May 31, 2012
IMAGES: 'Killer' companies that are making billions
Consumption of tobacco is rising by 3.4 per cent per year in the developing world.
Buying a property? Learn about loan to value
The Reserve Bank of India has brought about many new directives and guidelines in order to curb speculation in the property market as the sector stands poised for a revival post recession recovery.
New Gem: The next BIG market for growth
Global Emerging Middle (GEM) is the next big market, says PwC. In India, this segment is expected to cross the USD 1 trillion threshold by 2021; globally the figure is expected to be in excess of USD 6 trillion by 2021.
India's GDP growth dips to 5.3%, LOWEST in 9 years
The gross domestic product growth in the January-March quarter of 2010-11 was 9.2 per cent, according to the government data released on Thursday.
Toyota looks at more small cars for India
Toyota is working on developing six subcompact cars as part of its global strategy to increase volumes in emerging markets over the next four years.
Jatin Thakker has a mission: Save human lives
When you smoke a cigarette you get 1 mg of nicotine is ten minutes. Nobacco gives you the same nicotine in the same time, but it's cleaner.
IMAGES: 20 jobs that are most in demand globally
Organisations around the world still report that they cannot find the talent they need when they need it.
The West moves to revive manufacturing. Why won't India?
The United States does not stand alone in reassessing how government interacts with manufacturing. Across the developed world, only Westminster's Conservatives, the last lovers of finance, continue to be without an industrial policy.
PHOTOS: Biggest beer companies in the world
Beer is the world's most widely consumed alcoholic beverage.
IMAGES: 3 safest cars under Rs 10 lakh
Fortunately the concept is changing, and more and more car makers are now also concentrating on providing ample safety features to woo prospective buyers.
Gates Foundation to sign MoU with UP govt
Bill Gates, who was in Lucknow on a day's visit, assured the UP chief minister of full support by the Foundation to develop innovative solution and provide catalytic, technical, managerial and advocacy support.
May 30, 2012
Rajat Gupta trial: Prosecutors want email about Mukesh
According to the email, Kumar said, "When with Mukesh on portfolio question. . . 2 things to explore: A) Raj wants to know if they will get into the solar biz aggressively and when (there are implications for supplier companies etc)."
VC king Vinod Khosla's mantra for success
In his speech Khosla asked the teenagers to pursue whatever they have passion for.
Volkswagen woos Indian customer with two new launches
Volkswagen has recently launched Volkswagen Vento Petrol 'Comfortline' and Volkswagen Jetta 'petrol' in India to keep up with the competition.
We have to create a new India: Sam Pitroda
There are lot of opportunities in India to innovate. We need their talent, their emotions and we need their connections.
Mystery deepens over Swiss bank's $2.5-bn transaction
In interview with FSA in front of Sebi, mystery man denies owning U account used to execute $2.5-billion unauthorised trades.
IMAGES: Amazing 'eggs' worth over millions of dollars
It is the 166th birthday of Russian jeweller Peter Carl Faberge today.
Stick to a budget, start saving early in life
This will give you the long-term advantage of compounding and prepare you well to meet your financial needs in the future.
IMAGES: Companies that have NEVER sacked anyone
There are some that have never sacked a single staff in their whole history.
IMAGES: 25 best countries in the world to live in
OECD has ranked countries in the block based on quality of life.
TiEcon is all about fostering entrepreneurship
People were busy, rushing from one panel to the other to grab some knowledge on Cloud, Mobility, Social Media, Energy, Women Entrepreneurship and the newly formed Youth Panel.
Why govt can't DELAY raising diesel, LPG prices
As other members of the government have pointed out -- Rural Development Minister Jairam Ramesh and Chief Economic Advisor Kaushik Basu among them -- India cannot afford to delay increasing prices, given the ballooning subsidy bill.
PHOTOS: Biggest engineering companies in the world
Construction industry is witnessing a booming business in Africa and Asia.
IMAGE: 10 most searched cars in India
Almost every international car brand is willing to launch its products here.
May 29, 2012
Jobs go vacant as talent SHORTAGE plagues India
Globally, however, India's position is still better than other developed nations like Australia and Japan.
Million-dollar court cases is what he will inherit!
The largest German bank is facing numerous charges of defrauding its customers and contributing to the US housing market bubble by marketing complex mortgage and financial products that concealed the risks involved.
Democracy wriggling to get out of military grip
Now that democracy is creeping up on Myanmar, there are palpable changes. "Sixty five per cent of Myanmar is dependent on agriculture. We grow mostly paddy. Most of the land is owned by the state and you give a share of what you grow to the government, keeping the rest for your own consumption. But now, things are changing.
IMAGES: Once bustling, Detroit is now a ghost town
Detroit lost 25 per cent of its population in the first decade of the 21st century.
Facts that your insurance agent NEVER tells you
It is, thus, a good idea to get all your doubts clarified right from the beginning to avoid unpleasant surprises later.
Shop online for jewellery, get variety and discounts
As buyers become accustomed to the process of click-buy-pay, they are slowly shedding their inhibitions towards online shopping for jewellery items. These stores have expertise in solitaires, studded jewellery, gold bangles and coins (for special occasions like Akshaya Tritiya and Dhanteras).
Dreaming big: What TCS plans to do now
TCS is aiming to add another $10 billion to its turnover in the next five years or so. Which means, the company has to grow at a compounded annual growth rate of 15 per cent. Can TCS pull it off?
IMAGES: These are the world's 10 worst oil disasters
An oil spill is the release of a liquid petroleum hydrocarbon into the environment, especially marine areas, due to human activity, and is a form of pollution.
Meet the man who will step into Azim Premji's shoes
Since his low-key entry into Wipro five years ago, Rishad Premji is being carefully groomed to lead the company one day. on the man who could succeed Azim Premji.
AI's woes: What's PLAGUING the Maharajah
Air India's pilots have been hurting customers with their repeated strikes.
IMAGES: 15 cheapest diesel cars in India
While there is no solace for those who own petrol cars, let us look at the cheapest diesel cars available in India to help prospective buyers.
May 28, 2012
Indian economy: Why CREATE ghosts where none exist?
Now, we have to demonstrate self-confidence and take strong corrective and decisive measures.
IMAGES: 3 biggest hatchbacks rivals in India
From home bred cars to SUVs, vehicles made under collaboration or imported cars, automobile experts believe that small cars and hatchbacks are running the show in India.
Rumblings on Coffee Day Group's Amazon safari
Experts, political parties raise red flag over timber exports from there; Siddhartha denies any rule breach
Images: World's tallest free-standing tower
Japan's biggest new landmark, the Tokyo Skytree stands at 634 metres (2,080 feet) high.
IMAGES: Two Indian cities have busiest air routes
Number of people travelling between Asia and North America, and between Asia and Europe grew by nine per cent from 2010 to 2011.
Mobile handset companies bet on Indian app makers
There was nothing remarkable about what would have been just another popular game, except that it was developed in a tiny laboratory in Nagpur by an Indian gaming developer, Manthan Studios, not even two years into business at that time.
How to build debt portfolio in uncertain markets
Risk-averse investors can invest in fixed income products as these are giving good returns and are tax efficient.
Going for an insurance policy? Look beyond life, health
While these two are important, there are other risks such as loan repayment and retirement that you need to insure.
Most states now TAX petrol consumption more than Centre
After much persuasion by the UPA government in the aftermath of the petrol price hike, some Congress-ruled states made part-relaxations in taxes.
Why is the Indian economy in BIG TROUBLE? 10 reasons
The ugly underbelly of the policies of economic liberalisation followed over the last two decades has been crony capitalism at its worst.
Met predicts El Nino trouble for monsoon
Senior officials of the India Meteorological Department said they were now more confident that El Nino would indeed appear during the second half of the southwest season, compared to April when the last official forecast was made.
IPL on turning track, broadcast revenue down by a third
Multi-Screen Media (MSM), which runs the league's official broadcaster, SET Max, is likely to see a nearly 30 per cent drop in ad revenues this season, given the hard bargains most companies have driven.
GDP growth in FY 12 likely to disappoint
For the economy to grow by 6.9 per cent in 2011-12, GDP growth for the fourth quarter needs to be 6.9 per cent.
Traders go long on $-Rupee, short on Euro-Rupee
The rupee's slide was predictable in direction, if not in timing. It has been obvious for months that India was vulnerable to depreciation. A combination of European weakness and bearish FII attitudes were the triggers.
Markets HAVEN'T bottomed out yet, say leading players
Most pundits see room for a market correction in the light of domestic issues, especially the falling rupee and a lack of reforms, coupled with looming global uncertainties.
SPECIAL: India's economy is caught in a quagmire
Unlike in 2008, the pace of revival will be very modest.
Images: A CAR that missed its date with HISTORY
It was avant garde in terms of its styling.
May 25, 2012
IN PIX: RIM launches BlackBerry Curve 9320 in India
The new smartphone features all the core BlackBerry messaging and social-centric features that keep people connected and offers global 3G connectivity.
Kalam urges IITians to become job generators
"India has the potential to come out of this difficult situation because of its inherent strengths. The strengths are the purchasing power of 400 million middle class citizens and 600 million youth willing to take up challenging missions," Abdul Kalam said at the 14th convocation of IIT, Guwahati.
COLUMN: Pirate Party and Freedom
The Pirate Party is fighting to retain the right to privacy and the right to communicate freely via e-mail, telephone or letters.
'This is NOT the right time to hike petrol prices'
Government needs to rethink its over-dependency on imported petrol, and come up with ways to stabilise the Indian rupee.
Smaller cities are more prone to cyber attacks
Smaller cities in India run the risk of a cyber attack when compared to the bigger ones. A report released by Symantec Corp reveals that smaller and emerging cities such as Bhubaneshwar, Surat, Cochin, Jaipur, Vishakhapatnam and Indoreare increasingly facing the risk of cyber attacks, with 25 per cent of bot- infections in India reported in such cities.
How India, Myanmar bilateral trade can flourish
Myanmar is a member of the Asian Clearing Union and settlement of current account transactions including trade transactions are done through ACU.
Prem Watsa the Indian Warren Buffett goes shopping
V Prem Watsa, the India-born billionaire and promoter-chairman of Toronto-based Fairfax Financial Holdings, a $30-billion plus insurance and investment company, is often referred to as the "Canadian Buffett," a reference to the famous billionaire founder of Berkshire Hathaway, Warren Buffett.
IN PIX: India yet to get these AMAZING electric cars
Take a look at some amazing electric cars.
How to choose a non-resident account
Consider taxation and currency risks before choosing between NRI, NRO and FCNR accounts.
Air India's rich 'workmen'
At the heart of the national carrier's troubles are the archaic labour laws that allow pilots the same rights as industrial workers
Petrol price hike: Bollywood takes to Twitter
Bollywood celebrities took to Twitter to vent their ire over the steepest ever hike in petrol prices.
The RISE of the Indian small town
The performance in 2011 (Q4 over Q1), shows that the smaller Indian towns with a population of less than 1 lakh people, led an impressive growth story: 19 per cent in value terms versus 15 per cent in rural India and 12 per cent in the metros.
Burden on common man would be eased: Cong
UPA ally DMK also opposed the move and demanded withdrawal of the hike.
IMAGES: 14 most fuel efficient diesel cars in India
Another factor that works in favour of diesel cars is its 'full-size' mileage, which falls easy on wallet.
May 24, 2012
Uttarakhand, Kerala cut petrol prices upto Rs 2/ltr
Prices of crude oil are rising in international market and that India has to import 80 per cent of its crude oil consumption. Re rebounds from life-time lows; back to 55-level
This marks a turnaround after rupee's 158-paise plunge in the last three sessions.
Bangladesh finds new oil reserves in Sylhet
The discovery has boosted morale of officials of the State-run Bangladesh Oil, Gas and Mineral Corporation (Petrobangla), the parent company of Bapex, who are hoping that other oil fields may be found in similar gas fields across the country.
How AI, Kingfisher crisis benefited Jet
The Centre for Asia-Pacific Aviation also expects India's airlines to post a combined loss of a whopping $1.4 billion, with Air India likely to be the 'worst performer' to report a loss of almost the entire amount of $1.3 billion.
HP to cut 27,000 jobs in two years to shore up earnings
"As part of the restructuring, HP expects approximately 27,000 employees to exit the company, or 8 per cent of its workforce as of October 31, 2011, by the end of fiscal year 2014," the company said in a statement.
'The govt has lost the moral right to rule'
As we spoke to people from various walks of life, they all conveyed their anguish over this 'unreasonable hike' and slammed the government for mismanaging the economy.
Who pays the highest and lowest for petrol in India
Petrol prices in India are amongst the highest in the world.
Higher oil prices or higher EMIs? Take your pick
A higher government borrowing will 'crowd-out' the private borrowing and push interest rates higher.
First test flight of Dreamliner for AI successful
A new Boeing 787 Dreamliner aircraft -- which is to be delivered to Air India -- has successfully completed its first test flight in South Carolina, the plane manufacturing company has said.
IMAGES: Former Yahoo CEO's amazing home on sale!
Former Yahoo! CEO Terry Semel is planning to sell his magnificent sea facing mansion in Malibu.
Despite stalled reforms, FDI inflows rise 34% in 2011-12
In 2011-12, FDI rose 34.4 per cent to $46.84 billion, compared with $34.84 billion in 2010-11 and $37.74 billion in 2009-10, according to data from the Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion.
Warren Buffet firm's Gujarat project hangs in balance
The fate of US $ 245-million (approx. Rs 1,356 crore at current exchange rates) chlorinated polyvinyl chloride (CPVC) unit, proposed to be set up through a joint venture between billionaire investor Warren Buffet's firm, Lubrizol Corporation and Ahmedabad-based Astral Poly Technik Ltd, is hanging in the balance as there is no progress on the project since the announcement was made in September last year.
Auto demand to be further skewed towards DIESEL
The domestic car market, which sees sales of almost one diesel car for every petrol car sold, will see demand for diesel-powered cars to hit the roof.
May 23, 2012
Petrol price hike is 'unjust and unilateral': Mamata
Banerjee, the chief of Trinamool Congress, the second major partner of UPA government, however, said her party would not topple the government.
This is what petrol will COST in the 4 metros
This is the steepest ever hike in rates.
Petrol price hike 'unreasonable': BJP
Petrol price hike will have a cascading effect and prices are going to go out of control.
Rupee sinks to new low on Wednesday
Commerce and Industry Minister Anand Sharma on wednesday said the Reserve Bank of India would have to step in to stem the downslide of rupee. COLUMN: The 'rights' and 'wrongs' of a controversial Bill
The Supreme Court denies the Copyright Board the power to grant temporary licences.
Japanese investors face land, infra hurdles in India
The report, to be released in Japan at the India-Japan Business Summit on the completion of 60 years of diplomatic relations, has termed infrastructure as the biggest bottleneck that has threatened the sustainability of India's economic growth.
Image: Top 30 most valuable global brands
The world's leading brands have continued to grow in value despite the current economic uncertainty, according to WPP company Millward Brown's annual BrandZ top 100 most valuable global brands study.
B-school faculty salaries also take a hit
At the Indian School of Business, Hyderabad, the depreciation of rupee is making it difficult for the institute to offer attractive salary to faculty members it recruits internationally.
COLUMN: What is India's real growth potential?
The nine per cent growth of United Progressive Alliance-I was an aberration.
Falling rupee spells fresh TROUBLE for airlines
Lease and maintenance rentals of aircraft, salaries to expatriate pilots, parking and landing rates at international airports and jet fuel prices are all dollar-denominated costs.
IMAGES: Stunning bridges in France
The Millau Viaduct is a cable-stayed road-bridge that spans the valley of the river Tarn near Millau in southern France.
India's airlines: Here are the best performers
India's air traffic continued to rise in April.
How India can curb the menace of black money
The true lesson of the White Paper should be that there are no quick fixes for what has been a major scourge of the Indian economy for several decades.
FII gains evaporate as dollar turns too hot for rupee
Several stocks cheaper in dollar terms now than in March 2009 when Sensex was below 9,000; FIIs in Coal India IPO stare at losses.
IMAGES of the world's tallest residential building
Towering over the Dubai Marina skyline at 414 metres from base to tip, Princess Tower has been recognised by the Guinness World Records as the world's tallest residential building.
Motorola CEO Sanjay Jha steps down
Jha, who revived Motorola's Mobile Devices business and led the company through this acquisition, has stepped down as CEO, although he will continue to work with Google to help ensure a smooth transition.
IMAGES: Fiat Punto and its 4 closest rivals
The Italian hot hatch with its high-end features along with powerful and refined engine choices poses serious challenge to premium car makers of India.
May 22, 2012
Why your 'chai' is getting costlier
Irregular rain, input cost pressure prompt price rises by some firms; others to follow.
'India to grow at 7.7% in 2013'
According to the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development's latest Economic Outlook, India's growth rate is likely to slow to 7.1 per cent in 2012 from 7.3 per cent in 2011, but would inch up to 7.7 per cent in 2013.
He sells jets to India's rich and famous
Nigel loves luxury. A big golf enthusiast he also likes to run, play squash and drive his classic sports cars.
IMAGES: Bumpy road ahead for the new Merc
Does the all-new Mercedes-Benz ML350 CDI, launched two days ago, get it spot on?
IN PIX: Meet 5 highest paid CEOs of the US
For the fifth year, the Wall Street Journal partnered with Hay Group, a global management consulting firm, on its annual survey of CEO Compensation.
A different war at Wagah, on the trade clamps
Business on both sides ready to move into a completely new era, as India and Pakistan begin freeing the genie, maybe, hopefully, irreversibly
Is US living on borrowed money? Its debt = $15 trillion
The United States public debt is the money borrowed by the federal government of the United States at any one time through the issue of securities by the Treasury and other federal government agencies.
COLUMN: It's not Greek, Mr Mukherjee
There hasn't been a single confidence boosting measure by the government in the recent years.
Premji says his son Rishad may succeed him eventually
An MBA from Harvard Business School with work experiences in global firms like Bain Consulting and GE, Rishad joined Wipro in July 2007 as a business manager in the banking and finance division.
Why is Nandan Nilekani talking about plumbing?
Government is tougher than the private sector -- but transformative, says UPA's highly visible ex-CEO.
Is Biocon GUILTY of accounting fraud?
Biotech company denies all charges.
IMAGES: How thieves steal crude oil in Nigeria
The underground industry is estimated to be worth hundreds of millions of dollars a year.
Images: World's 10 most popular metro systems
A rapid transit, underground, subway, elevated railway, metro or metropolitan railway system is an electric passenger railway in an urban area. They are either located underground or on elevated rails above street level. Across the world, metros are considered as cheapest and fastest mode of transport.
May 21, 2012
FM tables white paper on black money
It has also suggested tax incentives for encouraging use of debit and credit cards as these leave audit trails. SPECIAL: How does the external value of the rupee matter?
The depreciating Indian rupee creates new opportunities.
Is it too early to judge Facebook's performace?
Founded in 2004, by Mark Zuckerberg, 28, the technology company, announced the pricing of its initial public offering of 421,233,615 shares of its common stock at a price to the public of $38 per share.
COLUMN: The exchange rate: economics bites back
After the presentation of the Union Budget in mid-March, the rupee has been again jittery and anaemic, dropping to an all-time low of 54.9 on May 18, raising serious concerns in both the media and Parliament.
US visa probe on Indian cos: Nasscom concerned
India's IT services industry body National Association for and Services Companies has expressed concern over recent probe by the US against some Indian companies, including country's second largest software exporter Infosys, on allegations of violating visa norms.
Images: World's top five IT outsourcing firms
Worldwide IT outsourcing (ITO) revenue totalled $246.6 billion in 2011, a 7.8 percent increase from 2010 revenue of $228.7 billion, according to Gartner, world's leading information technology research and advisory company.
SPECIAL: Unravelling the Greek tragedy
A debt overhang can last generations.
COLUMN: Why the rupee is likely to hit 60/UD$
The sharp and sudden fall in the exchange rate of the Indian currency in relation to the American greenback has taken many by surprise.
Joint property ownership isn't a hurdle to tax benefit
If property is purchased by one person, he/she will get the full tax exemption. If bought together, proportionate exemption is allowed
IMAGES: Dream limousines that you will love to own
Some stunning limousines that are sure to catch eyeballs.
Images: The Rs 7.36 lakh Fiat Grande Punto is here!
Fiat India has added a sports edition model to their hatchback model lineup.
Why Piramal Healthcare is like Berkshire Hathaway
Piramal is pragmatic when he says he's equally clear the conglomerate approach may not be beneficial in the long run. "It's not that we are married to the idea of having everything together permanently."
IMAGES: World's 10 most underrated cities
These cities have a unique charm complete with beautiful locales, history and culture. Yet, they tend to be overlooked by many travellers or are just considered as stopovers.
May 19, 2012
Aditya Birla Group buys stake in Living Media India
The Birlas have earlier forayed only in the entertainment business and in 2003 launched a movie and television software production company called Applause Entertainment, best known for producing Hindi movie Black, starring Amitabh Bachchan.
May 18, 2012
Facebook lists on Nasdaq. Opens at $42.05/share
Setting the stage for the much-awaited trading of Facebook, its founder Mark Zuckerberg on Friday rang the opening bell at the Nasdaq stock exchange. Zuckerberg rang the bell from the headquarters of Facebook in California.
Hewlett-Packard may slash 30,000 jobs
Hewlett-Packard plans to slash up to 30,000 jobs in the coming months, which would be one of the biggest layoffs in American corporate history, says a media report.
Austerity measures on anvil, warns Pranab
Government may slash spending on foreign travel by ministers and officials and on meetings in five-star hotels as part of austerity measures to cut down on budget deficit. Cut spending: Pranab's recipe to stabilise economy
Government may slash spending on foreign travel by ministers and officials and on meetings in five-star hotels as part of austerity measures to cut down on budget deficit in view of the tight economic situation.
India Inc worried about fiscal woes, not Mamata govt
There were concerns among industrialists about direct land acquisition after the present government stated it would not acquire land anymore for industry.
Experts caution on Facebook IPO frenzy
As the shares of social networking giant Facebook begin trading on the NASDAQ exchange today, experts believe that the stock is overpriced at $38 apiece and one must wait for now to invest in the firm.
Column: Why the rupee is on a freefall
Rupee is well on its way to touching Rs 55 against the dollar.
Kingfisher owes to govt Rs 269 cr Income Tax
Kingfisher Airlines was found to have deducted tax at source on salary payments but had not deposited it in government account, Minister of State for Finance S S Palanimanickam said in a written reply.
'GOOD NEWS! India can grow at 8-9% for 20 years'
Addressing a high level debate on 'State of the World Economy and Finance in 2012' at the United Nations General Assembly in United Nations on Thursday, Ahluwalia said the Indian economy grew at an average rate of 9 per cent in the five years prior to the financial crisis of 2008.
IMAGES: Interesting glimpses from the world of Facebook
Facebook made history by launching one of the largest initial public offerings.
Will Facebook create wealth for investors?
Analysts worldwide are expecting that Facebook can list at a huge premium as the number of shares on offer is minuscule in comparison to the high level of investor interest. They are also expecting a closing price above $50 mark.
Vegetable prices push retail inflation to double digit
Vegetable prices recorded the maximum spurt in prices, up 24.55 per cent, followed by edible oils -- 17.63 per cent and milk products -- 14.94 per cent in April, year-on-year basis.
Will India skip the hypermart stage?
The need to modernise supply chains is pitted against visions of how big retail would devastate small shops.
Cambridge enterprise expert hails Indian 'jugaad'
A new book co-authored by three Indian-origin authors suggests that western companies can adopt the time-tested Indian concept of 'jugaad' -- a frugal and flexible approach to innovation -- to succeed in a world that is hyper-competitive and faces resource constraints.
IMAGES: Visit Vienna's first cat cafe!
After three years of negotiations with city officials over hygiene issues, Austria opened its first cat cafe.
Facebook's $104 bn IPO is among the world's largest
The shares would begin trading on the NASDAQ exchange on Thursday under the symbol 'FB'.
Silicon Valley companies that pay the HIGHEST salaries
Software engineers are one of the most highly paid employees.
Why GOLD is so precious: Interesting facts
Gold is one of the world's most sought after metals.
Rupee has FALLEN by over 202% vs US$ since 1990!
The value of rupee has fallen by over 300 per cent since 1990.
Greece's real threat to the euro zone
If Greece leaves, and its economy rebounds, the power of its example could split Europe
3G tariff war: Airtel cuts rates up to 70%
In an aggressive bid to improve the slow uptake of 3G services, the country's largest mobile operator, Bharti Airtel, on Thursday slashed tariffs in various plans by as much as 70 per cent across circles.
OMOs aid govt borrowing as RBI fights rupee slide
According to market participants, the OMOs have also come in handy at a time when the central bank is intervening in the foreign exchange market almost regularly to stem the sharp depreciation of the domestic currency.
IMAGES: 7 more cars that are coming soon to India
This year too carmakers are geared up to pump in some fresh blood to their existing cars to keep them in the fray.
'Re fall: Govt must act fast or economy will perish'
A day after closing at a record low of 54.50 against the dollar, the rupee on Thursday slid further to 54.60 intra-day as capital outflows continued but suspected Reserve Bank of India intervention cushioned against a steeper fall and it closed at 54.47.
Antilia is the only home that we have: Nita Ambani
The ultra-luxurious 400,000 sq feet Ambani mansion and its contents continue to fascinate people not only in India but also abroad.
May 17, 2012
How employees are bleeding Air India dry
The vigilance cases ranged from stealing liquor and caviar and flying for other airlines while on the rolls of the national carrier to inflated bills and making claims for bogus attendance.
Samsung launches interactive Smart TV in India
Samsung's new voice control, motion control and face recognition aims at advancing the user experience in a competitive TV market that values ease, convenience and choice.
Petrol price may be hiked by Rs 5, diesel by Rs 3
Fuel prices are likely to be hiked again after the Parliament's Budget session ends on May 22.
Why are all eyes on Pirojsha Godrej?
Hungry for deals, Godrej Properties plans to treble the number of project launches in the current financial year, from five launches in FY2012 to 15 in FY2013.
India's gold demand dips 29% to 207.6 tonne
India's first quarter gold demand decreased by 29 per cent in volume at 207.6 tonne, year-on-year, while it dipped by 3 per cent at Rs 56,650 crore (Rs 566.5 billion) in terms of value.
IMAGES: 15 countries with the highest oil reserves
Crude oil prices are expected to rise this year as Iranian oil sanctions will lead to a drop in oil supply.
Concept Investing: A new way to manage your portfolio
There are varied styles of picking stocks but these may not suit your investment profile. So, check before getting lured.
From boom to doom: BJP blames UPA for the economic crisis
The Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) pulled up the government for a total policy failure, resulting in grave economic crisis.
Why Indian private equity is at the crossroads
The evolution of the PE market against the backdrop of the strong growth in the economy should translate into strong returns for investors.
BAD NEWS! FM signals tough measures, austerity coming
Informing the Parliament about this, Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee, however, said the panic button should not be pressed.
Piramal Health buys US data firm for $635 mn
The cash-rich Piramal Healthcare has closed its second deal in the past month to strengthen its pharma research and development business. The company has said it would acquire the US-based Decision Resources Group (DRG) for a consideration of nearly $635 million (Rs 3,400 crore).
Oil firms BLOCK 3.8 million LPG connections
Oil marketing companies IndianOil, Bharat Petroleum and Hindustan Petroleum together blocked nearly 2.9 million LPG connections belonging to customers having more than one connection across states.
IMAGES: Ten countries that have the highest tax rates
Governments around the world are trying their best to achieve the right balance between the rise in overall net revenues, personal income tax rates and tax credits.
Maruti Swift or Ford Figo: Which to BUY?
India, also referred as a hub for small cars, has umpteen hatchbacks running on its roads.
May 16, 2012
Gold falls to 5-week low on reduced offtake
After losing Rs 270 in the last two sessions, the gold prices fell further by Rs 100 to Rs 28,440 per 10 gm on stockists selling. No need to panic over falling rupee: FM
FM said the slide would be contained when there is certainty in eurozone recovery.
Are Indian MNCs ahead of the domestic economy?
The Indian School of Business, in co-operation with a Brazilian counterpart, has constructed a transnational index to rank Indian multinationals and thereby gain available insights.
Facebook raises IPO price range to $34-38
The move signals a strong demand from investors.
PHOTOS: World's largest swimming pool
Acknowledged by the Guinness World Records as the world's largest swimming pool, the lagoon measures 1,013 metres (3,323 ft)) in length.
IMAGES: The story behind the sparkling diamonds
When the salesperson starts explaining the 4Cs -- cut, clarity, carat and colour -- this alluring piece of stone becomes even more enchanting.
AI starts intl flights; pilots want govt to initiate talks
As the stir by the pilots entered the ninth day, the Airlines curtailed and clubbed many of its flights to the US and Europe to stabilise international operations.
Monsoon to keep date with India, hit Kerala on June 1
The southwest monsoon is likely to hit the Kerala coast around June 1, well within its normal date of arrival, the India Meteorological Department (IMD) said.
IMAGES: 20 BEST companies to work for
High salaries, great perks and a fantastic work environment make these companies an employee's dream destination.
SPECIAL: What are the implications of Facebook's IPO
There are considerable implications for corporate governance in the structure of the initial public offering of Facebook.
IMAGES: Renault Pulse petrol and its 3 closest rivals
The price of the car is quite tempting considering the fascinating features that this new petrol model sports.
There is more to Indian IT story, believes TCS head
"The opportunity that we have ahead of us is much more than what we have seen in the past," says Natarajan Chandrasekaran.
May 15, 2012
IMAGES: The Rs 60 lakh Mercedes Benz M Class now in India
Mercedes Benz India has introduced this M Class in two editions.
IMAGES: 30 stunning heritage trains of the world
We present in this slide show, 30 heritage railways from the pages of history.
Govt decides to cut Iran oil import by 11 per cent
Succumbing to the US pressure, India has decided to cut crude oil import from Iran by over 11 per cent this fiscal to 15.5 million tons.
AI cancels 10 intl flights; unions seek end to standoff
With a medical summary issued by the aviation ministry stating that most of the AI pilots, who called in sick, were neither found at home by doctors sent by the airline nor reported to doctors.
Infrastructure projects that will CHANGE the world
Some of the world's biggest and most expensive infrastructure projects are in China.
India's medicine man strikes again
To some -- especially western drug companies -- he is a 'pirate'. To others, mostly those in developing countries, he is an unparalleled hero. Either way, Yusuf Hamied, 75, is perhaps the most talked about man in pharmaceutical circles in the last decade.
IMAGES: 16 cars that will even make James Bond drool
So, this year from Ferrari, Lamborghini to Bentley, Land Rover and many other luxury cars have made a significant impact across every auto show that this year.
Future Generali Life shuts 55 branches, cuts staff
The downsizing is a direct fall-out of the slowdown in the business and the promoter's plan to sell stake in the life insurance business.
PHOTOS: Biggest revenue-generating companies
Manufacturing is one of the most important pillars of the world economy.
AI strike: Airfares on intl routes up by at least Rs 20K
Owing to a demand-supply mismatch, all the airlines are seeing an increase in revenues.
Moody's cuts RIL credit rating to NEGATIVE
Sequel to firm's announcement of cut in K-G gas reserves after long decline in output; agency says it expects decline in cash flows.
IMAGES: A real modern city where no one will live!
This will be a high tech city comprised of urban, suburban and rural environments and a mix of new and aging infrastructure.
May 14, 2012
India to be among TOP 10 economic superpowers in 2013
Next year, India will become one of the world's 10 biggest economies.
Highly polluting industry: Bengal tops the list
The survey was conducted in 88 major industrial clusters in the country.
ArcelorMittal Orbit: An architectural WONDER, and more
An amazing architectural masterpiece, 'ArcelorMittal Orbit' is a 115 metres (377 ft) high observation tower in the Olympic Park in Stratford, London.
COLUMN: Why drought reigns eternal in India
Each year, first we have crippling droughts between December and June, and then devastating floods in the next few months.
Three senior executives at JP Morgan may quit: Report
Three senior executive of JP Morgan Chase & Co's are expected to leave over the US-based global banking giant's over USD 2 billion loss on derivative trades, says a media report.
IMAGES: 5 top selling hatchbacks in India
While sales of hatchbacks were quite impressive in February and March, the burden of excise duty had its toll, and in April, the figures were quite subdued.
SPECIAL: Indian economy will perish without reforms
India's political leadership needs to demonstrate persuasively that economic reforms are on track
Inflation rises to 7.23 per cent in April
Inflation moved up to 7.23 per cent in April on account of spurt in prices of vegetables, meat, milk and pulses, although onion and fruits showed a declining trend.
How Tata Croma plans to make it big
Tata Group's Croma, which launched its e-retail store last month, is reworking its backend to secure its early mover advantage
PHOTOS: Biggest pharmaceutical companies in the world
Pharmaceutical industries is one of the biggest businesses in the world.
Fab five sectors salvage India Inc's bottom line
An analysis of 989 companies that account for 52 per cent of the total market capitalisation on the Bombay Stock Exchange shows net profit growth of 2.7 per cent over the previous year was reported mainly due to strong profit numbers registered by players in banking, cement, information technology, pharmaceuticals and fast moving consumer goods.
INFOSYS top management SALARY bill crosses $10 mn
This marks an increase of about 50% from previous year.
May 11, 2012
IMAGES: The Rs 4.25 lakh Renault Pulse petrol launched
The company is offering a total of 3 trims of this petrol variant along with the RXE trim; the other two trims are RXL and the top end RXZ.
IIP disappointing, weak sentiments hinder recovery: FM
Factory output, as measured by the Index of Industrial Production, contracted in March to a five-year low of 3.5 per cent.
Have foreign assets? Get ready to detail these
The new I-T return forms make things more complex. Even trustees or nominees are in for a tough time.
PHOTOS: Beauty of Mercedes-Benz
Mercedes-Benz is one of the most iconic brands in the world.
Airlines warned against hiking fares beyond their band
The DGCA order came in the wake of members of the Parliament raising the issue in Parliament on Thursday and asking the government to act.
2G: Apex court to hear Presidential Reference from July 10
The Reference has asked the court for its view whether the verdict in the 2G case be given retrospective effect for radio waves granted since 1994.
US economy getting stronger: Obama
Claiming that the US economy is getting stronger, President Barack Obama, has said it is time that businesses move back their manufacturing from China, as he hit's the campaign trail this week.
Industrial production dips by 3.5% in March
The industrial production has been dismal at 2.8 per cent in 2011-12 as compared to 8.2 per cent in previous fiscal.
JPMorgan loses $2bn after bet goes wrong
JPMorgan Chase took the market by surprise on Thursday after it announced a $2 billion trading loss.
Kingfisher pilots call off strike
Pilots have been protesting since Thursday against non-payment of their due salary.
SC refuses to entertain AI's plea, strike continues
The ongoing Air India crisis deepens further as it enters the fourth day on Friday and there seems to be no respite as the situation is turning from bad to worse.
Poverty falls in Orissa, rises in Delhi
Among the major states, Orissa recorded the steepest fall in poverty from 2004-05 to 2009-10.
PHOTOS: Largest hotels in the world
There are some hotels that are so big that they can easily accomodate a small town.
A trip across the world's LONGEST railway tunnel
The daunting excavation work to build the world's longest railway tunnel beneath the Swiss Alps is complete.
IMAGES: America's 20 largest corporate giants
Oil giant Exxon Mobil beat Wal-Mart Stores to become America's largest corporation.
PHOTOS: New electric car hits the road
Fisker Automotive is an American car company, founded in 2007.
May 10, 2012
STUNNING pix of new TAG Heuer Carrera Monaco
TAG Heuer launched Carrera Monaco Grand Prix Limited Edition Chronograph in Mumbai on May 10.
COLUMN: Celebrating water traditions
The main reasons for water scarcity are wastage, pollution and unsustainable management.
Reliance buys stake in HDFC, ICICI Bank and Axis Bank
Awaiting regulatory approvals for its foray into financial services sector, Mukesh Ambani-led Reliance Industries has acquired shares in giants like HDFC, ICICI Bank and Axis Bank as part of long-term 'investments'.
IIT alumnus named new chancellor of California varsity
Pradeep K Khosla, dean of Carnegie Mellon University's College of Engineering, also known as the Carnegie Institute of Technology, has been selected as the eighth chancellor of the University of California, San Diego.
PHOTOS: Most powerful cities in the world
World's top 100 metros generate roughly half of the globe's total economic output.
Kingfisher pilots report sick, Delhi flights hit
A section of Kingfisher pilots have reported sick in protest against non-payment of salaries.
IMAGES: Amazing inventions from Chinese farmers!
Chinese farmers are at their inventive best.
Planning a holiday this summer? Travel closer to home
With the rupee down over 20 per cent against the dollar in one year, one could go to countries where the currency is not suffering as badly.
AI stops bookings for US, Europe, 9 more pilots sacked
Over 20 Air India flights were cancelled on Thursday from Delhi and Mumbai as the agitation by the protesting pilots entered the third day.
Slowdown hits campus placements
Placement season drags on as B-schools find it difficult to place students despite making changes in their policies
Rupee gets euro zone jolt, hits all-time low
RBI intervention fails to arrest decline, experts feel govt must get house in order to weather shocks.
PHOTOS: 20 Indian companies that are most 'global'
Transnational companies accounted for a quarter of the world's GDP1 in 2010.
PHOTOS: Top shopping streets in the world
There are many shopping streets in the world, but only few have everything.
Volkswagen Beetle: A DELIGHT for car lovers
Born in 1938, the Volkwagen Beetle is still a rage among car lovers.
Infosys STIFFENS whistleblower policy
Gives more reporting options to staffers who wish to flag a wrong practice; sequel to changes required from US law, experience.
Maruti HIKES prices of new Swift Dzire
Based on the new Swift hatch, 2012 Dzire is selling like pancakes.
How to buy properties in foreign countries? GREAT tips
More and more Indians are opting for offshore properties as a second home in exotic locations.
May 09, 2012
HC holds Air India pilots' strike illegal
Six international flights were cancelled. AI strike enters 2nd day: Passengers hit hard
While the government continues to grapple with 150 errant Air India pilots who have refused to fly for the second day, stranded passengers are left wondering what to do next
Work-life balance? Indians are happier!
According to the workplace provider Regus' job satisfaction indicator -- Work-Life Balance Index -- the country has scored 139 points in 2012, a 15 per cent rise from 2010.
No hike for 4 years, Mukesh's salary remains Rs 15 cr
However, RIL's total outgo towards remuneration to its all top management personnel, as also the sitting fees and commissions for its non-executive directors, increased during the fiscal year ended March 31, 2012.
IMAGES: 5 Indian companies lead in global race
Indian companies, like their Western counterparts, are becoming more global with mergers and acquisitions.
Why RBI has little room to cut interest rates
To balance growth and inflation, tax reforms such as GST and investments in increasing food productivity are vital
Here's what Murthy panel plans for higher education
The panel's report could be considered while framing the final document for the 12th five-year Plan.
Report card: How India's top 4 IT companies performed
TCS delivered the best all-round performance, while Infosys and Wipro were dragged down by problems plaguing their restructuring initiatives.
Road still potholed for infrastructure firms
With another rate cut unlikely to happen soon, coupled with a muted order inflow trend, investors should tread with caution.
Are FM's changes to the Budget necessary?
It has become clear that many things were wrong with the taxation proposals made in the 2012-13 Budget. In attempting to fix the fiscal deficit, the government decided it was necessary to increase the tax base.
Why Infosys employees are unhappy
There is a surge in number exploring a change at middle and senior levels; recruitment agencies cite restiveness on pay, work patterns.
SHOCKER! Fuel price may rise again in June
Price hikes of controlled petroleum products such as diesel, cooking gas and kerosene have been happening annually in the month of June, irrespective of the companies' losses.
Ready for talks, but pilots must withdraw strike: Govt
Three international flights of Air India were cancelled from here and Mumbai as the agitation by a section of pilots entered the second day on Wednesday.
What the UPA govt can learn from Mumbai's B.E.S.T
Bad economics does not always mean good politics. Its time UPA woke up to that.
Photos: Google gets licence for self-driving car in US
Google, known more for its search engine and e-mail service, has bagged the first licence in the US to test self-driving cars along busy public roads in Nevada.
IMAGES: Maruti Ertiga and its 3 closest rivals
Maruti Suzuki has tried its level best to fit Ertiga with powerful engine options, impressive features and 'killer looks'.
PHOTOS: Amazing electric cars set to hit the roads
Future of electric cars looks bright.
IMAGES: Biggest electricity companies in India
Electricity sector in India had an installed capacity of 199.6 Gigawatt as of March 2012.
May 08, 2012
Excise duty on diesel cars may be hiked
The Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas is demanding an increase in excise duty on diesel cars with a view to discouraging consumption of subsidised fuel by personal vehicle owners.
Cognizant lowers its revenue guidance on 'slow demand'
Information technology services company Cognizant Technology Solutions on Monday met its revenue guidance given for the quarter ended March 30 and projected its April-June revenues to cross those of Infosys, something long anticipated in industry circles.
India, Pakistan to relax norms for businessmen
India and Pakistan are expected to sign a revised visa agreement making liberalised provisions for businessmen when the Home and Interior Secretaries of the two countries meet for talks in Islamabad later this month, Indian High Commissioner Sharat Sabharwal said.
IN PIX: Will Audi Q3 manage to beat BMW X1?
After being crowned the second best car company in the luxury segment in India, Audi is ambitious to rule the Indian luxury car segment by the year 2015.
Amazing attraction: A house built upside down!
Polish architects Glowacki and Rozanski have built a house upside down in Austria to attract tourists.
PHOTOS: Most expensive projects in the world
World has seen many mega-projects, but not all have turned out as planned.
PHOTOS: Underwater hotel planned in Dubai
Dubai has some of the best hotels in the world.
Good News: Jewellers to cut making charges by 25 per cent
Set to begin next week, the first of its kind uniform discount offer from all jewellers across the country, would be valid for 10 days nationwide.
Glimpses of amazing futuristic vehicles, gadgets
Take a look at some of the most amazing vehicles and gadgets.
India reduced import of Iranian oil in the last 4 years
In the last four years, India has significantly reduced its import of Iranian oil by volume from 16 per cent in 2008 to 10 per cent now, a US Congressional report has said.
How to get the best of debt instruments
For risk-averse investors, there is a choice of a wide range of debt products. Each of the products has its own utility, depending on your goal and investment horizon.
AI strike: 10 agitating pilots sacked, union de-recognised
Four Air India international flights were cancelled from Delhi and Mumbai today after about 100 pilots refused to join work.
Golden TIPS on how best to take care of your car
Proper functioning of the engine is obviously very important for the overall health of the car.
TCS, Infy, Wipro among world's most valuable IT brands
Brand Finance assesses the dollar value of the reputation, image and intellectual property of the world's leading companies.
IMAGES: Biggest natural gas fields in the world
Natural gas is found in deep underground natural rock formations or associated with other hydrocarbon reservoirs.
May 07, 2012
India Inc holds on to its cash
Indian companies are holding as much as Rs 2.34 lakh crore (Rs 2.34 trillion).
Delay in reforms inevitable in a coalition: FM
Exudes confidence that RBI's rate cut move will revive investments and business sentiment; India to get $6.25-bn ADB assistance over three years
Special: How to make NGOs successful
The first is the orchestrated approach to organizing the NGO and the second is like improvisation at every step.
Private bankers put their money on 'middle India'
Take their credit card business to sub-Tier-II cities to tap latent demand
PHOTOS: India among biggest buyers of land
The increase in the price of agricultural commodities was accompanied by a rise in media reports of huge transnational farmland acquisitions.
How best to plan your finances while travelling
You will have to plan it in advance to bag good deals and save at the same time
IMAGES: World's 12 TALLEST buildings
Dubai's Burj Khalifa is currently the tallest building in the world.
Tatas among TOP 5 leadership firms in Asia
In the annual Best Companies for Leadership Study by the global HR consulting firm, the Tata group shared the limelight with other global companies like Procter & Gamble, IBM, Coca-Cola and Unilever.
Smaller cities may find place in air map
A fund, Essential Air Services Fund or EASF, will be created for paying the subsidy.
Cut down Iranian oil purchases: Hillary to India
US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Monday urged India to do "even more" to cut its purchases of oil from sanctions-hit Iran to keep pressure on that country to o prove its nuclear programme is peaceful.
How Uttarakhand is different from Himachal Pradesh
"Look at Uttarakh#8743 there the government first developed land and then called industry." Rawat's sentiment finds echo across Himachal. "In Uttarakhand, the development was much more planned," says C N Dhar, senior vice-president, Indo Farm Equipment.
PHOTOS: A look at some of the hottest cars
This year's Beijing Auto Show attracted the biggest and best car manufacturers from around the world.
Panel rejects Bihar's demand for special category status
The panel, under the supervision of the Planning Commission, also turned down the demand for area-based fiscal concessions for Bihar on the grounds that it was not consistent with the proposed reform measures under the Direct Taxes Code and Goods and Services Tax.
SPECIAL: Is India's growth story going awry?
The cumulative impact of flagging investments that set in during 2011-12 has taken the shine off the India growth story.
Ford's India story: Successes and challenges
Ford's India boss, shares that the success of the Indian market so far has also come with its share of challenges.
How Siemens is learning to be 'smart'
From X-ray machines to circuit breakers and airport conveyor belts, from signaling systems to switch gears and foetal heart beat monitors - a portfolio of low cost, locally made, no-frills products is helping Siemens reinvent itself.
Bears take charge as key support levels break
Clarity on GAAR, IIP data & rupee movement to guide investors.
May 04, 2012
Facebook IPO: Mark Zuckerberg to become RICHER
Facebook Inc's initial public offering will vastly increase the wealth of its 27-year-old co-founder Mark Zuckerberg, leaving him with over $ 1 billion in cash and stocks worth $17.6 billion.
Huge investment scope in India; $1-tn in 5 years: FM
Offering "huge scope" for foreign investments, Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee on Friday said India needs about $1 trillion in next five years for infrastructure development, half of which has to come from the private sector.
Sensex dips below 17k after 4 months
The rupee slid as low as 53.84 per dollar, the weakest since December 15, lifting the cost of imported oil, fueling inflation and reduce scope to cut interest rates.
Nine Indian Americans in Forbes 'Midas 100'
Nine Indian Americans have made it to the list of 100 dealmakers with "Midas Touch" compiled by the Forbes Magazine.
Narayana Hrudayalaya plans low cost heart hospitals
Bangalore-based Narayana Hrudayalaya Hospitals (NHH) which is setting up Rs 600 crore Health City in Bangalore, announced that they plan to build low-cost heart hospitals across India with collective capacity of 30,000 beds in the next 5-7 years time.
Railways need Rs 15,460 cr to complete 918 projects
Minister of State for Railways Bharatsinh Solanki said during Question Hour that against the demand of about Rs 47,000 crore (Rs 470 billion), the gross budgetary support for 2012-13 is only Rs 24,000 crore (Rs 240 billion).
Is the euro going down?
Ever since the European sovereign debt crisis first came into sharp focus in late 2009, talk about "the end of the euro" has been going on and off.
PHOTOS: New engines to power supercars
New car unveilings aren't the only happening thing that happened at the Beijing Auto Show.
How mobile phones are helping farmers in India
Ossian Agro Automation Private Limited, a Pune-based manufacturer of rural wireless automation systems, is in dialogue with Nokia to offer 'Nano Ganesh', a product which allows farmers to use mobile phones to remotely monitor and switch on or off their irrigation pumps, bundled with the Finnish company's handsets.
PHOTOS: When will these 7 stunning cars come to India?
China's annual automotive event, Auto China 2012, saw a record numbervisitors.
Facebook sets IPO price range at $28 to $35
On Thursday, all eyes were on Facebook, as it announced a proposed price range of $28 to $35 per share for its initial public offering.
Fall in output: Penalty on RIL hiked to $1.46 billion
The ministry had previously wanted to disallow $1.235 billion expenditure that RIL had incurred on putting production facilities at the Bay of Bengal gas fields but in the 7-page notice it sent to the company on May 2, the cost to be disallowed was put at $1.462 billion, sources privy to the development said.
Kingfisher in talks with tenants to avoid eviction
The airlines sources confirmed the development and said the management is negotiating with the developers to resolve the deadlock.
PHOTOS: Stunning bridges of Switzerland
Switzerland has some of the world's most remarkable transport infrastructure.
Debt: West Bengal facing Greece-like tragedy
Experts say moratorium on interest not a solution, debt needs to be restructured; state must look for avenues to increase revenue and curtail expenditure.
$80,000 fine slapped on Air India
This is the first penalty assessed for a violation of the department's new airline consumer rules that took effect last August.
PHOTOS: World's 20 safest banks
Bank stability is an ever-more pressing concern for the world's corporations and investors says Global Finance, while announcing the half-yearly update of its ranking of the world's 50 safest banks.
60% of rural India lives on less than Rs 35 per day
According to the 66th round of National Sample Survey carried out between July 2009 and June 2010, all India average monthly per capita consumer expenditure in rural areas was Rs 1,054 and urban areas Rs 1,984.
PHOTOS: Biggest telecom companies in the world
Telecommunication is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world.
IMAGES: 6 swanky cars that will be in India by 2014
Quite a few international players also have ambitious plans for the Indian roads.
May 03, 2012
'Possibility of a normal monsoon is less than half'
Commission for Agriculture Costs and Prices cairman Ashok Gulati tells Business Standard that IMD's prediction should be taken with a pinch of salt, as data shows there is usually a deviation of eight-10 per cent from the standard margin of error in many met predictions.
Gold at life-time high of Rs 29,695
Gold prices on Thursday rose to all-time high of Rs 29,695 per 10 grams in the billion market here as investors shifted funds from melting equity markets to the precious metal, considered as a safe-haven investment.
IMAGES: The new Audi A4 is priced at Rs 27.33 lakh
The sedan is offered in both petrol and diesel variants with their iconic Quattro option.
JLR to build new Jaguar F-type sports car
According to The Telegraph, JLR intends to invest around 200 million pounds on expanding the facility by 50 per cent.
Investments from GCC to India remain negligible: Report
Investments from the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries to India remain negligible relative to trade flows and represent just a small percentage of total FDI from the region to the world, says a report.
Harvard, MIT launch initiative to offer free online courses
The new online education platform 'EdX' would be overseen by a Cambridge-based not-for-profit organization and be owned and governed equally by the two universities.
PHOTOS: The smallest car in the world
There is a company that became famous for producing the smallest car in the world.
Photos: Indian states with the largest highway network
India has the second largest road network in the world, stretching across a distance of 33 lakh kilometres.
Despite a gloomy economy, consumers are still spending
There is much gloom about macroeconomic fundamentals. Yet consumer sentiment seems to contradict any sense that the India story is stuttering.
PHOTOS: Youngest Indian CEO in US shares his story
Sahil Lavingia had already created dozen of apps by the age 16, says .
What is thwarting the growth in the country?
The speed at which political statements of doubtful veracity acquire the aura of gospel truth is astonishing. One such "truth" is: coalition compulsions impede economic reforms. Even Chief Economic Advisor Kaushik Basu believes in it. He recently said, "Thanks to coalitional democracy, there is some slowdown in economic reforms and decision-making."
Why this year will be crucial for global economy
Meanwhile, an ADB report presented at the seminar said this year could prove crucial for the global economy as financial tensions in Europe could escalate further and there remains concern over fledgling economic recovery in the US.
How the new policy will affect telecom sector
The 2G judgment and Trai spectrum pricing have led to a policy that makes sense for only one survivor.
Bharti Airtel: All's well that ends well?
Total network minutes rise 5% q-o-q but revenue per minute down 1.9%
Murdoch's lessons for India's state and media
Would-be Indian Murdochs should take note: they will likely not be allowed Mr Murdoch's four decades. And the Indian state may not be as restrained in response as the British state has been.
Amazing IMAGES reveal the cost of global warming
Global warming is the rising average temperature of Earth's atmosphere and oceans since the late 19th century.
Images: Satyam ready to take on big boys of IT
Union of scam-tainted Satyam and telecom-focused Tech Mahindra has produced a fitter company.
May 02, 2012
TCS overtakes RIL as India's most valued firm
Tata group firm TCS on Wednesday replaced Mukesh Ambani-led Reliance Industries as the country's most valued company in terms of market capitalisation, as investors rallied behind the shares of the IT giant.
'HUL's strategy is to build great brands'
Hindustan Unilever reported good numbers for the fourth quarter and for 2011-12, despite commodity inflation and currency fluctuations.
What is the new normal for growth?
The RBI has benchmarked trend growth at 7.5 per cent. That means India's potential has declined.
Why India, China are next destination for talent
Multinational companies are ramping up in new markets on a scale that is incredible and presents opportunities for Westerners looking for jobs in India and China.
It's time for government to get real on reforms
The government has to make up its mind. Mere articulation of a desire to take tough measures is not enough. It needs to implement those measures and prevent the adverse consequences of a higher fiscal deficit.
Photos: World's top 14 technology companies
Apple Inc tops the Forbes list of world's top technology companies.
Is S&P's negative outlook justified?
The outlook cut is based on a weak premise since the economy is expected to rebound this fiscal but a wake-up call was needed.
PHOTOS: Japan Airlines brings Dreamliner to India
Japan Airlines has become the first airline to launch Dreamliner Boeing 787 flights to India.
Indian cos stepped up US hiring during recession: CII
Over 70 per cent of these companies have increased staff since 2005, and expect to create another 3,400 jobs this year.
A look at India's top performing states
An assessment of how different states performed in the seven-year period from 2004-05 to 2010-11 brings out interesting nuggets of information that seem to challenge the conventional wisdom on which states are growing fast and which are laggard.
More trouble for Adidas
Former company MD likely to file a legal notice against his former employers
Column: Almost nothing is right with Obama and America
The growing weakness of the US economy means re-election is getting tougher for Barack Obama.
Exports fall for the first time since 2009
Exports dropped 5.7 per cent to $28.6 billion from the same period a year earlier.
White-collar strike hits outsourcing company WNS
The strike has been on for four days at the Nashik centre of the business process outsourcing company, which has a headcount of 23,874.
IMAGES: Maruti plans to launch 5 more new cars
Maruti India started year 2012 with a bang and launched 5 cars, and promises to launch five more this year.
SPECIAL: Air India's last chance for a take-off
Promises of a turnaround have been made before to little effect, so it's natural to feel a flood of scepticism at such proclamations.
Uninor moves SC on Trai's auction proposals
Says recommendations not in line with court order; move follows Telenor threat to quit India.
IMAGES: It's a plane with a difference
In October 2005, EVA Air launched a campaign with Japanese company Sanrio to create the "Hello Kitty Jet," featuring the popular Japanese character.
May 01, 2012
Europe's debt crisis is BACK
ECB's long-term refinancing operations solves nothing.
How GOOD is succession planning in Indian cos?
Developing a deep bench is a human resource issue.
IMAGES: A look at top car logos of all times
Logos have a very important role to play in defining the personality of a car. Naturally, it's a well thought out strategy or in cases it is encapsulated by some interesting story.
PHOTOS: How fishermen struggle for a livelihood
It's a tough life for these fishermen across the world.
Adidas admits to India IRREGULARITIES
Says may take euro 125-mn hit.
Photos: Searching for GOLD in Indonesia's hills
Take a look at gold mining in Indonesia's hills.
Google's Nikesh Arora to get $8 mn in lieu of stock
Arora had received certain Google stock options and stock units in April this year which were scheduled to vest on April 25, 2015.
Birla sees FUTURE in Biyani's fashion biz
Aditya Birla Nuvo to buy controlling stake in Pantaloons Stores; Biyani gets Rs 1,600-cr boost; deal to create the country's largest fashion retailer.
How delivery boys, taxi drivers risk DEATH everyday
Going is not easy for delivery boys, microfinance agents and cab drivers.
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