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Bill Gates: The geek who changed the world

June 27, 2008
Bill Gates on innovation, Microsoft and his spare time
Why Bill Gates likes India
Is Microsoft better off without Gates?
How Gates makes a difference in India
June 26, 2008
Retirement advice for Bill Gates
Bill Gates' words of wisdom
June 25, 2008
Watch out mosquitoes, Gates is coming
How to be the next Bill Gates
The other side of Microsoft
June 24, 2008
'Gates made Microsoft the 800-pound gorilla of IT biz'
Gates: Great to be an underdog
The Grand Master of all he surveys
June 23, 2008
What it is like to work with Bill Gates
Bill Gates on his concern for education
June 20, 2008
Innovator, motivator and canny businessman
'Bill Gates' strength is his curiosity'
What do you think of Bill Gates? Tell us
An interview with Bill Gates
Life without Bill: Nerds react
Gates finds controversy even in works of charity
June 19, 2008
Images: A success story called Microsoft
Is Bill Gates the greatest entrerpeneur ever?
June 5, 2008
Who is the world's harest working billionaire?
Gates' 2005 India visit
Complete Coverage of Bill Gates' 2005 India visit
Bill Gates earlier visits to India
Complete Coverage of Bill Gates' visits to India in 2000 and 2002

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