December 31, 2010
Will the political troubles impact the Budget?
As 2010 comes to an end, the mood in North Block is not that sanguine.
December 29, 2010
2010 saw regulators testing their autonomy
Several found their powers challenged or at least redefined -- insurance, stock market, and telecom -- and plans for a new 'autonomous' regulator -- for civil aviation -- were up in the air.
December 22, 2010
Trade with China? India needs a careful strategy
China is rapidly emerging as the country that matters the most to India.
December 09, 2010
How to counter rising rates
The classic answers are to cut exposure to medium-and-long-term debt funds as well as financial stocks.
December 08, 2010
2011: Could it be worse than 2010?
The year 2010 failed to deliver on the promises that it's first few months held. It might not have been quite the annus horribilis that 2008 was, but the last few months have shown some rather ominous trends. Let's just hope that these trends reverse in 2011. It certainly doesn't have the makings of a good year.
December 06, 2010
Media: Of burying the 'paid news' report
It is time for all us, as citizens, to assert that newspapers and television new channels are fundamentally social institutions, says Rajni Bakshi. Do this first, then ask people for higher airfares
Whatever post-reform Indian capitalism is, one thing it isn't - and that is an untrammelled 'free market' system, says T N Ninan.
December 03, 2010
How politicians should deal with businessmen
All the scams that have tumbled out of the closet in the last few months have exposed one more time the link that exists between businessmen and politicians.
November 29, 2010
Employee Value Proposition: How effective is it?
A Towers Watson survey shows that there are few differences among companies on a critical metric that determines employee satisfaction Airfare game - Will the passengers benefit?
The Directorate General of Civil Aviation's (DGCA's) attempts to curb soaring air fares is well-meaning but misdirected and, probably, ineffective as previous such attempts have demonstrated. Corruption booms in India as we depend on 'fixers'
Policy decisions should be undertaken after they have been thrashed out in public space by professionals, not by civil servants and politicians, says Shubhashis Gangopadhyay.
November 26, 2010
Market may look bad, but Indian stocks to do well
The bottom line is that one should stay invested and not get spooked out of one's equity holdings, says Akash Prakash. Time to reinvent DD and AIR
The unending travails of Prasar Bharati Corporation, now made worse by allegations of corruption in high places and a threatened strike by its employees, point once again to the need for new thinking on public broadcasting.
November 24, 2010
A grounded project finally begins to take off
Thirteen years and several hurdles later, the plan has finally got a new "estimated time of departure".
November 23, 2010
Sale of spectrum and money for every Indian!
Imagine if the sale of telecom spectrum resulted in a cash payment directly into the hand of every Indian citizen. Absurd? Well, there is a place where petroleum reserves were treated as a 'commons' and their sale now earns every local resident an annual revenue.
November 09, 2010
How Kerala is improving healthcare for the poor
Kerala has used the Centre's Rashtriya Swasthya Bima Yojana to the advantage of its government hospitals.
November 02, 2010
CDS: How to design a regulatory framework
The decision to allow a product or not, should depend on its economic value addition and not on its mere availability and wide usage in the "sophisticated" markets.
November 01, 2010
When companies fail to recognise trade unions
Gaps in labour legislation and India's reluctance to ratify two ILO conventions are stoking disputes over trade union recognition between managements and workers. Of Anil Ambani & his business with Beijing
Anil Ambani's power deal is an aid to diplomacy. Why European Union seizes Indian drugs
India's status as the pharmacy of the world is at stake.
October 26, 2010
Microfinance in India. How skewed is the system?
Do these events call for serious introspection about these buzz terms?
October 19, 2010
Reasons for Europe's financial crisis
The continent cannot escape a crisis in its financial markets until it fixes its banks.
October 18, 2010
It's time to audit the Commonwealth Games
Allegations of corruption in construction and procurement need to be investigated and all those responsible brought to book. Reasons for the clash of currencies
The principal topic of hot debate in the previous week-end's IMF-World Bank meetings was the need for realignment of currencies to reduce the global imbalances (read US deficit and unemployment). US financial crisis over? Not really
Not only is the current US financial crisis not solved, the seeds are there for even more serious crises in the future, writes Deepak Lal. Micro loans, macro returns
One of the main criticisms of microfinance institutions one hears is that they charge high interest rates. One reason for this perception is the reference to interest rates as a percentage of the loan amount.
October 15, 2010
Financial news: Lessons from the past
Indian equities were one of the first out of the gate, followed in short order by more gold, a wide array of commodities and, finally - by the end of September - the rupee and other animals.
October 14, 2010
Why India, China should do business together
There are four thrust areas - IT, pharmaceuticals, engineering and agriculture. Why mystery around the Budget is lost forever
The finance ministry's Budget Manual has ended the aura of secrecy around the preparation of the annual Budget.
October 13, 2010
From 'greed is good' to finance for global good
The Transforming Finance initiative seeks to address these problems by including all stakeholders in a process of democratizing finance through a deep re-structuring of its mechanisms. How slumbering babus cost the country
The departments of income tax, sales tax and excise were named by two Supreme Court judges as the most corrupt ones anywhere in the country. How a small reform can transform India!
We need a fundamental change in the way common citizens are informed about the laws, rules and regulations that they are expected to follow, says Sanjeev Sanyal.
October 12, 2010
Why India is going 'private'
There is no large economy in the world where the bulk of the physical infrastructure has been built by the private sector; it has almost always been done by the government.
October 11, 2010
Taxpayers' right to be taxed the least
The thesis that the taxpayer has the right to be taxed the least amounts to saying that if he is faced with two exemptions, which are applicable to a particular commodity, the taxpayer can choose the one more beneficial to himself. State power over corporates all set to increase
House Panel loses opportunity to correct anomalies. How to improve food safety in India
We are running out of time in the food-health trajectory. The need to build the eager-to-learn leaders
The industry today needs eager-to-learn leaders and not the know-it-all Gods that management institutions are creating. What can India do for the US?
Mr Obama's wish list for India will not be as daunting as the one he has for China. A few lessons from Vodafone's case
Hutchison Essar is an Indian Company, the controlling interest of Hutchison Essar is held by an SPV of Cayman Island (CGP Investments Holding Ltd). CGP is owned by Hutchison Telecommunications International Ltd (HTIL), Hong Kong.
October 07, 2010
Substandard is the accepted norm in India
There's no way India can rise above its mediocre work ethics and produce quality performance in the next three years to convince the Olympic selectors.
October 06, 2010
Can the G20 rescue deadlocked Doha?
The Seoul meeting could provide an opportunity to sort out differences between the US and emerging economies within the larger framework of global adjustment.
October 05, 2010
India needs a stimulus exit strategy for growth
Indian policy makers will have to evolve an exit strategy that maintains high growth with price stability. Food grains: Danger signals crop up
This year's kharif output may be higher than last year but it will be short of 2007 or 2008 levels.
October 04, 2010
It's time to correct the appreciating rupee
The latest balance of payments data released by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) last week indicate that the CAD in fiscal 2010-11 could be anywhere between 3.5 and 4.0 per cent of gross domestic product (GDP). How attractive are technology jobs for Indians?
Encouraging younger people to adopt careers in science depends on changing our mindset. What makes a good leader?
Leading a team and strategising are two different competencies and mutually exclusive. India: Billionaires among a sea of poor people
India's share of world GDP is just 2 per cent, and of global poverty an embarrassing 30 per cent.
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