019
'Tax cuts prove government is capable of taking decisive action'
In an interaction with Jash Kriplani, A Balasubramanian, managing director and chief executive officer, Aditya Birla Sun Life Asset Management Company, shares his optimism on what makes him believe that these cuts can help in addressing multiple issues plaguing the economy, without letting fiscal deficit pose any major risk.
How India can rival China in electronics manufacturing
'We have the geographic advantage, demographic advantage, we have the necessary technical skills.'
September 27, 2019
'Bureaucracy is one of the main problems of India'
Marc Faber, editor and publisher of The Gloom, Boom & Doom report tells Puneet Wadhwa there are pockets of value emerging across the globe.
September 26, 2019
'What auto slowdown are you talking about?'
'The August phenomenon of decline in sales occurs every year.'
PMC Bank Crisis: 'RBI must be more pro-active'
'What is critical today in India is confidence of depositors.'
September 25, 2019
Economic crisis: 'Modi should consult Manmohan'
'Vajpayee used to consult the Opposition; Indira Gandhi used to consult the Opposition. Which khet ki mooli is Modi?'
September 24, 2019
'Govt must not throw away money to corporates'
'You can't take money from Shaktikanta Das (the RBI governor) and give it to Nirmala Sitharaman (the Union finance minister). She will blow it away on Modi.'
September 17, 2019
'Devalue the Rupee by 24%'
'You need to devalue the currency, ignite inflation, which then begins to oil the wheels of the economy.'
September 16, 2019
''Every businessman fears enforcement agencies'
'Everybody fears them and rightly so. Who in his right senses wouldn't fear these agencies?'
September 10, 2019
'6 months to 1 year for economic revival'
'The worst is over, but it may take a couple more years for the banking system to re-establish the growth process.'
'Banks have to be on their own and raise capital'
'It's not a continuous exercise that you give them money. They are commercial entities and they should be earning for themselves now. Therefore, I don't think we need any extra capital,' says Finance Secretary Rajiv Kumar.
September 09, 2019
'Think of RBI as a profit-making company'
'Only the coming years will tell whether the government finds this an easy way of relieving itself from its fiscal constraints.'
September 06, 2019
What ails the Indian economy?
Dr Rakesh Mohan, former RBI deputy governor, and Dr Pronab Sen, former chairman of the Indian Statistical Commission discuss the issues facing the Indian rural and manufacturing sectors and what the government must possibly do to improve demand and perk up the Indian economy
September 05, 2019
'If you allow money to flow, people are ready to buy houses, cars'
'If credit is not available, people will postpone buying. That's what has happened.'
'Aadhaar provides ease of life and convenience'
Aadhaar can be useful to weed out fake voter IDs and for streamlining the update of voter database, Ajay Bhushan Pandey, chief executive officer (CEO) of the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) told Neha Alawadhi in an interview.
September 03, 2019
Ritesh Agarwal on OYO's global ambitions and more
Ritesh Agarwal, founder of Oyo Hotels and Homes, seems to be making all the right moves. In a quick chat with Karan Choudhury and Neha Alawadhi, Agarwal explains the moves he has made in the past 12 months to make his operations global.
Read this interview before investing in stocks
Being one of the early commentators to flag economic slowdown and caution investors on corporate earnings, Gautam Chhaochharia, head of India research, UBS Securities, in an interview with Hamsini Karthik says the markets remain in an expensive zone despite the recent correction.
August 30, 2019
How must govt use RBI's Rs 1.76 lakh crore
'The Jalan Committee has now provided very clear guidelines on how the (RBI's) balance sheet should be looked at, what kind of disclosures should be made, what are the principles on which the Contingency Risk Buffer should be maintained, what should be the revaluation reserves, and the market risk to the Contingency Risk Buffer.'
'Rs 1.76 lakh cr transfer no way an attack on RBI's autonomy'
'90 per cent of Indian banks' deposits are retail in nature and this is one of the most important factors why Indian banks insulated from any global crisis,' says SBI chief economist Dr Soumya Kanti Ghosh
August 29, 2019
'We need India-centric solutions, not Harvard-centric'
'The government is sincerely working on employment generation. Unfortunately, they are depending on these people from Harvard. Their wrong policies are killing jobs. The government has to come out of the Western framework on which they depend upon a lot.'
Want to earn 4.5% more than what your SIP earns?
'Investors buy more when markets are cheap and sell when markets are expensive and the same gets replicated in our SmartSIP while keeping all the discipline of SIPs,' says Omkeshwar Singh, head, RankMF, about their flagship scheme.
August 28, 2019
'The ball is now in industry's court to deliver'
Is the automobile sector in India going through a huge crisis right now?
August 27, 2019
'We are overdrawing water, depleting aquifers'
Jal Shakti Minister Gajendra Singh Shekhawat has the task of bringing clean tap water to all households by 2024.
'Stagnation in real wages is the surest sign of rural slowdown'
The implication of a slowdown in the financial services sector are very different (eg, likely to affect fewer people directly, and even that affecting those at the top of the income distribution) from that of a slowdown in construction, one of the most employment intensive sectors in the Indian economy (that will affect aggregate demand much more).'
August 23, 2019
'If slowdown prolongs we will start seeing casualties'
'We are in the reverse gear and we are not there anywhere compared to the rest of the world'
August 21, 2019
'I just want Facebook to be responsible in India'
'Social media giants are making millions and they have to be responsible'
August 19, 2019
'This government is socialist in Indira Gandhi, Morarji Desai mould'
Chandu Nair, an alumnus of Indian Institute of Management-Ahmedabad with three decades of experience as a serial entrepreneur, angel investor, venture capitalist and strategic adviser, talks to Shobha Warrier/ on whether wealth creators are being increasingly hounded in India.
August 14, 2019
'It is not tax terrorism, it is tax jihadism'
'The IAS officers are after the rich people, the IRS officers are after the middle class and the IPS officers are after the poor. This is the new varnashrama created by the bureaucracy.'
Lesson that Axis Bank learnt from the NBFC crisis
It's been eight months since Amitabh Chaudhry moved into the corner office at Axis Bank.
August 13, 2019
How met department plans to get accurate rain forecasts
'What you predict depends on the initial data that you input to your model. If initial values (observations) are incorrect, errors add up and forecast results are wrong.'
August 09, 2019
'$1.37bn pumped into real estate in smaller cities in 2015-18'
'The fact that housing units worth a whopping Rs 4.5 lakh crore in top seven cities are stuck under various stages of non-completion indicates that there is a dire need to create stress-asset fund which will help bail out lakhs of distressed homebuyers,' says Anuj Puri, Chairman, Anarock Property Consultants, a real estate services company.
August 07, 2019
4 lessons to learn from CDD's Siddhartha's life
VG Siddhartha's story 'will be a good case study and not a deterrent to those who want to be entrepreneurs. I don't think it will scare young entrepreneurs. I think these cases will make them sensible. They will understand that they have to be very careful about certain things, otherwise, they will have to pay a heavy price.'
August 06, 2019
'1st launch of PSLV completely built by industries is planned for 2021'
Larsen & Toubro was a major supplier to the Indian Space Research Organisation's (Isro's) Chandrayaan-II moon mission. J D Patil, senior executive vice-president for the company's defence segment and L&T-NxT, talks to T E Narasimhan & Gireesh Babu, on this business.
August 05, 2019
Banks should pass on the rate benefit to customers: Shaktikanta Das
Reserve Bank of India Governor Shaktikanta Das tells Anup Roy, Raghu Mohan and Niraj Bhatt that it is time for banks to lower interest rates and start lending to cash-starved finance companies after due credit appraisal and proper risk assessment.
'The world wants you to be completely beaten in bankruptcy'
'What Siddhartha's life teaches us is something very true about life; that life is a circle, and what goes up will come down. What is on top today will come down tomorrow, and what is down will go back to the top.'
'Not looking at a recession or bear market right now'
'For Indian markets the next important trigger is the RBI policy meeting on August 7, and any policy decision the government may take to stimulate the economy.'
August 02, 2019
'Entrepreneurship in India is looked at with mistrust'
'I don't think Siddhartha has done anything wrong. He has not managed his debt well. In any case, he is not the best example of the system going wrong or the system pushing him hard. I think on that particular day, he was depressed and took an impulsive decision. It will be unfair to blame the system.'
July 30, 2019
What is the future of GST?
With less than five months left for the report of the Fifteenth Finance Commission to be submitted, its chairman N K Singh said the report will have fiscal road map for states, depending on their current situation.
July 29, 2019
Salil Parekh on how Infy beat TCS' growth rate in Q1
In his second year at the helm, Infosys CEO & MD Salil Parekh looks optimistic about the company's growth prospects. With stability back in the industry, Parekh, in an interview with Bibhu Ranjan Mishra and Debasis Mohapatra, says turbulence is over and Infosys is on its way to regaining its old glory.
July 26, 2019
'In coming months, mutual fund industry will be stressed'
'MFs have a combined exposure of Rs 3.2 lakh crore to NBFCs, out of which Rs 1.1 lakh crore matures by September 2019.'
July 25, 2019
'We need to move to EV, but in a calibrated manner. We don't understand this hurry'
'I think we are not equipped and ready to create disruption in the lives of more than a billion people this industry supports. I think we will have to think through,' says Venu Srinivasan, Chairman and Managing Director, TVS Motors.
'A financial contagion cannot be ruled out'
'The shadow banks are currently facing a liquidity and solvency crisis.'
July 23, 2019
'Do you have to endanger your sovereignty for peanuts of foreign money?'
'Is this the only way for India to become a $5 trillion economy?'
July 19, 2019
The past, present and future of TCS
'When it comes to efficiency measures TCS will bank on a right mix of projects, skill sets, and methodologies like agile, experience levels as well as adopting more collaborative technologies.'
July 18, 2019
'No policy to encourage household saving in Budget'
'The household sector, which is still the largest contributor of financial savings, has been experiencing a decline in the last six years, and it has fallen below 8% of GDP.'
July 17, 2019
'Several problems about India borrowing overseas'
'The most important thing is that the psychological signal it is giving to the markets and international markets,' says former finance secretary Arvind Mayaram.
July 11, 2019
'Budgets are becoming irrelevant'
'If you look at this Budget, except for the Rs 2 increase in petrol and diesel, there is no positive or negative impact from the Budget for the common man.'
July 10, 2019
'It was a vision document, not a Budget'
'Part A of the Budget was like it was written by somebody from the 21st century and Part B was written by somebody from the 19th century.'
July 08, 2019
Budget 2019: 'It was a fine balancing act'
'If some measures are implemented quickly, they can help revive growth.'
July 06, 2019
This is a reform-oriented Budget: Piyush Goyal
'Are all roads in India privatised? Are governments not playing a role in airports or ports? If they (private players) want to set up lines for a specific requirement, I see no reason to object. It will expand the opportunity and passengers will also benefit.'
July 04, 2019
'Very challenging for govt to earn more income'
'The government's projections for 2019-2020 will be disappointing big time.'
July 03, 2019
'We try to pull the other person down'
'Had liberalisation not taken place, I may have gone back to the US,' Ratan Tata tells Girish Kuber.
July 02, 2019
'Government is in denial mode on the economy'
'The economy may not improve unless you admit there are some problems.'
June 28, 2019
'US-China trade war beneficial for India'
'India has an advantage because we produce more cotton and we have more workforce.'
June 27, 2019
'Important for govt to accept economy is in distress'
'We are looking at the Budget with the hope that it will address all issues even at the cost of exceeding the fiscal deficit target.'
June 24, 2019
'Mid-caps look attractive over large-caps'
'Equities are likely to be range-bound with a downward bias for the remaining part of the year.'
June 21, 2019
'Economy has been growing at around 5% the last 7-8 years'
'Instead of doing reforms and restructuring, the present government is busy with the perception that everything is fine and the economy is hunky-dory.'
June 20, 2019
'There will be more buyers for Jet after NCLT hearing'
'When Etihad initiated their bid, it was conditional.'
June 17, 2019
RBI's new stressed asset resolution is 'practical'
'If there is a technical issue and the borrowers can resolve it within 30 days, you don't have to go through the bankruptcy court.'
June 10, 2019
India is blessed - you have lot of talent here: Cisco CEO
In an interview with Peerzada Abrar and Romita Majumdar, Cisco CEO Chuck Robbins said that his company would continue to bet heavily on India's engineering talent pool.
June 07, 2019
Budget: IT exemption limit may be raised to Rs 5 lakh
'We have promised to ensure reduced tax rates.'
May 28, 2019
Modi's 1st problem: A below-normal monsoon
'The first two months of monsoon are not looking good.'
May 27, 2019
'There's real interest in India right now'
People are interested in the strength of India's economy, the country's stability, and the opportunities, says Stuart Tait, regional head of commercial banking, Asia-Pacific at HSBC.
May 17, 2019
How MSMEs can create 1 crore jobs in 5 years
'When a new superhero film releases, China creates figurines based on the film and puts them out in the market along with the film's release.'
May 14, 2019
Needed: Urban employment guarantee scheme
'Under-employment continues to be a very big problem.'
May 03, 2019
'We expect markets to be volatile this year'
'The variables to watch include the monsoon, resolution of NBFC liquidity issues, GST collections, and NPA resolution.'
April 30, 2019
'Under Mamata, Bengal grew faster than India'
'Our government has created 10 million jobs when the Indian unemployment rate is at a 45-year high.'
April 25, 2019
Wipro: 'Our deal pipeline is strong'
'We are not seeing any macro headwinds.'
April 18, 2019
'Traders will vote collectively this time'
'The BJP certainly has an edge as the BJP has gone ahead of the Congress in pleasing the trading community.'
April 11, 2019
'India is not a country, it's a continent'
'This offers us many opportunities to meet people in different ways, and we will do this with full respect to India.'
April 10, 2019
Economy-wise, Modi's re-election will be favourable: Marc Faber
With the frontline Indian benchmark indices trading near all-time highs ahead of the general elections that begin later this week, Marc Faber, Editor and Publisher of "The Gloom, Boom & Doom Report" tells Puneet Wadhwa that the Indian stock market is relatively expensive, especially the index (large-cap) stocks.
April 08, 2019
How India can become a world power
'Unless we start making the products we need, we cannot become a developed country or call ourselves an economic power.'
April 01, 2019
'Brands need to be brave'
'When there are people who hate brands, it shows they are standing for something.'
March 29, 2019
Why many Indians won't be able to afford air travel
'Earlier, when they were selling tickets at Rs 1,000, a family of five could travel by flight.'
March 26, 2019
'Jobs are not being created because we are not growing at 7+%'
Yashwant Sinha explains where the Modi government has gone wrong in its handling of the economy.
March 17, 2019
Carvaan, a disruptor that changed Saregama's fortunes
The once ailing Saregama is getting its mojo back.
March 16, 2019
How Skoda plans to make India its 5th-largest market
With a presence in the value segment, better service quality, and lower ownership cost, Skoda India's director of sales and marketing Zac Hollis aims to make important changes. He tells Arindam Majumder how he plans to make India the company's fifth-largest market by 2023.
March 15, 2019
'Boeing crisis won't impact Indian aviation'
'Indian aviation is having a lesser number of aircraft.'
March 08, 2019
'India is not producing sufficient good quality jobs'
'The jobs that are being created now are the delivery boy jobs which are of extremely poor quality, or contractual jobs where you hire a person on a per piece basis.'
March 07, 2019
'I wish farmers had the power to blackmail'
'What is bank recapitalisation? When the rich take loans and do not return and the government returns that money to the banks.'
March 01, 2019
'By 2022, India will need 20 million affordable houses'
/We will stay away from corporate loans,' C S Ghosh, managing director and chief executive officer of Bandhan Bank, tells Namrata Acharya.
February 27, 2019
Overburdened by debt? This company may be of help
'There have been many cases where clients have indicated that they feel suicidal as they feel they have no other options to deal with their financial hardship.'
February 26, 2019
'Indian economy is best performer in the world'
'When I came here in 2002, I said you can grow at 8%.'
February 21, 2019
वंदे भारत एक्सप्रेस का शलाका पुरुष
'यह सिर्फ मेक इन इंडिया नहीं है; यह इससे बहुत अधिक है। डिजाइन से लेकर डिलीवरी तक, सब कुछ भारत में किया गया था। '
'We are betting big on OYO Living'
'Co-living is a phenomenon that is bound to strike the right chord with young people everywhere and India will lead the charge as the testing ground for all such ideas.'
February 19, 2019
The man behind Vande Bharat Express
'This is not just Make in India; this is much more than that. Right from design to delivery, everything was done in India.'
February 14, 2019
'Farmers will give response to Mamata govt'
'A sum of Rs 6,000 a year is very significant for a small farmer whose land holding is very small and whose produce is very small. All these calculations on a daily basis are extremely unfortunate and an insult to farmers.'
February 12, 2019
Modi sarkar will have to work on the quality of jobs, says CEA, Krishnamurthy Subramanian
The new Chief Economic Advisor Krishnamurthy Subramanian believes that more than unemployment, it is the quality of employment which needs to be focused on. In an interview with Arup Roychoudhury and Indivjal Dhasmana, Subramanian said that controlling inflation was the Modi government's biggest achievement.
February 08, 2019
'We have a 40,000 year-end Sensex target'
2019 appears a story of two halves for Indian equities - a more difficult first half might precede a stronger second half, said Abhiram Eleswarapu, bottom, left, Head of India Equity Research, BNP Paribas in an interview with Ashley Coutinho.
Telcos: Beware Chinese bearing gifts!
'When an enemy country is looking for information to sabotage a system from a remote location, they can access your data, they can stop the functioning of our power plants, they can stop the functioning of critical systems in the network.'
February 04, 2019
'11 out of 10 for Budget's politics'
'The finance minister has told the BJP's core voters we are hearing you and we are sensitive to your aspirations.'
'Farm income will double in 2024'
'To bring about a paradigm shift in farmers's income, we need to change our approach to agriculture, and transit from the narrow prism of cultivation to a full-fledged enterprise, by building all associated supply chain linkages.'
February 01, 2019
EXPLAINED: Rahul Gandhi's minimum income plan
'The Indian economy has been subsidised by the poor.'
January 31, 2019
'What matters is good returns for our investors'
'In India, most funds have one or at most two platforms, but we are the only one which has four -- growth equity practice, real estate practice, a special situation and credit platform, and infrastructure.'
January 29, 2019
'Headcount addition not an indicator of growth'
'The increasing mix of fixed price contracts is helping us improve productivity by bringing in more automation.'
January 24, 2019
'Our entry into 2019 is much better than how we entered 2018'
We'll see what happens with Brexit. Either way, there will be technology spends because people have to develop and modify new systems.
January 23, 2019
Fighting for cheating-free petrol pumps
'There exists a 'brotherhood' of sorts for a very long time and corrupt dealers and corrupt OMC officials are in it together,' Ashwani Attrish, founder, Empowering Petroleum Dealers Foundation, tells Sudhir Bisht, a veteran of the petroleum industry.
How the 2019 poll ad campaigns will be different
'Last time, there was an incumbent and a challenger. This year, the roles have been reversed.'
January 18, 2019
'Mid and small-caps will outperform in 2019'
'The probability of another negative year in 2019 is low.'
January 16, 2019
How Byju built the world's highest-valued edtech company
'We want to be in kids' learning like what Disney is to kids' entertainment.'
January 15, 2019
'Now is the true test of the SIP cycle'
'This is the first time we will see how SIP investors react to market correction.'
January 12, 2019
How ITC plans to hit Rs 1 trillion
'We are certainly open to inorganic opportunities to grow.'
January 07, 2019
Martin Sorrell: 'Massive changes sweeping advertising'
'You have to tear it all down if you want to build something new tomorrow.'
January 05, 2019
Tanishq is expanding to Bharat
'We are opening stores in towns that are unheard of where the attachment to jewellery is strong and accompanied by the Tata brand pull.'
January 02, 2019
India is still struggling between populism and policy: Arun Jaitley
Finance Minister Arun Jaitley has said that the states were free to announce farm loan waivers if they had the fiscal space and that there would be no shortfall this year in divestment and non-tax revenues.
December 30, 2018
'Something sinister in Urjit Patel's exit'?
'Urjit Patel was not quite the picture of courage, but even he turned, he had to turn.'
December 24, 2018
Arvind Subramanian: 'Brace for slower growth'
'The macro-economic stresses -- high interest rates, rupee depreciation and capital flows -- have receded now.'
December 19, 2018
'Only 10% of farmers gain from loan waivers'
'Some farmers know when elections are due.'
December 18, 2018
'Online tourism is growing 15%, 16%'
'Tourism is growing between 10% to 12%.'
December 15, 2018
Where OnePlus sees its next big leap come from
'Almost 75 per cent of our total sales come from the top 50 cities in India.'
December 14, 2018
'India is still fastest growing large economy'
'A growth of above 7 per cent when the fundamentals of the economy are becoming stronger still makes India the fastest growing large economy.'
December 13, 2018
'India should have broad and deep capital markets'
Henry Kravis, co-Chairman and co-CEO of private equity giant Kohlberg Kravis & Roberts (KKR), which has over $195 billion assets under management and a balance sheet of $16 billion visited Mumbai recently for a closed conference where he shared his views on the new governor at RBI, what India needs to fix, and PE's prospects for the long term.
December 12, 2018
Which is going be the biggest hotel complex in India?
Dipak Haksar, bottom, left, chief executive, ITC Hotels and WelcomHotels, tells Ajay Modi that FY19 is going to be a year of strong growth, and tariffs are likely to see a substantial improvement in the fourth quarter
December 11, 2018
'Governors come and governors go'
'When there is no middle ground possible between the government and the governor, the governor has to go.'
'RBI won't overcome trust deficit'
'If Urjit Patel had resigned after the five-state elections results people would have taken a different view. So this was the right time for him to resign.'
December 04, 2018
'Stock markets' reaction to poll outcomes is similar'
'... Whether an incumbent is voted back or a coalition forms a new government except for a temporary disruption for a few weeks.'
'Without skills you are a recipient of charity'
'Jobs will exist at very high levels or low levels of skill sets.'
November 26, 2018
Jobs! An interview all youngsters must read
'Don't waste your time in doing long pointless graduation courses.'
November 15, 2018
'IDFC First will cater to a new India with value services'
V Vaidyanathan, former executive director at ICICI Bank who turned entrepreneur to run Capital First, an NBFC that caters to smaller businesses, tells Pavan Lall in an exclusive interview that his new entity post the merger of Capital First and IDFC Bank which will be called IDFC First will launch by January and cater to a new India with value services.
'Not a shining India, but there is a feel-good factor'
'Life will not improve overnight; it will happen in a gradual manner.'
November 14, 2018
'Comfort zone for the market will be 5-10% below current levels'
Mahesh Nandurkar, executive director and India Strategist at CLSA, talks to Puneet Wadhwa ahead of their 21st India Forum on his interpretation of how the markets have played out over the past few months, the road ahead, and his sector preferences in this backdrop.
November 09, 2018
Why Indians stayed away from festival shopping this year
'In the last 4, 5 years, ever since online companies started online shopping in a big way with heavy discounts, our sales are affected badly.'
November 05, 2018
'If there's one person who should quit, it is Jaitley'
'The finance minister has messed up the economy.'
November 02, 2018
'It is important for women to be brave'
Sangeeta Talwar, one of India's first women bosses, tells women how they can succeed in the cut-throat word of business.
October 26, 2018
Why NSE entered gold and silver futures
'We have entered the commodity space with a long-term view.'
Why Indigo is fastest growing airline on the planet
'IndiGo 2018 is a harsh, ultra-lean, mean, zero asset, fighting machine with aspirations of taking on the global long-haul low-cost market.'
October 12, 2018
IKEA chief: 'India is a colourful country'
Two months after the launch of its first store in the country, Swedish furniture retail giant IKEA says it has seen some surprising behaviour from shoppers and is tweaking its business model. Peter Betzel, chief executive of IKEA India, speaks to Bibhu Ranjan Mishra & Alnoor Peermohamed.
October 05, 2018
'Frankly, no need for curbs on gold'
'Curbs will again lead to the grey market developing, undoing all the work done over the last two-and-a-half years.'
October 04, 2018
'Chanda Kochhar chapter is behind ICICI Bank'
'She was either overconfident that nothing will happen to her or she underestimated the gravity of the allegations.'
October 03, 2018
'India will feel impact of future financial crisis more than in 2008'
'I can confidently say there will be another financial crisis soon enough, and probably more than one global crisis within the next century, given the increasingly integrated nature of the global economy.'
October 02, 2018
IL&FS mess: 'The only way out is that someone like LIC bails it out'
Keki Mistry, bottom, left, vice-chairman, Housing Development Finance Corporation (HDFC), tells Joydeep Ghosh that debt fund investors could become risk-averse, leading to problems for other non-banking financial companies.
October 01, 2018
Economic Affairs Secy: 'Rs should settle at 69-70'
'The rupee falling from 69 to 72 was not normal or justified by the fundamentals.'
September 28, 2018
'The rupee's correction is good'
'When the rupee was at 65 a dollar, we wanted to go to Thailand for a holiday.'
September 27, 2018
'It unfortunately became a feud between brothers'
'... And I don't think it really is that despite a lot going wrong.'
September 25, 2018
'Invest in mid-caps very selectively'
Even as rising crude oil prices, trade war fears and a sliding rupee cast a shadow on market sentiment, Nischal Maheshwari, chief executive officer for institutional equities and advisory at Centrum Broking, tells Puneet Wadhwa that in the next one year, the outcome of the 2019 general election is a bigger challenge for the market.
Salil Parekh: 'Infosys is building a business for the future'
With Infosys emerging out of an uncertain phase, the new management, led by CEO & MD Salil Parekh, is trying to catch up with market leaders, with the new strategy in place.
September 24, 2018
India will continue to be world's No 1 sugar producer
'India is there to stay as it has always been a consumer.'
September 22, 2018
Aman eyes Mumbai/Delhi for urban hotel
'We have never compromised on the location of properties and that won't change.'
September 21, 2018
The India stack is unique in the world: Naspers CEO
Bob van Dijk, chief executive officer of Naspers, is now betting on companies in food tech, payments, travel and other consumer sectors to tap the potential of the Indian market.
September 11, 2018
Why petrol prices may touch Rs 100
'The actual price of petrol is Rs 35 and it jumps to Rs 88 because of government taxes.'
August 27, 2018
'Mallya is a phenomenal character'
'The three tycoons I deal with in the first chapter -- Ambani, Mallya and Adani -- in their own way represent the change that has come over India.'
August 23, 2018
'The system is holding Indians back'
'I went to slums in India which were quite destitute, where people were clearly really struggling, but typically there is a sort of sense of purpose.'
August 21, 2018
'Differences between the two GDP series are minimal'
N R Bhanumurthy, professor of economics at the National Institute of Public Finance and Policy, and the author of the series, presented in a report to the National Statistical Commission, explains to Abhishek Waghmare various aspects of the methodology.
August 17, 2018
'GST rate cuts will help the durables market': Shekhar Bajaj
Shekhar Bajaj, chairman and managing director of the firm, explains to Viveat Susan Pinto on what led to this sales jump, besides throwing light on the benefits accruing to the sector on account of the GST rate cuts in appliances.
August 16, 2018
'We are focusing on fintech solutions and innovations': NSE chief
On the occasion of the National Stock Exchange's (NSE's) silver jubilee celebration, its MD and CEO Vikram Limaye, bottom, left, spoke to Somesh Jha to discuss the way forward and how the exchange plans to deal with the present set of issues.
August 14, 2018
'Stay away from large-caps': Mark Mobius to investors
Mark Mobius, co-founder, Mobius Capital Partners, tells Puneet Wadhwa that investors should concentrate more on "value" rather than momentum, and on good small- and medium-sized companies rather than large-caps.
July 30, 2018
'Wipro is an execution company'
'We are not in the race of how much is the revenue, but how good is the revenue.'
July 17, 2018
Why India's milk producers are angry
'While dairy farmers are suffering from low prices, consumers are paying a high price for milk.'
July 10, 2018
2 core skills a good leader must possess
After 42 years at Hindustan Unilever (HUL) and different roles across Unilever's global operations, Harish Munwani, 65, retired as HUL's non-executive chairman.
July 09, 2018
'Ayushman Bharat will be a big flop'
'The biggest gainers under this scheme would be insurance companies.'
July 06, 2018
'Unless we get 15% exports growth, 8-9% GDP will be difficult'
After helping the government in policymaking since October 2014, Chief Economic Adviser Arvind Subramanian is returning to academics and will be teaching at Harvard Kennedy School on a visiting position.
July 05, 2018
'Modi's MSP announcement is an election game'
'This announcement is big foolishness.'
July 03, 2018
How Dabur scripted a smart turnaround
After being cornered by Patanjali and macro-headwinds, ayurveda major Dabur is pulling up its socks. With better sales and improved margins, the firm is now looking to leverage the renewed popularity of ayurveda, mostly ignited by rival Patanjali. Sunil Duggal, bottom, left, chief executive officer, Dabur India, shares his plans and insights with Arnab Dutta.
June 27, 2018
Blockchain and crypto: Three key trends to watch out for
'A key trend that one should expect to see is tonnes of failures.'
June 21, 2018
He exposed the Rs 2,043 crore DSK scam
'The amount involved could as high as Rs 3,500 crore as there are a lot of depositors.'
Metro Man wants to change how we shop
'The best way to make an impact in this market is by focusing on three things: Unmet customer need, unarticulated customer need, and emerging customer need,' Metro's Arvind Mediratta tells Sangeeta Tanwar and Alokananda Chakraborty.
June 08, 2018
Xiaomi plans to invest close to $1 billion in India by 2022
Manu Kumar Jain, vice-president, Xiaomi, and managing director, Xiaomi India, shares his thoughts with Arnab Dutta on how the firm has put India on the forefront.
June 07, 2018
Urjit Patel on why RBI decided to hike repo rate after 4 years
Governor Urjit Patel and his deputies spoke to the media about the central bank's decision to raise the repo rate.
'Walmart will dump all the <em>kachra</em> in India'
'Walmart will source globally and more from China and will dump these cheap goods in India, making our country a dumping yard.'
June 06, 2018
'You can't succeed without taking risk'
'There are different kinds of risk.'
June 05, 2018
'AI will be a technology like Excel'
'Artificial intelligence works best on unstructured data. And no other country has the amount of unstructured data like India has.'
June 01, 2018
How Ujjivan plans to give shape to Modi's financial inclusion dream
A well-run non-banking company has better margins than a bank, but the objective of setting up Ujjivan was to provide comprehensive financial inclusion, Ujjivan Small Finance Bank MD & CEO Samit Ghosh tells Anup Roy in an interview.
Fascinating story of how Tata Steel sealed the Bhusan deal
The Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code (IBC) got a leg-up with Tata Steel's acquisition of Bhushan Steel, the first big case to be resolved. Tata Steel CEO & MD T V Narendran tells Ishita Ayan Dutt how this deal moved so quickly while others are still mired in controversies.
May 29, 2018
'Rs 77,000 cr bank loan fraud took place under Modi'
'Last year, Rs 20,000 crore was ripped off from the banking system.'
May 24, 2018
From someone who knows: How to do well in business
'In any business you have to achieve short-term goals.'
May 21, 2018
'Investing in India is like joining the mafia'
With Karnataka election results out of the way and as several key states, including Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan, prepare for assembly polls later this year ahead of the 2019 general election, Shankar Sharma, vice-chairman and joint managing director, First Global, advises investors to ignore all the noise around the elections.
'Whatever I have is because of India'
'15, 17 years back we were not even in existence in the US. Today nearly 1/3 of prescriptions written comes from India.'
May 14, 2018
'Demonetisation was illegal'
'I want the prime minister to be punished because he put our country in difficulties as he took this decision without Cabinet approval.'
May 11, 2018
Why RSS affiliate is against Walmart-Flipkart deal
'If you allow Walmart to operate in India, our manufacturing will finish completely.'
May 10, 2018
World Bank's Chief Economist: Can India create a Silicon Valley?
'There is no tried and true recipe for creating Silicon Valleys.'
Is the NSE ready for extended trading hours?
'We will have to get together internally and figure how this will happen.'
May 08, 2018
'We expect high single digit returns from the market this year'
'The economy needs to deliver the expected 7.5% growth for the markets to deliver better than single digit returns.'
'Bankruptcy Code killing banks, helping Mallya'
'The Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code is neither beneficial to banks nor helpful for the borrower.'
May 05, 2018
From defence to insurance, GE is banking on tech to boost growth
Six months into his new role, Vishal Wanchoo, president and chief executive officer, GE, South Asia, speaks to Jyoti Mukul about how its horizontal business lines of additives and digital are playing across its verticals.
A peek into the future plans of Coca-Cola
Since he took over as president of Coca-Cola's India and Southwest Asia business a year ago, T Krishnakumar, popularly known as KK, has focused on bringing agility to the company amid heightened competition.
May 04, 2018
Why one needs to be cautious while investing in FY19
Swati Kulkarni, executive vice-president and fund manager - equities at UTI Mutual Fund tells Puneet Wadhwa that though mid-and small-cap companies are trading at a higher valuation as compared to large-cap peers, one can still find value in select pockets.
C Vijaykumar on HCL Tech's growth strategy and NexGen products
HCL Technologies is betting big on next-generation services and products that are likely to contribute 40 per cent of its revenues in 2-3 years.
April 26, 2018
'Markets will be fine if BJP forms a minority government'
The stocks could tank more than what it did after the United Progressive Alliance-1 came to power in 2004, as the market has not yet priced in a Bharatiya Janata Party defeat, says Raj Bhatt.
April 25, 2018
Who tipped off bizmen about Nanar refinery project?
'One investor told us one leader in Gujarat had sent him to Konkan to buy land.'
April 23, 2018
TCS' 3-pronged strategy to sustain growth
N Ganapathy Subramaniam, chief operating officer (COO), discusses the strategy to concert digital opportunities to larger deals, focus on reskilling own people instead of acquiring a company to get access to skillsets and demand from newer verticals in an interview with Romita Majumdar
April 22, 2018
'The RBI is producing less cash'
'The current crisis is a result of a clash between a coercive attempt by the government to justify demonetisation and rising digital transactions against the market and the economy fighting the unexpected pressure from atop.'
April 20, 2018
De Beers chief on the future of diamond trade in India
Despite various challenges, the past year was a good one, says Bruce Cleaver, chief executive officer of the De Beers Group, the global corporation that has been the leading one in all aspects of the diamond trade for over a century.
Why Modi visits so many countries
'He is seeking to harness the power of Indian Diasporas to national (support for India in global capitals) and political (enhance the Bharatiya Janata Party's support base) ends.'
April 19, 2018
'RBI has reduced cash supply to banks'
'The RBI is not releasing Rs 2,000 notes for the last 10 days; probably they have stopped printing it.'
Is RBI's decision to ban cryptocurrencies correct?
Anthony Pompliano, general partner at Morgan Creek Capital Blockchain in the Silicon Valley, shares his views on cryptocurrencies with Mayank Jain in an email interview.
April 18, 2018
Cash crunch: 'Printing of lower denomination notes will be ramped up'
As the Centre deals with the fallout of cash shortage in certain parts of the country, Principal Economic Advisor in the finance ministry, Sanjeev Sanyal, bottom, left, tells Arup Roychoudhury that the demand for cash has seen a spike of late.
April 17, 2018
EXPERT SPEAK: Which sectors to invest in and which to avoid
Despite the headwinds both on the domestic and global fronts, Ramesh S Damani, member, BSE and a prominent investor, says India will weather a global trade war better than a lot of other Asian countries.
April 09, 2018
'Markets are expected to be range-bound for some time'
As markets enter the new financial year and the long-term capital gains tax on the sale of stock investments kicks in, Abhinav Khanna, head of equities, Citi India, tells Puneet Wadhwa that he remains optimistic on the medium-to-long term growth of India, led by consumption recovery and the green shoots visible in the capex cycle.
March 28, 2018
Why govt banks will not be privatised
'There is a law that prevents the government from diluting its equity in the PSBs below 50 per cent.'
RSS Union: 'Govt is bringing Syria in labour reforms'
'With this amendment, permanent employees will cease to exist.'
March 23, 2018
'India's IT system is safe and secure'
'Information highways are getting stronger and being strengthened.'
March 21, 2018
Scooters are the fastest growing auto segment in India
'Currently, scooters contribute to one third of the total domestic two-wheeler market and it continues to grow.'
March 19, 2018
Is there a great deal of trust in the private sector?
With certain quarters demanding privatisation of public sector banks in the aftermath of the alleged fraud at Punjab National Bank (PNB), Economic Advisory Council to the Prime Minister chairman Bibek Debroy tells Sanjeeb Mukherjee, Ishan Bakshi and Indivjal Dhasmana that reducing government equity even to zero would not mean giving up of government control over these banks.
March 15, 2018
'Aadhaar-like database for hospitals soon'
Kunnal Prem, chief executive officer of the Insurance Information Bureau of India, tells Mayank Jain on what they're doing.
March 14, 2018
'This government wants to make India a gambling den'
'We feel there is definitely something murky in the system.'
March 10, 2018
Bharat Matrimony vs Google: 5 key takeaways from CCI order
Naval Satarawala Chopra, a partner in law firm Shardul Amarchand Mangaldas, led the team that represented Bharat in its battle against Google in the competition commission.
March 05, 2018
'Top business houses have spread themselves too thin'
'Some business families would probably have to revert to their core businesses, which the IBC will ensure.'
March 03, 2018
'For every house built, three to five jobs are created'
In an email interview with Ranju Sarkar, International Finance Corporation's South Asia director Mengistu Alemayehu explains why the firm is bullish on building affordable homes in India.
March 01, 2018
'Modi's political capital has taken a very big beating in the Nirav Modi case'
'Four weeks have passed after the scam was exposed, yet no big guy has been arrested.'
February 21, 2018
'More S&P companies are going to disappear in the next decade'
nternally, Wipro has been pushing for 'automation'. However, when it comes to profitability, the Bengaluru-based company has a long way to go. Wipro chief executive officer Abidali Neemuchwala says while the benefits are going mostly to clients, they would start reflecting in the company's bottom line.
Reskilling is core to our strategy at Tech Mahindra: C P Gurnani
C P Gurnani, CEO & MD of Tech Mahindra, India's fifth-largest IT services company, tells B Dasarath Reddy that the company is exploring both ways as it looks at bringing in best of the breed technologies to offer to global clients.
February 16, 2018
'Politicians look at bankers as villains'
'Today, bankers don't want to take risks as the good decisions taken by them were not protected.'
February 13, 2018
Why did BSE snap ties with foreign bourses?
Overseas bourses may take similar action and stop providing data on foreign indices and commodities traded in India, Ashish Chauhan, chief executive officer, BSE said.
'Budget is emphatic about ensuring MSP to farmers'
The Union Budget announcement of a minimum support price (MSP) that will be 50 per cent more than the cost of production has started a debate on the calculation of cost. Ramesh Chand, member, NITI Aayog, speaks to Sanjeeb Mukherjee on this and related issues.
'Even with 5 lakh coverage, people will have a tough time'
'If you look at household hospitalisation compensation, then you will find only one-third is hospitalisation. Two-thirds is outpatient.'
February 08, 2018
Why Pawan Munjal isn't happy with Hero Moto's market share
'We are working on both electric scooters and motorcycles.'
How Gadkari plans to change the way you travel
Road Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari known for promoting innovative ideas in transportation, created a stir some time back when he pitched for 100 per cent electric mobility by 2030. In an interview with Megha Manchanda & Jyoti Mukul, he talks about the Central Road and Infrastructure Fund (CRIF) and electric vehicles.
February 07, 2018
'Indian stock market is more vulnerable than any other'
Jim Rogers, chairman of Rogers Holdings, tells Puneet Wadhwa that the US bond market that hit bottom in 1981 and has been in a bull-run since then, is coming to an end.
'<i>Achche Din</i> has become an albatross around Modi's neck'
'The middle class stood by the BJP, especially after demonetisation, and they expected something in return.'
February 06, 2018
'BJP is on track to lose 2019 election'
'The middle class is already alienated.'
February 05, 2018
Why BigBasket focuses on fruits, vegetables
'We've seen tremendous traction from fruit and vegetables.'
February 02, 2018
Piyush Goyal: 'Private sector may be allowed to set up their own railway line'
Minister of Railways Piyush Goyal spoke with the media about his privatisation plan, safety road map and innovation strategy.
Jaitley: 'Budget reflects conviction and mood of PM'
Finance Minister Arun Jaitley said the fiscal deficit slippage this financial year (2017-18) was largely statistical.
February 01, 2018
'Every farmer in India will oppose the BJP'
'Four years into his tenure and Modi still has no idea what is wrong with the agriculture sector!'
January 30, 2018
How to beat the gloomy jobs scenario
'What we need is right skilling, re-skilling and up-skilling.'
January 22, 2018
David vs Goliath: How Wockhardt plans to beat global challenge
Only 11 antibiotics in clinical trials have received qualified infectious disease product status from the US FDA, of which five are Wockhardt's drugs.
January 05, 2018
'CAG report ruined lives, destroyed reputations'
'As someone who has had the opportunity of cross examining Vinod Rai, extensively over three days as part of the Joint Parliamentary Committee, many of us included I had concluded at that point of time that this report rests on the foundation of sand.'
January 02, 2018
'Investors: Be prepared for volatility in 2018'
'The outcome of next year's assembly elections, macroeconomic indicators/corporate earnings growth and global events could keep the markets choppy.'
December 22, 2017
'DB Realty will be back with a big bang'
Soon after a special CBI court acquitted all those accused the 2G spectrum allocation case, Somesh Jha spoke to DB Realty Managing Director Vinod Goenka at the crowded Patiala House premises.
'Rising oil price is an important risk factor for India'
Demonetisation was not a good idea and the time should have been utilised instead to fine-tune the Goods and Services Tax before it was introduced, said Gita Gopinath, John Zwaanstra Professor of International Studies and of Economics at Harvard University, in an interview with Advait Rao Palepu.
'I would love to see a weak rupee'
'Obviously, there is always an argument that a weaker rupee could push up, to some, extent exports.'
December 20, 2017
'Farmers must get proper returns for labour, time, investment'
State Bank of India (SBI) chairman Rajnish Kumar, in conversation with Abhijit Lele, also says that the overhang of corporate debt stress will begin to recede in the next two-three quarters.
December 19, 2017
'Lot of positives happening in the economy now'
'This year's Budget didn't give into populist measures everyone was expecting after demonetisation, so I think that was a positive step.'
'Government doesn't care for workers'
'On December 5, the government called unions for pre-Budget consultations.'
'Huge potential for affordable and middle-income housing to grow'
Keki Mistry, vice chairman and CEO, HDFC tells Joydeep Ghosh and Chirag Madia that unlike some other players it never went for excesses and never took unreasonable risks.
December 17, 2017
'Electricity will be affordable'
'We are doing away with human interface in metering, billing, and collection.'
December 16, 2017
Why Motilal Oswal sees over 20% equity return in 2018
Motilal Oswal, chairman and managing director, Motilal Oswal Financial Services, tells Puneet Wadhwa that with Moody's upgrading India's sovereign rating and earnings growth coming back, the country will remain a hot destination for foreign investors.
December 15, 2017
'Private airports are not allowing UDAN vision'
Air Deccan, India's first low-cost airline that made flying affordable for the middle class, is relaunching its operations from December 23.
December 14, 2017
S&P won't upgrade India's rating before 2019
'Our stable outlook currently points to the fact that the ratings are likely to remain stable for the next couple of years.'
December 13, 2017
'You have to give very good credit to Modi'
'The government and the RBI have been playing a very good part in terms of inflation management.'
December 12, 2017
'If Congress wins Gujarat, markets could tank 10%'
A'Market valuation is another concern.'<br>'India is trading at steep valuations and there have been a number of IPOs, especially in the insurance sector, that have had an impact on secondary market liquidity.'
December 11, 2017
'Recovery could be a couple of quarters away'
'There are a lot of positive things these reforms are bringing about and it is only a matter of some quarters before the growth rate picks up momentum.'
December 08, 2017
This is Moody's advice for Modi
'We forecast real GDP growth to moderate to 6.7 per cent in the year ending March 2018.'
'We will lose one month's revenue because of GST'
Chief Economic Advisor Arvind Subramanian spoke on a wide range of issues -- from GDP growth and fiscal consolidation to job creation and GST.
'Distinguish between wilful and genuine defaulters'
'There are many cases where a company hits the wall because of reasons not under their control.'
December 01, 2017
'Start-up engine in India could be the best in the world'
John Chambers, executive chairman of Cisco, can talk about new age technology, artificial intelligence and crickets - insects being used as super food - all in the same breath.
November 30, 2017
'Ease of starting a business is where work is needed'
'India cannot function the Chinese way and the sooner people realise that, the better it will be.'
November 27, 2017
'Equity returns in 2018 will be lower'
'We think FY18 will end with a 10 to 12 per cent earnings growth, but FY19 will see a recovery to over 15 per cent.'
November 24, 2017
'We have to transparently define what is fraud and what is wilful default'
K C Chakrabarty, former deputy governor, RBI, talks to Anup Roy on issues in the new bankruptcy law and rules.
'Economy really needs a booster shot'
'One of the biggest issues the Indian economy faces right now is of job creation...'
November 23, 2017
'Indian economy can never go to ICCU'
'No finance minister has the capacity to put the economy in an ICCU just like no finance minister has the capacity to take it for 10% growth!'
November 21, 2017
How the super rich stash money abroad
'Tax dodging through tax havens is one of the ways multinational corporations and the super-rich in India are using to evade taxes.'
November 17, 2017
'India and China are likely to grow at over 5%'
Daniel Wu, chairman of the Asian Bankers Association (ABA), says there is merit in merging some of the less efficient public sector banks in the country.
November 16, 2017
'Economy will begin to revive in December'
'The next fiscal year will be a good one.'
November 15, 2017
'Cut bond exposure and invest in equities'
CLSA managing director & equity strategist Christopher Wood, and executive director Mahesh Nandurkar tell Puneet Wadhwa that the markets could give a return of around 10 per cent from the current level over the next year.
'We will quickly pass on the benefit of lower GST to consumers'
A strong supporter of the new tax regime, Adi Godrej tells Viveat Susan Pinto the second half of FY18 will be even better for consumer goods companies as challenges abate.
Uber India chief: We're at very early stages of our journey in India
The company's India focus hasn't changed with the change in CEOs.
November 14, 2017
'Why is no one questioning the RBI?'
'If the RBI reduces the rate of interest, housing demand can pick up, investment can pick up, automobile demand can pick up...'
November 13, 2017
How Arvind's demerger will play out
'Financial independence will help unlock the full potential of these businesses.'
November 12, 2017
More GST cuts at next meeting
'At the end of the day, we want to see maximum items out and only few items remaining in the 28 per cent slab.'
November 10, 2017
'India's GST rates are highest in the world'
'There is something fundamentally wrong with the GST -- whether be it the rates, compliance, or the GST Network itself.'
November 08, 2017
Why Nadella is a fan of Sourav's leadership
'The leadership values I learnt while playing cricket in India helped me compete vigorously in the face of uncertainty -- putting the team first and bringing out the best in everybody.'
November 07, 2017
'Q2, Q3 in FY 18 will be bumper quarters for GDP'
'The 5.7% growth in the April-June period is an aberration because of GST.'
November 01, 2017
'If the eastern part of the country does well, India does well'
India worked in close partnership with the World Bank to improve its position, says NITI Aayog CEO Amitabh Kant.
Ease of doing biz: 'Eventually we will be among the top 50 countries'
Ramesh Abhishek, secretary, Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion, talks to Subhayan Chakraborty about India's performance on the World Bank's ease of doing business ranking.
'Economy may take 24 months to recover'
'The full effects of the government initiatives will have to work their way through, whether in infrastructure or in the banking sector.'
October 24, 2017
'The market is getting ahead of the fundamentals'
Ravi Gopalakrishnan, head-equities, Canara Robeco Mutual Fund, tells Ashley Coutinho that earnings growth will pick up once the benefits of reform initiatives accrue.
October 23, 2017
'India's consumer market will touch $4 trillion by 2025'
In an interaction with Viveat Susan Pinto, Thomas Lutz, head of the consumer and retail practice at The Boston Consulting Group. highlights some of the top consumer trends in India and the way forward for companies.
October 18, 2017
'Economically, India is going to be a significant force'
In India to take part in a board meeting, Martin Sorrell, chief executive officer of WPP, spoke to Alokananda Chakraborty on a wide range of subjects.
Wipro CEO: 'The next is automation'
Bhanumurthy B M, president and chief operating officer, Wipro, tells Ayan Pramanik and Raghu Krishnan that service delivery through digital technology-enabled platforms will change the business dynamics for the company.
'Very little money to be made for investors at these levels'
'It's hard to call whether the Indian markets will go through a time or price correction.'
October 16, 2017
'No difference between UPA1, UPA2 and this govt'
'Karna is the greatest warrior in the Mahabharata -- in fact, Arjuna is a nobody in front of Karna.'
October 12, 2017
'Economy will be normal in 2-3 quarters'
'I feel that since they know the problems, in the next 2 to 3 quarters, these problems could be resolved.'
October 05, 2017
'Bond market likely to see a major correction'
It was a roller-coaster week for the markets, amid talk of a fiscal stimulus by the government. Saurabh Mukherjea, chief executive officer, and Prashant Mittal, strategist, at Ambit Capital tell Puneet Wadhwa the recent flows into equity mutual funds are largely speculative in nature and pose a risk of reversal.
October 04, 2017
'Babudom has successfully checkmated Modi'
M R Venkatesh, chartered accountant turned political commentator tells Shobha Warrier/ that Modi's war is not against the opposition parties or the Congress but against the bureaucracy and the establishment.
October 03, 2017
'The scare caused by fiscal deficit numbers is quite wrong'
NITI Aayog vice chairperson Rajiv Kumar tells Indivjal Dhasmana that additional funds could be generated through divestment, and that the fiscal deficit should be widened while focusing on the revenue deficit.
September 26, 2017
Shell companies feel the heat as govt banks on AI to nab them
P P Chaudhary the newly-appointed minister of state for corporate affairs, is monitoring and coordinating actions against shell companies.
September 20, 2017
'If trading had not resumed, the attackers would have won'
'We saw people tripping over each other, running, screaming.'
'India's insurance density is one-tenth of China's'
Bhargav Dasgupta, managing director and chief executive officer of ICICI Lombard, tells Subrata Panda, in an interview that the company has adequate capital for now and does not see a need for fresh infusion through markets over the next few years.
September 14, 2017
'The bullet train can be Modi's legacy'
'The politician in him saw to it that the foundation stone was laid in Ahmedabad in the run-up to the assembly election in Gujarat in 2017.'
September 12, 2017
'Yatra should be able to make profits by 2019'
Dhruv Shringi, co-founder and chief executive officer (CEO) at Yatra, tells Ajay Modi that Indian online travel market is definitely moving into a duopoly situation.
How ITC plans to stay ahead of its peers
Once heavily dependent on the cigarettes segment, corporate behemoth ITC has diversified over the past two decades into many businesses that now generates 58 per cent of its revenue. Sanjiv Puri, chief executive officer, ITC, shares his plans with Arnab Dutta.
September 06, 2017
Why India's engineering grads should worry
'Lakhs of engineers graduate every year in India and the IT industry used to be the primary recruiter. That is going to end.'
September 01, 2017
'There will not be a messiah'
'There will only be an institutional solution between the board and the founders to take Infosys forward.'
Why JLR may reconsider launching new cars in India
A hike in cess on luxury cars will not only hinder Jaguar Land Rover's network expansion but also prevent it from introducing new technologies in India, JLR India managing director Rohit Suri tells Shubham Parashar in an interview.
August 29, 2017
'Culture of discrimination and retaliation is widespread at Infosys'
Erin Green, former head of immigration, Infosys says says only the loss of a big client could push Infosys to correct its internal corporate culture.
August 23, 2017
'The pain that trade faced due to GST will ease'
On Tuesday, Bajaj Electricals extended its brand licence agreement with UK-based kitchen appliances major Morphy Richards, launching a new range of products. Chairman & managing director Shekhar Bajaj, cousin of industrialist Rahul Bajaj, tells Viveat Susan Pinto the company will increasingly focus its attention on its consumer products business.
'Kris Gopalakrishnan may head Infosys'
'60 per cent of the board will not like to have Narayana Murthy.'
August 16, 2017
Don't expect high returns from the stock market
'It is almost four years since we've seen strong growth in earnings.'
August 14, 2017
'By 2025, we will be corruption free'
'I feel now we have a leader who is non-corruptible.'
August 11, 2017
OYO CEO: 'We have 70,000 keys'
'Customer expectation and need was quite limited when we started in 2013.'
August 07, 2017
'Nation building can't be done by people on sabbatical'
'We do not want people who are air dropped and who fly out once the job is done.'
'Modi is in the top 3 leaders I've ever seen!'
Says CISCO executive chairman John Chambers, who's 'met every leader in the world, and got to know them very well.'
August 03, 2017
'Today, even the RBI is under political pressure'
'There is no difference between the earlier government and the present government.'
August 02, 2017
Why Arvind Panagariya resigned from NITI Aayog
Arvind Panagariya, first vice-chairman of the NITI Aayog, replacement for the five-decade-old Planning Commission, has decided to return to academics.
'Most immediate problem for India is overhang of private debt'
Kenneth Rogoff, professor of public policy and economics at the Harvard University, tells Dilasha Seth on the sidelines of the Delhi Economics Conclave that public sector banks will need to take a one-time haircut to address non-performing assets.
August 01, 2017
GST is actually good news for Mercedes
Roland Folger, managing director and chief executive officer at Mercedes Benz India calls the calendar year (CY) 2016 a year of 'lost opportunities' as NCR diesel ban and demonetisation led to a flat performance.
July 31, 2017
'We won't be investing in the Flipkarts of the world'
After another profitable quarter, Anil Chanana, chief financial officer, HCL Technologies, tells Karan Choudhury that customer confidence is at an all-time high.
Why GSTN's real test starts now
The GST Network's chairman Navin Kumar speaks to Dilasha Seth and Indivjal Dhasmana on various aspects of the new tax regime.
Swadeshi Jagran Manch: 'We want Paytm to close down'
'We are against Alibaba investing in Paytm.'
India's hotels business: 'Lots of Chinese capital will come in'
'Jin Jiang had invested in Louvre Hotels.'
July 25, 2017
'It was very hard to build an R&D set-up in India'
Sohini Das chats with MD of Zydus Cadila Healthcare Pankaj R Patel & his son Sharvil Patel.
July 24, 2017
Sourav Ganguly's new innings: Start-up investor
The former Team India captain, who has invested in entertainment company Flickstree, in conversation with Romita Majumdar & Urvi Malvania.
July 21, 2017
In digital, our expertise is unique: Wipro CEO
One of the good things about our business is, if customers are under pressure and in a cost-cutting mode, we are able to provide more efficient solutions.
July 17, 2017
Can India be Uber's silver lining?
Karan Choudhury asks Uber India president Amit Jain what the company's global problems mean for its India operations.
'A start-up has to be super customer-obsessed'
'Even if you are aping the West, if you customise the idea for the Indian market, localise it based on the Indian ethos, it will succeed.'
July 15, 2017
'Insolvency professionals are a new genre in India'
'A 180-days period -- for insolvency resolution -- is aggressive, but by no means inadequate.'
July 13, 2017
Coal scam: 'CBI is incapable of finding the truth'
'Officers have been made the scapegoat for political failure.'
'GST is likely to disrupt a lot of people's lives'
Jim Rogers' decision not to invest now is not India-specific, but has to do with the problems relating to how the major global economies are shaping up.
July 12, 2017
'We are ardent believers of digital first'
Sanjay Jalona, CEO & MD of LTI says the push would be to increase digital business and look at outcomes in projects for customers.
July 11, 2017
When NSE faltered, why it was 'business as usual' at BSE
Ashish Chauhan, MD & CEO of BSE, says it is prudent for investors to deal with more than one exchange as a risk management strategy.
The terrifying prospect of more job losses
'What we are going to see is a large number of white collar jobs getting lost.'
July 10, 2017
NSE tech glitch: What really happened on Manic Monday?
Deven Choksey, managing director of broking firm, K R Choksey Investment Managers shares his concern about 'trading stoppages' with's Prasanna D Zore.
July 05, 2017
Why 70% of commodities will be cheaper under GST
'GST is imperative for India's success.'
July 01, 2017
GSTN: 'There's no system free of glitches'
'One way to deal with these is to address these quickly and have rapid reaction teams in New Delhi, the state capitals and wherever possible.'
'Nobody is fully prepared for GST'
The near term will be challenging, as most will struggle to adapt to the new regime.
June 29, 2017
'GST is going to be tax jihadism'
'If my understanding is correct, one has to file not less than 37 returns per year for every ordinary business, and that too per state.'
June 27, 2017
DeMo: How much cash was deposited?<br>'Unprecedented challenge': Ex-RBI gov
'Normally, the system is geared towards counting notes -- it is equipped to do x amount of work and one day you are asking them to do 20 x.'
June 23, 2017
'Can GST function without a glitch? The answer is NO.'
It takes eight to nine months for developing a robust software from the time the rules are decided, warns Bharat Goenka, managing director of Tally Solutions, one of the entities entrusted as a 'Suvidha Provider' with developing ready software for customers to get them ready for the coming Goods and Services Tax.
IT workers union: 'We will never go on strike'
'We know that if the IT industry goes on strike even for a day or two, the repercussions will be international, and we will suffer as a country.'
June 20, 2017
'The gig economy is going to be the future'
'You will see more and more people working independently -- starting beauty parlours, driving cars, etc.'
Billionaire's advice: 'People must borrow less'
'A lot of people -- whether farmers, students or businessmen -- think when they take a loan, that everything will go well and they will pay back.'
June 19, 2017
GST will accelerate growth: Adi Godrej
Godrej group Chairman Adi Godrej describes in an interview to Viveat Susan Pinto the way forward for the conglomerate after the implementation of the GST.
'Demonetisation was a destructive distraction'
'If the government had not spent an incredible amount of energy on demonetisation it may -- may, because it had not done anything the previous six months either -- have been able to pay attention to the deeper problems of low investment and job creation.'
June 16, 2017
'The economy is showing signs of life'
Jonathan Garner, chief Asia and emerging markets equity strategist, Morgan Stanley, gives Samie Modak his assessment of the Indian economy after 3 years of Modi Sarkar.
June 15, 2017
Want to buy your dream Mercedes? Just wait for GST to kick in
The domestic luxury car segment is a key beneficiary of GST within the automobile space as prices are set to come down by up to ten per cent in most cases. Roland Folger, MD & CEO, Mercedes Benz India, speaks to Shubham Parashar on the significance of these changes on the industry and other issues.
June 13, 2017
Coke will not move away from fizzy drinks, but...
June 12, 2017
'Demonetisation de-fattened the economy'
'High denomination cash notes which was 1.4 lakh crores of Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 notes in 2004 became Rs 15.5 lakh crores in 2016.'
June 08, 2017
'Farmers are disillusioned with Modi'
'If the BJP thinks they can suppress the farmers' movement by opening fire, they are wrong.'
June 07, 2017
'Media reporting massive lay-offs is wrong'
'We are in touch independently with leading players, and they are denying it as well.'
June 05, 2017
How Modi can create thousands of jobs
'What the government should do to create jobs is to help revive the MSME sector.'
May 30, 2017
'IT employees are scared to join a trade union'
'They feel if they join a union, it will have a negative impact on their appraisals.'
May 29, 2017
How SpiceJet managed to turn around from the brink
SpiceJet, on the verge of a shutdown two years ago, is now looking at joining a burgeoning global league of low-cost long-haul airlines by providing a Rs 30,000 to-and-fro fare to western European destinations. Chairman and managing director Ajay Singh elaborates.
'Never send back Mahalakshmi when she comes to your house'
P S Jayakumar, managing director and chief executive officer, Bank of Baroda, speaks to Abhijit Lele & Hamsini Karthik about loan recoveries, sounding more confident than a year before.
Is India Inc prepared for GST?
In a conversation with Vishal Chhabria and Hamsini Karthik, Gautam Chhaochharia, executive director & head, India Research, UBS, explains why implementing goods and services tax (GST) may not be as disruptive as many perceive it to be. But, he warns investors shouldn't have high expectations on corporate earnings.
'The need for a no-fly list is critical'
'The DGCA may require airlines to install CCTV cameras on all flights and retain the footage in case of unruly behaviour.'
To make Indian Railways work like a corporate
'You can never bring about a change if you only bring in outsiders. Consultants will never feel what changes are necessary and where,' says Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu.
May 24, 2017
The NPA problem: 'There is no silver bullet'
Resolution to the bad loans problem has to be incremental, and the RBI has to ensure NPAs are not swept under the carpet, HDFC chairman Deepak Parekh tells Joydeep Ghosh.
May 19, 2017
'Our philosophy is we shall NOT grow at any cost'
Avenue Supermarts, which runs D-Mart, posted a 47 per cent jump in net profit in the March quarter and its revenue and operating profit went up 41 per cent. The company's chief executive and managing director, Neville Noronha, talks to Raghavendra Kamath about strategy.
Shikha Sharma on the new NPA rules and the future of Axis Bank
Axis Bank Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer Shikha Sharma on the new mechanism for non-performing loans, the bank's loan portfolio, industry outlook and the bank's future plans.
May 18, 2017
Xiaomi's India strategy: Go offline
The move to push offline sales will be led by opening Mi Home stores, Xiaomi India managing director Manu Jain tells Alnoor Peermohamed.
May 17, 2017
'Make in India will have to be worked on'
In the run up to three years of the National Democratic Alliance government, Minister of State for Commerce and Industry (Independent Charge) Nirmala Sitharaman says it is time to consolidate some of the major initiatives as well as take new steps.
The huge opportunity for India in machine learning and AI
Microsoft Research India's MD Sriram Rajamani tells Alnoor Peermohamed & Raghu Krishnan how India can reap the benefits of the changing industry.
May 16, 2017
'IT jobs will rise to 6 million in next 5 years'
'If the Indian economy formalises, industrialises, urbanises and develops human capital, 10 lakh youngsters will join the labour force every month in the next 10 years.'
May 10, 2017
'Nation won't pay very high price for power': Piyush Goyal
Power Minister Piyush Goyal on the government's manufacturing push and other key issues.
'Government is not focussing on job creation'
'If jobs do not happen, the demographic dividend we have will become a demographic disaster.'
May 04, 2017
Markets hit an all-time high. Now what?
Motilal Oswal of Motilal Oswal Financial Services tells Puneet Wadhwa why he thinks the current market levels will sustain.
April 28, 2017
'Indian IT industry has to de-risk itself'
"Protectionism is not new. The attention that is given is because there is a political and emotional element to it."
April 27, 2017
'India's best strategy is to stay invested in domestic growth stories'
In UK, France and Germany, the president and CEO of Edelweiss Securities, anticipates votes incrementally in favour of local protection and de-globalisation.
April 21, 2017
Rs 5,000 crores invested in SIPs every month!
'Debt mutual funds are a good option now because interest rates are coming down.'
April 19, 2017
'Southwest monsoon will most likely be normal this year'
IMD director general K J Ramesh said the Met wasn't being conservative and weather patterns indicated that there was a possibility of rainfall being very near to the 50-year LPA of 89 cm.
April 17, 2017
'We used Gandhigiri to shame defaulters'
Punjab National Bank has made a name for itself in recovery of bad loan dues. Usha Ananthasubramanian, managing director and chief executive officer of the government-owned lender, explains how it has achieved this reputation.
April 14, 2017
RSS-backed SJM declares 2017 'anti-China year'
'I will be happy if walls are built between India and China!'
April 13, 2017
'The economy is turning for the better'
'India easily remains one among the more attractive large economies, with high growth and stable/improving macros, as a top investment destination.'
April 11, 2017
SBI wants to be among the world's top 30 banks in three years: Arundhati Bhattacharya
Arundhati Bhattacharya talks about SBI's strategies, its aim to be among the top 30 banks globally, and stressed assets resolution.
April 10, 2017
'India going to be one of the largest economies in the world'
Barry Eichengreen, professor of economics and political science, University of California, Berkeley, analyzes the transparency of the Reserve Bank of India, the growth rate of the Indian economy and why he feels globalisation can never be rolled back.
April 07, 2017
India is running out of time on NPAs: K V Kamath
New Development Bank plans to issue $300-500 mn worth masala bonds in rupee: K V Kamath.
The importance of human workers in the smart machine age
Edward Hess, Professor of Business Administration and Batten Executive-in-Residence, Darden School of Business, discusses the growth of technology and the challenges it creates for organizations with Sangeeta Tanwar.
April 04, 2017
'Nothing Coca-Cola sells is unhealthy'
Venkatesh Kini, business unit president, Coca-Cola India and South West, shares his plans with Arnab Dutta.
March 29, 2017
'Stay invested in the equity markets'
'If I had to highlight one area that will do well, it is the financial assets -- that is the private sector banks, insurance and mutual funds.'
March 27, 2017
Why it's better to introduce GST from September, not July
States should have enough time. We still do not know the rules. There are a lot of operational difficulties, says Jammu and Kashmir Finance Minister Haseeb Drabu.
March 22, 2017
'Environment to bring people into the financial system is very strong in India'
Venture capitalists Adam Wolfensohn and Ameya Bijoor tell Anjuli Bhargava about the kind of investments and companies they are looking to invest in.
March 20, 2017
The evolution of the advertising agency
In conversation with Anil S Nair, CEO & Managing Partner at L&K Saatchi & Saatchi India.
How Nearbuy aims to win the data intelligence battle
"If I am using data to build intelligence and personalisation for you, then it's meaningful," says Ankur Warikoo, co-founder and CEO, Nearbuy.
March 16, 2017
H-1B visa issue: IT firms moving from era of locations to skills
Where do Indian IT firms stand compared to their global peers in this journey of transformation?
March 14, 2017
'GDP growth will be 6% in Q4'
'I expect fourth quarter GDP growth to be sharply down.'
India will continue to be a stock picker's paradise!
'We are in the middle of an unprecedented SIP revolution.'
March 07, 2017
Audi plans to launch 10 cars this year
Rahil Ansari, 38, recently took charge as head of Audi India, one of the youngest brand directors in the German luxury car maker.
March 03, 2017
'What India has delivered to the world is nothing short of extraordinary'
Malcolm Frank, executive vice-president, strategy and marketing, Cognizant, in conversation with Shivani Shinde Nadhe & Ayan Pramanik.
'Failure is a part and parcel of entrepreneurship'
'As a society, we are very intolerant to failures which is contrary to entrepreneurship because all entrepreneurs will not succeed.'
March 02, 2017
Time is not right to dabble in stocks: Saurabh Mukherjea
Saurabh Mukherjea, CEO, Ambit Capital, says he is advising clients to either take a genuinely long-term view on stocks or diversify the portfolio with stocks, bonds and gold for those with a short-term view.
'India will be world's fastest economy for the next decade'
Economist Dale W Jorgenson declares that India is doing "very, very well" and forecasts that India might continue to outrun world economies, including China over the next many years.
March 01, 2017
Hyperloop One: The future is here!
Hyperloop is a new way to move people and things at airline speeds for the price of a bus ticket. It's on-demand, energy-efficient and safe.
February 28, 2017
A year in India equals a decade of experience outside, says Akito Tachibana
Akito Tachibana, who took charge as managing director at Toyota's India operations from April 2016, talks to Ajay Modi on Delhi diesel car ban and DeMo.
Sebi's attempt has been to protect gullible investors: U K Sinha
U K Sinha's six-year tenure as chairman of Securities and Exchange Board of India ends later this week. Sinha held his last press conference in Mumbai on Monday, where he spoke on wide-ranging issues and his biggest regret.
February 27, 2017
'The Budget was a triumph'
'The Budget targets are achievable, but they require continued discipline and that the government sticks with the efforts to cut red tape and make business in India more efficient.'
February 17, 2017
Giving shape to Modi's dream of 'electricity for all'
In an interview with Sanjay Jog, REC chairman and managing director P V Ramesh talks of the growth strategy and the company's plan to ride the transformation wave in the power sector.
February 16, 2017
How soon can Vistara fly international?
Vistara CEO Phee Teik Yeoh discusses the airline's expansion plans and challenges with Alnoor Peermohamed.
'I've been crying about the decline in the rupee'
'The big elephant in the room is our misguided view about the rupee.'
February 10, 2017
Trump's choice: The importance of being Ajit Pai
The new chief of America's Federal Communications Commission is not a fan of net neutrality.
February 08, 2017
'Demonetisation is theft'
'Demonetisation, is in principal, a mistake, because it involves a theft -- a taking of private property by the State.'
February 07, 2017
'India is the best place globally for ventures over next couple of decades'
In an interview with Ranju Sarkar, the founders of Stellaris Venture Partners -- Ritesh Banglani, Alok Goyal and Rahul Chowdhri -- share discuss their unique founder network and why they are bullish on India.
February 03, 2017
'This Budget is like a meal you get in a Udupi hotel'
'One thing is sure: After this Budget, no Ambani-Adani tag will be attached to the government.'
'The next 15 to 20 years are India's decades'
'...Unless we muck up our policies.'
February 02, 2017
'Nothing in the Budget for MSMEs'
'Our concern is about today and there is nothing in the Budget for the MSME sector to feel positive right now.'
'I have restored the sanctity of the Budget': Jaitley
In a Q&A with Doordarshan, Jaitley discusses how he chose the areas on which he would spend more.
February 01, 2017
'FY18 will be tough for India's economy'
'It will take a long time for the effects of demonetisation to wear away, and I am not even sure that a year lost, can at all be even recovered.'
January 30, 2017
Over 1 million vacant IT jobs in US by 2018 and no candidates
Nasscom President R Chandrashekhar discusses the ramifications of Trump's 'Buy American-hire American' agenda with Raghu Krishnan.
January 27, 2017
How the Infosys founders are giving back to the start-up ecosystem
'In certain sectors we want to become catalysts, in others we want to encourage.'
Budget: 'Government will stick to basics'
'The economic resilience of the economy or the lack of it that the government will rely on is far from clear.'
January 25, 2017
Airtel Payments Bank powered by 250 million customers
CEO Shashi Arora discusses his roadmap for Airtel Payments Bank with Karan Choudhury.
January 19, 2017
'Emerging-market equities will outperform those of US'
Equity returns may not be exceptional for the next two years, says Heather Brilliant, chief executive officer, Morningstar Australasia.
'RBI has been against demonetisation'
'It is like bombing a building with 200 people to kill 5 terrorists.'
January 13, 2017
4,000 km of pipelines in 30 months!
BC Tripathi, who helms India's largest natural gas marketer and transporter -- GAIL, discusses last-mile connectivity to homes with Jyoti Mukul and Shine Jacob.
'Modi killed our hopes on Dec 31'
'Make cash available now, don't put people into suffering.'
January 06, 2017
'We will stop the Vibrant Gujarat summit'
'The Gujarat model which is being shown is not the right picture.'
January 05, 2017
Why RSS body is unhappy with NITI Aayog
'Some of the policies NITI Aayog has taken, we feel lean towards the corporates.'
December 27, 2016
'SMEs are badly affected, business is down 50%'
'Nobody expected the slowdown to go for these many days. Unfortunately, it is an unbelievably bad slow down.'
December 20, 2016
The man who brought Maggi back
Suresh Narayanan, chairman & managing director, Nestlé India, shares tips on crisis management.
1 million UPI transactions a day!
That's the government's goal for the Unified Payment Interface by March. Are they close? A P Hota, the man at the helm, answers.
December 19, 2016
'Corruption costs businesses more than sticking to the rules'
Helen Brand offers a CA's view on protectionism, money laundering and how India's implementation of Ind-AS will make it more attractive to investors.
December 13, 2016
Now trending: A cashless future
A large number of people using cards at PoS
'Modi has gone completely wrong on demonetisation'
'Farmers are like living corpses in India.'
December 08, 2016
'Incentive to store black money has reduced'
'The cash part is the lower hanging fruit compared to the other sources.'
December 01, 2016
'India is one of our most exciting operations'
'As the world changes, we will be on a constant change programme too,' advertising agency J Walter Thompson Global Chief Executive Officer Tamara Ingram and South Asia CEO Tarun Rai tell Viveat Susan Pinto.
November 30, 2016
'Even Kishore Biyani and Reliance are interested in food retail with FDI'
Not just Tesco, Auchan, Walmart, even Biyani & Reliance keen on food FDI: Harsimrat Kaur Badal
'Economists are talking nonsense:' HDFC Bank MD
'Fear is also a great impetus to push people in the right direction.'
November 24, 2016
'In Mumbai, retail business is suffering daily by Rs 325 crore'
'People are trying to save money because of uncertainty and insecurity.'
November 23, 2016
'When people are suffering, how can you call it a good cause?'
'How can you ask the common man alone to suffer when the rich is not doing any sacrifice?'
November 22, 2016
'Never suggested overnight banning of high value notes'
'There has to be an 18-month transition.'
November 21, 2016
'By mid-January, transaction problems will be over'
'Because of the government's step, the people are now going to splurge on consumption.'
'It's a surgical strike against the country's poor'
'The execution has been 100 per cent faulty.'
November 19, 2016
'People are withdrawing money and not spending it'
'Day by day, the queues will shorten.'
November 17, 2016
'Why will black money get purged?'
'Even with the restrictions of depositing more than Rs 2.5 lakh in a bank, people will find new methods to convert this cash hoard into legal tender.'
November 15, 2016
SBI Boss: Banks will be back to 'normal' by November 30
'We have collected Rs 83,702 crore in deposits in five days.'
'Why was the government not prepared?'
'Post Independence, it is for the first time that people have Rs 500 in their pocket, but the family is sleeping without food.'
November 14, 2016
Motilal Oswal: 'Demonetisation will hurt growth'
'India is still a cash economy.'
November 10, 2016
The man who proposed the ban on Rs 500, 1,000 notes
'By demonetising higher denominations of currency notes, we have taken out the vehicle for corruption.'
November 09, 2016
'This is also a war against Pakistan'
'This is not only a fight against corruption and black money, this is also a fight against terrorism and counterfeit currencies.'
'Any surgical procedure will create some discomfort'
'The common man in India who doesn't have anything to hide will have to put up with this short period of discomfort.'
'In one shot, three or four major issues are taken care of'
'Ultimately if your aim is that you need to be able to deal with a security situation, you need to deal with a black money situation, you need to deal with a counterfeiting situation then, to that extent, I think everyone will need to able to tolerate a little bit of inconvenience.'
'Come December 31, we will be a better nation'
'This wipes out the entire black money in the nation in one stroke. Ninety per cent plus of the black money is kept in Rs 500, Rs 1,000 notes. What they have done is a brilliant move.'
November 03, 2016
'India unlikely to see self-driving cars soon'
'It is a gradual process of saying we want to have all the decisions across business sectors available in India as well.'
Will you buy a Made in India product?
'Will people who buy iPhones stop buying iPhones to help swadeshi models?'
November 02, 2016
He's fascinated by white-collar crimes!
'There is much scope for ingenuity and inventiveness, and the stakes are very high.'
October 28, 2016
What Tata's new leader must do
'The Tata group will need for its new leader to show the same foresight and willingness to go against conventional wisdom at times to keep the group's aspirations high and uphold the values of innovation, ethics, corporate responsibility, trust and leadership that are frequently associated with the Tata name.'
October 27, 2016
'Cyrus Mistry is not going to take it lying down'
'Tata Steel has doubled, Tata Motors has more than doubled, and Tata Chemicals too has more than doubled.'
October 26, 2016
'Mistry arrested the downfall in the performance of Tata companies'
'Wherever the businesses are not up to the size of the Tata group, Cyrus Mistry initiated actions to move out of those businesses.'
October 25, 2016
BJP union leader: How will Make in India help our country?
'This government has not created any employment.'
October 24, 2016
We don't have a magic wand to create jobs: Rohit Nandan
Rohit Nandan, secretary, ministry of skill development and entrepreneurship, talks to Anjuli Bhargava.
October 21, 2016
Telco wars: We will intervene at appropriate time, says minister
We support healthy competition among telcos, says Telecom Minister Manoj Sinha.
October 19, 2016
'Investors should enter the market through mutual funds, not stocks'
'They should decide their allocation based on their risk appetite and age, and not valuations.'
October 17, 2016
TCS chief on the challenges facing the company
Macro environment, tech shift main challenges now: N Chandrasekaran
Situation in India's banking sector is not grim at all: K V Kamath
Several factors seem to have corrected in India in the past six months, says the president of New Development Bank.
October 13, 2016
Adi Godrej: Parmeshwar's life is a big triumph
'She adds value to life in many commendable ways. Apart from her many contributions to our consumer products business and Godrej Properties, she dedicates her energies and resources to charity, to philanthropic causes and most of all how she has managed her time as a wife, mother and entrepreneur brilliantly,' says Adi Godrej.
October 10, 2016
Markets headed higher, accompanied with volatility: Nimesh Shah
Retail investors have matured and have moved away from investing in only in-vogue products, says the managing director and chief executive officer of ICICI Prudential AMC.
October 07, 2016
2 lakh to 3300 crore: The BYJU's Classes success story
'I always say I am a teacher by choice and an entrepreneur by chance.'
October 05, 2016
'India is a space power'
'India has got a unique opportunity to get more and more business from outside as India is cost-effective and reliable.'
October 03, 2016
Geopolitical risk may impact market sentiment: Manishi Raychaudhuri
Any correction in Indian equities is an opportunity for investors to put in money for the long term
Gas price mess: Decision to punish RIL has again been put off
Dharmendra Pradhan lays bare the next course of action for his ministry and says RIL will have to pay the same price at which it produced the volumes.
September 29, 2016
'The government would want to privatise the railways'
'I think governments -- whether this one or the ones earlier -- have not understood the strength of the Indian Railways... that it can easily add 2.5 per cent to GDP.'
With inflation slowing, there is space for monetary easing: Arvind Subramanian
Chief Economic Advisor Arvind Subramanian says that he hopes GDP growth will be at the upper end of the 7-7.5 per cent range.
September 27, 2016
'Country comes first, trade with Pakistan comes second'
'Trade cannot take place when there is no trust.'
September 24, 2016
GST meet: Inspector Raj with dual-control situation was avoided
'GST gives a huge relief to small businesses of India and West Bengal.'
September 21, 2016
Mittal's battle cry: Bring it on Jio, Airtel is ready for the challenge!
Sunil Bharti Mittal, bottom, left, says he is fond of Bill Gates' famous quote: "Success is a lousy teacher." Back from a long foreign business trip, the founder-chairman of Bharti Enterprises talks to Malini Bhupta and Kiran Rathee about the challenges posed by Reliance Jio and how he is determined to come out on top once again. Mittal says , today, Airtel is as ready as Jio in pure-play 4G operations.
September 09, 2016
Tapping the $ 6 billion Indian healthcare biz
"In India, the sector will grow to $10 billion by 2018," predicts Vishal Bali, co-founder, Medwell Ventures, in an interview with Apurva Venkat.
One will not make a lot of money by buying stocks and bonds: Marc Faber
As global markets near all-time highs driven by liquidity, Marc Faber suggests most asset prices worldwide are inflated.
September 06, 2016
'Economic growth is the means to deliver social justice'
We have brought about a slew of reforms that would help improve governance and also facilitate industrial growth, Rajasthan Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje tells Sahil Makkar.
August 31, 2016
'Jaitley is lying about labour reforms'
'You cannot treat workers like beggars.'
August 30, 2016
'India's dominance in IT will continue'
'India is the number one IT destination in the world as we have the largest number of IT professionals in the world.'
August 29, 2016
'Markets' upward move will be fraught with volatility'
For rest of the year, the issue is largely going to be the balance between growth rates and macro stability versus interest rates, says Sankaran Naren.
August 26, 2016
'I hope Dr Urjit Patel thinks beyond continuity'
'When a soldier becomes a king, he better be a king. He should now just forget the past and move beyond continuity. He should catch the potential of India's moment and play a leader's role,' says Vallabh Bhansali of Enam Group.
August 25, 2016
An agenda for Dr Urjit Patel
Unless Dr Urjit Patel starts clearing the balance sheets of banks, the investment cycle will not start. Unless the clog in the drain is cleared, further lending cannot happen. If further lending doesn't happen, the investment cycle also will not happen, writes M R Venkatesh.
August 24, 2016
How Nitin Gadkari plans to make Indian roads safe and pollution-free
The Centre has accorded top priority for cost-effective, pollution-free transportation modes, such as waterways, which reduce logistic costs and increase road safety. Union minister of roads, highways, ports and shipping Nitin Gadkari speaks to Sanjay Jog about the government's strategy.
August 22, 2016
'High-speed rail is a mistake for India'
Hyperloop concept was first released in 2013 by Tesla and SpaceX's Elon Musk as an alternative to high-speed rail
August 16, 2016
As the economy improves, mid-caps can deliver higher growth: Prabhat Awasthi
"While the risk of a correction goes up in the near term, on a long-term basis the Indian market is on an absolutely strong footing."
August 12, 2016
Oil India wants to develop a major belt in Rajasthan: Utpal Bora
Oil India is set to usher in a new era with a road map drawn to ramp up production and diversification plans to foray into liquefied natural gas
Investors should focus on domestic-oriented sectors: Rashesh Shah
The past eight months have seen vast improvement in the Indian economy, says Edelweiss Group chairman and chief executive Rashesh Shah, who feels domestic-oriented sectors are likely to do better.
'Post GST, consumers will pay more'
'Otherwise, how is the government going to make more revenue?'
August 10, 2016
Why keeping petroleum out of GST is bad news
Petroleum being out of the goods and services tax initially will create some anomaly as tax credit on some of the inputs to oil industry may not be given, said revenue secretary Hasmukh Adhia.
There is a fare war to steal share to fill up planes: Sanjiv Kapoor
Unplanned, last-minute pricing is hurting the aviation sector, as is evident from the balance sheets of Indian carriers
'FDI drains India's resources'
'We are allowing FDI on the terms of the investors, multinationals.'
August 08, 2016
'A time bomb is ticking towards a fiscal crisis in states'
An interview with Amit Mitra, the finance minister of West Bengal.
August 03, 2016
'Make use of GST to get better results from stocks'
Macro and micro environment are becoming more challenging.
July 26, 2016
'Bureaucratic process for selecting RBI governor is wrong'
Interview with former Reserve Bank of India governor by Duvvuri Subbarao.
July 22, 2016
'IPOs this year will raise the highest sum since 2010'
'The IPO window has been more or less open since the new government in 2014.'
July 15, 2016
'FDI policy should be seen in light of Make in India'
With EU, it is part of the FTA that we will need to negotiate.
July 11, 2016
'UK will remain a good place to do business for Indian cos'
The UK India Business Council expects more emphasis to be put on improving bilateral economic ties.
July 10, 2016
'Narasimha Rao pushed reforms through stealth'
Political scientist Vinay Sitapati explores the role played by the then Prime Minister P V Narasimha Rao in steering the reforms through in his new book Half Lion.
July 07, 2016
From Rs 22 to Rs 900 crore, Vasanthakumar's success story
Vasanthakumar, who started his career as a salesman, today owns a retail empire.
July 05, 2016
'The change from pessimism to confidence is a major achievement'
'This has to be seen in the context not only of the legacy we inherited, but also of global economic weakness.'<br />'If after inheriting the very bad situation we have reached this level despite consecutive years of drought and no growth in the world economy, it is no accident.'
July 01, 2016
'Content revolution is under way in India'
'We are offering one year of free music and three months of free movies to a million users through MIUI8.'
'The energy of the youth is driving India's economy'
'India's economy is growing faster compared to the developed economies of the world.'
June 27, 2016
Freshdesk: An Indian product wins global recognition
'We had a great product for the global market and we could sell it globally resulting in this amazing growth.'
June 24, 2016
Brexit, a great opportunity to buy: Vikas Khemani
"You will see further improvement after an immediate reaction and the markets will calm down," says Vikas Khemani.
June 21, 2016
'Rajan did not need to be anybody's yes man'
'Rajan's exit will have a great impact on the economy.'
'Rajan's exit a sign of Modi's unwillingness to change things'
'I think the markets will move up given that there will be more money.'
June 20, 2016
'Whatever steps Rajan took were beneficial for the economy'
'Rajan brought in a healthy air of competition in the banking sector.'
June 17, 2016
'The start up scene in India is unbelievable'
'Over the next 10 years we expect more than 100,000 new start ups to come up and create more than $500 billion in value and 3.5 million to be employed in these start ups.'
June 13, 2016
'Global correction a big threat to Indian markets'
'The recent US jobs report has eased fears of a hike in the Fed meeting.'
'Bandhan should not fall for corporate banking'
Tamal Bandyopadhyay discusses his latest book Bandhan: The Making of a Bank at Bandhan headquarters in Kolkata.
June 09, 2016
'I want India to be the most innovative place for SAP'
'SAP has been an enterprise software leader for 43 years, and we don't have a competitor also in this space.'
'You can't stand on a podium and preach to India'
'India is no longer the India of the '70s and the '80s.'
June 06, 2016
'Rate cuts by RBI could be close to the bottom'
'The market movement will be largely driven by earnings growth.'
June 03, 2016
India can grow at 10% if reforms continue to kick in: Mark Mobius
Mark Mobius, executive chairman, Templeton Emerging Markets Group, is positive on India and believes the Indian economy is on a strong footing
May 24, 2016
'We're optimistic about Modi govt's ability to deliver'
US-based $40-billion industrial goods giant Honeywell has just launched its 16th plant, a hydrocracker unit with application in oil refining, in India. The two years of Modi government have been full of optimism and energy, Anant Maheshwari, president, Honeywell India, and Steve Gimre, managing director, UOP India, tell Sudheer Pal Singh.
'No anti-worker steps will be taken by the government'
'Now, we have a minimum pension of Rs 1,000 annually.'
May 23, 2016
'Investors can now see the advantages of coming to Bengal'
'West Bengal is an industry-friendly state.'
Nobody in the private sector is here for charity: Venkaiah Naidu
The private sector must get an assurance that the investment environment is conducive, Venkaiah Naidu, Union minister in charge of urban development, housing and parliamentary affairs, tells Nivedita Mookerji.
May 19, 2016
'Railways will petition regulator for fare changes'
'The Centre brought down expenses by as much as Rs 12,000 crore (Rs 120 billion).'
May 16, 2016
'The Maggi crisis was a blessing in disguise for Nestle'
'Maggi issue gave us room for introspection.'
'For better growth figures, we need healthier banks'
Arun Jaitley interview.
'No one in India will die of starvation because of Centre's laxity'
There is no foodgrain shortage in the country as our total storage capacity is more than 81 million tonnes, while the public distribution system requirement is 61 million tonnes, says Ram Vilas Paswan.
May 13, 2016
Bank woes: 'When they need surgery, they are using a bandage'
'The day-to-day control of banks is in the hands of political bosses and bureaucrats who are not answerable.'
May 11, 2016
'Apple should buy Tesla and appoint Elon Musk as CEO'
'In the next 14 years, 100% of US energy will be clean and solar.'
May 10, 2016
'We are at our best when we set the pace'
'If you look at voice and data realisations in India, they are the lowest in the world.'
May 09, 2016
'Congress using GSPC issue to deflect attention from Agusta'
Saurabh Patel, energy minister, Gujarat, who has handled the energy portfolio since 2002, speaks to Archis Mohan on GPSC's investment in the KG basin and says the criticism is politically motivated.
May 03, 2016
'We need good monsoon for the markets to improve'
'Equity investing should be for longer than a year's perspective.'
Indian markets will see a de-rating in near term: Mahesh Nandurkar
Premium valuations and lack of big triggers will weigh on Indian equity markets in the near term, believes Mahesh Nandurkar, India Strategist, CLSA.
May 02, 2016
'India is nearing the digital tipping point'
'The tipping point for digital in China was the evolution of the mobile ecosystem.'
'There is no verifiable report on alleged ill-effects of GM crops'
India is capable of developing GM crops, Randy Hautea, global coordinator for International Service for the Acquisition of Agri-Biotech Applications, tells Kanika Datta.
April 25, 2016
Banks: 'No need to press panic button'
'These are only passing clouds. The banking industry is a century-old industry and this is not the first time it is going through such a crisis.'
April 21, 2016
There will be a slowdown in hiring across the industry: Wipro CEO
Wipro has a good brand because of the trust and quality it enjoys globally.
April 20, 2016
'There are companies with larger liabilities than Mallya'
'The approach towards Mallya is not right because his unit could have been turned around earlier with additional funds from his side and the bank's side.'
'Gross hiring by TCS will go down for FY17'
'We are at a time and position that we do not need higher number of visas.'
'Dhoni's culpability is evident'
'Celebrities have to make sure they do enough due diligence on their own before they sign up multi-million dollar contracts.' 'Today, it is just easy money. Lend your name, lend your face and laugh your way to the bank.'
April 19, 2016
'We will protest till government withdraws new PF rules'
'What is this new PF rule? Complete nonsense!'
April 16, 2016
We want to become visa independent: Vishal Sikka
Infosys' chief executive officer and managing director Vishal Sikka says despite a healthy guidance, he can't say if this would be 'industry leading'.
April 13, 2016
'We will make India a global manufacturing hub'
'India can be the next growth leader for us.'
'Prolonged period of below-normal rain is due to change this year'
The India Meteorological Department's first monsoon forecast for this year would have gladdened many a heart with the hope of plentiful rain, after two drought years.
April 12, 2016
'Great danger India will waste its demographic dividend'
'... for two reasons: the poor quality of education, and the low rate of female participation in the labour force.'
April 11, 2016
'Reforms more radical in past 12 months than in five years'
Mayank Ashar, managing director and chief executive officer, Cair India, says the reform momentum should continue and the industry should do its part too.
April 06, 2016
'India is the fastest-growing solar market'
'In terms of growth rate, India is better than China.'
The battle we are really fighting today is for credibility: Rajan
'We don't know how much the Pay Commission outflow will be.'
April 04, 2016
100% FDI in e-commerce exposes BJP's double standard
"Not a single step has been taken by this government to empower small businesses in India," says Praveen Khandelwal, national secretary general of the Confederation of All India Traders and former treasurer of the Bharatiya Janata Party's Delhi unit.
April 01, 2016
Jim Rogers: Indian government doesn't understand economics
'I am not optimistic about the global economy for the next couple of years.'
March 29, 2016
'RBI must take the blame for banking mess'
'The entire system acted as cheerleaders to Vijay Mallya. The RBI failed, the banks failed, the auditors of the banks and Mallya failed.'
'Earnings expectations still unrealistically high'
The long-term sustainability of the ongoing market rally is difficult as earnings growth remains a challenge, says Herald Van Der Linde, head of equity strategy, Asia-Pacific, at HSBC.
March 26, 2016
'We are starting the largest lab in India'
Sanjeev Vashishta, chief executive officer at SRL Diagnostics, talks to Deepak Patel about expansion plans and regulations for the sector.
March 23, 2016
'Banking sector needs a T N Seshan!'
'Today, three areas give banks a big headache -- steel, power, infrastructure.'
'Aadhar Act has very good privacy provisions'
'We have to go through the process of obtaining informed consent.'
March 22, 2016
Changes the World will see soon
'If a student can't get to school, the school will get to you. Even people with low reading abilities can be taught via videos.'
'India is a great bottom-up winner'
'The focus is more on the outlook for global growth'.
March 21, 2016
'GST is not the only remedy for all economic ills'
'It is important to improve the quality of spending.'
Changes the World will see soon
'If a student can't get to school, the school will get to you. Even people with low reading abilities can be taught via videos.'
March 19, 2016
'The economy is sending mixed signals. That is the truth'
'There are two pre-conditions for big reforms. One, a sense of crisis and second, fairly concentrated levers of power.'
March 18, 2016
'Unless there is political, social calm, India's economy won't grow'
'The government must keep bad news out of the newspapers. If you have news about a fight everyday, it is not a climate where investment takes place.'
March 17, 2016
A professional firm cannot function on crutches: Ashwani Lohani
"For an airline, the most important asset are the pilots. They are a mature lot who understand that strikes will not help anyone, that planes have to fly; only then will the money come."
March 16, 2016
India Post is grappling with e-tail shift
'A fresh look is being given to ways of processing, transmission, and delivery.'
March 15, 2016
'Indian markets to grow over 10% in 2016'
'Markets should be driven more or less by earnings growth.'
March 14, 2016
'Twitter has never been more vibrant than it is now'
'Why Twitter? To reiterate, because Live is powerful'.
Why SBI has, so far, failed to recover money from Vijay Mallya
We tried our best to recover money from Vijay Mallya: Arundhati Bhattacharya
Next 6-12 months would be a challenge for the markets: Jigar Shah
After enduring volatility for the first two months of calendar year 2016 (CY16), global equity markets have recouped some of the losses in March. Jigar Shah, chief executive officer, Maybank Kim Eng Securities, believes the next triggers for the rally will come from a soft landing in China and no recession situation in the US.
March 08, 2016
Wall Street, Silicon Valley excited about India: Michael Schlein
Enthused by India's financial inclusion drive, US-based Accion, one of the biggest micro finance organisations in the world, has renewed its focus in India. Michael Schlein, bottom, left, chief executive officer of Accicon, tells Namrata Acharya in an email interview the Wall Street and Silicon Valley are eager to participate in opportunities presented by the issuance of the small finance and payment bank licences, the expanded banking correspondent opportunities, and the Jan-Dhan Yojna.
'Vistara looks at doubling flights by summer'
'There are smaller cities, which are very attractive to fly'.
Jim Rogers: If Mr Modi can't reform India, who can?
'Maybe, India will never be reformed and maybe India will continue to have a quagmire for the rest of history.'
March 07, 2016
'Passing GST will push our economy into double-digit growth'
'Defence and aerospace show huge potential thanks to the government's Make in India push.'
EPF tax a fallout of the UPA regime: Pawan Kumar
Pawan Kumar, organising secretary of the Bharatiya Mazdoor Sangh (BMS) affiliated to the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), tells Aditi Phadnis it will join forces with other trade unions if necessary to oppose the Employees' Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO) provisions in the Union Budget.
February 26, 2016
'India's macros are one of the best in the world'
Assessing the shape of the Indian economy just a couple of days ahead of the Union Budget for 2016-17, Saugata Bhatacharya, senior vice president and chief economist, Axis Bank, speaks about his budget wishlist and suggests measures that can help finance minister Arun Jaitley achieve the targeted fiscal deficit of 3.5 per cent of India's gross domestic product.
'Railways were facing severe challenges'
'The core sectors have not done very well in the past one year.'
February 25, 2016
How India can achieve 9% growth
'Jaitley should get the GST and multi- brand retail bills passed to achieve 9%+ growth.'
February 24, 2016
'Railways have a 5x multiplier effect on the economy'
'We hope there shall be more focus on existing projects and their completion rather than new projects.'
February 22, 2016
'India needs out-of-the-box thinkers'
'Every educational institution should have incubating centres so that students will get exposed to entrepreneurship early.'
February 19, 2016
'I had no training for most things I did in business'
'I believe having the right attitude, working hard for what you want and taking no for an answer gets you over any hurdles that are on the path to success.'
We must compete with the best in the world: Narayana Murthy
'We need good teachers at the primary, secondary and higher education levels.'
February 18, 2016
We are not creating any more car capacity: R C Bhargava
'We have not done budgeting yet for the coming year.'
'NPAs are more a symptom than the disease'
'The disease is we have models that are still based on debt and not equity. And banks are singularly not equipped to lend for longer duration projects, which often take 20 years.'
February 16, 2016
Internet access has to be an open platform; it can't be a walled garden: Nandan Nilekani
Nandan Nilekani talks about moving towards a cashless economy and freedom of Internet, among others
February 15, 2016
'Maggi relaunch was like a storm'
'Maggi is linked to the lives of many people; not just the organisation.'
February 12, 2016
Correction is a chance to allocate more to equities: S Naren
India remains an attractive destination and the recent sell-off has made valuations attractive in the large-cap space.
February 11, 2016
Why I support 27% reservation in private sector jobs'
'The government and corporate sector must join hands to implement action which allows all of India to develop. It would be good for the corporate sector in the long run.'
February 09, 2016
Optimism is high, but the business environment is challenging: Mark Goodburn

February 02, 2016
The Man Who Launched 100 Start Ups
'Students tell me their parents are fine with them either joining a start up or even starting one. This was not the case 10 years ago.'
January 27, 2016
If you flaunt a yacht while owing a lot, it shows you don't care: Rajan
'Lower rates are only part of the solution and sometimes not the right solution at all.'
January 25, 2016
'Removing Aamir from Incredible India campaign is politically correct'
'The damage has been done because your own brand ambassador is running you down.'
January 20, 2016
'We don't sacrifice margins for revenue growth'
'The key is to keep the growth sustainable over a period of time.'
'The Indian economy has a natural resilience'
'We are primarily a domestic consumption story. We are less exposed to global forces.'
5-7% further downside for Indian markets: Sanjiv Prasad
Senior Executive Director & Co Head (Strategy) of Kotak Institutional Equities Sanjiv Prasad tells Prasanna D Zore/ that even if there are a number of challenges facing the Indian equity markets, there are certain sectors that offer a ray of hope.
January 19, 2016
Why Panagariya is worried over yuan devaluation
Arvind Panagariya heads the government's main economic advisory body.
'I am the general who will lead from the front'
'The biggest struggles are in the human mind.'
January 15, 2016
Unlike some large Indian start-ups, we believe in consistent profits: Vishal Sikka
'The big thing is on the works on Zero Distance, the initiative to bring innovations in every project.'
January 14, 2016
'GST is the Brahmastra for the Indian economy'
'2017-2018 will be one of the best years for the country.'
January 13, 2016
Agriculture needs to take centre stage in Budget: Arvind Subramanian
Chief economic advisor Arvind Subramanian discusses the Budget, goods and services tax, Centre-state relationship and larger issues facing the economy
January 12, 2016
'We need to solve Indian problems the Indian way'
'Science and technology keep moving ahead and so you can keep making investment.'
January 05, 2016
'By getting into brain research, we gain and so does the world'
There is no doubt in our capabilities, says the Infosys co-founder.
January 04, 2016
'GST is stuck because of politicking'
'The role reversal of those in favour of GST and those opposing it is troubling.'
December 28, 2015
'Real estate is a disciplined business, so temptations are high'
'Today, 75 per cent of sales come from residences.'
December 22, 2015
'Confusion is clouding investment climate'
The quality and quantity of start-ups in India have completely changed.
December 21, 2015
M&M's Pawan Goenka on why biz environment is not stable in India
Mahindra & Mahindra gets the biggest impact of the Supreme Court's ban on sale of vehicles in Delhi with diesel engines bigger than 2,000cc.
'Modi is doing a fantastic job'
'It is my duty to give the govt the right price of crude oil.'
December 16, 2015
This is how SpiceJet plans to fly out of rough patch
SpiceJet has cut costs to turnaround the carrier in a year's time.
December 07, 2015
We have an open cheque book, says Amazon India head
'If price was the driver in 1st year, it was convenience in the 2nd.'
December 01, 2015
'Amul has never misused people's faith'
'Amul has never replaced premium ingredients with cheap ones.'
The Ford who loves Lord Krishna
'Krishna is your best friend. He knows what's best for you.'
November 30, 2015
'Developed nations are backtracking on climate change commitments'
Developed and developing countries are very different and they are different from variety of reasons on climate change.
'Our economic nirvana is not through GST'
Chartered accountant and commentator M R Venkatesh on why the GST Bill will cost the BJP dear.
November 26, 2015
This Ford has more on his mind than cars
'My great grandfather Henry Ford would have been very happy with the lifestyle I am leading and the things I believe in.'
November 23, 2015
Why India Inc should gear up for digitisation
Cheil India has a strong presence in the retail and shopper marketing space.
November 18, 2015
I have given states an offer they can't refuse: Power minister
'It's not as if power demand is falling. It's that generation has outpaced demand.'
November 10, 2015
'The global economy has not done well as predicted'
'We need to do more to accelerate growth.'
November 05, 2015
'Market will stabilise after it absorbs shocks from the US lift-off'
India has been a core portfolio holding for emerging market funds.
November 04, 2015
Vineet Nayyar on why Tech Mahindra needs to train younger staff
Tech Mahindra is training a fair amount of people in this area, especially the younger ones to be ready for such projects.
November 02, 2015
'Nothing to worry, Infosys is in a comfortable position now'
U B Pravin Rao explains how the company is executing the strategy.
October 22, 2015
We'll catch up, it's a matter of time, says Wipro chief
Wipro has devised a strategy to beat larger rivals.
October 16, 2015
Nitin Gadkari on how he will transform India
'Earlier compensation was less, but we have increased compensation four fold. As a result, farmers want to give up their land.'
October 15, 2015
Why your tur dal has become so expensive
'If the money we spend on importing pulses reach our farmers, there won't be any suicides'
There has been an expectation mismatch, says TCS chief
'We expect realisation will be flattish for the rest of the fiscal (year).'
October 13, 2015
Martin Sorrell on how effective is Modi's media strategy
Martin Sorell on how effective is Modi's media strategy
We'll hire 20,000 engineers from campuses this year, says Infosys
'Employees find work challenging and fun'.
October 12, 2015
'Markets will price in a US Fed rate hike before it happens'
Investors still seem to have a disinflation bias to their thinking.
October 07, 2015
'It's just a matter of time before Vistara gathers momentum'
The full-service airline has faced multiple challenges in its run.
October 05, 2015
Can India withstand global turmoil? IIFL chief explains
Domestic investors have managed very well to minimise the impact caused by relentless selling by foreign portfolio investors.
September 30, 2015
We want half our business in India to be on the public cloud: Karan Bajwa
'We have close to 30 per cent share of the Indian public cloud market'
'Sikka is taking Infosys to the next level'
'People have to be evangelised.'
September 22, 2015
How small banks will boost financial literacy
Even today, many MFIs already distribute pension and micro insurance products to low-income households.
September 14, 2015
'I wish India Inc were more articulate'
On WTO, we have done many things, says the minister.
September 09, 2015
'PM did not talk much, he was more of a listener'
'Prime Minister Modi's message from Tuesday's meeting with industrialists was loud and clear: stand up India, stand by start-ups, take risk and invest,' says CII chief Sumit Mazumder.
Legendary investor Jim Rogers: My biggest disappointment is how little Modi has done
Global investor and author Jim Rogers, who recently sold his India investments, talks about his disappointment with Prime Minister Narendra Modi's economic reforms, why he is betting big on the US dollar and the Chinese Renminbi and what will bring him back to India some day.
September 08, 2015
Samir Arora on why China slowdown will not hit India hard
The credibility of India in the eyes of foreign investors has also relatively gone up, with China's blunders in this crisis.
September 07, 2015
'No free lunch for the government; businesses need returns to invest'
Mayank Ashar talks about India's business environment.
'Call drops: Operators investing less in infra is the main reason'
Trai is planning to map the quality of service of all telcos.
September 02, 2015
Labour minister on what led to the nationwide strike
Workers' attitude is changing and they want to work more and demand more wages. They want more productivity.
September 01, 2015
Cong should not feel apologetic about the 1991 reforms: Jairam Ramesh
During the Congress regime, India did witnessa slew of reforms which are now taken up by the Modi government too.
'India Inc can overcome hurdles in adopting new accounting standard'
From FY18, Ind-AS will be mandatory for all listed entities, barring those listed on the SME platform.
August 20, 2015
'I am driving simplification across Wipro'
Abid ali Neemuchwala's ambitious plans for Wipro.
August 19, 2015
'Not denying that my appointment is due to BJP connections'
'I am certainly not an employee of Sebi.'
August 17, 2015
'That regulators lost a court battle does not mean Nestlé is a victim'
She maintains the food company ignored her advice on various issues.
August 11, 2015
With Rs 20 lakh, he built a Rs 350-cr business
'I found my motivation in the fast emerging mobile market.'
July 31, 2015
'India is an incredibly important market'
GM chief Mary Barra reveals turnaround plans.
July 22, 2015
You can't expect revenue without investments: Infosys
'The $80,000 revenue per employee we will get through quite easily.'
July 20, 2015
Govt action against Sun Group is legally untenable'
Sun Group CFO S L Narayanan's interview.
July 18, 2015
India remains in a sweet spot from a long-term perspective: Kapil Bali
'For investors who are willing to remain invested for two - three years, there exist quite a few good opportunities.'
July 13, 2015
'Revive the Railways? Go back to the 1950s' model'
'There is tension between the zones all the time.'
July 03, 2015
'We don't invest in e-commerce firms that are bleeding'
'We look at firms that can be regional or global leaders.'
This will be our best quarter ever: Rajiv Bajaj
'It is a brand that has done so well till recently.'
If you invest, keep a five-year horizon: Vetri Subramaniam
'Focus on companies with healthy balance sheets and return ratios.'
June 26, 2015
Why Bharti bought stakes in Internet firm OneWeb
'The service we are offering is for all telcos and not just Bharti.'
India's infrastructure sector needs $1-trillion booster in next 5-7 years: Vikas Khemani & Stephen Gallagher
Given the broken balance sheet and the limited fiscal room, the government has to kick off investment: Vikas Khemani & Stephen Gallagher.
June 24, 2015
'There is no standard definition of a smart city'
Airports and hotels are among the smartest buildings.
We still believe Sensex can hit 33,500 by December 2015: Prabhat Awasthi
Valuation-wise, the markets look more attractive now
June 19, 2015
Bandhan CMD: 'We have 28 million MSMEs to who we can lend'
'If 99.99 per cent of these micro borrowers are good at repaying their loans, why can't we look at the SMEs and MSMEs and replicate the same model for them with our stringent risk management system,' Chandra Shekhar Ghosh, chairman and managing director of India's newest private sector bank, tells Prasanna D Zore/
June 15, 2015
S Gurumurthy: 'Land bill is not anti-agriculture at all'
In the second and concluding part of his interview, Gurumurthy outlines the two areas he believes the government should focus on.
June 11, 2015
HDFC Bank will cut base rate this quarter: Aditya Puri
HDFC Bank managing director Aditya Puri says a little delay in monetary transmission is inevitable
June 05, 2015
We're here for a marathon, not a sprint: Audi India chief
'Audi is well on track for what we want to achieve.'
How Amazon plans to take on its contenders
Amazon has built the largest store in India with 22 million products.
June 03, 2015
We are better prepared now to deal with uneven rain: Minister
We had prepared a contingency plan for 580 districts, the minister said.
June 02, 2015
REVEALED! How the SBI chief plans to realign credit growth
'The overall stress on asset quality is indeed coming down.'
June 01, 2015
'Some of the growth rate figures are spurious and misleading'
The BJP government is no better than the Congress -- as wretched and anti-people. In addition, it is explicitly and aggressively communal, says Venkatesh B Athreya, in a hard-hitting interview to Shobha Warrier/
'E-commerce is like the Hindi movie Na Tum Jaano Na Hum'
The 53-year-old entrepreneur has felt the heat of e-commerce.
'Modi's Make in India plan is going to run into trouble'
'Car makers would be in a better position to adopt norms'.
May 29, 2015
'The prime minister will have to take tough decisions'
The biggest achievement of the Modi government in the past one year was it could bring positivity in the minds of people and industry, says V P Nandakumar, executive chairman of the Manappuram Finance Ltd, in an interview to Shobha Warrier/
May 28, 2015
Not a single scandal, is this not Achche Din, asks Modi
The government has taken a number of steps to address the situation faced by farmers.
'I have faith in the govt; gone are the days of crony capitalism'
C K Ranganathan, CMD of the $12.50 billion CavinKare, in an interview with Shobha Warrier/, says though he sees signs of improvement everywhere, the Modi government has a long way to go to make the country business friendly
May 22, 2015
'Auto market: Merc will continue to be the Numero Uno'
'We have a customer base of 70,000 in India'.
'Below-normal rains may not lead to a spike in inflation'
Pranjul Bhandari, Chief India Economist, HSBC, speaks about a range of issues ranging from inflation, to how Goods and Services Tax and land acquisition bills can help India hit double digit growth, and her impressions about economic growth in the last one year after Narendra Modi took over as India's Prime Minister.
May 20, 2015
'Government's first responsibility is to feed its people'
'It is a national shame that the only country that enacted a food security act is now better known as the land of farmer suicides. Indian farming can change only if national irrigation policy is implemented in totality,' Dr M S Swaminathan tells Shobha Warrier/
Modi committed to usher achche din for job seekers, assures labour minister
'We need to take steps towards ease of doing business.'
May 19, 2015
Gadkari's grand plan: Rs 3 lakh cr of road projects in 6 months
The public-private partnership model is a compulsion, says the minister.
May 18, 2015
'90 pc of Modi's achievements are due to decline in oil prices'
Economist S Janakarajan, in an interview to Shobha Warrier/ warns that without proper infrastructure, India will never be able to build a market economy.
'The govt has done a lot to set the investment climate right'
'The transmission sector is going to be the next sunrise industry.'
May 13, 2015
REVEALED! How Myntra plans to reach a gross merchandise value of $5 billion
There are about 30-35 million people who shop online in India.
'Gold was second-best performing currency in the year 2014'
Gold has held up better than many expected.
May 08, 2015
'There is no shortage of money for the Railways'
The focus is on tapping all resources, even foreign agencies.
May 06, 2015
'Monsoon may be delayed this year but definitely not deficient'
There should be one comprehensive and credible report on weather for India since a major part of the economy is dependent on it, says 'weather man' Angshujyoti Das.
Marc Faber says Sensex will drop to 24,000 levels in the near term
Slow pace of reforms in India is disappointing: Faber
May 05, 2015
FIIs struggling to understand if economy is picking up or slowing down: Neelkanth Mishra
In the near term, the key driver will still be the government's fiscal spending.
May 02, 2015
Trade Unions shouldn't be hijacked by outsiders: Shankar Aggarwal
'Workers and employers should be ready for a change demanded by the new dynamism of the economy'
April 29, 2015
Challenges are behind us now, says Vistara chief
Phee Teik Yeoh says that the worst is behind them.
April 28, 2015
'The image of Modi as a tough taskmaster is completely wrong'
'Our intentions are clear. If I keep all the acquired land under the ownership of the government, why do you raise questions about my intentions?'
April 24, 2015
Minister Dharmendra Pradhan: 'Benefits of falling oil prices passed on to consumers'
Petroleum and Natural Gas Minister Dharmendra Pradhan speaks to Sheela Bhatt/
Zomato COO on why the company is so keen on acquisitions
The company has announced a global tie-up with San Francisco-based Uber.
April 23, 2015
Why is Snapdeal going public? Here's what the founder has to say
Snapdeal's new customer acquisition has doubled.
'Erratic rains? Farmers should wait and watch'
'There is no mechanism to understand how things would evolve'.
'World's confidence in India growing due to reform agenda'
'There is a trade in goods, a lot of tariff.'
Poor monsoon: Minister tells <em>Rediff</em>: 'No need to panic'
'We are not saying we are going to face a drought... We are a doing and performing government. A contingency plan is being prepared,' Science Minister Dr Harsh Vardhan tells
April 22, 2015
Post a dull Q4 Wipro chief has lots to fix, will manage, he says
If I focus on today, I will have to give up the future, says T K Kurien.
April 21, 2015
'Tata Steel's margins to remain squeezed as product prices fall'
Tata Steel's margins may remain under pressure in FY15.
April 20, 2015
'Passage of the land bill is essential'
New head of the Confederation of Indian Industry speaks.
Power Minister tells <em>Rediff</em>: '24/7 power in every home by 2019'
'This country has become cynical, the country has lost hope. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is getting back hope in this country.'
April 17, 2015
'HUL doesn't believe in cheque-signing philanthropy'
An interview with HUL's managing director and CEO Sanjiv Mehta.
April 16, 2015
'Stage set for 15% CAGR market returns over 5 years'
Over the past two decades, India has evolved economically as well as from the market's perspective.
Exclusive! 'The Modi government refuses to give anything for free'
'The Modi government believes the industrialist, the capitalist, has to pay for the assets of the government which belong to the people of India.'
April 08, 2015
REVEALED! Oracle's India plans
Shailendra Kumar, MD, Oracle India, details the India plan.
Banks shouldn't decide rates, markets should: Rajan
The corporate sector does not care from where the money is coming.
April 06, 2015
'Farmers can no more be hoodwinked'
Vinay Sahasrabuddhe explains BJP's strategy.
March 31, 2015
RBI is seen to cut rates by another 75 bps
Growth acceleration will be gradual and it is still early days for a sharp recovery, says Gautam Chhaochharia, executive director and head of India research, UBS.
March 20, 2015
'Mudra Bank will change the way India is functioning'
IIM-B, professor R Vaidyanathan talks to Shobha Warrier about black money, Mudra Bank and Jaitley's Budget.
March 19, 2015
Sklamberg on challenges the US drug regulator faces globally
The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) says it does not follow an India agenda.
'Data centres contribute to Make in India'
Microsoft has spent close to $4.5 bn in setting up 19 data centres.
Economic growth may not exceed 6.8% without reforms: Bibek Debroy
We should improve the business climate in Mumbai and Delhi, and India's ranking would immediately shoot up, says Bibek Debroy, a full member of NITI Aayog.
March 18, 2015
'India cannot survive without coal'
In the second and final part of this interview, energy and coal industry expert Sunjoy Joshi tells Sheela Bhatt/ that we need to take a comprehensive view of the entire energy sector and how piecemeal reform won't take us very far.
March 17, 2015
'Amid global turmoil, India looks very good'
Will Citibank gain from India's position among emerging markets?
March 13, 2015
'If you wish to start an IT company, India is the best place to be in'
Anand Chandrasekharan, CTO of Mad Street Den tells Shobha Warrier of that he wants to make his company the one-stop artificial intelligence company in the world.
'Our whole concept of coal mine allocations is wrong'
Coal industry expert Sunjoy Joshi tells Sheela Bhatt/ that the NDA's e-auction of coal blocks will not solve the fundamental problems that dog the industry.
March 05, 2015
Budget will help India become a powerhouse, says Rajan
Raghuram Rajan speaks on the unscheduled rate cut.
L&T chief says RBI rate cut is 'too little, too late'
'No private project will take off at such high interest rates'
March 03, 2015
Moody's continues to assign India lowest investment grade
Budget clearly prioritised growth over fiscal consolidation, said Atsi Sheth, Senior VP, Moody's Investors Service.
March 02, 2015
'It's a balanced Budget that protects the interests of different groups'
Chief Economic Advisor Arvind Subramanian's interview.
March 01, 2015
My prime task was to make India investment-friendly: Jaitley
Why do I want to bring corporate tax from 30 per cent to 25 per cent?
February 26, 2015
We intend to pay everyone, unlike Kingfisher: SpiceJet promoter
We have cleared all dues to our employees, says Ajay Singh
February 25, 2015
'We expect big changes in the Budget'
Aditya Birla Money MD talks about liquidity concerns in the market.
Budget 2015: What we need now are difficult decisions
In an interview with Shobha Warrier/, he talks about the economic policies of the Narendra Modi government and whether achche din is really coming.
February 17, 2015
'The Indian economy will putter along'
'I don't see India emerging as a global demand engine. Until India sorts out its domestic problems, nothing much is likely to happen in India.'
February 12, 2015
Why Steve Jobs' ex ad advisor dislikes Apple advertisements
Ken Segall says marketing campaigns should be simple.
February 08, 2015
Tata Housing CEO on how smart cities can be developed
Like Jamshedpur, many Indian cities that have been and will be properly planned can be smart cities of the future.
January 22, 2015
The interview Narendra Modi MUST read!
'Narendra Modi has had very good luck. Firstly, the fall of oil prices. You don't get that very often in your life and you certainly don't get that often when you are in government.'
January 21, 2015
Black money is all about rhetoric, says Mohandas Pai
Chairman of Manipal Global Education Services says that the government often forgets that its prime duty is to serve the people and not some sick public sector units.
January 02, 2015
REVEALED! How Snapdeal plans to enter remote places
Sixty-five per cent of the company's sales are coming from Tier II cities and beyond, says the company CEO.
December 24, 2014
'RBI should have started cutting rates from October'
Bank credit growth, still sluggish, could see a rise if the Reserve Bank of India decides to cut interest rates, believes Ashima Goyal.
December 23, 2014
REVEALED! How Vistara plans to take on the skies
'India is a high-cost market but that is man-made. The government can change that with a stroke of the pen.'
December 19, 2014
Indian markets will double in next 5 years: Motilal Oswal
Bull run in the markets is likely to continue for next 5 years, says Motilal Oswal MD.
December 16, 2014
Why Rohan Murty decided to join Infosys
I was given two mandates -- to work on individual productivity and to drive automation, says N R Narayana Murthy's son.
December 15, 2014
CII president pitches for substantial cut in interest rates
The ball is now in the Reserve Bank of India's court to lift up demand, says Ajay S Shriram.
What UK India biz council chief expects from Modi govt
Patricia Hewitt, chair, UK India Business Council and former UK minister, spoke on a number of government initiatives and investment sentiments.
December 12, 2014
'India must resolve policy paralysis to revive the economy'
Growth in India will pick up from current levels, says LEO Puri, managing mirector, UTI Asset Management Company.
December 03, 2014
It's a cordial relationship with govt, says Rajan
Raghuram Rajan explains the rationale for his policy stance and other issues.
November 19, 2014
Get set go! Micromax wants to take the game higher with 'YU'
YU will be run as a separate business, not as an extension, says Rahul Sharma.
November 14, 2014
'India is barely 1% of China's e-commerce market'
Ebay India MD Latif Nathani says that Indian ecommerce has a long way to go before catching up with the Chinese market.
November 06, 2014
CEO explains why Cognizant is going slow on large buys
Rajeev Mehta, chief executive officer for IT services, explains to Business Standard that the company was faced with some client-specific issues, which led to this.
November 04, 2014
'India might get sick before it gets rich'
In his first interview after taking over as Philips India's vice-chairman and managing director, Krishna Kumar speaks to Business Standard on how the company is readying itself for the next few decades and the increasing importance of India to Philips' global operations.
October 17, 2014
'India doesn't have this ability to project power like China'
Arvind Subramanian talks about US and China's power play and where India figures in these dynamics.
October 16, 2014
IndiGo president reveals what makes the airline such a hit
IndiGo's president Aditya Ghosh shares the growth plan.
October 11, 2014
Murthy will forever be known as Mr Infosys: Sikka
Vishal Sikka talks about his chemistry with N R Narayana Murthy and about his plans to strengthen the leadership team.
October 08, 2014
'We are in business of helping people discover products'
Nicolas Franchet, Facebook's global head of retail and e-commerce, talks to Business Standard about how the company can help e-commerce firms target customers.
October 07, 2014
'The economy is reviving, foreign investors are favouring India'
Minister of State for Commerce and Finance Nirmala Sitaraman, in Mumbai to address election rallies, took time out to talk about the economy, foreign investment and trade facilitation.
October 06, 2014
'The psychological impact of layoffs is often forgotten'
But when organisations cushion the impact to make it less traumatic, it helps in the recovery process, <B>Wayne F Cascio</B> tells <I>Abhilasha Ojha</I>
September 29, 2014
We do well because we don't think of competition: Jeff Bezos
The chief executive of the e-commerce giant is making his second visit to India -- the first since Amazon entered this market.
September 22, 2014
'Online will soon be the preferred route for buying property'
Brotin Banerjee, managing director and chief executive officer, talks to Business Standard on how the e-commerce space has broken down the barriers between a buyer and a seller.
September 12, 2014
General Motors chief reveals her plan to make it big in India
Barra says GM is working on putting out the right products here because it will be difficult to make a mark globally without India.
September 11, 2014
'Good time for global investors to enter Indian equity market'
The automobile segment is our preferred area, and old favourites such as Tata Motors, Bajaj and Maruti Suzuki continue to entice us.
September 05, 2014
'People will forget 2008-14, believe in India growth story'
Short-term gains are always unpredictable.
I have enough liquidity to look after growth needs, assures SBI chief
In an interview with Business Standard, Arundhati Bhattacharya says she expects stalled projects coming back on track in two quarters.
September 04, 2014
We gave Vijay Mallya an opportunity to respond: UBI official
Deepak Narang, executive director of United Bank of India, speaks on Vijay Mallya's 'wilful defaulter' status.
September 03, 2014
No founder's exit is a loss: Mindtree chief
In an email interview with Business Standard, Mindtree's co-founder and chairman says the company was designed to outlive the founding team and no such departure is a loss.
August 27, 2014
Trai chief on how to build a fair, independent news media
On this technological revolution, we are 7-10 years behind the US. So, the threat to newspapers doesn't exist now, says Trai Chairman Rahul Khullar.
August 26, 2014
I feel completely vindicated: Ex-coal secretary
The former coal secretary opens up in a free-wheeling interview.
August 12, 2014
Tata SIA chief on how the airline plans to strike it big
Phee Teik Yeoh, the recently anointed chief executive officer of the airline, speaks to Business Standard on his aim of changing the rule of the game in the aviation sector by redefining service and operational experience for travellers accustomed to mere functionality.
August 08, 2014
Why Cognizant has cut revenue growth estimate
Rajeev Mehta, chief executive for IT services, believes this is due to a few client-specific issues, saying the overall business environment continues to look good.
August 01, 2014
I feel pretty satisfied with what we've done: HCL CEO
Interview with Anant Gupta, HCL Tech's president and chief executive officer.
June 26, 2014
'Mutual funds may see their best period in next 5 years'
A Balasubramanian tells Business Standard that the sector will see one of its best phases in the coming five years.
June 17, 2014
'Affordable housing: A change in mindset is needed'
Chairman Anand Mahindra spoke to Business Standard on affordable housing.
May 27, 2014
'Potential of returns the highest in small-caps'
S Naren, CIO of ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund, in an interview with Chandan Kishore Kant, says cyclicals will offer good value.
May 08, 2014
We are quite optimistic for the whole year: Cognizant CEO
Rajeev Mehta says the slow beginning in North America was primarily on account of some health care clients, evaluating the impact of the Affordable Care Act before deciding on their technology spending.
April 14, 2014
'Premature to talk of changes in Ranbaxy top brass now'
Sun Pharmaceutical Industries will take a call on whether to shut Ranbaxy's troubled factories or make changes in the top management of the latter only after its $4-billion acquisition deal is complete.
April 01, 2014
'Apt policy corrections alone can revive India's growth'
The former RBI deputy governor talked about the prospects of an economic revival, reforms in IMF, etc.
March 18, 2014
Biocon chief on why India's varsities aren't 'global'
In an interview with Business Standard, Mazumdar-Shaw spells out her plans for the institution over coming years.
January 20, 2014
'People say I should join AAP and contest against Praful Patel'
'I will not bog down with the setbacks. I am going to republish the book. All the copyrights rest with me,' former executive director of Air India Jitendra Bhargave tells about Praful Patel's pressure to withdraw his book.
January 02, 2014
DMIC project will be delivered on schedule: Amitabh Kant
Downplaying concerns of delay, Amitabh Kant, managing director of Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor Development Corporation (DMIC), says the project will be delivered on time.
December 24, 2013
How Walt Disney plans to strike it big in India
Siddharth Roy Kapur will take charge as managing director of the Walt Disney Company India from January 1.
December 13, 2013
'Costly smartphones are affordable luxury now'
The company has identified India as one of the two key markets in South Asia.
December 06, 2013
We aren't urging for a compromise, but a consensus on food security, says Anand Sharma
As Commerce and Industry Minister Anand Sharma ruled out any possibility of a compromise, whispers were already being heard of a possible collapse of the talks.
November 14, 2013
'Haven't seen any investment slowdown in IT sector'
The investment arm of US-headquartered chip-maker Intel Corporation expects India to add around 300 million internet users over the next five years.
November 13, 2013
Abolish income, corporate taxes to boost growth, says Swamy
The best way to put the economy back on track is to abolish income and corporate taxes, as this will not only raise confidence but also increase savings and boost growth, the Bharatiya Janata Party's Subramanian Swamy tells Faisal Kidwai.
November 12, 2013
'Indian elites are out of touch with the poor'
The disparity between the outlook of the rich and poor was greater in India than in any other emerging economy. Indians might want to be worried about this because this suggests that the rich are really out of touch with the poor, Bruce Stoke, Director of Pew Research Center, tells Faisal Kidwai in an interview.
October 14, 2013
WTO discussing food security due to India's efforts: Roberto Azevedo
In an interview with , the DG lauds the efforts of Indian negotiators in bringing the deal on the table.
September 18, 2013
What the Trai chief has to say on spectrum pricing, ad cap and growth
Within a week of the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India giving its final recommendations on the valuation and pricing of spectrum, Chairman Rahul Khullar speaks to Business Standard on the process the regulator followed in finalising the much-debated issue.
September 16, 2013
Ambitious plans of the new SKS chief
As the chairperson of SKS Trust, the largest shareholder in SKS Microfinance, Biksham Gujja created a stir by announcing they wanted to nominate Vikram Akula, the ousted boss who had founded the company the latter founded, as its representative on the board.
September 12, 2013
Things will improve in 2nd half: Kumar Mangalam Birla
The 46-year-old chairman of the Aditya Birla Group has made at least 28 acquisitions since he took the reins of the group 18 years ago.
August 29, 2013
'Some people don't want the poor to get food'
The stock and foreign exchange markets have had a negative reaction to the government's biggest social security programme, the National Food Security Bill. Food minister K V Thomas questions the rationale behind such a response
August 19, 2013
We are exploring 100% FDI in retail: Adidas CMD
To put its Reebok business in order, the German footwear major hand-picked the soft-spoken Erick Haskell, who has vast experience of working in China.
August 14, 2013
Wage negotiation only after output returns to normal: Rajiv Bajaj
Just hours after the union at Bajaj Auto's Chakan plant called off its strike unconditionally, managing director Rajiv Bajaj spoke to Business Standard.
August 13, 2013
'We have committed Rs 1,300 cr initial capital for a bank'
A healthy track record and 17 years of experience in financial services would be the key strengths of Edelweiss Financial Services in setting up a bank, says chairman and chief executive officer Rashesh Shah, in an interview with Business Standard.
August 12, 2013
'Effective CSR spending needs a mindset change in top management'
The new Companies Bill will boost such spending by both public and private companies. Praful Patel, Union minister for heavy industries & public enterprises, speaks to Business Standard on the issue.
August 01, 2013
Europe is a difficult market: HCL Tech chief
HCL's president & CEO Anant Gupta talked to Business Standard about the demand environment, its in the European market and Roshni Nadar's induction into the company's board of directors.
July 29, 2013
We are trying to develop the rural markets: Maruti CMD
The recently anointed managing director and chief executive officer at Maruti Suzuki India Ltd tells Business Standard how he intends to get back to over 50 per cent share in the domestic market, apart from a larger role in the parent's global operations.
July 23, 2013
'It is possible to have GST by 2014'
The Empowered Committee of State Finance Ministers got its new chairman on Monday in Jammu and Kashmir's Abdul Rahim Rather.
July 19, 2013
'LinkedIn knows more about you than others sites'
Professional networking site LinkedIn recently crossed the 20-million member mark in India.
July 18, 2013
India discriminates against foreign businesses: US Congressman
India has been pursuing measures that discriminate against overseas businesses, says US Congressman Erik Paulsen.
July 12, 2013
'Don't expect legislative reforms progressing till elections'
For returning to trend growth of over eight per cent GDP growth and sustained low inflation of four per cent, removal of supply-side constraints and investor-friendly policy reforms are key, says Rajesh Cheruvu, Chief Investment Officer, India, RBS.
July 08, 2013
'The Food Ordinance is a small step in the right direction'
Implementing the Food Ordinance is the bigger challenge and there are many provisions of the National Food Security Bill which need to be expanded and strengthened.
I don't lose sleep over AirAsia: IndiGo Airlines president
Days after low-cost carrier AirAsia announced it would launch its India operations by the end of the year, IndiGo Airlines President Aditya Ghosh, 38, tells Sudipto Dey in an interaction why his airline is not one that should be worried.
July 03, 2013
'Build products rapidly to be competitive'
To be competitive, you need to focus on building products very rapidly, says Werner Vogels.
June 28, 2013
Rajiv Bajaj on the strike at Chakan plant
Production has crippled at Bajaj Auto's Chakan plant in Maharashtra following a labour strike which entered its third day today.
June 26, 2013
Why Videocon is applying for a banking licence
We are serious about setting up a bank and use the parent branding that is a household name in India, says Venugopal Dhoot.
June 25, 2013
'Foreign funds are unlikely to exit India'
Nobutaka Kitajima, chief investment officer -- equity, LIC Nomura Mutual Fund, tells Business Standard the reaction to the Fed's statements has been overdone and the current downturn has punished certain stocks much more than their inherent economic worth and business potential.
June 19, 2013
Oscar Fernandes' plans for the transport sector
Roads and national highways are the lifeline of the country, says Oscar Fernandes.
We have to work round the clock: Girija Vyas
My aim will be to get the Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Bill, recently cleared by the cabinet, tabled and passed in Parliament, says Girija Vyas.
June 18, 2013
OMCs are bleeding now, tomorrow it may be our turn: ONGC chief
ONGC's chairman and managing director Sudhir Vasudeva tells Business Standard that any price for natural gas that is more than $4.2 a unit is good for the company.
June 11, 2013
More than 6% growth is still possible: Rangarajan
C Rangarajan, chairman, Prime Minister's Economic Advisory Council tells Business Standard that the measures taken by the government will lead to economic growth of at least 6 per cent in FY14 against a decadal-low growth of 5 per cent in FY13.
June 03, 2013
'Real estate sector should grow at 30% annually'
With projects ranging from affordable to premium, Tata Housing Development Co Ltd says it expects to be among the top three real estate entities in the next five years.
'Market conditions likely to remain volatile'
Dhananjay Sinha, co-head, institutional research, Emkay Global Financial Services tells Business Standard in an interview that even as global commodity prices have softened in response to expectations of weaker global demand, the stronger performance of equities is seemingly pre-empting stronger growth.
May 24, 2013
Daiichi was given all updates: Malvinder Singh
Singh says Japanese pharma giant's allegations false.
May 23, 2013
Fear against 4th wheel is misplaced: Rajiv Bajaj
Bajaj talks about his plans for the RE-60, which was showcased in January last year in the Auto Expo, to Business Standard.
May 16, 2013
We've tried to understand India's needs: IKEA India chief
Patience has kept IKEA, the euro 27-billion Swedish retailer, going despite entry hurdles. So says Juvencio Maeztu, its chief executive officer for India.
May 07, 2013
'We have restructured for greater agility'
Polaris Financial Technology Ltd , the Chennai-based information technology major which provides products, solutions and services for the financial services sector, has appointed five CEOs, one for for each distinct line of business.
May 06, 2013
'Japanese investors see India as No 2'
An interview with Hiroshi Watanabe, president and chief executive of the Japan Bank for International Cooperation.
May 03, 2013
'Govt shouldn't treat radio spectrum as telecom'
Harrish M Bhatia, chief executive of 94.3 MY FM, the station under the Dainik Bhaskar group, tells Gaurav Laghate regional markets hold great potential.
May 02, 2013
'RBI does not have clear inflation objective'
Richard Illey, chief economist, (Asia, ex-Japan) at BNP Paribas, talks to Business Standard on inflation and related issues ahead of the Reserve Bank's annual review of monetary policy.
April 18, 2013
Hiring will become more periodic: HCL chief
Anant Gupta, president and chief executive officer, HCL Technologies, says while the company is strong on the non-discretionary front, the discretionary side continues to be challenging.
April 10, 2013
'Novartis case: Supreme Court ruling wise and balanced'
Supreme Court is saying that consumers should not be forced to pay higher prices just because it is chemically a new drug unless there is a therapeutic benefit involved.
April 03, 2013
'Judgment will ensure no ever-greening of patents'
Though the legal battle over Glivec's patentability may be over for now, Y K Sapru, the man spearheading the fight against Swiss multinational Novartis, isn't resting.
'Novartis ruling will have no impact on Indian pharma industry'
Oncologist Dr Sthabir Dasgupta talks about the impact of Novartis's losing patent case on the Indian pharma industry.
March 25, 2013
'Want to make Viacom18 the most admired media and entertainment company'
As group CEO, Sudhanshu Vats' job is to steer the television (Colors, Nick, Sonic, MTV, etc) and film businesses of Viacom18 Media.
March 22, 2013
What Sabeer Bhatia has to say about his new venture
On Thursday, Sabeer Bhatia, chief executive and co-founder of Jaxtr, launched a global SIM card for travellers.
March 12, 2013
The biggest threat is finding leadership talent: L&T chief
In an interview with PricewaterhouseCoopers, A M Naik, chairman of Larsen & Toubro Limited, talks about the company's strategies, opportunities and the challenges facing it.
'Passion, team effort keys to AirAsia Bhd's success'
In an interview with PricewaterhouseCoopers, Aireen Omar, chief executive officer of AirAsia Bhd, talks about the company's strengths, opportunities and challenges.
We will decide on price hike soon: CIL chief
In an interview with Business Standard, CIL Chairman Singayapally Narsing Rao attributes the performance to volume growth but adds a decision on price hike will be taken at an appropriate time.
March 07, 2013
No hurdles for Tata-Air Asia JV: Ajit Singh
The aviation minister, Ajit Singh, on Tata-Air Asia joint venture
March 04, 2013
We could not have controlled expenditure anymore: Chidambaram
He also suggested reducing interest rates would help stimulate growth.
February 18, 2013
'If we are importing buckets, something is definitely wrong'
Interview with Richard Rekhy, chief executive officer of KPMG India.
'In the next wave of digital growth, newspapers will lose'
According to Paris-based RECMA, GroupM controls over 40 per cent of the Rs 30,000 crore (Rs 300 billion) that marketers spent on print, TV, and other mass media and below-the-line activities, in India.
February 13, 2013
Our cost of funds is still high: Federal Bank chief
Shyam Srinivasan, managing director and CEO, shares with Business Standard the strategy to grow the bank's retail lending business in the coming quarters.
January 29, 2013
'Govt's short-term need for money is overriding the long-term aspect'
Vodafone India MD & CEO Marten Pieters, 59, blames regulation and the spectrum policy for the telecom industry's troubles.
January 24, 2013
'It's shameful that India isn't moving faster to eliminate hunger'
In an e-mailed interview with Business Standard, Mark Lynas says his opposition to GM was divorced from science.
January 23, 2013
These are challenging times: HUL chief
Hindustan Unilever, the FMCG major, has posted disappointing numbers for the December quarter on weak consumer sentiment, specially in discretionary categories.
January 18, 2013
We will now be more aggressive: HCL chief
After spending 20 years at HCL Technologies and heading various service lines, Anant Gupta on Thursday assumed the role of president and chief executive officer.
January 17, 2013
Will break even this year too, says Mohit Kampani
The retailer is looking at a break-even this year.
January 11, 2013
'Mobile, not TV, will become the first screen'
Mobile commerce is on the cusp of taking off in India and the growth curve would be a hockey stick shaped one, says Shubhradeep Guha, Global Capability Lead and Country Manager, SapientNitro (India), an integrated marketing, commerce and technology services firm, part of the $1.02billion Boston-based Sapient Corporation (2011).
January 08, 2013
'2013 will be year of consolidation for Essar Energy'
Essar Energy CEO Naresh Nayyar tells Business Standard that in 2013, the company would focus on optimising the operations of the commissioned units and generating cash flows.
January 02, 2013
'Ratan Tata, a happy brand ambassador for India Inc'
'What he has done has really been to give his time to go outside India, to reach out to governments, important countries, to meet world leaders. And I am sure when he is meeting them, he is not only presenting a Tata group message, he is presenting an India message. Therefore, he has become a kind of quasi-ambassador for us which is, of course, why the government values and respects him so much as well.' Top corporate lawyer Zia Mody assesses Ratan Tata's legacy.
December 31, 2012
'Individuals cannot fight corruption, you need collective action'
Avinash Dixit, John J F Sherrerd '52 University Professor of Economics, Princeton University, is a pioneer of the game theory and a major influence on Nobel laureate Paul Krugman's acclaimed work on international trade. Dixit, who spoke at the Delhi Economics Conclave on December 14, in an interview with Business Standard, talks about importance of collective action and social ostracism in fighting corruption.
December 27, 2012
'There is a need to put pressure on IPO pricing'
In an interview with Business Standard, Sebi Chairman U K Sinha discusses investment advisory rules and how regulators are coming together to resolve issues.
December 18, 2012
'We are investing in unconventional oil and gas'
As it gets ready for disinvestment of 10 per cent government equity through the offer-of-sale route in January, T K Ananth Kumar, director (finance), tells Jyoti Mukul the company is one of the cheapest explorers and producers of oil and gas, but awaits more predictability in the government-subsidy sharing mechanism.
December 08, 2012
'The GMR case shows our no-nonsense approach'
GMR was misled by the (predecessor) Nasheed administration to signing a legally unsustainable agreement, says Maldives president, Mohamed Waheed.
December 07, 2012
'For LIC, online sale is fast becoming a buzzword'
Thomas Mathew T, managing director, tells Manojit Saha and M Saraswathy about the LIC's strategy and growth plans.
November 05, 2012
Starbucks CEO on what makes a great leader
Like parents, leaders make tough choices, says Howard Schultz.
October 08, 2012
'R&D and innovation find little place in Indian industry'
J G Kulkarni, executive vice-president at Crompton Greaves and newly appointed president of the Indian Electrical & Electronics Manufacturers' Association speaks to Businsess Standard on the challenges and opportunities.
September 20, 2012
'Need 400,000 skilled people to address cyber security'
Gulshan Rai, director general of the Indian Computer Emergency Response Team and coordinator of the committee on cyber laws, says the team is gearing up to address the increasing mobile Internet usage.
August 08, 2012
'India is the most difficult transfer pricing destination'
Sean F Foley, global leader of KPMG Transfer Pricing Services, who has also been an APA tax administrator for the American government agency, tells Business Standard companies are optimistic but cautious about the development.
August 06, 2012
'Bankers must be careful on IPO pricing'
In an interview with Santosh Tiwari, Sebi Chairman U K Sinha also says he is not against consent orders, but is in favour of a predictable and transparent process.
July 26, 2012
'Airlines will have to spend 14% profits on DIAL charges'
Tony Tyler, director general and chief executive officer of the International Air Transport Association, a global industry trade body, says the European Union-Emission Trading Scheme is a regional programme, which cannot be imposed on the rest of ther world.
July 05, 2012
Tamil Nadu's ambitious plans to improve its power situation
New lines and sub stations are already in the pipeline. Rs 2,000 crore (Rs 20 billion) worth of projects have already been approved. It will take 3 to 4 years for all of them to come into operation. Till then we will try our best to divert wind power through other lines.
June 15, 2012
Why state electricity boards are facing a big crisis
<B>Anil Sardana</B>, managing director of India's largest private power producer, says though the tariff freeze by some states is causing tremendous stress, the company will go ahead with the expansion of the Mundra project.
June 05, 2012
'We are slowly inching towards GST'
Sushil Kumar Modi tells Business Standard the spirit of collective federalism needs to be heeded by all sides if the key reform is to become a reality.
May 23, 2012
'Rupee depreciation is a key risk to FII flows'
Jayesh Gandhi, executive director, Morgan Stanley Investment Management in an interview with Business Standard, says Indian equities continue to remain a long-term bull story based on the growth prospect for the country and, hence, in a way cannot be ignored by global investors.
April 19, 2012
'McDonald's has shown the way, it's great for Subway'
Fred DeLuca, founder and CEO of restaurant chain Subway, started a sandwich shop 'Pete's Super Submarine' at Bridgeport (Connecticut) when he was 17.
April 16, 2012
'India will be a global hub for solar projects'
William D Gallo, president and chief executive officer, tells Sanjay Jog they propose to make India a hub to source solar technology for their international operations.
April 02, 2012
Secret recipe of a successful ad firm
Ranjan Kapur has been country manager of WPP in India for the last eight years. But he gets back to actively managing operations at an agency with the additional responsibility of Bates India as its chairman.
March 30, 2012
'It is not uncommon for rivals to work together'
We will utilise India as a creative resource for all our offices around the world, says Chuck Brymer, President and CEO, DDB Worldwide.
March 15, 2012
'Our priority is to consolidate what we have done'
After presenting the Railway Budget, Railway Board Chairman Vinay Mittal and Financial Commissioner Vijaya Kanth spoke to Business Standard on the proposals.
February 08, 2012
I am disappointed with the numbers: Rangarajan
In an interview with Business Standard, he says investments would pick up and inflation would fall in the next financial year, providing the Reserve Bank of India the room to cut rates.
January 09, 2012
'Jharkhand will see loads of foreign investments in near future''s A Ganesh Nadar caught up with Arjun Munda, Chief Minister of Jharkhand.
November 24, 2011
'I carry Prahalad's intellectual curiosity in my heart'
Dr Venkatram Ramaswamy, Hallman Fellow of Electronic Business and Professor of Marketing at the Ross School of Business, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, USA, is in India to speak at Guruspeak, an annual event organized by IIM-Calcutta.
November 21, 2011
'Clearing investment bottlenecks a priority'
In September, industrial growth fell to just 1.9 per cent, its lowest in two years. Inflation is at 9.73 per cent, its 10th month above nine per cent.
October 19, 2011
What ails Maruti's Manesar plant
Maruti chairman R C Bhargava tells Sharmistha Mukherjee that there won't be a reduction on its dependence on the facility in Haryana.
October 18, 2011
'India is a solid and insight-driven market'
Amrop believes the economic slowdown will not have a long-term impact on its business, but maybe on technology.
October 05, 2011
Pranab on inflation, rating cut and state of economy
Amid the rituals of Maha Ashtami (the third day of the five-day festival), Pranab Mukherjee spoke to Shine Jacob on the Moody's downgrade of State Bank of India and other issues.
July 21, 2011
'Wipro to perform better in 2-3 quarters'
T K Kurien, CEO, IT business of Wipro, throws light on the company's strengths of weaknesses and its strategy.
July 19, 2011
'India is the core market for RBS'
In an interview with Malvika Joshi and Somasroy Chakraborty, Madan Menon, RBS' chief executive for Singapore and Southeast Asia and head of global banking and markets in India, shares the bank's plans.
July 06, 2011
'Even in a worse situation, we are derisking'
Brotin Banerjee, managing director and CEO of Tata Housing, shares the company's plans and strategy with Raghavendra Kamath.
June 07, 2011
'IT sector provides a defensive bet'
Given the recent weakness in the rupee and the high forward premium, information technology companies can prove to be good defensive stocks with low downside risks in the prevailing market conditions, Moses Harding, head (global markets group), IndusInd Bank, tells Puneet Wadhwa.
June 06, 2011
'3G will help drive value-added services in the long run'
To address this, OnMobile Global, a leading provider, is de-risking its business model by growing its international business.
May 12, 2011
'Market will determine which ratings are credible'
Deven Sharma, president of Standard and Poor's, tells Devjyot Ghoshal that the market and the investor will have the final say on the way forward.
May 11, 2011
Mining: What the govt plans to do
Formulating changes in any law having wide-ranging social consequences is bound to be a tightrope walk for the government.
April 29, 2011
'Digital revolution has just begun in India'
Morel, who was in India recently, spoke to Viveat Susan Pinto and Priyanka Singh.
April 27, 2011
'Companies should be headed by young people'
We need to first give priority to some other important issues such as affirmative action, skill development, growth of manufacturing and getting the mega projects off the ground, says Muthuraman.
April 25, 2011
MindTree chief on its scrapping $8-mn project
Albert Hieronimus tells Bibhu Ranjan Mishra and Pradeesh Chandran, he is optimistic.
April 13, 2011
India, a top investment hotspot for Alstom
Started in 1857, Alstom is one of the grand old companies of Europe.
March 30, 2011
'UBI plans incentive scheme for staff'
Bhasker Sen, chairman and managing director of UBI, discusses the bank's plan in the areas of business growth and human resources with Parnika Sokhi and Manojit Saha.
March 21, 2011
'FDI in multi-brand retail needs broader consensus'
Economic Affairs Secretary R Gopalan, who retains charge of financial services, has shown an ability to grasp ground realities in pushing critical reforms.
March 11, 2011
We are strongly capitalised: HDFC
In an interview with Manojit Saha and Somasroy Chakraborty, executive director Paresh Sukthankar says the bank is adequately capitalised to meet the growth targets for at least a couple of years.
March 04, 2011
HDFC bets big on education
An interview with executive director V Srinivasa Rangan.
Rolls-Royce aims to sell 100 cars this year in India
Youngest customer for Rolls- Royce is a 26-year-old-Indian.
February 07, 2011
'MNP churn will stabilise in next nine to 12 months'
Vice president and CEO Sanjay Kasturia talks about the initial trends in mobile number portability, launched all across India on January 20, and other issues in an interview with Mansi Taneja.
January 28, 2011
'India is a key cornerstone for future growth'
We see India as a very important market for HP, says Sean Kenny.
How the UK Bribery Act will hit Indian cos
Following a spate of bribery cases, Indian Inc may be in for some severe trouble after the UK Bribery Act comes into force from April 1.
January 25, 2011
Lending rates to rise, loans to grow by 16%: ICICI
Chanda Kochhar, managing director and chief executive officer of ICICI Bank Ltd, the second biggest lender, expects loans to grow 16 per cent in the year to March and sees lending rates rising during the year.
January 20, 2011
Exclusive! Why the eminent citizens wrote the open letter
In a few weeks, the 14 eminent citizens who wrote 'An Open Letter to our Leaders' this week will propose concrete suggestions how 'our leaders' can tackle the problems of governance deficit and corruption, reveals Dr Ashok Ganguly, one of the 14 signatories.
January 11, 2011
You can't operate in Silicon Valley if...
Protiviti Inc, one of the world's largest independent business and risk consulting firms, specialises in internal audit, estimated to be a Rs 1,35,000-crore (Rs 1.35 trillion) business globally.
January 05, 2011
'2011 will be tough for markets'
Arun Kejriwal, founder, Kejriwal Research and Investment Services, tells Krishna Merchant that with the second round of quantitative easing on, the US economy is likely to receive higher allocation of funds.
January 03, 2011
Sustained double-digit growth is a certainty: Kamath
ICICI Bank chairman K V Kamath says the best part of India's growth momentum is that around 65 per cent of the economy does not need external funding.
December 24, 2010
'Metal firms took environmental approvals lightly'
In conversation with Shubhashish and Arijit Barman, Rakesh Arora, managing director and head of research, Macquarie Capital Securities (India) Pvt Ltd and among the most authoritative metal analysts in India, says companies should start taking environmental laws more seriously.
November 29, 2010
'We understand Indian consumers, in and out'
At a time when Emami Ltd is hitting the headlines with news on acquisitions and foreign ventures, Aditya V Agarwal, a director and one of the younger scions of the group, shares his thinking with Shine Jacob.
November 26, 2010
'I am not even thinking of monetising telecom'
For over a year Sanjay Chandra, managing director of the Unitech group, has been under a cloud for various reasons.
November 16, 2010
'There's no shortage of deals for bankers'
Mergers and amalgamations will grow and deal sizes increase as the Indian economy expands, Venkat Anantharaman, managing director responsible for mergers and amalgamations, leveraged finance and equity corporate finance at Standard Chartered Bank in Mumbai, tells Sumit Sharma in an interview.
November 15, 2010
'10% inflation means the economy is overheating'
Gita Gopinath, Professor of Economics at Harvard University, says the monetary policy in India is not transparent and it would be nice to know very clearly from the central bank what steps it has to control inflation and what impact the rate hikes had on controlling inflation.
October 28, 2010
'Prepaid customers our thrust area in India'
While the brand is facing stiff competition from Apple's iPhone and Google's Android platform in the consumer market and is likely to come face to face with renewed competition in the enterprise market from Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 in early 2011, Frenny Bawa, managing director, RIM India, is confident of staying ahead of the pack.
October 22, 2010
'Inflation still a concern in unabated India growth story'
In an interaction with Vrishti Beniwal, the former RBI governor says gross domestic product growth and industrial output will pick up in the coming months.
October 08, 2010
Indian markets will give strong returns: Morgan chief
The India story is on a roll. The country's benchmark indices are on their way to touching historical highs, aided largely by inflows from foreign institutional investors. But Ridham Desai, managing director, Morgan Stanley (India), still thinks there's "some reticence" in FII participation.
October 07, 2010
'India strong enough to weather external shocks'
Emerging markets guru Mark Mobius believes the Indian market is no longer cheap but the country has been enjoying a premium over peers due to its growth prospects. In an interview with Business Standard, the executive chairman of Templeton Emerging Markets Group says India's relatively strong fundamentals and accumulation of foreign exchange reserves put it in a much stronger position to weather external shocks.
October 06, 2010
'Markets mirror economy's performance'
Dinesh Thakkar, chairman and managing director, Angel Broking, tells Business Standard the heady pace of markets could trigger selling.
October 05, 2010
'Future Group to focus on maintaining No 1 postion'
Raghu Pillai, former director and CEO (operations, strategy and business development) of Reliance Retail, today took over as the chief executive of Kishore Biyani's Future Value Retail. An industry veteran, Pillai talks about his new role with Business Standard.
'We are hungry for business in India'
Ever since MindTree, the mid-sized information technology and research services firm, acquired Aztecsoft in 2008, it has had a clear strategy in mind.
October 04, 2010
Nilekani explains the objectives of UID
In an interview with Sanjay Jog, Unique Identification Authority of India chairman Nandan Nilekani explains the objectives of the UID scheme and its challenges.
October 01, 2010
'Hyundai enjoys the competition in India'
Hyundai has managed to maintain this 20 per cent share even though competition has become fierce
September 30, 2010
Anand Mahindra on key challenges for Satyam
By wonderful coincidence, the first UID card handed out today by the Prime Minister and Mrs Gandhi was backed by Mahindra Satyam technology, says Anand Mahindra.
September 27, 2010
'Maharashtra residents to get UID numbers by March 2012'
Prime Minister Manmohan Singh will launch Aadhaar, the Unique Identification (UID) project, in Maharashtra's tribal-dominated Nanduarbar district on September 29.
September 24, 2010
'FMC to gain financial autonomy soon'
The Cabinet cleared amendments to the Forward Contracts (Regulation) Act, giving the FMC autonomy and including various provisions aimed at developing the market. Business Standard spoke to Khatua on how the amendments will impact the markets once it comes into force.
'Sensex likely to hit 21,000 by Diwali'
Ramesh Damani, stock broker, Bombay Stock Exchange, is known for prudent stock-picking. Though he prefers to be cautious while talking on individual stocks due to regulatory issues, in an interview with Business Standard, he drops a few hints about the current rally and the sectors he is betting on.
September 21, 2010
Regulators have not come down from Heaven: FM
Regulators are expected to work within their domain, says Pranab Mukherjee.
September 20, 2010
We need level playing field in mine allocation: Essar Steel chief
A global steel producer is putting up 14-million-tonne capacity, Essar Steel aims to achieve a global capacity of 20-25 mt.
September 06, 2010
'A change in departure tax will make Heathrow uncompetitive'
In a freewheeling chat with Sneha Kupekar, the Irishman says the company will lobby against any change in the departure tax and believes Emirates must be looking at its new codeshare with Kingfisher with envy.
September 01, 2010
Oberoi group welcomes Reliance's interest in EIH
Prithvi Raj Singh Oberoi, chairman of the Oberoi group of hotels, says many people had approached him for picking up stake in EIH, but their investment objectives were not compatible with the company's.
'SIP is best option for small investors'
Motilal Oswal, chairman and managing director, Motilal Oswal Financial Services, outlines an equity market strategy for retail investors.
All of us are very committed to Infosys: Kris
nfosys Managing Director and CEO S (Kris) Gopalakrishnan speaks about the company to Business Standard.
August 31, 2010
'India will be among the top three markets'
For Steve Bertamini, group executive director and chief executive officer, global consumer banking at Standard Chartered, India is one of the most important markets.
August 25, 2010
Our fundamentals are very strong, says Morgan Stanley
India Investment Banking chairman V K Bansal spoke to Abhineet Kumar on various issues related to equity capital markets
August 23, 2010
'We have to work on delivering excellent quality'
Soon after Carl-Peter Foster, former head of General Motors Europe, joined the 65-year-old Tata Motors, he asked for 100 days to come to grips with his job.
Microsoft unfazed by competition from Google
'Good for us, bad for them'. That's what Microsoft's Chief Information Officer, Tony Scott, has to say to competitors like and Google.
August 19, 2010
'We may look at an India-focused fund'
In a chat with Business Standard, Blackstone India chairman and managing director Akhil Gupta says the PE player is eyeing investment opportunities in infrastructure and personal consumption-driven sectors and may raise an India-focused fund.
August 11, 2010
'Property prices in Pune have increased by 12.5%'
Aditya Verma, Chief Operating Officer, speaks to Business Standard about the findings of its latest survey Pune's real estate market and the way ahead.
August 06, 2010
How CAG plans to do corporate audits
With over half the Plan funds that Parliament approves being spent through non-government channels, to cite the figure in CAG Vinod Rai's presentation to the Planning Commission, members of the Parliament have no way of knowing whether the money is properly spent.
August 05, 2010
'Inflation: Answer lies in right price mechanism'
If the government takes a progressive view and the industry co-operates for arriving at a pricing mechanism, it will be a win-win for all, Raju Barwale, managing director of Mahyco (Maharashtra Hybrid Seeds Company Ltd), tells Dilip Kumar Jha.
'Demand for residential property is sound'
Bangalore-based Sobha Developers had a two-fold rise in its net profit to Rs 34.3 crore (Rs 343 million) in the April-June quarter. J C Sharma, Managing Director, spoke to Business Standard on the revival in demand and the company's growth plans.
August 04, 2010
We are the fastest growing lab chain: Super Religare Labs chief
In an interview with Joe C Mathew, chief executive officer Sanjeev Chaudhry talks oft SRL's growth plans.
August 03, 2010
India is becoming very attractive for foreign investors
In an interview with Abhineet Kumar, Manisha Girotra, UBS India\'s managing director and country head, talks about the changed mindset of Indian promoters, and the impact of the new takeover code rules.
We're hopeful of meeting Plan targets: NTPC chief
In an interview with , chairman and managing director R S Sharma talks of his company's strategy.
July 22, 2010
'RBI needs to encourage capacity expansion'
Stuart A Davis, the chief executive officer at HSBC India, expects the Reserve Bank of India to increase repo and reverse repo rates by 25 basis points in its quarterly monetary policy review on July 27, as concerns over accelerating inflation and uncertain monsoon linger.
July 20, 2010
'The government is killing the telecom dream'
In an exclusive interview to NDTV Profit, chairman of Bharti Enterprises, Sunil Mittal, hit out at what he called the irrational pricing of spectrum between older and newer players.
July 15, 2010
'Petrol price deregulation is not enough'
In an interview with Ajay Modi & Jyoti Mukul, ONGC chairman R S Sharma says uncertainties continue in the business even after decontrol of petrol prices.
'Teaser rates are not good for the banking industry'
Anoop Pabby, managing director of Deutsche Postbank Home Finance Ltd, spoke to Atanu Kumar Das about the challenges faced by home finance companies and how profitability is linked to customer satisfaction.
July 13, 2010
'Decontrol will allow flow of global funds in the industry'
The Indian Sugar Mills Association president and Balrampur Chini managing director Vivek Saraogi speaks to Ajay Modi on the way ahead for the industry.
July 12, 2010
'Govt is about intense disagreements, creative tensions'
Planning Commission Deputy Chairman Montek Singh Ahluwalia says Commerce Minister Kamal Nath had warned him in advance that he was going to criticise the apex planning body in public.
July 08, 2010
'The Navi Mumbai airport needs to take off'
G V Krishna Reddy, Chairman, talks to Business Standard about his plans.
July 07, 2010
'Valuation is key to success of divestment'
Ravi Kapoor, head of global banking at Citi India tells that the success of the Centre's divestment programme hinges on attractive valuations
'Base rate not to affect home loans'
Anuj Puri, chairman and country head, Jones Lang LaSalle Meghraj, tells Business Standard that high prices and hardening of mortgage rates may act as a dampener.
July 02, 2010
M S Banga on life as a fund manager
Banga has hung up his Unilever boots and moved on to private equity firm Clayton Dubilier & Rice (CD&R) as an operating partner.
July 01, 2010
'More exchanges will come up in India soon'
In an interview with Business Standard, Jalan, who has also been a member of the Rajya Sabha, speaks on a wide range of issues concerning the markets
'Prosperity is about the ability to combine'
In a conversation with Sreelatha Menon, he says anything that brings assets to the poor is great, but the poor also need an access to macrofinance.
June 30, 2010
'People had doubts even when we did the Aircel deal'
Manoj Tirodkar, chairman of GTL Infra, spoke to Arijit Barman & Katya Naidu bout the different aspects of the transaction.
'Deregulation will not cause inflation'
An interview with Kirit S Parikh, former Planning Commission member and chairman of the committee on oil pricing reforms.
'We should replicate the successes of Chinese banks'
Rana Kapoor, Founder and Chief Executive Officer YES Bank, believes further opening up of India's banking sector to foreign players will be mutually beneficial.
June 29, 2010
'Govt's move on fuel a sentiment booster'
The deregulation of fuel prices will mean a valuation re-rating for most stocks in the sector, Amar Ambani, vice-president, research, at IIFL, speaks to the Business Standard.
India can be the fastest-growing auto market: Ford India boss
Michael Boneham, President and Managing Director at Ford India talks about Ford's small car Figo as well as the company's future plans.
June 23, 2010
'Boeing is comfortable about its positioning in India'
Back in India nine years after his initial stint in the country, Boeing India president and Boeing International vice-president Dinesh A Keskar stresses that India is an important market for Chicago-based Boeing.
June 21, 2010
'Easy image-sharing will drive Kodak's growth'
Sayantani Kar speaks to Eastman Kodak Company vice-president & general manager (digital capture & imaging devices) John Blake and Kodak India managing director Ravi Karamcheti about the changes the company has brought about and its ambitions.
June 15, 2010
Mercedes-Benz to speed up expansion plans in India
Wilfried Aulbur, MD & CEO of Mercedes-Benz India speaks about his plans for India
June 10, 2010
Meet the man behind 1298 ambulance
Shaffi Mather, founder of the yellow ambulance or the 1298 service, was one among the six Indians who were invited by US President Barack Obama to participate in the entrepreneur summit which was held in recently in US.In an interview with, Shaffi Mather speaks about his enterprise and the summit.
June 09, 2010
'We plan to launch a healthcare vertical by the year-end'
CEO Arvind Thakur told Kirtika Suneja the would explore only a few segments for growing this year.
June 07, 2010
'Overwhelming demand hiking home prices'
In a chat with Raghavendra Kamath, the group's co-founder and managing director, Niranjan Hiranandani, talks about the company's plans and the property market in the country.
June 03, 2010
'The key to alliances is innovation'
Alok Sonig, managing director of the India arm, talks to Business Standard about the company's plans for the next five years
June 02, 2010
'We soon want to be a $1-billion company'
Managing director and global chief executive officer, Aparup Sengupta, is working on being a $1-billion company in the next 12-18 months (current turnover is $700 million or Rs 3,150 crore) and believes acquisitions will be a major way of achieving this.
June 01, 2010
'We are the first firm to make global delivery work'
Steve Cardell, CEO of HCL Axon, spoke to Pallavi Aiyar about why, despite the reservations many analysts had, the move appears to have paid off for both entities.
May 31, 2010
Women make better managers: IIM-K director
The Indian Institute of Management, Kozhikode, which raised its fee to Rs 10 lakh (Rs 1 million) from Rs 800,000 this year, gave away over Rs 2 crore (Rs 20 million) as scholarships to students last year.
May 27, 2010
'We will be a leading player in the electric car market'
Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd, India's largest sports utility vehicle and tractor maker, is bullish on its latest acquisition of REVA Electric Car Company.
May 25, 2010
'There could be massive sell-off if crisis worsens'
The current crisis in the euro zone will not create any major problems for India, but a 10-15 per cent correction in markets is not ruled out if it worsens, says Ridham Desai, managing director and head of equities at Morgan Stanley India.
May 24, 2010
'Centre must give us 2,000 MW free power'
In an interview, Uttarakhand Chief Minister Ramesh Pokhriyal Nishank talks about controversies plaguing his government as well as developmental projects and his plans.
'We have challenges but our yields are picking up'
Axel Hilgers, Director, South Asia speaks to Business Standard.
May 21, 2010
'Europe's problems will have a global impact'
Rohit Chatterji, the new managing director and head of investment banking at J P Morgan, is cautious about the European crisis turning from a liquidity issue to a solvency crisis.
'Govt should bring reforms in realty sector'
The newly appointed president of Maharashtra Chamber of Housing Industry Sunil Mantri speaks on various issues in relty sector
May 18, 2010
All about Iffco's Vision 2015
While planning significant consolidation of its vast expanse of business in the next five years, the Rs 17,000-crore (rs 170 billion) Indian Farmers Fertilizer Cooperative Ltd (Iffco) has demanded "physical support by the government" through excise and Customs exemptions and income tax holidays.
May 17, 2010
'India's role in outsourcing will grow'
An interview with Dilip R Vellodi, chairman and chief executive officer, Sutherland Global Services.
'We run ERP on private clouds today'
Peter Gartenberg, SAP India Managing Director tells about the changes taking place at SAP globally
May 14, 2010
'India's English edge not there in hardware'
Although still behind India's $60 billion-equivalent, many Chinese companies are increasingly confident that India's days as king of software outsourcing are numbered. Business Standard spoke to Dr Liu Jiren, founder and CEO of Neusoft, China's largest outsourcing company, about how Chinese outsourcing firms evaluate themselves against Indian counterparts. Edited excerpts:
May 13, 2010
'We've succeeded by enabling people to fly home for weekends'
Air Asia's difference approach has been developing a portfolio first. We were the first airline to fly to Trichy and then after going to newer and uncharted markets.
UID number: Challenges and security concerns
People tend to think that online means access to information on the fly. But that does not mean that any individual can access the data, says Sunil Chandiramani.
May 11, 2010
'SC verdict won't affect any project of R-Infra'
Reliance Infrastructure, part of the Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Group, has said the recent Supreme Court order on gas supply to sister firm Reliance Power (45 per cent owned by R-Infra) will not impact its projects.
'Divestment may take time, but diversification is on'
While the government is banking on divestment of its stake in the country's biggest trading giant MMTC Ltd to meet its Rs 40,000-crore (Rs 400 billion) disinvestment target for 2010-11, MMTC chairman and managing director Sanjiv Batra believes it may take more time, as the government is yet to appoint independent directors on its board.
May 10, 2010
'The case of RNRL has been strengthened'
A short-term (five-year) price is not relevant beyond a point when power plants have a life of 15-20 years, says J P Chalasani, CEO, Reliance Power.
May 05, 2010
'Multi-billion dollar deals at an all-time high'
Outbound will be more than inbound and the reason for that is, for inbound, valuations are going up.
'India can play a mini-US role in smaller countries'
Professor Kavil Ramachandran, a delegate at the Presidential Entrepreneurship Summit, speaks to Aziz Haniffa.
'Nokia to launch N8 smartphone this year'
Nokia India, an undisputed leader in the mobile handset market a few years ago, faces rising competition from home-grown players
May 04, 2010
Job-hunting NRIs turn to astrology
To explore the reasons behind this 'reverse brain drain' as also the company's way of functioning,'s Indrani Roy Mitra spoke to Meena Kapoor, founder and chief executive officer, Netway India Pvt Ltd, company that owns
April 28, 2010
'Indian cos will be very selective in M&As'
Sunil Sanghai, the head of the investment banking team speaks on Goldman Sachs' India plans, mergers and acquisitions, and the regulatory arena.
'RBI, Sebi helped India overcome economic crisis'
There are a number of factors that helped India remain relatively unscathed. Some of them are to do with RBI and some of them are to do with the Indian economy.
April 27, 2010
Tesco's retail plans in India
The six-year-old Tesco Hindustan Service Centre, the Bangalore-based support centre of Tesco Plc, the world's third largest retailer, is gearing up for the retail giant's cash-and-carry outlet opening by year-end.
April 26, 2010
Business environment is positive: Wipro
The business environment is positive, with an uptick in demand, in both domestic and international markets.
'India should take its innovation to the developed world'
Sylvie Ouziel speaks on some of the key issues companies are facing post-recession, the growth opportunities for businesses in emerging markets and how the business of consulting is changing.
April 23, 2010
'India to spend over $10 billion on e-governance'
India's minister of communications and information technology speaks to in Toronto.
April 21, 2010
RBI governor on how to boost growth
Growth is coming from sectors which are interest rate-sensitive, says
We will try our best to retain performers: TCS boss
India's largest information technology services provider, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), beat analyst expectations on both net profit and operating margins during the fourth quarter ending March 31.
'Why China, we are not afraid of any competition'
B Prasada Rao, chairman and managing director of state-owned Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd, tells Kanika Datta it's possible to counter the problem with better-performing products.
April 20, 2010
N-tech: US firms want level playing field in India
Ron Somers, president, US-India Business Council, which lobbied to get the US-India nuclear technology deal approved, like the rest of the American business fraternity, is upset by India's recent purchase of nuclear reactors and sophisticated technology and weaponry from Russia.
April 16, 2010
'India allowing Chinese economic invasion'
I am upset with the Chinese economic invasion and the way we are allowing that to happen, says Naik.
'The next growth areas for diamond are India and China'
Diamond Trading Corporation, the marketing arm of the world's largest diamond producer De Beers, is planning to increase its intake by 25 per cent from its last year's sale of $3.5 billion.
April 15, 2010
'Private banking in India is at take-off stage'
Private banking in India is still at a nascent stage and can absorb all the lessons learnt the hard way in developed markets, according to Jane Fraser, the global head of Citi Private Bank.
April 14, 2010
Growth is back, employment is back: Infy CEO
S (Kris) Gopalakrishnan speaks on the outlook for Infosys and the sector.
April 05, 2010
What worries the Delhi chief minister
Sheila Dikshit answers the question everyone is asking: 'What after the Commonwealth Games'?
April 02, 2010
How Micromax sells 1 million handsets every month
Though Micromax sold its first mobile phone just two years ago, it appears confident it can pull off a coup - it already has a 5 per cent market share.
March 31, 2010
'India is a compelling market for outbound tourism'
Already well-known for its inbound travel business, being selected to run the Commonwealth Games Travel office has been an additional feather in their cap, managing director Arjun Sharma told Ruchika Chitravanshi in an interview where he also spoke about tourism trends.
'There is rigid monitoring of targets at my level'
Despite many hiccups in project implementation, India on Sunday crossed the earlier 10th Five-Year Plan's total addition to generation capacity of 21,180 Mw.
'The deal is a game-changer for Bharti'
We will introduce the Airtel brand in Africa in all the markets
March 30, 2010
'India's patent policy is discouraging innovations'
US-based Eli Lilly has planned to continue its focus on innovation-driven products, instead of opening up to opportunities in off-patent generic drugs, being tapped by its larger competitors like GSK and Pfizer.
March 29, 2010
'We need to take land reform benefits forward'
Politburo member Sitaram Yechury speaks about the party's strategy and alliances
March 25, 2010
'Number of inbound travellers is quite less'
In an interview with Ruchika Chitravanshi, executive director Rakshit Desai says, while the company does offer high-end products, it also has products that are cheaper than competitors.
'Net-ready tablet PCs to flood market in 2010'
Global consulting firm Deloitte has come out with its predictions on the technology trends that are expected to be seen across technology, media and telecommunications sector
March 23, 2010
'India is a good place to acquire talent'
In an interview with K Rajani Kanth, Synopsys global president and chief operating officer Chi-Foon Chan says the company sees India as an emerging market for intellectual property and systems business.
March 19, 2010
'Coca-Cola will continue to invest in India'
Coca-Cola is bullish about its India operations after recording one of its highest growth numbers in the October-December 2009 quarter
March 10, 2010
'We think IT spends will pick up this year'
Bangalore-based information technology services firm MindTree has set up an ambitious target of becoming a $1-billion (around Rs 4,600-crore) company over the next five years.
'Our Indian operations are a great success story'
Andrew Witty, chief executive of GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), the world's second-largest drug company, was in India this week as part of the dedication of an albandazole manufacturing facility at Nashik to the World Health Organization (WHO)'s global programme to eliminate Lymphatic Filariasis.
March 05, 2010
'The 3G money raised may be more than estimated'
There is scepticism in some quarters that the Budget for 2010-11, while spreading cheer, may be skating on thin ice. For instance, some of its assumptions will give way if the non-tax revenue projections turn out to be castles in the air.
March 04, 2010
Revenue Secretary on the govt's challenges
By partially rolling back the stimulus that was provided through fiscal incentives in the excise duties and by retaining the service tax at 10 per cent, we are primarily signalling that we are going back to a unified goods and services tax, says Sunil Mitra.
March 03, 2010
Mukesh Ambani is one of the world's best CEOs: Ram Charan
Entrepreneurs are visionaries since they build what has not been built before, says Ram Charan.
FM on how the govt plans to tackle inflation
Taking into account all the increases, inflation will be around 0.4 per cent in the wholesale price index, says Pranab Mukherjee.
March 02, 2010
'The downturn is not yet completely behind us'
In fact, we expect the first half of 2010 to be at least as challenging as the first six months of 2009, says Kishor Patil, MD & CEO, KPIT Cummins Infosystems.
February 27, 2010
'I have been cautious, not adventurous'
'This year was a very difficult time for me, or for any finance minister.'
February 26, 2010
'Unrecognised schools hardly have any teaching'
Unrecognised schools have been given three years to fix their infrastructure and five years for their teachers to get the necessary qualifications, says Kapil Sibal.
February 25, 2010
'India has great campaigns, poor branding'
India indulges in the most sophisticated marketing campaigns but has poorest branding, says Shombit Sengupta, Founder, Shining Consulting.
February 22, 2010
'Industry not at the cost of nature'
The Uttarakhand government is not keen to promote tourism at the cost of flora and fauna.
'India gets leg into Bermuda tax havens'
A tax information exchange agreement will give OECD-mandated exchange to Indian tax authorities and their requests in cases of special inquiries will be better equipped to tackle tax evasion.
'I will be cautious about buying equity now'
Marc Faber, legendary contrarian investor and author of The Gloom, Boom & Doom Report, talks to Jitendra Gupta on recent market correction, road ahead for Indian markets, global economic recovery and whether there is a bubble in China or not.
February 18, 2010
'Need tax breaks to gear up for green technology'
We are looking at different excise duties for products which are labeled energy efficient. So, products which are more energy efficient will pay lower excise, says Ajay Mathur.
February 16, 2010
'This is a good time to move to market prices for petrol & diesel'
'Prices can be adjusted now. The government can even temporarily cut taxes'.
February 11, 2010
'Indians tend to place wealth ahead of health'
The interesting find was how people perceive health insurance in India. It is seen as an instrument to protect savings.
February 10, 2010
'Foreign investors prefer independent managers'
Newly-formed Ascent Capital, which is a separate investment entity carved out of UTI Ventures, recently raised $350 million (Rs 1,575 crore) for its first fund.
Capgemini sees recovery in 2010
Paul Hermelin, group chief executive officer of Europe's largest IT services firm, Capgemini, is one of the earliest proponents of the offshoring model.
February 09, 2010
'Jobs to dalits is private sector's social duty'
Positives like dalit music and literature should be promoted while reservations for the community can continue, Union Minister for Social Justice and Empowerment, Mukul Wasnik, tells Business Standard.
February 08, 2010
'Introducing Bt brinjal in India will be disastrous'
Our native brinjal has a medicinal value and once there is contamination, the medicinal value in the natural brinjal will automatically be lost.
February 01, 2010
'2010 is going to be a difficult year'
Given the inflation across most economies, especially India, I believe inflation beneficiaries should do well and sectors that are interest rate-sensitive should not do so well, says Punita Kumar Sinha, Senior MD, Blackstone Asia Advisors.
Sectors that will do well in 2010
We continue to remain bullish on the telecom and financial services space, says Manish Kejriwal, Country Head (India), Temasek.
January 29, 2010
'We want to become the world's premier browser'
This January, Lars Boilesen took over the reigns of Opera Software after its co-founder and leader of 15 years, Jon S von Tetzchner, stepped down.
'Risk aversion is the biggest risk'
The Rs 2,200 crore (Rs 22 billion) Star India has for long been the biggest contributor to parent News Corporation's Asian revenues and profits (over 80 per cent).
January 27, 2010
'Coal mine development is a long-drawn process'
After the government scaled up the power capacity addition target in the current Plan period multi-fold, NTPC embarked upon a major diversification drive in the entire energy chain.
NPAs may rise further: SBI
Though the economy is recovering, the non-performing assets (NPAs) may rise further because the asset quality will improve only with a lag effect, says O P Bhatt.
January 25, 2010
'I want to see Rs 1 lakh crore in food processing'
We are looking at setting up 30 food parks in the 11th five-year Plan, says Subodh Kant Sahai Union Food, Processing Minister.
Report has mistakes, but glacier melting is real: Pachauri
Over 4,000 people are involved in an IPCC report. For the fourth assessment report, there were 450 authors, 800 contributing authors and 2,500 expert reviewers, says
January 21, 2010
'PSUs as an asset class is good investment'
With the government planning to mop up Rs 24,000 crore (Rs 240 billion) through disinvestment this financial year, investors have once again become interested in public sector companies.
Everybody is in a mood to spend: Wipro CEO
In an interview with Mahesh Kulkarni and Archana Prasanna, Wipro's joint chief executive officer Girish Paranjpe says the company expects uniform growth in information technology spends, despite flat to marginally positive IT budgets in 2010.
January 20, 2010
'We will start a third shift at Halol for LCV'
In a chat with Sohini Das, GM India president and managing director Karl Slym says, with the launch of the new compact car, Beat, and a positive response to the Cruze, GM plans to cross the 100,000-unit mark this year in sales.
'Double-dip in the US economy is inevitable'
Robin Griffiths, technical strategist at Cazenove Capital, shares his opinion on why India and Brazil are a better bet than China in the current economic scenario, crystal gazes the strength of the US dollar and believes that if all goes well then the Indian stock market benchmark, Sensex, could test its earlier peak set in January 2008.
'Small investors don't make money from stocks'
Interview with Shankar Sharma,VC & Joint MD, First Global.
January 19, 2010
Chandrasekaran on TCS' growth prospects and hiring plans
'One of the strategies is to pick deals carefully. That means looking at sectors like energy, banking, insurance and also doing outsourcing.'
January 18, 2010
'The radio industry is being forced to be unviable'
"If the music royalty is reduced by Rs 100 crore (Rs 1 billion), I think many of the FM radio stations in the country could be very viable. Or else, they will be forced to shutdown," says Prashant Panday, CEO, Radio Mirchi.
IOC plans to acquire mid-size E&P firms
Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) has come a long way in its 50 years of existence.
Jairam Ramesh on his green agenda
Transport accounts for between 5 and 8 per cent of our greenhouse gas emissions, says Jairam Ramesh.
January 15, 2010
Food price inflation is temporary: Montek
There is no doubt that economic growth has picked up. It's also true that inflation has edged up. We had said at the beginning that sometime in the course of the year we would begin to slowly wind it down and what has happened is on course for that decision but exactly what, it's too early to say, says Montek Singh Ahluwalia.
'Kyoto is in intensive care'
In the first of a three-part interview, Jairam Ramesh, MoS, Environment and Forests, speaks about the meaning of the Copenhagen Accord.
January 13, 2010
The worst seems to be behind us: Infy CEO
'Offshore services are expected to grow in 2010.'
January 08, 2010
'Hero Honda will launch 8-10 models next year'
We will continue with the same pace of product launches as we maintained in the past.
Energy savings can wipe out shortages
The market for energy efficiency products and services, and tradeable efficiency certificates - which India is going to launch - could be as large as Rs 74,000 crore.
January 07, 2010
'We don't want MNCs to patent Indian traditional knowledge'
Minister of Science & Technology and Earth Sciences Prithviraj Chavan says in an exclusive interview that India has digitized all traditional knowledge of medicine available in India and has shared it with the US President and United States patents office so that nobody benefits unduly by using Indian knowledge and files for patents on such products.
January 05, 2010
The secret behind Paramount Airways' success
Today, Paramount is the market leader in the South with a 27 per cent share.
'One should not expect a blockbuster year'
Equity markets enter the new year with a good 2009 behind them. This year, a record number of initial public offerings and disinvestments in public sector undertakings are expected. Rajesh Bhayani spoke to Rashesh Shah, chairman, Edelweiss Group, on what can be expected.
January 04, 2010
'2010 is going to be a difficult year'
Given the inflation across most economies, especially India, I believe inflation beneficiaries should do well and sectors that are interest rate-sensitive should not do so well, says Punita Kumar Sinha, Senior MD, Blackstone Asia Advisors.
'We'll get incremental growth from education, govt in 2010'
According to Google India managing director Shailesh Rao, the company is exiting 2009 with a positive outlook.
December 31, 2009
'India has some of the most promising entrepreneurs'
For India, we continue to believe that the market and clients here require flexible pools of capital that can address their financing requirements across the capital structure, says Sanjay Nayar, CEO and Country Head for India, KKR.
'Stock markets may not do well in 2010'
Historically, such large years are not followed by another huge year. So, strictly going by that, we should be less enthusiastic, says Pankaj Vaish, MD, Nomura Financial Advisory.
December 30, 2009
'Core sector will be at the top in 2010'
3i is a global private equity fund based out of UK and invests across buyouts, growth capital and infrastructure deals. It has a $1.2 billion India dedicated infrastructure fund which has made investments in Soma Enterprises and Adani Power.
Sectors that will do well in 2010
We continue to remain bullish on the telecom and financial services space, says Manish Kejriwal, Country Head (India), Temasek.
Renuka Ramnath on her new venture, challenges
India is still a capital-starved economy where long-term capital can be put to work to create valuable enterprises and successful entrepreneurs, says Renuka Ramnath.
December 29, 2009
'We are reinventing the economics of computing'
US-based NComputing creates virtual desktops that allow multiple users to simultaneously share one computer. Stephen Dukker, chairman and CEO of the company, says PCs today are so powerful they can easily support multiple users working on multiple applications.
December 28, 2009
'Only tax breaks may not draw investors'
'If I were in the Indian government, I would look at the growth projections in the next year. If it is a good and normal growth number, I would go for roll back.'
December 24, 2009
'Indian regulatory regime has brought us a world of good'
Rating agency Standard & Poor's is using the experience of working with the Indian rating agency, Crisil, a subsidiary of S&P, to its advantage. Deven Sharma, president, Standard & Poor\'s, spoke to Rajesh Bhayani
December 23, 2009
'2009 was a good year, next will be brighter'
Vedika Bhandarkar, managing director & head of investment banking, recounts how even in a supposedly bad year, the bank raised about Rs 1,00,000 crore (Rs 1,000 billion).
December 21, 2009
'We are happy being a small company'
Trident Hotels, the premium business hotel brand which belongs to the Kolkata-based East India Hotels, is now looking at tapping the leisure travel market. The brand would thus extend beyond metros, and will now be seen at leisure destinations, too, Trident's president Rattan Keswani tells Swaraj Baggonkar.
'Samuelson was the pre-eminent economist of our times'
'The only competition he would get is from Kenneth Arrow and to some extent from John Hicks.'
December 17, 2009
'The Boeing 787 actually benefits airlines'
The 787 Dreamliner aircraft is 20 per cent more fuel-efficient than other comparable aircraft, which means it will reduce costs and offer potential to increase revenues, says Dinesh Keskar, President, Boeing India.
December 16, 2009
How long will Vodafone take to become No.1?
The Indian mobile market has been witnessing a rate war with the entry of new players
December 15, 2009
'Stimulus withdrawal can bring double-dip recession'
As the global economic scenario is improving, Ajay Chhibber, regional director (Asia and the Pacific) for the United Nations Development Programme, believes employment will be the major indicator to gauge the firmness of the economic recovery.
December 14, 2009
Maharashtra debt huge, but under control, says Ashok Chavan
Though we have a debt burden of Rs 180,000 crore, the economic condition of the state is stable and healthy. This is due to efficient fiscal management and effective monitoring of expenditure, says the Maharashtra chief minister.
December 11, 2009
'Sensex to hit 22,000 by December 2010'
We are very positive on emerging markets, says John Praveen, MD, Prudential Investment Advisors.
December 07, 2009
'We need business leaders who can understand global competition'
The 15-month course at ISB is meant for senior executives who were being groomed by their organisations to move into leadership roles.
December 04, 2009
Reliance Brands' plans more new stores
Reliance Brands, a group company of Reliance Industries, began operations two years earlier to launch premium-to-luxury domestic and international brands and also set up retail stores for them.
December 03, 2009
Wipro to review compensation factor
Wipro Ltd, a provider of IT solutions and services including systems integration, information systems outsourcing and IT-enabled services, says it has not been affected by the crisis in West Asia and will continue to invest in the region.
December 01, 2009
IIM-B director on the CAT failure
Conducting an examination at this level is a very complex task, says Pankaj Chandra, Director, IIM Bangalore.
November 27, 2009
'China will snatch our market from us'
'It might take 10 years before medicines of decent quality and price reach right down to the last village of India. Ranbaxy, with its India focus, intends to get there in five years.'
November 25, 2009
'ULIPs are obviously going to become attractive'
Aviva CEO talks about talks about some of key issues on insurance.
November 23, 2009
'Indo-US economic bonds can fortify strategic ties'
An interview with former US assistant secretary of commerce Raymond E Vickery speaks on his book The Eagle And The Elephant: Strategic Aspects Of Us-India Economic Engagement.
November 17, 2009
'India is a priority market for StanChart'
While other foreign banks are still shrinking their loan portfolio, Standard Chartered Bank says it is seeing a double-digit growth
November 16, 2009
'We are World Bank's largest borrower'
In the first two years, we spent Rs 15,000 crore, which was more than our target, says S K Chaturvedi, CMD, Power Grid Corp.
'India is a very important market for IBM'
"India plans to build close to 14 nuclear power plants. We see huge opportunity here"
November 13, 2009
'Mobile device based social networking to drive growth'
Mobile connectivity has reached people the fastest of all technologies and the wave of mobile internet will be driven by social networking, says Jean-Laurent Poitou, MD, Accenture (electronics.
November 12, 2009
'It would have been a bad year without India, China'
India and China are generating enough growth from within, says H Lienhard, President & CEO, Voith AG.
November 09, 2009
'WNS back to focusing on finding a CEO'
WNS, an NYSE-listed business process outsourcing company, recorded good second quarter numbers, reflecting the improving market conditions in global markets. Neeraj Bhargava, Group CEO, attributed the performance to better volume growth and a robust pipeline. In a chat with Business Standard, he spoke about the recent stake sale talks with Warburg Pincus, appointing a new CEO and other issues.
November 06, 2009
'We are trying to build 10 hospitals every year'
In an interview with Joe C Mathew, Apollo Hospitals executive chairman Prathap C Reddy says the challenge is not in the funding, but in finding the human resources.
November 04, 2009
'We expect corporate buying to return'
Ajai Chowdhry, chairman and CEO, HCL Infosystems, tells Kirtika Suneja the environment may improve in three to six months, as the economy has bottomed out.
November 03, 2009
'All markets are now recovering'
On a short trip in Mumbai for a board meeting, Nick Thomlinson, chairman of Knight Frank, the global residential and commercial property consultancy, shares his insights and forecasts with Byravee Iyer.
November 02, 2009
'Faculty shortage is a global phenomenon'
On the sidelines of 'Samvit 2009 -- The Leaders' Conclave' at IIM-Lucknow recently, Ajit Balakrishan tells Virendra Singh Rawat answered some issues that have dogged IIMs.
Chanda Kochhar on ICICI Bank's performance
We are clearly focused on increasing our loan book in segments such as auto loans, home loans, commercial vehicles finance and corporate loans, says Chanda Kochhar.
'Godrej Properties will soon become our fastest-growing biz'
The slowdown is behind us and the country will grow at around 9-10 per cent, believes Adi Godrej, chairman of the Godrej Group.
October 30, 2009
'We cannot regulate gas prices'
Two years after it was first constituted, the Petroleum and Natural Gas Regulatory Board continues to move ahead in a patchy manner -- it is inviting bids for 2,800 km of cross-country pipelines and 1,200 km of spurlines next week; it is in the process of fixing tariffs for the Mukesh Ambani-owned Reliance Gas Transportation India Limited pipeline. Its chairman L Mansingh spoke at length on several of these issues to Sunil Jain.
October 29, 2009
'China should be India's economic partner, not rival'
China should be an economic partner and not a rival. China is the most suitable location to setup center to back-up operations in India because with India, China has the largest talent pool in the world.
October 28, 2009
Wipro CEOs on the company's growth secret
Wipro, despite the 1.5 per cent drop on the volume front, has seen a positive uptake in terms of client additions and revenues.
Inflation biggest worry: RBI Governor
RBI Governor D Subbarao explains the rationale for the moves announced in the second quarter review of the monetary policy in an interview with Sidhartha. Excerpts:
October 27, 2009
'I think we should lecture less to the world'
In an interview with Suman Guha Mozumder, Union Environment Minister Jairam Ramesh says a little less superiority and a little more humility on the part of India will serve us very well in the future.
October 26, 2009
'We will not sell Piramal Healthcare'
Nandini Piramal, heir apparent to the Piramal business empire as the elder child of Ajay Piramal and Swati Piramal, became the executive director of Piramal Healthcare in April this year.
October 23, 2009
'Full-service airline costs are double of ours'
The Indian aviation industry, which accounts for 2 per cent of the global aviation industry, suffered losses of Rs 10,000 crore (Rs 100 billion) in 2008-09. The industry is, however, now looking up, feels SpiceJet chief executive officer Sanjay Agarwal.
October 21, 2009
'Hiking realty prices will be a huge mistake'
Red Fort Capital, an international real estate fund founded by GB Singh, Parry Singh and Subhash Bedi, has invested nearly Rs 2,000 crore (Rs 20 billion) in the Indian real estate sector and claims that it is one of the few funds to have invested even in the downturn.
October 19, 2009
'It was only growth that eluded us, not business'
Nasscom president Som Mittal shares his view on issues such as the rise in value of the rupee against the dollar, hiring trends and the role of IT in e-governance.
'India's problem is implementation'
"In the last five years, government has begun to listen. Not that they do anything."
October 16, 2009
'Cognizant is constantly looking for targets'
In a chat with Shivani Shinde, Cognizant vice-chairman Lakshmi Narayanan explained the rationale behind the current acquisition and the way ahead.
October 15, 2009
'Anil Ambani is targetting me, my family'
In a free-wheeling interview with Jyoti Mukul, Sibal makes a case for his innocence and blames the media campaign by the Anil Ambani group for the current controversy.
October 12, 2009
Google bullish on social network ads
Parminder Singh, business head, Google, is bullish on the growth of advertising from these social networking platforms.
Our policies are for the <i>aam aadmi </i>: FM
We are emphasising on an agricultural growth of 4.5 per cent to achieve a 9 per cent GDP growth, says Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee.
Infy CEO on business growth, salary hikes
Infosys Technologies beat its own revenue guidance with better-than-expected second quarter (July-October) results, indicating an overall improvement in business and demand.
October 09, 2009
'India will have 1 billion mobiles by 2013'
T V Ramachandran, former director-general of the Cellular Operators' Association of India, iterates his wish that the differences in technologies would blur.
Telenor chief eyes 70 mn customers from India
Sigve Brekke, vice president and Asia-head of the Norway-based mobile major Telenor has played a big role in Telenor's aggressive Asian foray. Brekke spoke of his plans for Telenor's joint venture with real-estate firm Unitech.
October 08, 2009
Axis Bank CMD hints at small changes ahead
Sharma who took over as the chief executive officer and managing director in June is, however, confident that the bank will continue to beat the industry growth rate and sustain the margins and return ratios.
How Kishore Biyani plans to expand business
Kishore Biyani, the founder of Future Group, plans to more than double retail space to 30 million sq ft by 2013 and push the private labels business.
October 07, 2009
'We want to make TCS a bigger and better firm'
'With a strong customer base, we will continue to focus on customer-centric services, offer integrated full services, a global delivery model, tap emerging markets and increase our non-linear capabilities.'
October 05, 2009
'Wealth does not create roads; roads create wealth'
In an interview with Mihir Mishra and Jyoti Mukul, Nath, who as the commerce and industry minister in the previous United Progressive Alliance government was part of the fire-fighting to minimise impact of the slowdown, says that the current year will be better than the last year.
Expect $100 bn infra investment in 36 months: Chanda Kochhar
The managing director and CEO of India's second largest bank is already walking the talk by organising roadshows all over the world to showcase upcoming highway projects.
We're thinking of directly paying teachers: Sibal
Improving the quality of education is the greatest challenge before the government, says Human Resource Development Minister Kapil Sibal.
October 02, 2009
'IT spending is expected to be lower this year'
'We will have to wait for at least two quarters of data to ascertain whether the recovery is real and sustainable.'
September 30, 2009
'Housing prices will not fall'
Greed is coming back. So, developers can increase prices. I am sure that prices will not go down from here onwards.
September 29, 2009
'An upturn is clearly visible'
Korn/Ferry is a global leader in executive search. For the quarter ended July 2009, its fee income fell over 40 per cent to $116 million from a year ago and the company reported a net loss of $14.3 million as against a profit of $15.3 million in the year-ago quarter. Its chief financial officer, Michael A Digregorio and managing director for India, Deepak Gupta, spoke to Bhupesh Bhandari and Amit Ranjan Rai on the emerging opportunities and challenges.
September 25, 2009
We plan to take NPS online: Pension body chief
The pension regulator, the Pension Fund Regulatory Development Authority, is taking various steps to boost the numbers, cairman D Swarup tells Vrishti Beniwal in an exclusive interview
September 24, 2009
Takeovers at right price welcome: ICICI Pru chief
Nimesh Shah, managing director & CEO of ICICI Prudential Asset Management Company, tells Chandan Kishore Kant that he is bullish on the Indian market.
'India to be a test-bed for global roll-outs'
In an interview with K Rajani Kanth, NCR Corporation's managing director (India, Nepal and Sri Lanka) Pradeep Sen outlines the company's road map for India, including its plans to scale up its research and development efforts, manufacturing capacity expansion and taking the partner-ecosystem route to penetrate the petroleum and general retail segment.
September 23, 2009
What BASF plans to do in India
Germany-based BASF, the world's largest chemical manufacturer, acquired Swiss chemical maker Ciba last year in a $3.27 billion transaction.
Matrix Partner MD on investment environment
A successful entrepreneur and now an investor, Avnish Bajaj, the managing director of Matrix Partners India, has seen both sides of the investment cycle.
September 21, 2009
'India can sustain 6-8% growth rates up to 2025'
The problem with India's growth story has been its inability to reduce poverty to significant levels.
Another crisis likely in 3-5 years: Mark Faber
Investment expert Mark Faber says he's bearish on the world economy.
September 18, 2009
'Retail investors must be careful now'
Business Standard discussed the primary market scenario and changing equations in the IPO market with Enam Group chairman Vallabh Bhanshali. Excerpts:
GE Healthcare bullish on growth in India
Price becomes a challenge in a country like India and, hence, we are trying to halve the cost and give higher outcome, says V Raja, CEO, GE Healthcare India.
September 10, 2009
Fake currency: 'RBI, banks in denial mode'
'The RBI obviously gets to know when an entire series of currency notes has been faked. I fail to understand why they continue with the series despite it being faked,' former CBI director Joginder Singh tells Vicky Nanjappa.
August 25, 2009
'A poor monsoon can affect motor insurance'
Iffco Tokio General Insurance is hoping to step up growth by focusing on motor and health insurance.
' Late payment of wages in NREGA is unfair'
The purpose of the rural job scheme is being defeated as, in this drought year, focus on providing work and timely wages is lost in other things, says economist and activist Jean Dreze.
Shivinder Mohan, Khorakiwala on the Fortis deal
We were aggressively expanding and investing heavily in various new hospital projects. But the global meltdown and crash of the markets put a lot of financial strain on us, says Habil Khorakiwala.
'India can emerge as the resource base for News Corp'
As India will become an independent business unit, we will have to relocate the uplink of our channels from Hong Kong to here.
August 21, 2009
Global warming woes? Let's go back to khadi
Sailesh Kumar Bandyopadhyay firmly believes that Khadi movement alone can offer solutions to two knottiest problems of the present times: global warming and economic meltdown.
'IDFC's business model remains robust'
"I don't think the only solution for us is a bank, though it could be a bank. On the other hand, if the financial system continues to grow at 20-25 per cent, there's no reason why in our current construct, we can't comfortably keep growing at that same pace," says Rajiv Lall, CEO and Managing Director, IDFC.
August 20, 2009
Correction has begun in markets across the world: Marc Faber
'I would not be surprised if the early August highs were actually the high for the year.'
August 18, 2009
'TV is a hits and misses business'
Rakhi Ka Swayamvar worked for NDTV Imagine. Bidaaiis working on Star Plus. So both reality and fiction are working on prime time, says Sunil Lulla, Director, Real Global Broadcasting.
August 14, 2009
'Malta offers great opportunity to Indian firms'
The southern European island nation of Malta is keen on expanding business ties with India.
'Standalone 3G players can't survive'
The voice revenue per minute in India is among the lowest in the world at around 50 paise, says Kanwalinder Singh, President,Qualcomm India.
August 11, 2009
'India will beat global indices in performance'
'Markets are back in the 15000-16000 range, it's a barometer of confidence as much as it is of economic prospects.'
August 10, 2009
Tips on how to keep cyber attacks at bay
'The constant evolution of the Internet is providing new avenues for malware authors and cybercriminals to exploit innocent users for financial gain.'
August 07, 2009
'We are aiming at 10% of our revenues from India'
Zensar Technologies, the Rs 900 crore RPG Group's software services company, expects Rs 200 crore from its domestic business this fiscal, up from Rs 40 crore last year. In an interview with Pradipta Mukherjee, Vice-Chairman and CEO Ganesh Natarajan says the company is on an expansion and hiring mode, defying the freeze in the industry
August 06, 2009
'IT sector recovery will start from 2010'
'Fresh recruitments would start only after demand picks up.'
August 05, 2009
'Global outlook better on stimulus'
'It is becoming clear that we will no longer see declines in GDP growth for the next few quarters.'
August 04, 2009
'We intend to cover 50,000 villages soon'
Godrej Consumer Products, the hair colours and soaps major, intends to increase its contribution from rural sales to 50 per cent in one year, from 38 per cent right now. In an interview with Pradipta Mukherjee, GCPL vice-chairman Hoshedar K Press says that among other plans, the company is targeting consolidation of its FMCG businesses and is banking on goods and services tax implementation, which would enable it to have common depot and supply chain strategies.
July 30, 2009
'We want to be equated with chartered accountants'
'We are equally qualified and competent.'
July 27, 2009
'We expect credit to make a very strong comeback in the second half'
'At the same time, we will allow unsecured loans to go off.'
July 24, 2009
How 'Colors' jumped into the top league
As the CEO of Colors, the Hindi general entertainment television channel from the Network18 group, the 35-year old Rajesh Kamat, is in an enviable position.
July 21, 2009
Cognizant to focus on Asia, Latin America
Francisco D' Souza, president and chief executive of Cognizant Technology Solutions (earlier called Dun and Bradstreet Satyam Software), believes Asia and Latin America would be the nearly $3-billion New Jersey-based offshore IT service major's focus areas of growth.
July 20, 2009
'Satyam is worth documenting and should be made a case study'
'But I would not like to write it myself. I don't think it will be right.'
July 17, 2009
GM food hazard: Crisis worse than financial meltdown
'I believe that the world is headed for the biggest health crisis ever because of the lack of transparency.'
July 15, 2009
'One can never miss the Indian market'
'Our visit gives us an opportunity to understand the culture of the country.'
'We look at ways to change the world'
Suvir Sujan talks about his company's vision, investment plans and belief in the Indian growth story.
July 13, 2009
'Broad range of reforms will get done in time'
The Union government's response to the many comments and criticisms of the 2009-10 Budget was explored by Karan Thapar for Devil's Advocate, the CNN-IBN channel programme, with deputy chairman of the Planning Commission Montek Singh Ahluwalia.
July 08, 2009
'Venture capital is not hot money'
The venture capital/private equity industry needs to be encouraged as such investments create jobs and help establish companies in new sectors. There is also a strong case for incentives for investors in these funds, says Saurabh Srivastava, chairman of the Indian Venture Capital and Private Equity Association.
July 04, 2009
'We can use land to catalyse development'
Staunchly declining to comment on personalities, Railway Minister Mamata Banerjee says there are enough assets with the organisation to enable a sustained improvement in operations which will also push development. Edited excerpts:
July 03, 2009
'India's growth rate would be around 7%'
India should continue with the pending reforms in many sectors to get the economy back on track and take it to a high growth rate, says Arvind Virmani, chief economic advisor to the government, in an interview with Business Standard
June 26, 2009
'We are seeing a huge demand for home loans'
'Loan approvals have increased at a much higher pace. And this growth has been driven by retail, not project finance,' says R R Nair, director and chief executive, LIC Housing Finance.
'IT firms' smaller deals have not gone slow'
Wipro Technologies CFO Manish Dugar tells Ravi Menon that smaller deals are coming in use to gain mindshare and pave the way for the big-ticket contracts.
'Infosys will continue to run as usual'
Nandan Nilekani is stepping down to take up a bigger cause -- heading a government project to provide a unique identity to each of India's citizens. S Gopalakrishnan, the CEO and MD of Infosys and a co-founder of the company, tells Bibhu Ranjan Mishra what Nilekani's exit means for the company.
June 25, 2009
'Ford is passionate about India'
'We announced a $500 million investment plan for India. I have not received a single call from either the US or Bangkok (Ford's Asian centre of operations) asking me to freeze the investment programme or to scale it down,' says Michael Boneham, MD, Ford India.
June 23, 2009
'Small businesses spell big opportunity'
Yes Bank Founder, Managing Director and CEO Rana Kapoor is confident that the potential is huge and risks close to none. The bank has around 8,000 relationships in this segment and claims to have mapped about 150,000 such relationships.
'Too early to say if economy has bottomed out'
In an interview with Business Standard's Devika Banerji, he says the monitoring of rural spending should be on top of the new government's priorities.
June 12, 2009
'Jazz should give us double-digit growth'
Masahiro Takedagawa, president and CEO of HSCI, feels his company can record double-digit growth this year, owing to an improving economy and continuous government effort to boost spending.
June 05, 2009
'The days of tax havens are over'
Switzerland only provided information on tax fraud that led to criminal activity. But the Swiss definition of tax fraud is quite narrow, which means that a false invoice is not a crime. Now, any tax abuse will be covered.
June 04, 2009
'Fiscal deficit higher than 6% of GDP? Imprudent'
In an interview with Business Standard's Sapna Dogra Singh and John Samuel Raja D, C Rangarajan says there are some encouraging signs in the economy, but the real recovery will come only in 2010-11.