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May 18, 2017
The rise and fall of the ultra-right
Financial globalisation - or ultra globalisation - has done more harm than good to the majority of economies, say Anshuman Gupta & Karunakar Jha.
May 16, 2017
When will the jobs come back, Mr Modi?
The loss of job opportunities in recent times has been so severe that labour stopped even looking for jobs, says Mahesh Vyas.
May 09, 2017
How Madhya Pradesh worked a miracle in agriculture
Madhya Pradesh has delivered cumulative agricultural growth of 92% in the 2010-15 period, says T N Ninan. When prestige brands become less snobby
There is a beguiling allure to 'masstige' brands, which trade places up and down the value spectrum. But they aren't always easy or successful. Isn't it time to get rid of Air India?
'It goes without saying that Air India has now no imaginable reason to exist.'
May 04, 2017
India needs brain drain!
Enabling labour to become more globally mobile can produce higher remittances with powerful 'brain gain' dividends.
May 03, 2017
Oil's not well at our petrol pumps
'Oil companies like IOC, BPCL and HPCL have to set up world class systems where they are always two steps ahead of the crooks,' says Sudhir Bisht, a veteran of the petroleum industry. Has the promise of 'sabka vikas' failed?
While the widespread feeling is that employment growth has been sluggish, some argue that, since sabka vikas slogan will most probably not deliver, Mr Modi and the BJP are going in for an unambiguous strategy of Hindu consolidation, says Subir Roy.
April 28, 2017
8 scenarios if 'Kashmir's law' was applied to India Inc
When powers vested by the Finance Bill 2017 begin to get mildly used, fellow Indians living in the corporate bubble will get a faint whiff of what life can be like when you run a grocery store in the streets of Kashmir or the North East.
April 27, 2017
The road ahead is long and winding
From the roll-out of GST to H1B visa problems, the government needs to quickly deal with various disruptions.
April 22, 2017
Just what the doctor ordered
'Indian doctors have also been wary of patients learning about drugs and brand names.'
April 20, 2017
Can India sustain growth at 7-8%?
To do so, the government will have to tackle a number of broad development challenges successfully, says Shankar Acharya Taj has the best service, Indigo's the best airline...
Marriott has the best breakfast in town. New digital era: Will you be a winner or an also-ran?
It may not be an exaggeration to say that in the next three years, in India itself a million jobs or more might be at risk due to automation. How we leverage its benefits will determine our fate in the digital era.
April 19, 2017
Lessons Pepsi should learn from Tata Tea
Unlike Pepsi's Kendell Jenner ad, Tata Tea's Jaago Re campaigns were careful not to insert its product in the ad's storyline and they targeted topics on which there was near unanimity of outrage. Does the key to Digital India lie with your local cable operator?
If a feasible business model is worked out for cable operators, they will not only build the last-mile networks, but also market them among the local population telling people the benefits as well as how to utilise them Are we destroying leadership at the IITs?
'As engineers, as alumni and as Indians, we should be concerned about today's leadership that is making tomorrow's leaders at our IITs,' says Air Marshal P V Athawale PVSM, AVSM, VSM (Retd).
April 17, 2017
Why the fuss over BS-IV vehicles is quite meaningless
The fact is that BS-IV vehicles, particularly diesel trucks, are much less polluting than BS-III ones, says Sunita Narain. Indian IT is dead!
But Indian information technology workers might do better without the companies that held them back, says Mihir S Sharma.
April 13, 2017
Indian aviation faces swadeshi headwinds
Amber Dubey explains why India needs to stop blocking competition if it ever wants to become the top aviation market.
April 11, 2017
What Gen Z wants
Marketers must understand how aware Gen Z is of its unlimited options while tapping into their sentiments. Women suffer a higher unemployment rate
Violence is just too stark, too TRP friendly and so it gets a lot of attention in the media. But the crime of discrimination is much worse because it is much greater, it attracts no attention and it has no recourse, says Mahesh Vyas.
April 10, 2017
Digital banking and its 4 BIG issues
Digital services work best when the seller designs a system where default options are designed to help the buyer, says Debashis Basu. 3 takeaways from the Finance Bill amendments
A more vigilant Opposition and a more aware civil society including the media could have certainly helped keep a check on an unhealthy trend, says A K Bhattacharya. Will GST manage to live up to expectations?
As and when the GST comes in, Budget projections will have to be unbundled and revised. In fact, the pragmatic decision would be to present another Budget! This makes the passage of the Finance Bill with its multiple unrelated amendments seem even more dubious, says Devangshu Datta.
April 07, 2017
Economy at the cusp, but cloud on the horizon
While good news from several quarters has been trickling in, El Nino might be a dampener, says T N Ninan.
April 05, 2017
India's BIGGEST financial crisis and how it can be resolved
The indebtedness of Indian companies has had an adverse impact on the economy's investment climate apart from weakening their performance and seriously impairing the financial health of the banking sector. If the GST has to really work... The CEA gives his views
The GST has been a great achievement, but it does suffer from weaknesses, says Chief Economic Adviser Arvind Subramanian.
April 04, 2017
The rise and fall of Trump trade
The trinity of rising stocks, rising yields and rising dollar since Donald Trump's election has already faced a setback.
April 03, 2017
A case against merging appellate tribunals
Merging tribunals may lead to administrative convenience, but pendency of cases is likely to increase
April 01, 2017
India has delinked from the emerging markets pack
Economist Abheek Barua's insight into the global and domestic economy at the turn of the financial year.
March 31, 2017
Lessons from the Idea-Vodafone merger
This merger, Bhupesh Bhandari believes, will be watched keenly by management gurus the world over.
March 30, 2017
Why Donald Trump's visa reforms are not all that bad
To the extent that body shopping is replaced by true offshoring, everyone is better off, says Ajay Shah.
March 28, 2017
The real story of recent years has been mid-cap stocks
It goes without saying that the best performers are in the private sector, says TN Ninan.
March 27, 2017
One of the BIGGEST challenges facing the Yogi government
Those who like to draw comfort from the fact that UP is the country's third-largest state in terms of the size of its economy should also note that its growth rate is one of the lowest, its per capita income is almost half of the national average and its poverty rate at 30 per cent places it at the twentieth rank among all the states, says A K Bhattacharya. Modi's money talk: A tale of 3 Budgets
There are tell-tale signs of a slide in the quality of Budgets presented by the current administration, says Parthasarathi Shome.
March 23, 2017
Time to sell? Bhelpuriwallahs could provide the hint
References to the stock market occur in popular discourse only when the market is overheated and normal middle class people are entering stocks with an unhealthy short-term perspective, says Devangshu Datta. Why not a 'Bad Bank'?
'Let's walk on two legs: Facilitate better resolution under the present system and set up PARA as well by transferring loans amounting to, say, Rs 1 lakh crore.' Why BJP's landslide victory in UP will not spur reforms
If the Modi government's approach to economic policy making is any indication, expectations of a sudden spurt in economic reforms after the assembly election results appear to be grossly misplaced.
March 22, 2017
What's in a brand name?
Brands names are always critical, but -- as Ambi Parameswaran has discovered -- finding the right one for the Indian consumer requires something special. 2 big challenges from note ban: Job creation, skill development
While demonetisation will benefit the organised sector, the government has to find a way to channel the upcoming revenue buoyancy towards job creation to balance out job losses in the informal sector, says Akash Prakash. How the 'pundits' got everything wrong
Whatever Mr Modi's other shortcomings be, his consistent efforts to motivate have created an aura of positivity, hopefully stable.
March 20, 2017
The great Indian debate: Do mobile towers really cause cancer?
Mobile tower radiation reaching us is more than a thousand times weaker than that from the handsets we use and the Indian standards are 10 times more stringent than the global norms recommended by the World Health Organisation, points out T V Ramachandran.
March 17, 2017
India's fiscal deficits: A short history
India's fiscal deficit trends are a bit like an alcoholic trying, unsuccessfully, to reform. Virtue does not last for too long, says Shankar Acharya.
March 10, 2017
Who stole the Indian Dream?
Instead of being a facilitator, each political formation has only tried to be an ATM for freebies, feels Veena Sandhu
March 07, 2017
A nation of tax avoiders?
Exemptions, and the fact that farm income is outside the tax net, ensure that India's tax-GDP ratio stays low. Threats that India faces in a post-globalised world
India should plan its strategies on the assumption that the rightward swing will stay and the West will retreat into an economic fortress, says Nitin Desai.
March 03, 2017
How to win in a market where 'free' is no longer suspicious
Dissing rivals is not going to cut much ice with today's millennials who don't think what is "free" is any worse than what is paid for, says Ambi Parameswaran. 4 big challenges the new Sebi chief faces
Within Sebi, the chairman should hold an umbrella for both young and old employees, says Somasekhar Sundaresan.
March 01, 2017
9 commandments to boost private funding in India's infra sector
Whilst substantive public allocations have been made in the infrastructure sector, this strategy is plateauing due to the fiscal deficit constraint, capacity limitation of statal implementing agencies, the declining ability of PSUs, and the precarious situation of the Railways' operating ratio. It is, thus, high time to get the policy compass to point at rejuvenating private sector investments in infrastructure, says Vinayak Chatterjee.
February 27, 2017
What really is the problem at Infosys?
'The problem is not the performance under Vishal Sikka, but the quality of Infy's board of directors, argues Debashis Basu.
February 21, 2017
Bharat is in distress
The government is doing things in agriculture that count for little, says Shreekant Sambrani.
February 20, 2017
Budget 2017 moves the economy backwards, not forwards
Mihir S Sharma outlines why this year's Union Budget does not respond to the needs of India's economy, or attempt to frame the economy's future. Once upon a time in India Inc...
The list of corporations publishing biographies has lengthened steadily as companies have realised the effectiveness of story telling as a brand building tool. Kanika Datta investigates the rising trend. Modi Sarkar's next big battle: Labour reforms
With the Congress already opposed to the proposed law, regional parties might become the swing factor, says T N Ninan.
February 17, 2017
Mr Jaitley, when will you fix the economy?
'The quick fixes have failed; there is now no alternative to deeper reforms,' says Ajay Shah.
February 16, 2017
Why black-ka-white through stocks won't stop
Debashis Basu lists various reasons why laundering through the stock market thrives. A decent Budget for trying times
Against a turbulent and uncertain background, Budget 2017-18 hewed a steady, forward-looking course, says Shankar Acharya, former chief economic adviser to the government.
February 15, 2017
When a flight is cheaper than taking a train!
Thanks to the flaws in the way it is implementing dynamic pricing, the Indian Railways is losing its premium travel base faster than ever before, say RailYatri's Manish Rathi and Kapil Raizada.
February 14, 2017
Modi must heed Indian economists, not only NRI ones
'The time has come to incorporate Indian sociology into economic policy.' Time to ensure note ban's benefits
While people have paid the price for the disruption it caused, now is the time to reap its benefits, says T N Ninan.
February 13, 2017
Airline delays could become a way of life
Some airlines, says Anjuli Bhargava, are convinced there's a conspiracy to malign them.
February 10, 2017
Back to sensible Budgets, at last!
This finance minister has come of age. That's not condescension. It is a praise, says Omkar Goswami.
February 09, 2017
Verdict on the RBI: Not guilty
'The critics are getting carried away.'
February 08, 2017
Is Budget a boon or bane for realty sector?
Provisions of long-term capitals gains tax is now applicable after only two years.
February 07, 2017
Modi and the many Gordian knots
Is it because of the failure to deliver serious institutional reform or that, at the end of the day, we are like that only, asks T N Ninan. What the Budget has done for railways
Recent derailments had brought the vulnerability of the national carrier into the limelight. For the railways, the fund allotment of Rs 1 lakh crore towards safety, is a welcome move, says Subrat Nath.
February 03, 2017
Jaitley's Budget scores a distinction with a mother
'Well done, Mr Jaitley, now go and implement your schemes. No leakages, no lapses and no laziness.'
February 02, 2017
Are you a dollar bull or dollar bear?
Determining the direction of the dollar in Trump's America will be more critical for asset allocation than getting your call on interest rates right, says Akash Prakash. What the note ban has done to jobs
'Falling labour participation rate is common in the ageing populations of the developed world.'
January 31, 2017
Trump or Jaitley: Who will have greater impact?
The Budget will obviously be crucial. But US President Donald Trump may have even more of an influence than Finance Minister Arun Jaitley when it comes to sentiment, argues Devangshu Datta. Time to focus more on inclusive medium term fiscal policy
Inclusive growth is about enabling wider participation in the growth story, but the current if fiscal debate is about how to compensate losers using annual Budgets, says Rathin Roy.
January 30, 2017
Whatever happened to Jaitley's single demat idea?
Consumers will thank the Modi government for this simple yet revolutionary move, which is long overdue, says Debashis Basu. What Jaitley's three Budgets tell us
Never before in post-reforms India have Union Budgets seen a steady reduction in fiscal deficit for five consecutive years, points out A K Bhattacharya. Why Indian Railways is facing a bleak future
Revamping Indian Railways will need bold thinking, and lots of money and time. And all three may be scarce, points out T N Ninan.
January 27, 2017
Davos Spotlight: 'New collared' jobs
We need to create collaborative and/or disruptive platforms like Uber and Airbnb in all sectors to ensure responsive and responsible inclusive growth, says C P Gurnani.
January 26, 2017
Surely, this isn't the credit economy Modi talks about!
The banana grower, like everyone else in the village, was buying all his daily requirements on credit.
January 25, 2017
If rupee depreciates 10%, few Indian cos will be in serious trouble
Since most Indian firms have kept their forex exposure unhedged, credit profile of companies in the highly sensitive sectors such as oil & gas, metal & mining, airlines could weaken substantially, says Anup Roy. If the Budget disappoints, Nifty could fall below 8,000
The market is moving up because there is a high degree of speculative retail and operator action. This is rarely a situation sustainable for any lengthy period, says Devangshu Datta. The lion sleeps
Make in India right now is just a slogan. The policy content is missing or not clearly articulated. The lion with cogs and wheels must now show some majestic movement forward, says Rahul Khullar. 5 things Jaitley should do in a post-demonetisation Budget
Finance Minister Arun Jaitley should not drop the ball on continuing the battle against black money and move towards digital transactions to reduce the preponderance of cash in the economy, says A K Bhattacharya.
January 24, 2017
Why the rising value of the dollar is bad news for America
Abheek Barua & Bidisha Ganguly explain why the US treasury should intervene if the overvalued greenback continues to rise. How to raise India's poor tax to GDP ratio
A combination of reduced cash intensity, a focused strategy of tax administration and GST is the way to go, say Sakshi Gupta, Tanvi Garg and Abheek Barua.
January 19, 2017
If you could be in Davos...
What's hot? What's not? What's next? C P Gurnani shares his highlights of the World Economic Forum Annual Summit in Davos.
January 18, 2017
The SCARIEST column you will read today
'Concerns about India's future are hampering private investment.' Seven note ban tricks and one lesson
The government has provided no official explanation behind the note ban that is backed by hard data, says Debashis Basu.
January 16, 2017
The RBI has lost credibility and needs a revamp
'The temptation of governments, to have a finger in the RBI pie will be just too great to resist, unless extensive amendments are carried out in the RBI Act treating it almost as the fourth branch of the government.'
January 13, 2017
The 'C' word India needs (and it's not cashless)
Cashless transactions need ubiquitous connectivity, which we don't have. And connectivity needs political and administrative convergence, says Shyam Ponappa.
January 12, 2017
What ails the NSE?
An exchange which preaches others on governance must start practising it first, says Shyamal Majumdar.
January 06, 2017
Demonetisation may be a very costly failure
Available evidence suggests that we are on the way to a very costly failure of the current demonetisation scheme, says M R Narayana.
January 05, 2017
The 'manufacturing nationalism' of Modi and Trump
Both have made factory jobs the centre of their economic agendas. Kanika Datta explains the practical limits to their ambitions. Explained: Has demonetisation worked?
Prithviraj Hegde explains the first results of the demonetisation exercise in layman terms.
January 04, 2017
2017: IT jobs could start moving to richer countries
T N C Rajagopalan on the new year and new worries. Is the Note Ban a success?
Demonetisation should be judged to have delivered some immediate gain if at least around Rs 2 trillion gets immobilised.
January 03, 2017
How are 'minorities' allowed tax benefits under HUF?
Should the Income-Tax Act have been simultaneously amended to exclude Sikhs and Jains from the definition of HUF once they were declared a minority by the government? Sanjeev Nayyar discusses the curious dichotomies in our laws. Why India will NEVER score well on ease of doing business
Bhargavi Zaveri & Radhika Pandey explains how complexities of foreign exchange rules are used by India Inc to dispute contractual obligations. The pain of demonetisation was not justified
Political compulsions have led to a change of narrative. But, in the ministry of finance, senior management ought to be looking at more serious issues than 'digitally cashless' India, says Rahul Khullar.
January 02, 2017
Indian tax regime is set for total makeover
The Narendra Modi government's alacrity in promoting ease of tax administration, a critical component in the ease of doing business index, has set in motion several incremental policy and administrative reforms, says Mukesh Butani. RBI awaits the power of one
That's all it takes to protect an institution -- just one person with no past and no greed for the future, says Shekhar Gupta. 17 risks that can shake markets
Rumours about a spike in taxes for equity investors are flying thick and fast.
December 28, 2016
'RBI is letting the nation down with cheap tricks'
James Wilson explains why Indians are destined to silently suffer the cash shortage for half a dozen more months.
December 27, 2016
Demonetisation: It's a monumental disaster in the offing!
James Wilson tracks down discrepancies in the much-hailed demonetisation policy and the subsequent statements of the government and the Reserve Bank of India. Cashless India is a non-starter, my friends
The poor can't withdraw their money from their bank account and other Indians live in constant fear of their money getting stolen by unscrupulous hackers, says Syed Firdaus Ashraf.
December 23, 2016
Can Modi ride the demonetisation tiger?
'The government's principal aim should be to reduce the volume of cash transactions.'
December 21, 2016
2017: The year of the strong dollar (and weak rupee)
Devangshu Datta predicts the good, the bad and the ugly of currency trends for the coming year.
December 20, 2016
Hope for young Indians: Note purge to slash house prices
Housing prices could drop by up to 30% over 6 to 12 months after demonetisation.
December 19, 2016
Our unhealthy obsession: Ease of Doing Business
India stands at an embarrassingly low 130 among 190 countries in the World Bank's Ease of Doing Business rankings. But in our worry over it are we forgetting the big picture -- to make India an attractive investment destination -- wonders Avirup Bose.
December 15, 2016
Surge pricing is good for YOU
Don't believe us? Then listen to the expert. How co-op societies outsmart the taxman
Financial Intelligence Unit data show many of these societies have become the biggest draw for laundering money. Subhomoy Bhattacharjee reports.
December 14, 2016
How India's note ban is unlike any ever seen
Many countries advised the return the high-denomination notes to the central bank for destruction, but these continued to be legal tender. This and the introduction of a new Rs 2,000 note in India are the two major differences between Indian demonetisation and those of other countries.
December 13, 2016
'Sandwich' and the quest for a Rs 500 note
My gamble to stand in the queue and get Rs 500 notes had failed. And only the months ahead will tell us if Modi's gamble will succeed or not. How cash became a bad word
Ajit Balakrishnan on understanding the anti-cash chorus. Of course, you have to feel for Jaitley
'Who would want to be the man nominally in charge of driving the economy when your boss orders you to swerve it into a ditch of unknown depth?'<br>'Demonetisation demonstrates that this government is simply too amateurish in terms of economic policy-making to properly address India's deep, deep problems,' argues Mihir S Sharma.
December 12, 2016
Will the railways change to safer LHB coaches?
LHB coaches are safer. Two high-level railway safety commissions came down heavily on ICF coaches, recommending their replacement by LHB, says Bibek Debroy. How India can raise $1,000,000,000,000 to fund infra projects
Diwesh Sharan, a deputy director general of ADB, says beside the PPP model and viability gap funding, there is a 3rd option - value capture - to raise funds for India's ambitious infrastructure projects. Hyper-growth is over. What next for Indian IT firms?
Elliott Capital's letter to Cognizant, detailing how the latter can reinvent itself, has many lessons for its India-listed peers like TCS and Infosys, says Akash Prakash. Will Modi target gold and real estate next?
Speculation is rife that the Centre can take draconian steps such as mandatory e-passbooks for all real estate holdings and compulsory checking of every single safe deposit vault.
December 09, 2016
How RBI can fix the cash crunch quickly
'If the RBI now only prints Rs 100 in small denomination notes and the remaining amount is printed in Rs 500 and Rs 2,000 denominations, then by March-end the central bank can completely normalise the cash crunch situation.'
December 08, 2016
Why the RBI kept the rate unchanged
Wednesday's hawkish and essentially courageous decision underscores that Governor Urjit Patel will largely represent continuity, rather than a break, with the policies and approach of his predecessor, says Richard Iley.
December 07, 2016
A tragedy called President Trump? Not quite
Protectionism and a rollback of regulation.
December 05, 2016
Improving on the GST law
The changes made in the revised GST draft throw up fresh issues but, overall, most of these look sensible, says T N C Rajagopalan.
December 03, 2016
Bank deposits may touch Rs 17 lakh crore by 30/12
'With 27 days to go, the total bank deposits has come tantalisingly close to the Rs 14 lakh crores of banned notes which was in the financial system on November 8.'
December 02, 2016
The demonetisation 'demon' is in the details
'We have the political will to take this to the very end.'
December 01, 2016
Demonetisation: Why the Opposition opposes it
'The whole country supports the government. The exceptions are only two -- those who thrived on black money and those who are inimical to Indian interests,' argues Major General Mrinal Suman.
November 30, 2016
Ending black money: Death by 1,000 cuts
Manish Sabharwal tackles 5 criticisms of demonetisation.
November 29, 2016
How to benefit from weak rupee, lower rates
Invest in stocks of export-oriented and capital-intensive companies, says Devangshu Datta.
November 28, 2016
Why we can't breathe
We need to know that the sources of pollution and the action to be taken are known. But what is needed is to act. Plain and simple. So, focus, on each source and each action; who has to do what and by when
November 27, 2016
Cash crunch at banks continue
'If supply of cash is not sufficient from the RBI, it may create difficulty for both banks and people.'
November 23, 2016
Nation Building at the ATM
'As citizens of this country, we often expect sweeping changes here, but find the smallest of abdications that we may ourselves be called upon to make far too inconveniencing.' Is Modi on a moral crusade or pursuing a political strategy?
What is the wider political strategy behind Mr Modi's concerted attack on black money, asks Subir Roy. 10 arguments on demonetisation I am fed up of
In all the time he has spent in bank and ATM queues, these are the 10 arguments that were being thrown at him constantly by those supporting the demonetisation, says Syed Firdaus Ashraf. Demonetisation: Why Rs 4,500,000,000,000 may vanish from the system
The government could carry out the demonetisation exercise over periodic intervals along with its surprise element, says Soumya Kanti Ghosh.
November 22, 2016
Was a painless demonetisation possible?
The demonetisation move will force the Modi government to battle with a policy dichotomy, says N Sathiya Moorthy.
November 18, 2016
What the government overlooked about the economy
The longer it takes for RBI and the government to stabilise monetary conditions in the economy, the more severe and long lasting will be the damage caused to various sectors of the economy, especially to the informal sector, says Rajeswari Sengupta.
November 17, 2016
What are Modi's plans to stop future black money?
'Alas, in this scheme there is nothing to stop the black money flows of the future.'
November 14, 2016
The black money problem is far from over!
Hence, the claims by the Government that this will end the menace of black money and corruption are simply outlandish. Also, the simultaneous introduction of Rs 2,000 note undermines their claim and it simply does not fit the storyline of an attack on black money and corruption. Bullet train costs 3 times more than India's health budget
The vanity project, of absolutely no use to most Indians, will suck money that could be used for health and education, says Aakar Patel. 'Ek bhi neta nahi dikha line mein'
Paloma Sharma -- the only non-middle aged, non-canine member of the home -- on a Sunday spent at the bank. Mr PM, you lost the war, the battle and me
'You may show at the end of December how much money has come into the system, but none would be the wiser because most of see only what we want to see and believe.'
November 11, 2016
Marie Antoinette and Paytm in Modi's India
Day 2: Syed Firdaus Ashraf attempts to deposit Rs 500, 1,000 notes in his bank account. Black money is not just wads of notes
'Corruption is the tree.'
November 09, 2016
US election result won't affect Indian markets
US election results may not reverse Indian markets' bearish trend, says Devangshu Datta
November 02, 2016
Nobel, Dylan and the twilight of authority
The Nobel follows a line of mighty brands that have bent low to kiss the feet of the popular, says Itu Chaudhuri. We are products of the makers of designer food
Now we need to fight back to reclaim our food and our habits. The only way to do so is to rediscover food as pleasure and be thrilled, not just by its smells and tastes, but also by the knowledge it embodies, says Sunita Narain. How India will solve the world's problems
'The problems the rest of the world is struggling with -- the future of work, expectations from government and business in a world without jobs -- will be solved in India, by young Indians, before anyone else,' says Mihir S Sharma.
October 28, 2016
The halo around Ratan Tata has gone
About time the Tata companies that are owned by the public are freed from the clutches of Tata Sons, says Sudhir Bisht.
October 27, 2016
In line with Tata's personal style
John Elliott, the author of Implosion: India's Tryst with Reality, on his Riding the Elephant blog, says the sacking of Cyrus Mistry as chairman of Tata and Sons was in line with Ratan Tata's personal style of dealing with executives
October 25, 2016
How Information revolution differs from Industrial Revolution
There is mounting evidence that the Information Revolution may mean the end of large-scale vertically integrated businesses whose guiding principle, "economies of scale", was the defining miracle of the Industrial Age.
October 20, 2016
6 states hold key to India's demographic dividend
Perhaps half-way through India's demographic transition, what is the outlook for the future?
October 19, 2016
Shastri: India's forgotten reformer
Shastri took the first big step to transform India's agriculture, the benefits of which his successors reaped in plenty, says A K Bhattacharya.
October 18, 2016
The 3 factors holding back Modi's 'Achche Din' for all
India's rising GDP may have propelled the middle class to become richer, buy new cars, travel around the world and build assets, but it further pushed the economically disadvantaged and poor into poverty and drudgery, says Devanik Saha.
October 17, 2016
'Parmeshwar was a dynamo and a doer'
Laughter was a component of Parmeshar Godrej's large-hearted Punjabi spirit, recalls Sunil Sethi.
October 12, 2016
Govt sets up 11-member panel to revamp forest law
The panel has not been given a detailed mandate, but the first meeting of the panel suggests it has considered revamping the forest governance regime in the country, says Nitin Sethi.
October 10, 2016
Posh homes, ghastly roads. Kolkata's peri-urban nightmare
Kolkata need not feel inferior as it has its own "alive only at weekends" Lavasa, says Subir Roy.
October 08, 2016
If India can't build Chabahar, China will
The Modi government's appalling inefficiency and lack of purpose stand exposed, says Ambassador M K Bhadrakumar.
October 06, 2016
The future of digital payment
E-commerce companies have understood the importance of having their own in-house wallet, explaining their acquisition spree, says Manoranjan Mohapatra. Will new technology actually create large-scale unemployment?
There may be some losers as well as winners. And those who lose their jobs to the new technology will soon find other employment, says Martin Feldstein. Globalisation is alive and well, don't panic
We are witnessing a new phase where business leaders are realising globalisation has to take into account national identities and cultures, says Claude Smadja.
October 05, 2016
SBI's merger plan may lead to a banking meltdown
'SBI is already too big. Too big to fail.' A family so rich that they didn't know they were being robbed!
'The D K Adikesavulu clan is so wealthy, owns so many houses, and has so much jewellery,' notes T V R Shenoy, 'that it did not notice a servant stealing at the rate of Rs 66 lakh every year!'
October 04, 2016
The WhatsApp retailers
After at least 50 women got in touch with me, I realised that housewives had suddenly discovered that WhatsApp could give them a whole new profession, says Keya Sarkar.
October 03, 2016
In defence of small shareholders
Sebi to fix promoters' side deals with PE investors Mr Gopichand's healthy choice
Brand ambassadors and their lackeys are busy opposing the idea of being held accountable, even though they are ready to take all the money, says Sunita Narain.
September 26, 2016
Minimum wage, maximum trouble
If you take the minimum wage to Rs 15,000 tomorrow, the choice may not be between Rs 8,000 and Rs 15,000; it might be Rs 15,000 or nothing, says T N Ninan. Inflation's biggest, yet silent victims!
No, they are not you or me, says Geetanjali Krishna. Why Modi is batting for GST roll-out
The prime minister is aware that whatever be its consequences, a new taxation regime cannot be launched closer to the general elections in 2019. Thus, any date after April 2017 for the launch of GST is risky, says A K Bhattacharya.
September 21, 2016
The desi genetic engineer and his fine crop of mustard
GM is already in our food chain for years. The approval for indigenous GM mustard should put fake fear-mongering to rest, says Shekhar Gupta How Suresh Prabhu could've avoided the roll-back road
What the railways need to do is to establish a clear link between higher fares and better service, says T N Ninan.
September 20, 2016
Mr Modi, where is the economic recovery you promised?
Twelve out of the 22 industry groups in the manufacturing sector had output declining in July. The key point of worry, as reflected in the Q1 gross domestic product data as well, has been anaemic investment demand
September 19, 2016
Unwelcome in India. Modi's message to foreign investors!
One of the biggest ways in which recent government actions have been seen as investor-unfriendly is New Delhi's decision to unilaterally revisit almost every Bilateral Investment Treaty it has signed with other countries, says Mihir S Sharma. Should RBI allow the rupee to fall?
A fall in the rupee could boost exports. But the flip side of the equation is that a weaker rupee could stoke some inflation
September 14, 2016
Litigation that brings a bad name to country
The Supreme Court has dismissed the appeal of ACC Cement, ruling that if a product is manufactured by one firm and sold by another with the latter's brand name, that sale would attract sales tax, not the first transaction.
September 13, 2016
What Gadkari is doing to end India's fuel crisis
India annually spends Rs 4.5 lakh crore on importing petroleum products, and Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari feels methane is a cost-effective import substitution.
September 12, 2016
Better days are ahead for Indian investors
A good monsoon could rein in food inflation. Largely good corporate results mean better days are ahead. Nifty may reach record levels, points out Devangshu Datta.
September 09, 2016
How Modi can ensure that Bharat indeed become Swachh
Swachh Bharat Mission could focus on using technological innovation to eradicate the problem of open defecation, says R Gopalakrishnan. Can India beat the 'super-cycle'?
The Indian economy can grow if it is delinked from the slow growth in the West and the deceleration in China, says New pressure points from going global
Our governments are easily prone to arbitrary decisions but if you are dealing with international firms, such arbitrariness can turn back and bite you, says T N Ninan.
September 08, 2016
Should celebrities be penalised for faulty products?
The government must engage with the advertising fraternity, clients and subject experts to formulate a set of guidelines for celebrities to follow, says Hemant Misra. How Modi can ensure the success of Digital India
Appropriate policies will increase connectivity much more than spectrum auctions, says Shyam Ponappa. China - Prospects and paradoxes
No country has achieved a faster, deeper modern transformation than China, says former ambassador Kishan S Rana.
September 07, 2016
Is India finally moving towards a 'less cash' economy?
The Unified Payment Interface could propel banking into a new era Arun Jaitley's Budget firsts
Going by the number of changes Mr Jaitley's next Budget is likely to see, he will go down in the history of Budget-making as the finance minister who ushered in the largest number of changes in a single Budget, says A K Bhattacharya.
September 06, 2016
How RJio's ambitious plans can play spoilsport
RJio's aggressive plans will lead to significant impact on listed companies in this space
August 31, 2016
Three things the new RBI governor must focus on
Janmejaya Sinha lays down Urjit Patel's agenda - cleaning up bank balance sheets, evaluating robustness of CPI and pushing for digitisation in financial services. Early Budget is welcome, but challenges remain
Securing the GDP estimates a month in advance would be a challenge and the government should take the Central Statistics Office on board before embarking on the new schedule for Budget presentation Many reasons why a rate cut may not be feasible
The public sector banks are not in a position to cut rates because of their weak balance sheets and massive portfolios of non-performing assets, says Devangshu Datta.
August 29, 2016
Patel's elevation shows govt's willingness to fight inflation
investors will look to the new governor to continue the banking sector clean-up with the same urgency as Mr Rajan, who was targeting fully cleaned-up and provisioned balance sheets by March 2017 Brexit woes: Indian IT firms must innovate to survive
The challenge for Indian software is clear. A good part of its bread and butter business - writing code and maintaining software systems - is being automated, reducing revenue streams and work for lower level employees Mass unemployment and social unrest are looming ahead
The more one thinks about it, the more difficult it is to see how India will be able to reap the benefits of a demographic dividend, says Aakar Patel. The Uber vs Ola mahayudh
The whole point about this is not who eventually wins or loses but how, in just a few years, technology has so changed our lives, says Subir Roy. Will the new RBI governor look at customer issues?
The average bank customer does not know about the Customer Charter because it was designed - under Mr Rajan's regime - to be a lame duck initiative from the start: violating the charter has no consequences, points out, Debashis Basu.
August 26, 2016
Demographic dividend or impending catastrophe?
No country has grown without educating its people. India's shameful lag in primary and secondary education has persisted for several decades, and the crisis in higher education is now threatening a social and political calamity, says Ashoka Mody. Modi Sarkar's strategic shift on reforms
Reforms under the Modi government will maintain a slow and tentative pace, constantly wary of political opposition. It may not be reform by stealth, but it is reform on the quiet, says A K Bhattacharya.
August 25, 2016
Tax, spend and be doomed: A lesson from France
GST will make it easier for governments to spend more, says T C A Srinivasa Raghavan. Not a good 'idea', sirji
The Aditya Birla group's decision to merge two companies, each with an existing clutch of diverse businesses, flies in the face of the accumulated wisdom regarding conglomerates, says T N Ninan.
August 24, 2016
How govt employees can be made accountable
Privatisation is still regarded as beyond the pale but public-private partnerships have gained in popularity. ACs, among India's top environment criminals!
When Bureau of Energy Efficiency certifies that an AC is star-rated, it does this based on the manufacturer's self or third party efficiency report, points out Sunita Narain.
August 23, 2016
The economic cost of conflict in Kashmir
If and when this latest crisis moves towards resolution, it's unlikely that the economic solutions will take much precedence, says Sreenivasan Jain.
August 22, 2016
Dr Patel, be a fox to Dr Rajan's lion and an Owl at all times
'It will be interesting to see how Dr Patel handles gadflies with the maturity of egregiously petulant three year olds.'
August 19, 2016
Who will benefit from the Child Labour Act, Mr Modi?
Amendments to the Child Labour Act say children can work in 'family enterprises' but the definition isn't clear, points out Shyamal Majumdar. Why it's time to challenge the math on inflation targeting
Inflation targeting framework is now enshrined as a formal agreement by the government and the RBI; thus, it may seem that we are flogging a dead horse, says Soumya Kanti Ghosh.
August 16, 2016
How real is India's economic recovery?
Lack of new investments may undermine higher consumption
August 10, 2016
RBI policy mildly positive, but here are 3 key issues to monitor
The central bank's currency management will be critical over the next few months. A weaker rupee could help to revive exports. But, the currency must fall slowly and in controlled fashion, says Devangshu Datta.
August 08, 2016
Be warned! Bad times ahead for the Indian economy
''We have a very difficult period ahead of us.' How to make GST work: Here's what the experts have to say
Experts share their views on the steps that will help businesses become GST-ready. 'Relax son, it's just advertising'
'Cynics don't make it big in advertising.'
August 05, 2016
Creating jobs: The biggest challenge of our time
'Is a rapidly growing working-age population a prerequisite for growth or a social tinderbox?'
July 28, 2016
Why capital infusion norms for banks are questionable
Given that it is only a temporary breather for PSBs, the government now needs to look at the harder options.
July 25, 2016
Why the IT companies should be aware of the Trump factor
This challenge has been made a little more daunting with the addition of two new uncertainties.
July 22, 2016
Why inflation target parameters need to be reviewed
A three-year validity of an inflation target is, perhaps, more reasonable and practicable.
July 21, 2016
Global economy: Good, bad and risky
The advanced economies have been experiencing their longest period of slow growth.
July 19, 2016
All about the mystery of job creation
The processes that create a seven per cent-plus GDP growth rate without a similar growth in jobs are far from fully understood, says Ajit Balakrishnan. Why government's thinking on interest rates is worrisome
Will the government now push to move away from what Mr Rajan has been doing in the last few years? Markets shrug off Brexit impact but will it last?
Traders are waiting for the earnings season to kick off.
July 15, 2016
CAG audit? Leave RBI alone
The RBI is already audited under existing rules.
July 11, 2016
Dhaka carnage: What about its economic consequences?
The earlier attempt by the authorities in Dhaka that Islamist militancy had not established a presence in Bangladesh will now have to be given up.
July 08, 2016
Brexit: An unlikely divorce?
The UK has had a complex relationship and checkered history with the EU. How the government mismanaged Rajan's exit
Even if Modi had wanted Rajan out, the government could have done it with some finesse and tact.
July 05, 2016
How to abolish extreme poverty: A few important tips
India could gain four times over by winding up dysfunctional subsidies. Welcome to the world after Brexit
Brexit is, in the parlance of the financial community, a 'risk-on' development.
July 01, 2016
Make in India alright but will it fetch jobs?
A comprehensive solution involves a complete overhaul of our education and training model.
June 29, 2016
Easing of FDI norms: Not actually a great leap forward
India has not made the giant leap that was needed.
June 28, 2016
Selecting next RBI chief: Scrap the panel, use the old system
An early choice will also allow Mr Rajan to do some hand-holding. No 2nd term for Rajan: Very wrong decision but RBI won't suffer
Rajan's exit will neither affect the RBI's de facto independence nor its working.
June 23, 2016
What led BJP towards this harakiri?
'You want a steady, confident, self-assured and highly skilful hand at the till. Why Centre must now work towards a flawless GST
Fiscal federalism should not be sacrificed at the altar of GST.
June 21, 2016
Is the internet all that it's cracked up to be?
Is the internet just a fun thing to do like TV and radio? Should Rajan have exercised more restraint?
Mr Swamy has written letters to the Prime Minister's Office asking for Mr Rajan's services to be terminated.
June 20, 2016
Undermining RBI governor will have negative consequences
Dr Raghuram Rajan's departure holds lessons for all, be it sections of the media, politicians or the people themselves.
June 19, 2016
Nobel Prize, World Bank Chief... anything is possible for R3
'With his envious academic record, extraordinary research calibre and unparalleled work experience, we can trust him to become the first Indian -- fully Indian, not one of those Americans of Indian origin -- to win the Nobel Prize in Economics,' says Sudhir Bisht.
June 17, 2016
Economic breakthrough? 15 questions and a plea
Over 15 years, with seven per cent growth, the Indian economy will be three times bigger.
June 16, 2016
10 reasons why India won't grow at 8% plus
The prospects for strong, sustained economic reforms do not appear to be promising in India. What will it take for India to be rich?
'China's development is on a different scale from India's. They are very far ahead.'
June 15, 2016
Does India's gloomy exports scenario have a silver lining?
The growth has slowed down with exports at $6.7 billion last year.
June 03, 2016
Can we believe the government's GDP figures?
With the government claiming that the economy has been growing robustly and the Opposition refuting these claims, the common man is none the wiser, says Rajeev Sharma.
May 30, 2016
T N Ninan: Oh, for a crisis!
The prime minister seems to have turned his face away from the business of introducing serious reform, says T N Ninan.
May 27, 2016
What can be done to avert India's demographic catastrophe?
The unemployment situation is becoming increasingly acute.
May 26, 2016
Rajan 2.0: What's on the table
In a recent article, Rajan has ridiculed critics of the exchange rate policy.
May 25, 2016
India's $120 bn of bad debt is ripe for picking
The central bank has ordered lenders to clean up balance sheets by March 2017 It's time India starts guarding that precious drop!
The most worrisome aspect is that most water woes are the result of mismanagement How cow slaughter ban is hurting Indian economy
Cows are required for milk and as producer goods for breeding cows and bulls for the future. Modi@2: Has the economy improved?
Economic growth in the last two years has stayed above seven per cent.
May 24, 2016
Garbage is all about recycling
New ventures are emerging to take the stigma out of this garbage sorting business.
May 23, 2016
How to win the battle against inflation and still sustain growth
Flexibly targeting inflation is consistent with a demand stimulus, says Ashima Goyal. Raghuram Rajan must stay on as RBI Governor!
'The 'Off-with-Rajan's-head' brigade bases its arguments on mistaken beliefs, erroneous causalities, and even downright prejudice.' Apple woos India, government must make the right moves
Sales of Apple's smartphones in China have suffered a setback.
May 20, 2016
Why don't we want to pay taxes?
'The tax avoidance in India is done as much by the wealthy as the lower class.'
May 18, 2016
Start-ups must learn corporate ayurveda
Funding Indian start-ups has slowed down.
May 16, 2016
The difference will have to be Modi
If the Modi government is going to set new benchmarks of performance, don't expect the majority of his dozen-odd ministers-who-matter with economic portfolios to be making the difference, says T N Ninan. Is India honestly capable of creating more jobs?
Columnist A K Bhattacharya wonders why is it that the value of investment proposals in 2015 declined by 23 per cent, but the number of jobs to be created through such investments actually went up by 12 per cent. Bankruptcy law: State - 1; market - 0
The successful implementation of the new Act will depend on a much bigger involvement of the state through a huge new superstructure of registration, certification and supervision
May 13, 2016
Call drop penalty: It was never the right solution
It would be perfectly possible for a rogue customer to disconnect a call and then claim compensation. Children can make Modi's 'Swachh Bharat' dream come true
Lack of basic sanitation affects people's dignity.
May 12, 2016
India's GDP is headed towards auto-correction
But lower growth numbers in the quarters to come may not mean renewed weakness in the economy at the ground level, says Pranjul Bhandari. Decades-old tax loophole finally closed
It accounted for over a third of foreign direct investment flows into India between 2000 and 2015
May 10, 2016
Modi govt has failed on the reformist agenda
It is a pity that the Modi government, which began on the right note when it came to pricing issues, has changed colour and become interventionist in its impulses, says T N Ninan. Post offices in a brave new world
'He was asked to do the KYC again because the earlier exercise would not do as they were 'computerising.'
May 06, 2016
Why RBI needs to monitor liquidity carefully
the RBI will need to fulfil its April 4 pledge to avoid liquidity shortages. China: Should we doubt the 'economic stabilisation'?
Most analysts had predicted a decline in real estate fixed asset investment. Where is the surplus to service the railways' debt?
Every class of passenger travel, except three-tier AC, loses money.
May 05, 2016
Jobs for India's Youth: Modi's biggest challenge
'It is at the root of all the reservation tussles, and the sharpening polarisation that we witness today, be it on Jat politics or the problems faced by Indians from the north-east in many places,' says Ambassador Kishan S Rana. What's the logic behind tax evasion?
It is strange that the wealthy evade taxes even though the marginal utility of the money saved amounts to little and tax rates in countries, including India, have dropped
May 04, 2016
EPF issue: What led to so many U-turns?
EPF is the major vehicle for the long-term savings of organised private sector employees.
May 03, 2016
Growth at the heart of India's transformation agenda?
energy is India's binding supply-side constraint for inclusive growth. Why we need to avoid falling into the soft skills trap
A more rigorous training in core skills is required to boost the engineering talent in the country, instead of a varnish of 'soft skills', says Ajit Balakrishnan. 2 mn cars sold every year, but only 18,000 HNI tax payers in India!
New data show tax reform, better tracking needed Despite the Baba, the 'Patanjali threat' is for real
Anjuli Bhargava, who, as a rule, does not trust god-men, and has little respect for Ramdev, admits that Patanjali products are not only cheap, but are indeed very good.
May 02, 2016
Why do we need to worry about e-commerce start-ups
There is ample fuel in the computer revolution to do many useful things. Mr Modi and markets: The next 3 years
We remain at the mercy of the global economic climate.
April 27, 2016
Why we need a national market for electricity
Power plant load factors are at historic lows of around 60 per cent. Transformation of India? It's much more than numbers
There is no clarity yet on how an estimated 10.9 million new jobs would be created every year.
April 26, 2016
Where is the plan to give wings to your dreams, Mr Modi?
The Modi government has ambitious plas to achieve 10% growth, but there is no assessment of how much money is needed for the whole package of measures, and where it will come from. In short, there is no plan for how to get from here to there, points out T N Ninan.
April 21, 2016
Public vs private banks and the winner is. . .
Private banks are assumed to be more efficient at intermediating between depositors and investors. Cash reserve ratio: A few important points to ponder
The RBI's reluctance to cut rates should be seen as a case of inability in the face of inflation.
April 20, 2016
TCS meets bump on digital highway
The challenge before TCS is to be totally at home with the IPR regime of developed economies. Development: Why some states are better placed than others
Bihar expects transfers from the Centre to grow 28 per cent in 2016-17.
April 19, 2016
Polytechnics the pivot point for Make in India dream
The polytechnic graduate is on the front line of our war to establish a vibrant manufacturing sector in India, says Ajit Balakrishnan. Wanted! Clean energy investors
Renewable energy is mistakenly restricted to electricity. Why 'Make in India', why not Create in India?
The real issue in India is not between Make or Made/Create in India or basic or applied research. We need both.
April 18, 2016
Why India has failed miserably in maritime trade
Colombo can handle more container traffic than all of India's ports put together. For a country with a long maritime tradition, this is a pathetic state of affairs, saya T N Ninan.
April 15, 2016
Tata Corus - A deal from hell
The $12.1 billion Corus acquisition-the biggest global acquisition made by an Indian company-ended up as a millstone around Tata Steel's neck, points out Indrajit Gupta.
April 14, 2016
Evaluating India's well-being
The challenge ahead for central and state governments remains enormous. Money laundering: We are looking at the tip of the iceberg
Occasionally, a whistle-blower releases sensitive financial data. Growth, inflation figures good? Quick action, please!
What came to the rescue of the IIP numbers in February were mining and electricity. What went wrong with the people's car called Nano
Nano remains a cautionary tale of misplaced ambitions and a drag on profit.
April 13, 2016
The storm from Panama
The Panama papers come at a very sensitive moment.
April 12, 2016
'Cheerful' ads that are miles away from the truth
At a time when more and more of government spending is done by states, the impression you get from these large advertisements could well reflect the slogan of Emergency days: the nation is on the move, says T N Ninan. Will a change in RBI's strategy help the common people?
If banks have a surplus, they have the option of parking the money with the RBI. How to keep Air India away from a sordid cycle
In the case of Air India, even competition could not compete with the government.
April 11, 2016
Swachh Bharat Mission: What the nation needs to know
City governments must work out the treatment system for faecal sludge.
April 08, 2016
Is the Indian economy finally turning around? Yes!
If the economy gains momentum, that is a big positive for markets, given the strong macro of low inflation, falling rates, and a stable rupee, says Akash Prakash.
April 07, 2016
Digital India or a distant dream?
It's time the government accepts that Digital India is too distant.
April 05, 2016
Creating urban commons
If we can come up with ways of sharing property rights on the internet, why not do something similar in urban spaces, asks Ajit Balakrishnan.
April 04, 2016
Will the Reserve Bank of India cut rates?
It is unlikely that the RBI will drop rates until the inflation rate drops below five per cent. Not just a flyover collapse; Malaise runs deep
The tragedy comes at a particularly sensitive juncture.
March 31, 2016
A look into India's e-waste problem
E-waste accounts for 70 per cent of Indian landfills. FDI guidelines are overdue but restrictive
The guidelines say sellers will be solely responsible for warranties and guarantees.
March 29, 2016
Meet India's new business tycoons
Patanjali Ayurved's rise has prompted most other babas to go back to the drawing board. Most of them are either scripting or re-jigging their business plans, says Arvind Singhal.
March 28, 2016
Bharat Mata ki 'jal'
The total quantum of water supply has barely improved since Independence, while demand has exploded, points out T N Ninan. Can Parrikar overhaul defence procurement?
As the DefenceExpo gets underway in Goa, Brigadier S K Chatterji (retd) says the proposed Defence Procurement Procedure 2016 should ensure that the Indian defence industry is on the path to design, develop and make in India.
March 23, 2016
How long will the commodity rally last?
The dollar has fallen not just against commodity-linked assets but against other asset prices. What ails our cities?
Reforms do happen and one example is Odisha which has taken steps to create a dedicated municipal cadre.
March 22, 2016
How to succeed by failing correctly
Failure is something that needs to be managed as carefully as success. Why water management is of huge importance today
It's time we remembered the fundamental: water cycle and life cycle are one. 'Let's integrate our rail, airport infrastructure'
India as a large country should have inter-modal connectivity, which will help us make travel easier, safer and seamless. That is how you will also gain. You will gain more money, make more revenues, says Praful Patel.
March 21, 2016
Is the worst over for banks?
Many stalled projects are about to get going again, providing potential relief to banks, says T N Ninan.
March 18, 2016
How fear factor is haunting the global markets
A big hit to China's growth or to Europe's financial system could certainly tip the global economy. Mr Mallya's case is only the tip of the iceberg
The clean-up process begun by the Reserve Bank of India runs the risk of spiralling out of control. 'Make in India' needs ex-servicemen
'Ex-servicemen engineers and technicians are true professionals worthy of being 'Make in India' agents. They can be trusted to bring long term dividends -- it is in their character to be long term loyalists!' says Air Marshal P V Athawale (Retd). Ban on combination drugs: Knee-jerk reaction won't help
Fixed-dose combinations are medicines that come mixed in a certain proportion.
March 17, 2016
Are the forces of globalisation losing steam?
If prices remain low the next decade might well see global trade stagnate. Budget numbers: Full of sound and fury
High fiscal deficits raise inflation which hits the lowest income and salaried classes. Budget: A genuine opportunity badly missed?
The biggest disappointment was the compromise on the promised corporate tax reduction path.
March 16, 2016
Real Estate Bill: A good omen
Buyers suffer because they often don't know the relevant details. The bright side of India's bad-debt witch hunt
India's investigating agencies have in the past made a lot of noise about probes that resulted in few convictions Budget 2016: 6 takeaways, 1 lesson
There are a couple of proposals, however, whose goals are not easily achievable.
March 11, 2016
How GST can boost revenue
The very design of the GST will bring in revenue buoyancy.
March 07, 2016
Budget 2016: Modi's panacea for rural India is as hopeless as ever
In spite of Budget's rural focus, the government has consistently stumbled in agriculture, says Shreekant Sambrani. Why the Indian middle-class need to pay more tax
When the state is unable to provide adequately for the bottom half of the population, should it be giving tax benefits to the well-off?
March 04, 2016
Why do ministers lie about India's development story?
Columnist T N Ninan wonders when there is real progress to talk about, why our ministers make exaggerated claims. Why Making Aadhaar a Money Bill is unnecessary
Aadhaar is a creation of the previous Congress-led government.
March 02, 2016
Jaitley and his team deserve compliments
The Budget chose to stick to an ambitious disinvestment programme for 2016-17.
March 01, 2016
Less of 'India Inc', more of a 'Bharat' Budget
We can hope that some of the benefits of the rural spending - on irrigation, roads, etc -- will spur rural demand and improve rural productivity, says P V Subramanyam. A good balancing act, Mr Jaitley!
The Budget provides a reassuring message about Prime Minister Narendra Modi staying the course. Government addresses the Achilles heel of fiscal management
The government has at last commenced important structural reforms. Budget is credible but badly packaged
As for structural reform, there are signs if one looks hard enough. Budget: Nothing exceptional at all
What is required from government is intellectual framework. Budget: It's important to spend all that money well
India is only on the starting block. Tax on provident fund withdrawal, a big blow for the salaried
It is best to invest long-term surplus in stocks or equity mutual funds.
February 28, 2016
Two things Suresh Prabhu needs to do
The railway minister has steered clear of populist traps and refrained from making grandiose announcements in terms of new trains and new rail routes. He should now emulate China, and rope in Japan in boosting the rail network, says Rajeev Sharma.
February 26, 2016
Pollution: Millions die young every year!
India is, indeed, particularly vulnerable to this menace. 3 Budget policies that can revive growth
The economy hasn't gathered even half the traction that some of us assumed it would just a year back.
February 24, 2016
It's time for smart villages
India's neglect of villages shows up in many other ways. Can Suresh Prabhu take on the Railway Bureaucracy?
Ministers may come and ministers may go but the attitude of the RB remains the same forever, and it is this group that really calls the shots in Indian Railways, says S Pushpavanam. Here's how to pick the right tax-saving fund
Experts say the size of the fund shouldn't be a primary criterion for selection. What is fueling the rise of Sanders and Trump in US primaries?
The economics behind the surprising popularity of Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders. The curious case of India's industrial growth
The greatest disconnect lies in the estimates of industrial growth.
February 22, 2016
Why the PPP model should be taken seriously
One hopes that the government will act on the Kelkar panel recommendations. Lower interest rates or die
Investors with stalled projects and mounting bad debt will refinance their loans. Is it time we forgot the bull market?
The Sensex was around 18,600 by the end of August.
February 19, 2016
Why the global economic slump refuses to end
'Chinese real GDP growth is 7.1% and India's is 7.4%'.
February 18, 2016
A strange new world of negative interest rates
Sweden has the world's highest negative rate.
February 17, 2016
Why is the world economy being shaky?
One has to wonder what is so wrong with the European Union. Why it is necessary to have a Cabinet panel on exports
Exports are slowing and economic growth in major markets for Indian goods has taken a hit. Are we ready yet for the bullet trains?
Currently, the travel time between Mumbai and Delhi varies between 16 and 30 hours.
February 16, 2016
Bank NPAs are just the tip of the iceberg
Once these banks start showing losses, they will not be able to pay dividends to the government nor pay taxes, which will further aggravate the situation for the government as its return on investment as an investor would be very negligible for the next few years, says M V Subramanian. Insecure China accuses India of manipulating economic data
A Chinese government newspaper accuses the Modi government of manipulating economic data to project the 'myth' that India has caught up with the US and surpassed China.
February 15, 2016
Can brands be taught to disrupt?
The start up culture has redefined the way even old companies view themselves.
February 12, 2016
'Clean-up or growth? The answer, unambiguously, is clean-up!'
RBI governor on the stress in public sector bank due to NPAs, and what is needed to be done to get the system back on track. Budget must strengthen growth boosters
Low consumer demand, a slide in investments and troubles in the banking sector should prompt the government to recalibrate taxes and expenditure. It is also important to ramp up spending on health care and education, says CII president Sumit Mazumder.
February 11, 2016
Budget 2016: Some dos and don'ts
Sticking to basics might just make for a better Budget at this point in India's economic and political trajectory, says Shankar Acharya. Poll: Should Mr Modi continue to give stimulus to the economy?
If the real economy is indeed looking up, then it no longer needs hand-holding and fiscal laxity
February 10, 2016
Why Baba Ramdev's anti-MNC strategy is self-destructive
What does one make of Ramdev's recent allegations that MNCs are conspiring against Patanjali? Investing in stocks? Plan it for the long term
Classically, the Japanese - who are not guided by short-termism - added capacity during slumps to be ready to reap their good fortune when the business cycle turned upwards again and shortages emerged, says Subir Roy. Prime Minister Modi, left of centre?
Prime Minister Narendra Modi has managed to pull off what was unimaginable a year back -- adopting a much-needed centre-left approach, says Devanik Saha.
February 09, 2016
The return of the activist State
The middle class's long push to force the state to retreat from the economy may be reversing, says Ajit Balakrishnan. Can China sustain high levels of capital flight?
A slowdown is evident.
February 08, 2016
Why Modi shouldn't waste all energy on GST Bill
Modi must focus on other state-level reforms, such as those in labour laws, leasing of land and agriculture
January 29, 2016
Why I am 'fida' about Baba Ramdev's products
Baba Ramdev may be controversy's child, yet he has a fan following not just in India, but almost all over the world.
January 27, 2016
The pain of innovation
The power to cause societal pain, at least to some segments of society, is intrinsic to the nature of technological innovation.
January 25, 2016
India Inc to have a bumpy ride ahead
The database of 194 companies has shown a revenue contraction of 2.6%. How will India fare if global oil prices rise again?
The year is not yet over and a few more duty hikes are not ruled out.
January 23, 2016
Why the Indian economy is like Rohit Sharma
Even a doomsayer like Nouriel Roubini says India is in a sweet spot. If only we'd live up to the promise, says Shekhar Gupta.
January 22, 2016
Bearish markets? Here's how you can still gain
Even US equities are now back to end-2014 levels. Start-ups aren't from Mars
Start-ups have their own sub-cultures their language and ways of working.
January 21, 2016
All about wilful fraudsters and errant banks
Banks cannot shirk their responsibility in cases of frauds. The BIG problem Indian IT firms are facing
They need to upgrade their skills and become smaller, smarter organisations, says Devangshu Datta.
January 20, 2016
Why loosening the fiscal policy is a trap
There are many collateral advantages of taking the tough decision.
January 19, 2016
Is India in for hard times this year?
'The most important issue for Indians, the only way in which to get them quickly out of poverty, is sustained high growth.' Modi's action plan for start-ups: Up, up and away
'Expectations were being built up about radical moves and the action plan did not disappoint.'
January 16, 2016
Why BRICS is no longer a saleable idea
The Brics line-up has yielded to a shaky China-India story, with new question marks over China even as India remains a "B+" performer, says T N Ninan.
January 15, 2016
Rajan's wake-up call for RBI staff
It's time the regulator did some introspection.
January 13, 2016
Marketing lessons to learn from the odd-even experiment
There was all-round scepticism about the workability of the scheme.
January 12, 2016
Threats to India's Startup Spring
Startups in India need low-cost debt for working capital, which is impossible to get.
January 09, 2016
Fulfilling economic promises will be an uphill task for Modi
Sustaining anything in the region of 7% growth should be good enough in a troubled and risk-laden world, says T N Ninan. Cloudy future for Kolkata's great roadside tea
Just as unregulated unauthorised hawkers and their shops can kill a city, some space needs to be carved out for distinctive affordable street food, says Shubir Roy.
January 07, 2016
What ails the Chinese economy?
On Wednesday, the Chinese authorities extended a ban on sales of shares by large shareholders.
January 05, 2016
India's e-retail revolution: Too good to be true?
Most companies often subsidise the sale and the delivery, making losses on their books. Markets in 2015: Gains for some, losses for many?
A market where prices are not likely to go up is excellent for the long-term investor.
January 04, 2016
Path-breaking ideas? Try reading these books, Mr Modi!
India's primary failings have been in its inability to deliver health and education for all.
January 01, 2016
Triumphs and challenges of NDA's infrastructure ministries
How the 4 ministries have performed Baba Ramdev: An entrepreneur extraordinaire
He alone gets the credit for reviving consumer interest in Ayurveda, says Bhupesh Bhandari.
December 31, 2015
Acche Din seems to have receded further and further
'Our prime minister has set a scorching pace. He's logged more airline miles than professional airline pilots... On his regular visits to Delhi, he has also signed files galore.' Free Basics and what the debate is all about
Much of the loudest opposition comes from those in the start-up world, who fear this would put them at a disadvantage in reaching new users 2015: When hashtag became mainstream, active and lethal
2015 was characterised by some interesting events and trends.
December 29, 2015
It's the start-up season
Perhaps, the most misunderstood aspect is the role of the state.
December 28, 2015
How Google's India projects will ease our lives
Though India is a low-bandwidth geography with relatively low Internet penetration, it has a very large number of sophisticated surfers and skilled computer users Will 2016 be better than 2015 for the Indian economy?
For India, it is business as usual with the government muddling along. Mr Modi, please stop 'zombie firms' from littering India's economy
We are in this mess as the machinery of the government in a market economy is broken. We need technically sound banking regulation, so that capital is not misallocated, and the landscape does not get littered with zombie firms kept alive through evergreening, says Ajay Shah.
December 24, 2015
A week after the Fed rate rise
There are already some signs of stress in this market. 10 thoughts about India's economy for the coming year
India has just had one of the worst quarters in export earnings.
December 22, 2015
India's elusive toilets goal
An NSSO survey has revealed that some are using the new toilets as store rooms.
December 21, 2015
Fed rate hike: Why we should be worried
Asian emerging market stock prices did see a bounce post Fed-talk. All about India's fiscal prudence
Opting for a pause on the government's fiscal deficit reduction plan is an easy way out. India shining: A 7.4% growth despite reeling under huge debt
The government's stance in the face of uncertain prospects for the private sector has been that public sector investment will drive the system. All is not right for the economy of India
Excerpts from a speech on the Supplementary Demands for Grants, December 15.
December 18, 2015
Can mobile handsets biz better Modi's 'Make in India' plan?
LCD displays could be produced in India in the near future. The Fed's move: Where does India stand
Many things are going unnoticed by India watchers. Is the Paris climate pact unfair and inadequate?
At the summit, the US is able to play the role of a bully.
December 17, 2015
Fed rate hike to have an adverse impact on emerging economies?
Economists warn of the impact that a Fed rate rise could have on emerging economies.
December 16, 2015
India's real problem is not the Fed rate hike
There will very little direct impact from the US Fed's rate hike this time, as we are well prepared both to handle liquidity, outflow of FII funds and managing our currency. But that doesn't mean India will be out of the woods anytime soon, says M V Subramanian.
December 14, 2015
The many impacts of the Real Estate Bill on home buyers
The need for a regulatory authority has been felt since a long time in the real estate sector, struggling for many years due to tough market and economic conditions. Will Vizhinjam port fulfill India's maritime dream?
The success story of Adani's Mundra Port in Gujarat, in terms of efficiency, technology and management, should be replicated at Vizhinjam to ensure that this ambitious project does not fail, say Shehzad Poonawalla and Riya Sinha. A requiem for Rio in Paris
We lost the gains of Rio and Kyoto in Copenhagen and Paris, but it would have been worse, if any mandatory restraints were imposed on our green house gas emissions, says Ambassador T P Sreenivasan.
December 11, 2015
How bad is deflation for the economy
If oil prices rise, the government would face an uncomfortable political decision.
December 08, 2015
A Swiss business model to push India's infra growth
Sensex, Nifty under pressure on weak global cues.
December 07, 2015
GST can turn out to be a dead duck if not implemented well
A moderate GST rate obviates the need for the two-rate structure. Is Modi able to appease the climate gods?
The choking of natural drainage brings monsoonal Mumbai to its knees year after year. Energy sector: The sun gets brighter
Emission norms for automobile industry should be tightened.
December 04, 2015
How climate change is related to market failure
Columnist Rajni Bakshi asks if the louder responses to the climate crisis will be those arguing that innovations are viable only when they give handsome and rapid monetary returns?
December 03, 2015
Climate negotiations: Few things at stake and what India must do
India has the lowest per capita gross domestic product (GDP) as well as emissions of carbon dioxide among the G20.
December 02, 2015
If pay panels can't bring about systemic changes, why have them?
The more market driven the economy becomes, the more its government sector should function in its basics like the rest of the economy.
November 30, 2015
7th pay panel: Let's give credit where it is due
A lot has been written about the impact of the recommendations. Modi's 18 months: The good, not-so-good and failed attempts
The government has made its initial moves, good and not-so-good, while the roll-out in some cases has been slow. Will the US Federal Reserve raise rates in Dec?
The US economy has been growing comfortably for several quarters. Why GST is important for the economy
It's difficult to understand if GDP growth has actually improved. Rajan's dilemma: To cut or not to cut interest rates
He will presumably choose to remain true to the framework he has put in place.
November 27, 2015
Fed all set for a Dec rate hike; are global markets prepared for it?
It is by now quite clear that in all likelihood the US Federal Reserve will hike interest rates in its next meeting in mid-December.
November 26, 2015
Why major currencies including the INR have slumped against dollar
Many emerging economies have witnessed a flight of foreign portfolio capital and their currencies have slumped against the dollar. The man who uses instincts over numbers
Naveen Tewari loves cycling but over the past few years, he has been keeping his first love waiting. India's tiny 'middle class' is a threat to the economy
With a middle class still so small and no apparent leaps in productivity on the farm or in manufacturing on the horizon, India faces its own age of diminished expectations.
November 25, 2015
Lower oil price boosted economy, what will happen when it rises?
When oil prices collapse from $110 to $45, economic agents in India experience a large income windfall.
November 24, 2015
Cities can lead. Cities want to lead. Let them!
'If every city had the strongest tools that are currently available only to a few, the world's climate prospects would glow far more brightly.' What will it take for India to be a superpower
'There is an insistence that the government bring about reforms if India is to succeed. The fact is that many nations have done reforms, but are not Great Powers,' says Aakar Patel. India didn't get its math right with salary hike, learn how Singapore does it
Salary hike is fine but govt must reduce support staff to get its math right.
November 23, 2015
Busting 4 myths about the Pay Commission
Analysis of the 7th Pay Commission's recommendations.
November 20, 2015
Internet for all? Critical to fix these issues first
The Indian market is highly competitive, and tariffs here are amongst the lowest in the world. If Air India ceases to exist, who will be the biggest gainer?
Air India must tighten costs to comes out of the red or it wil perish in no time, says experts.
November 17, 2015
APEC's Manila summit: Why India should care
The 'Missing link in India's Act East Policy', as India's former foreign secretary Shyam Saran calls it, needs to be filled sooner rather than later, says Dr Rahul Mishra. Why has Manmohan Singh turned his back on reforms
'If anyone is able to understand the importance of Modi's endeavours to revive the economy -- even against opposition from sections of his own saffron brotherhood -- it is the former prime minister,' says Amulya Ganguli. Why Vietnam Beckons
'The success of the country's economic policies is affirmed by receipt of FDI of $15 billion last year, the highest in the Asia-Pacific after China and India, and well ahead of Indonesia, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand,' notes Ambassador Talmiz Ahmad. 9 smart ways to revamp India's infrastructure
Private sector firms need to be re-engaged for better infra planning.
November 16, 2015
Why food inflation is back in spotlight
The RBI must first deal with the adverse turn of events in the CPI. Focus on FDI, but domestic investments worry
A historical context would underline the same point. To save Delhi, first neglect it
Few reforms can make Delhi a better place to live in, says an expert. What is tax buoyancy, how it works for the economy?
If the surge in tax collections is sustainable, the finance minister has the elbow room to shoot for a fiscal deficit Green climate fund in doldrums as developing nations fail to show up
Lack of financial commitments from rich countries poses threat to Paris meet
November 13, 2015
How Brijmohan Lall Munjal revolutionalised the two-wheeler industry
The lumbering Ambassador and Fiat cars, it ruled the Indian roads throughout the 1970s, while the Rajdoot and Jawa as well as the old Royal Enfield motorcycles trailed far behind. Stay ahead of the game; learn the tricks from Ecom king Jack Ma
Stay ahead of the game; learn the tricks from Ecom king Jack Ma. Are Modi's economic steps slow? It's too early to give up
Expectations were probably too high from Narendra Modi.
November 10, 2015
How the Bankruptcy Bill will ease insolvency cases in India
The Bankruptcy Bill seeks to ensure predictability of outcome for creditors. Is India growing? No, development has not reached all corners
India must weave a quick-fix formula to ensure growth.
November 09, 2015
The dark side of lower oil prices
Foreign exchange reserves of the oil producers have increased by $1.1 trillion over the past decade. Waste not, want not
The problem of waste is not a problem of management alone. BJP's election loss could bring focus back to reforms
The National Democratic Alliance won 64 seats.
November 08, 2015
Why India, other developing nations must exercise rights under the WTO
Protectionist and exclusionary FTAs weaken multilateralism.
November 07, 2015
Where is the economy headed to? A few indicators have the reply
India must focus on reforms.
November 06, 2015
What drives the global economy? Perhaps, a complex set of factors
The world economy is going through a tough phase. Why India Inc prefers to outsource hiring these days
Many companies are putting HR's reputation as a back office administrator to rest by either outsourcing or automating most administrative tasks.
November 03, 2015
Why India can't export its way out of trouble
India must streamline reforms, only then it will see success.
November 02, 2015
Trends that made the markets nervous in 2015
The Indian stock market had rallied through the first fortnight of October but it gave back the bulk of its gains in the second half.
October 30, 2015
India's coolie economy
The government must undo the damage inflicted by the flawed policies of globalisation, and India should be converted into a country where entrepreneurs can thrive and the entire population can participate in the economy, says Arvind Kumar.
October 29, 2015
Why RBI needs to relook at the basic business of banking
PS banks need to pull up their socks to improve cash flows. IndiGo and the habit of consistently making money
IndiGo is arguably more a financial services company than airline.
October 28, 2015
Will India's privatisation dream get wings under Modi?
The finance ministry website that lists the total disinvestment revenues to be mobilised during the current year already shows that no receipts are expected from strategic sales in the current year.
October 27, 2015
What needs to be done to bring down price of pulses
Of all the pulses, tur appears to be the most desired.
October 23, 2015
China going through a slowdown or not, find out
The Chinese economy is not collapsing, it is shifting to different growth drivers which the old metrics used to judge China do not pick up.
October 20, 2015
Internet law: skirmishes ahead
As the new ecommerce paradigm works its way through multiple sectors of the economy it is likely to encounter legal challenges, says Ajit Balakrishnan.
October 16, 2015
Why govt must not get carried away with get-rich-quick syndrome
It is given that an efficient financial sector is extremely useful for all economies.
October 14, 2015
India's airports are already jammed, authorities must wake up
By 2025, most of India's large cities would require a second airport, and Mumbai may need a third airport by 2030.
October 12, 2015
Will Fed hike rates in December? Experts list reasons
The markets, at this point, have rallied on the view that the Fed will not budge from the zero-bound as long as inflation remains subdued
October 09, 2015
What is the key to a successful railway network
India had its own battle over gauges. When meetings become your only work
The employees often look at these meetings as a barometer.
October 08, 2015
Balance of payments: Why we should not be complacent
Stability in currency markets was only restored from September. What is India waiting for? Perhaps big bang M&As
The contraction in M&A activity in India contrasts sharply with the upbeat global picture, much of it led by a reviving US economy. Technology, Mr Modi, is the god with clay feet
Technology can certainly gain India membership in the comity of modern nations in the 21st century.
October 07, 2015
India's current account deficit: Solution lies in policy reforms
It is domestic policy distortions and inaction to correct them that lie behind the large CADs. Why India's commitment to climate change may not be a cakewalk
India has promised to reduce the emission intensity of its growth by 33-35 per cent from 2005 levels by 2030.
October 06, 2015
Gujjubhai the great!
Gujarat was among the earliest civilisations in the sub-continent, dating back four millennia. California dreaming
Silicon Valley is at the heart of the transformation of the global economy -- which has both winners and losers, writes Ajit Balakrishnan. Delhi Metro: The best thing that ever happened to commuters
Delhi Metro has eased lives of Delhiites.
October 01, 2015
Localisation is the key to India's future
There is a new energy in 2015 and a new breed of young, ambitious innovators and entrepreneurs who are coming up with creative solutions to many of India's problems, says Mallika Kapur. Few things that are holding back Aadhaar
AAdhar cannot be successful unless there is proper coordination at the helm. Few lessons economies must learn from global crisis
The World War I had been triggered by an assassination in then relatively unknown Serbia.
September 30, 2015
Why a further rate cut by RBI is unlikely
RBI has brought down forecasts of both year-end inflation and growth. Unpredictable rate cut but the signal is clear
Both the RBI and the central government should see that the transmission of the rate reduction by the banks happens soon, otherwise the whole exercise is futile, says Subramanian MV. Can rate cut help sustain India's premium valuation
If rate cuts are fully transmitted, and RBI continues to cut rates in 2016, and earnings growth picks up as well, current valuations may be justified. Otherwise, equity will remain over-valued, says Devangshu Datta. Modi must change rules of the game for 'Make in India'
Along with the US and China, India could be a big enough force in global manufacturing
September 28, 2015
Has the US monetary authority lost the plot?
The belief that the Fed knows something that lesser mortals don't is common.
September 24, 2015
A commitment that G20 makes every year, time to deliver?
India's finance minister has emphasised that "it is the real economy that is going to matter. Modi's minimum government, maximum governance will work, here's how
Modi's minimum government, maximum governance will go a long way?
September 22, 2015
How India Inc can change the lives of others
A new book may help companies in getting corporate social responsibility right, notes Ajit Balakrishnan.
September 21, 2015
It's high time India built a competitive banking system
Multiple organisations of different kinds with overlapping goals would be a dream situation for those who believe in competition and innovation. All about getting corporate India GST-ready
The time the companies have to get ready for GST is 6 to 12 months.
September 20, 2015
The many things that need to change in India's semi-skilled work force
The employment structure of India's organised manufacturing sector has undergone substantial changes over the last decade. Few flaws RBI could have avoided while issuing payments bank licences
Bank licencing has been a "once in a decade" affair and so it could well be that we don't face this process anytime soon.
September 19, 2015
How well prepared is India to external shocks? Few observations
India this year will emerge as the world's seventh largest economy, up from the 12 th position in 2008.
September 18, 2015
Nitin Mangal, the analyst who weathered a storm
Although now free, Mangal's ordeal may be far from over. Fed holds rates, what now?
It is surprising that central bankers around the world have cautioned the US Federal Reserve against raising rates.
September 17, 2015
Ease of doing biz is fine but what about corporate ethics
Over the past year we have heard a lot about policy reforms to improve the ease of doing business in India. Fed rate hike may push the world into recession
The year 2015 may well turn out to be a watershed in global macroeconomic adjustment.
September 15, 2015
US Fed likely to hike rates: How should India cope?
All evidence suggests that the US Federal Reserve will raise interest rates soon. 'Make in India' idea is good but where's the resource?
India is affected by a 'resource inefficiency curse'.
September 13, 2015
India to become a global player? First, get your trade policy right
World Bank's Doing Business Indicators ranks India (out of 189) at 132 for trading across borders.
September 12, 2015
What can be done to boost the depressed steel sector
Higher import duties on steel improve the bottom lines of steel-makers, but depress those of downstream users of steel. Can China shake fundamentals of the global markets?
China's domestic debt is a major concern. Keshav Murugesh, Group CEO of WNS shares his success story
Not many people know that today's BPM industry gives specialists great career options.
September 11, 2015
A big win for Moneylife, a small step for journalism
Moneylife's victory against NSE shows good journalism does not need to fear deep pockets of big corporations GST is a big reform, the govt has to get it right
A strong proponent of the GST, Adi Godrej has been saying for five years or more that it will add one per cent to India's gross domestic product (GDP).
September 08, 2015
Future imperfect for Indian startups
India'sstartups have a good beginning but will they survive competition is a big questions which needs immediate attention. Take visual literacy seriously
Students' flagging interest in the written word is because of a generational digital divide, says Ajit Balakrishnan.
September 07, 2015
How to end tax uncertainty
Pushing people to litigation is a major source of tax uncertainty. Bear market can be prolonged but investors needn't worry
The new series claims GDP grew at seven per cent between April and June 2015, while gross value added (GVA) grew at 7.1 per cent. Are global summits losing relevance?
Capital flows have become much more skittish and volatile during this period, with short-term horizons dominating allocations.
September 04, 2015
Why governments fail in delivering what they promise
Poor predictability, credibility and effectiveness of fiscal performance have been key reasons for successive governments failing to deliver on their promises. Can trade do for India-Pak ties what politicians have failed to do?
Since multilateral trade creates a stable, peaceful world, normalisation of bilateral trade between India and Pakistan will start a series of peace building measures, especially along the bordering areas of both states which is the worst affected from the on-going conflict, say Riya Sinha and Shehzad Poonawalla. Will Americans become poorer?
Americans are lucky they have inherited the innovations of the past.
September 03, 2015
All about the return of the rupee
RBI is expected to cut policy rates by 50 basis points by 2016. Will Beijing's woes be India's gain?
China's economy is worse than it really is, but then these are emblematic of the baffling self-congratulatory mood that exists in India today.
September 02, 2015
A brilliant plan to turn around the Indian Railways
Indian Railways (IR) will transfer existing assets at nominal values, invite bids and grant concessions for 10-15 years.
August 31, 2015
Why market crash is different this time
When the bull run begins its march again, it will really be different! How India can profit from China's stumble
China's slowing means commodity markets are no longer overheated. Reverse innovation in India
India is the perfect place to innovate because locals are aware of what's needed and have the intellectual capacity and engineering excellence to create and think outside of the box. How outgoing CMD Rohit Nandan steered Air India through thick & thin
Air India's outgoing CMD Rohit Nanda helped the airline tide over crisis. China lets yuan fall again, Asia might see more pain
China's move to devalue its currency has exposed the fragility of its economy.
August 28, 2015
Telcos to be blamed for call drops? Not really, the issue is far deeper
A bigger problem is that there is no clear definition of "call drops".
August 26, 2015
Towards a healthier India
The state of health is a reflection of what is spent and how it is spent. India's banks on the cusp of a revolution? Wait and watch
One can expect significant changes at India's banks in ensuing months.
August 25, 2015
Why global markets are feeling tremors from China's meltdown
The WTO toolkit provides various instruments to deal with such situations - anti-dumping duties, countervailing duties and safeguard measures. All about income inequality
We never see income inequality as a 'problem'. Market mayhem: Points to ponder
Indian indices fell more than those of most other emerging markets.
August 21, 2015
What will be India's stance for Paris climate change pact
India is likely to announce its targets for the Paris deal by September-end. Why Modi sarkar must first push reforms in NDA-ruled states
The better performing states throw up more employment opportunities including at unskilled levels.
August 20, 2015
Future looks bleak for India's real estate sector
Given the current global cues, if the next six months do not turn out to be the way we would want it to, we are definitely looking at a very gloomy start to 2016.
August 19, 2015
Force China to open its markets for Indian goods
'India needs to adopt a more proactive policy of triggering exports to China.'
August 17, 2015
Three game-changing ideas that India ever had in past 50 years
The greatest progress on civil rights in the United States since Abraham Lincoln was under the Southern Democrat Lyndon Johnson, the past master of wheeling and dealing in Congress. India's eCom is growing but labour woes can play spoilsport
Most labour laws in India have been framed for those working in manufacturing, mining and plantation.
August 10, 2015
Economy is growing but corporate results are a dampener
Gold has pushed lower as a result of Chinese selling. Steps that govt must take to help India's ailing healthcare
China's Xiaomi to unveil its first India-made phone on Monday
August 08, 2015
Skewed story of land reforms in India
Of all the markets in which politicians interfere with prices, the land market is probably the last that will be reformed, says T N Ninan.
August 06, 2015
Is the era of mega-projects over? Hmm...looks like
Projects in other developed countries, such as Canada, and even in developing nations like Mozambique and Indonesia are also in limbo
August 05, 2015
RBI holds key rates: An opportunity lost?
As it stands, there does not seem to be a threat to prices.
August 04, 2015
Can a dead brand like Bajaj Chetak live again?
Bajaj Auto, said the company might re-enter the scooter market and if and when it does, the iconic Chetak might be revived.
August 03, 2015
What a Fed rate hike could mean for India
The majority in the markets believe that a September lift-off is likely. Making up for lost ground on GST
The Constitution should not encumber these choices, specially limiting them to second-best or third-grade options. More capital for public sector banks? Hardly a solution
Quarterly results of many of these banks show significant losses. The many good things that Magsayay winner Anshu Gupta does at Goonj
Goonj was eventually born in 1999, with 67 clothes his wife and he had collected.
August 01, 2015
How to read an economic survey well
Some might contend that a candidate for being termed the most corrupt (or corrupting) country in the world is Switzerland.
July 31, 2015
What will drive India's growth?
India has a long way to go to catch up with Thailand let alone the US. So what if the situation is tough, realty will bounce back soon
According to Knight Frank, in the second half of 2015, launches will be down 52 per cent (from 37,643 in the second half of 2014) to 18,000, while absorption will improve 24 per cent. M&As can negatively impact workforce, is there a way out?
Mergers are not just about balance sheets or marketing synergies; they are also about those who make the synergies real. Predictions gone awry, a normal monsoon so far
Contrary to some predictions, rainfall is adequate so far.
July 30, 2015
Indian economy recovering? But where and how
Modi government needs to focus more.
July 29, 2015
3 factors responsible for China's economic problems
China's short-term economic growth outlook is mediocre at best.
July 28, 2015
Why so serious, Mr CEO?
Now mergers, acquisitions, sale of assets, fundraising, strategic intent and competitive position in the market are part of business life everywhere. Inflation debate will not deter price stability goal
While headline and core WPI are stuck in a disinflationary phase, the retail measure is inching north. 5 reasons why FT sale holds this big significance
For the past few years the top brass at Pearson did pretty well to grapple with the threat of digital disruption.
July 27, 2015
It's high time Modi govt shows us good economic growth
The Indian stock markets may turn bearish after the US Fed decides to raise interest rates. Wake up Modiji, why are you wasting crores on useless manpower?
India must first improve working condition, then it can concentrate on Make in India concept.
July 25, 2015
Trade negotiations: How India, China are starkly different
China and India have approached trade negotiations very differently: the former with confidence, the latter in a defensive crouch, says T N Ninan.
July 24, 2015
Dont' be surprised: With passage of time, smart devices will rule us
Drones are of course, remotely controlled and modern ships are also chip-driven. Indian Railways certainly deserves a lot more attention, isn't it?
The station with the most annual revenue is CST Mumbai, followed by Dadar. Why Q1 was unusual for Infosys
The new CEO's next challenge is to grow margins.
July 23, 2015
GST: Why we should get on with it
The proposed GST framework has many flaws. India's job market is ailing, do we have a remedy?
Whether India can create labour-intensive factory jobs instead that it needs to put millions to work in the next few years looks very unlikely.
July 22, 2015
A lesson or two India must learn from China to arrest rupee fall
India's banks are propping up too many weak producers. India's public healthcare: Sick beyond repair?
As of last year, India had 1.3 hospital beds per 1,000 people.
July 20, 2015
An ideal mining policy & how it will impact the economy
The new mining policy must be rock solid
July 17, 2015
A peek into Kejriwal's brilliant stealth tactics
I admire Kejriwal's intelligence but pity the fact that he had to use all the ingenuity and scheming to achieve his revenue enhancement goal, says Sudhir Bisht. This land is your land
This is a sensible solution for several reasons. Will Indian Oil catch up with its peers?
The fall in crude prices has added to the gains.
July 16, 2015
Entrepreneurship in India is like in the US of 1970s, says Tata
Tata, whose latest investment was in Ampere, a start-up that produces electric two-wheelers and three-wheelers from Coimbatore. Few mistakes Modi must avoid while framing pro-business policies
The prime minister had openly said the retail sector should be open to competition, domestic and foreign.
July 15, 2015
The food inflation dilemma: It's back!
RBI watchers are going to be on tenterhooks for the next 3 weeks. How impressive is the 2015 Land Acquisition Bill?
The new land Acquisition Bill has many implications. India remains mostly rural and poor
Less than half of rural households are engaged in agriculture.
July 14, 2015
Is Greece an enigma? Or just a third-world country
How did Greece, the country of Archimedes and Socrates and Plato and Pythagoras, come to such dire straits, asks Ajit Balakrishnan. Modi initiatives that are paving the way for reforms
These are initiatives not commonly seen in economic administration.
July 13, 2015
More money may come to India if China slows down
The recent market crash in China has triggered sympathetic drops.
July 10, 2015
A 5-point action plan to make Digital India a reality
Rajeev Chandrasekhar discusses five issues pivotal for the success of Digital India Lessons investors & founders must learn from fiasco
There are quite a few lesson that upcoming entrepreneurs must learn from controversy.
July 09, 2015
Smart cities okay but where are the smart citizens?
Are Indian citizens mindful of their responsibility? The 10 biggest policy mistakes of the past
There are conflicting signs on India's investment cycle. Slowly, Modi's anti-corruption campaign is gaining ground
The government has made it much harder for tycoons to get special dispensations from Delhi
July 07, 2015
In an interconnected world, India cannot escape Greece crisis's fallout
If the impact of the Greece crisis spreads across Europe and parts of the world which are more interconnected than ever before, India cannot hope to be insulated, says Paranjoy Guha Thakurta. So, what lies ahead for the markets? A lot depends on these factors
Experts suggest domestic factors rather than the Greece crisis would determine the course of the Indian equities.
July 06, 2015
When retirement beckons
Retirement blues can sometimes result in actions that are dysfunctional, notes Ajit Balakrishnan. China risk story is far more dangerous than Grexit
Consequences of China's efforts to stabilise its equity markets after three weeks of declines, which wiped out some 30 per cent of the value is far more importance to the world, says Clyde Russell.
July 05, 2015
Greece: A financial slave state
The crushing of this tiny entity by demanding creditors should be a lesson for all countries, warns T N Ninan.
July 03, 2015
The Greece Crisis and its lessons for India
'India cannot expect to be insulated from the crisis. Europe is India's biggest trading partner with two-way trade of E72.5 billion or Rs 530,000 crore last year,' says Paranjoy Guha Thakurta.
June 30, 2015
Greek crisis: An opportunity for Indian investors?
Neither India nor China will be badly affected by Grexit.
June 27, 2015
Remembering Charles Correa and his 'breathing' buildings
India's foremost architect and town planner was renowned as much for his 'breathing' spaces as for his irascible personality
June 26, 2015
Looking beyond PM Modi's many spectacles
It seems like the Twitter-selfie craze compels the PM to put on a mega show every few months
June 25, 2015
Growth, fiscal deficit and the two prices of money
It would be a miracle indeed if we grow at 7/8 per cent a year over the current and next few years, says A V Rajwade Are Indian corporate executives out of touch?
India's innately hierarchy-prone corporate culture produces its share of willing sycophants, says Kanika Datta.
June 24, 2015
Will tax sops on card transactions serve any purpose? Bah!
It is possible that this experiment might see a rise in the Union government's cost incurred on tax concessions, without any increase in the tax base or coverage, says A K Bhattacharya.
June 19, 2015
The human side to the Maggi crisis
Being conservative is good, but not quite in a crisis. Why India needs bankruptcy code urgently
The RBI should provide readily accessible summary information on its website about all corporate debt defaulters and the amounts involved.
June 17, 2015
Layoffs rampant in India? Read how other nations deal with it
Temporary workers not only lack job security, they get less pay and an inferior overall package.
June 16, 2015
Panic in the air: Average Indian pilots are not incompetent
If someone incompetent clears the system, it is probably intentional.
June 15, 2015
Paytm chief shares tit-bits of his life & alliance with Alibaba
Paytm will cross 100 million wallets ahead of its self-determined deadline of 2015-end. It currently has 66 million. So what if India has hit a rough patch, brighter days are near
The flow of economic news suggests that "good days" are not here as yet. Public sector banks: Mr Modi's nightmare?
Lack of decisiveness and courage to deal with PSBs may turn out be the biggest impediment to the Modi government's economic initiatives, says Debashis Basu. How fit is India's food regulator?
Recent data on the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India show its commendable performance. But there is an urgent need to address certain issues related to the way it functions and its infrastructure, says A K Bhattacharya.
June 12, 2015
The good, bad and ugly side of Maggi controversy
Indian govt must tighten food safety norms to prevent controversies like the latest one on Maggi noodles.
June 11, 2015
Modi's Gujarat has a robust biz model, New Delhi what say?
Gujarat is a flourshing state but its business model is not so well accepted at national level.
June 09, 2015
Google gets taste of its own strong medicine
Google won't miss the revenue.
June 08, 2015
Fund diversion by Mallya a 'wake up call' for United Spirits
United Spirits had a tough time in recent past due to management related issues. Going ahead, corporate governance is a big challenge, say experts. The curious case of RBI rate cuts
The RBI must cut rates to spur growth, say experts.
June 05, 2015
Modinomics: Indianised capitalism is the need of the hour
The temptation to rehash Manmohanomics is not going to deliver the achche-din that Narendra Modi has promised, warns Sriram Balasubramanian. Mr Modi, here's your chance to prove fiscal prudence
Modi govt must take measures to prevent widening of fiscal deficit.
June 04, 2015
Agreed, market forces not in govt's hand but few reforms can help
The govt must fix regulatory hurdles to ensure growth. What keeps GoAir up in the air
GoAir is smaller in comparison to its rivals but is still surviving despite financial crisis. Why prosecuting Maggi brand ambassadors is idiotic
Punishing brand ambassadors shows that the government is only interested in going after the low hanging fruit, says Tanmaya Nanda.
June 03, 2015
India, China biz relations? The best is yet to come
India, China must further strengthen business ties for growth. Economic growth: Adding some water to the milk!
In the year since UPA went out, the GDP has grown a mere 0.5 per cent, but this government claims a healthy GDP growth of 7.4 per cent allowing it to ecstatically claim outpacing China, says Mohan Guruswamy.
June 02, 2015
What the monsoon winds bring
We are all 'Chasing the Monsoon', notes Ajit Balakishnan. A 10-step approach toward making cities real smart
Smart cities must be very well equipped with technology and security systems alike. Is it the end of brand 'Maggi' or will Nestle strike back?
Experts question Nestle's silence over Maggi controversy.
June 01, 2015
Shifting people from Bharat to India
Modi is as divorced from reality as Manmohan Singh. He might want to sound expansive and visionary, but to be credible he must have his feet on the ground and know the reality around him. Instead of delivering irrelevant homilies to small and hence poor farmers, the prime minister should be thinking in terms of creating a huge demand for alternative employment, mainly in the construction sector, and his promised hundred new cities is a capital idea, says Mohan Guruswamy. Robots are coming to India? Few lessons we must take from China
In fact, since 2013, China has become the largest market for robots. How wise men in FinMin can ideally allocate budget to ministries
The Ministry of Finance or Commerce would certainly need a larger hospitality budget than the Ministry of Agriculture.
May 29, 2015
Having Robots for 'Make in India' is not a bad idea
For Make in India's success, Modi govt msut remove policy paralysis. Why can't Modi make a case for reform?
Several of Modi's actions reflect political courage. Decoding Modi govt's economic priorities
Modi govt has a unique style of working, say experts.
May 27, 2015
Is India close to achieving its fiscal deficit target?
The fiscal deficit for 2015-16 may eventually come down to the targeted level of 3.9 per cent of GDP. To cut rates or not? Well, a calm rupee will weigh on Rajan's mind
RBI governor Raghuram Rajan is likely to cut rates in next monetary policy.
May 26, 2015
Why the RBI needs a change of guard
India's political class should shed its fascination for foreign-bred, foreign-trained and foreign-brainwashed promoters of exotic prescriptions, and appoint for positions critical to the nation's well-being out-of-the-box thinkers rooted in the country's ethos who would be in tune with the country's imperatives, says B S Raghavan.
May 25, 2015
Four lessons of change from Tata Communications CEO
Vinod Kumar, Tata Communication CEO has amazing business strategies to enhance topline. India, China moving in right direction? Both must be more proactive
The ecosystems of India and China today jostle against one another across Asia and much of the world. The dual economic logic for 'Make in India'
India must concentrate on manufacturing-led growth.
May 22, 2015
The world is just not prepared for another financial crisis
History would indicate that a recession is not that far off.
May 21, 2015
Modi@1: Running out of luck on the economy
After one year in power, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is pretty much on the back foot, even if he continues to display bravado in his public pronouncements. He knows within his heart that he has wasted a lot of his political capital without getting much in return, says M K Venu. Black money laws are in place, but who will enforce them?
Concluding the three-part series, Paranjoy Guha Thakurta says that the black money law is likely to fail because of the ineptness of India's investigative and enforcement agencies. All about the government's wrong land war
Why is the government ignoring the advice of its own Economic Survey? Gold monetisation scheme: The pros and the cons
India imported 967 tonnes of gold in 2014-15.
May 19, 2015
New black money law recreates inspector raj of yore
A major criticism of the new law is that it can become an instrument of abuse as it confers the tax enforcement authorities with strong discretionary powers, says Paranjoy Guha Thakurta. GST should be a good and simple tax
The GST will alter the very face of fiscal federalism in India.
May 18, 2015
Modi@1: There is progress but also gaps on various fronts
Progress on several parameters creates a tipping point situation. Modi@1: The govt report card reads 'average'!
The global economy may just be entering a new phase. Why Atal Pension Yojana may struggle
The Union government is keen to ensure financial security for unorganised sector workers Why we need to have a liberal approach towards gold
The government has retained 10% duty on import of the yellow metal. India Inc puts HR issues on top of the table
Issues related to human resource have become a priority for India Inc. Why there is a strong case for RBI to cut rates
A rate cut could stimulate demand and help revive industrial activity, without much risk of sparking off inflation again.
May 15, 2015
The nuts and bolts of the new black money law
In the first of a three-part series Paranjoy Guha Thakurta details the salient features of the Undisclosed Foreign Income and Assets (Imposition of Tax) Act, 2015. Weak WPI data is an eye-opener, Indian govt wake up now!
Food prices, which have contributed to a large part of inflation over recent years, have remained benign, despite unseasonal rain.
May 13, 2015
Why follow China, India can prosper on its own
India must formulate a new growth path to become a top Asian economy.
May 12, 2015
Forget good-bad govt, India Inc focusses on the big picture
India Inc has too much on its plate to ensure double digit growth in FY16.
May 11, 2015
Why saving the Taj is the most difficult battle for India
The Supreme Court has directed a series of actions to clean the Taj, including bringing in compressed natural gas (CNG) to replace dirty coal.
May 08, 2015
Labour law: Can Modi pull it off?
The govt is expected to relax labour laws.
May 07, 2015
Why India will always play second fiddle to China
Thinking big, China is changing the world order; with mixed priorities, we can but tag along, writes T J S George. For 'Make in India', first 'Innovate in India'
The 'Make in India' vision cannot survive in the long-term without concrete measures to build a concurrent 'Create in India' movement. This GST is no reform, and the Rajya Sabha must not pass it
The current draft of the Goods and Services Tax could kill any hope of economic revival - and you should blame the Congress if it rolls over and lets it pass, says Mihir S Sharma.
May 06, 2015
Frontline stocks and broader markets may crack further
Markets and blue chip stocks may see a downward correction in short-to-medium term.
May 05, 2015
Politics behind India's growth projections
Most forecasts do not have a track record of transparency and accuracy
May 04, 2015
What effect will a bad monsoon have on the economy?
Weather forecasts have notoriously large error margins. Good or bad monsoon, the govt must have strategies in place
A number of significant linkages between rainfall and economic outcomes have policy implications.
May 01, 2015
The global economy - are we there yet?
It is a wonder how pervasive and long-lasting the damage can be from a balance-sheet crisis, says Suman Bery.
April 30, 2015
Can Indian agriculture adopt the 'Gujarat Model'?
The agrarian crisis must be met with similarly speedy responses.
April 29, 2015
Should the Railways take a leaf out of Lalu's book?
Lalu handled the obstacle of 'departmentalism' with ease.
April 28, 2015
What's preventing top execs from investing in digital technology
India Inc is shying away from investing in digital technologies. Why govt needs to make tax regime easy
Even domestic income can be subjected to scrutiny by the taxman.
April 26, 2015
Is Indian economy capable of attracting foreign investment?
Since 2000-01, the Indian economy has shown the tendency of being unable to absorb all domestic savings as investments.
April 25, 2015
What is the right value of rupee, Mr Rajan?
If the RBI governor's logic holds, the rupee is far from being extremely overvalued. India Inc in growth phase? Factors that will decide fate
India Ic has pulled up its socks to perform even better in FY16.
April 24, 2015
Will markets be bullish in the long term?
Markets are likely to go down, correct and stay subdued. IMD or Skymet: Who will get El Nino's impact on monsoon right?
IMD will present its month-wise and region-wise forecast in June. A bad monsoon could add to mounting rural distress
The IMD came out with a dismaying prediction. India must learn from China to revive its ailing railways
Indian Railways has to up investment to strengthen network just like China and Russia. India needs net neutrality? Pros and Cons
The debate on net neutrality has turned into another fight between ordinary folks and a large corporation.
April 23, 2015
Land acquisition continues despite ongoing debate on new Bill
The Union government acquired land for widening of an under-construction highway, overruling farmers objections in Rohtak, Haryana. Yawning gap in Modi government's claims and deeds on climate
Despite Prime Minister Narendra Modi's tall claims that no one has served nature more than India, some of the steps taken by his BJP government proves that the ground reality is exactly opposite, says Devanik Saha. Airtel Zero: More sinned against than sinning?
Never before has an open and innovative platform like Airtel Zero been on offer that will help drive internet adoption through free usage (and companies and app developers being an equal partner in the process), says Srini Gopalan. Forget smart cities, India must first make existing ones livable
The current government must first improve condition in existing citis then take a plunge into making newer cities smart.
April 22, 2015
What states must ideally do to boost the broader economy
Indian states are preparing for a Rs 1.9 lakh crore (Rs 1.9 trillion) tax windfall this fiscal year. What rupee convertibility? India must first remove FDI barriers
Capital convertibility, covering unrestricted investment and speculative currency flows, is an altogether different animal, says Subir Roy.
April 21, 2015
How the new Real Estate Bill will help home buyers
The real estate Bill will stamp out illegal practices prevalent in the industry. TCS comes down to earth
The TCS results are probably a pointer to the subdued outlook.
April 20, 2015
What is capital convertibility & how India should move towards it
The post-crisis debate on capital account management focuses on matching instruments with vulnerabilities. NITI Aayog: A mix of old and new?
The NITI Aayog is likely to continue to both formulate plans and engage with the states. Taxtortion, Modi govt-style
The new tax regime proposed by the Modi government may not have acceptance from all corners.
April 18, 2015
Healthcare sector is in shambles: Will the govt wake up now?
When there is an enormous shortage of public hospitals, when state expenditure on health care is abysmally low by any international yardstick, tax money should be used to set up public hospitals, says T N Ninan.
April 17, 2015
Shifting world trade patterns and what they imply for India
Economic recovery is well under way in some advanced economies.
April 16, 2015
India wants to grow fast? A lesson or two it can learn from China
India needs to tread cautiously on the growth path. Are markets fully factoring in weak corporate earnings?
Only six sectors are likely to report good set of numbers in Q4 FY15. Modi has his hands full, still time for him to deliver results?
Modi sarkar will have to undertake reforms to prove its mettle.
April 14, 2015
Telecom operators can't make rules for the Internet
The Internet is too important to let a few private telecom players decide what the rules will be for consumers, says Rajeev Chandrasekhar, independent member of Parliament who was one of the key petitioners seeking the scrapping of Section 66A of the Information Technology Act. Splitting India into many Internets
'Where will the next 200 million users that will come online in India prefer to go? Will they buy a data pack, or will they use the free Internet?' India Inc on a clean up drive, to shut loss-making businesses
India Inc is either shutting loss making businesses or is hiving off allied verticals to enhance revenues.
April 13, 2015
Mr Modi needs to do more than a prime minister does
Mr Modi must stop talking, and start writing
April 11, 2015
BJP's sudden concern for India's 'garib'
Congress campaign seeking to paint the ruling party as anti-poor and anti-farmer seems to have unnerved the BJP, feels T N Ninan.
April 09, 2015
India's economic theory fashion cycles
'Make in India' could suffer the same fate as did privatisation and the command economy, says Ajit Balakrishnan. Why Air India should not buy 5 Boeing 787-9
Air India's decision to buy five Boeing 787-9 is illogical. How fast is India growing?
The estimates of national income and growth do not pass the 'smell test'.
April 08, 2015
How RBI is putting the onus on banks
Tuesday's policy announcement had a regulatory and development component. Happy 5th, Xiaomi, now can you show Indians you care?
As Chinese gadget-maker Xiaomi, the world's third largest smartphone seller after Apple and Samsung, turns five today, it will seek to intensify its India push. Is rural India angry with Modi?
The anger against land acquisition is not only among landowners. RBI maintains status quo; what next for the markets?
The market direction will be guided by corporate earnings, especially the oil & gas companies, since they were responsible for earnings disappointment in the past quarter as well. Forget Make in India, try design thinking
Design thinking is not designing as traditionally understood.
April 06, 2015
Mudra Bank: New regime, old philosophy
Mudra Bank will be a Rs 20,000-crore institution, which would "primarily be responsible for refinancing all micro-finance institutions. All about the great oil circle
India's macroeconomic situation has benefited from oil prices' decline. Few big numbers Jaitley will have to crunch to meet fiscal goals
Finance Ministr Arun Jaitley will have to do a balancing act to manage fiscal prudence. Trust in GDP numbers must be rebuilt
The new numbers clearly had very different implications. Street expects FY16 rate cut of 75-100 bps
Morgan Stanley expects RBI to cut rates sharply rather than "dribble down".
March 31, 2015
The real issues behind land acquisition
Land acquisition process in India must be streamlined, say .
March 30, 2015
Reforms? Forget all about them!
It is time for Mr Modi to be a little more reasonable and rational.
March 29, 2015
What Modi Sarkar should ideally do to strengthen economic framework
Clearly, LoCs are becoming a key arrow in India's economic diplomacy quiver.
March 28, 2015
What China learned from Lee Kuan Yew... and India didn't
China's obsession with exports and electronics assembly can also be attributed to having learned from the Singaporean textbook. 5 reasons why China will become more powerful over time
China has demonstrated that it has the power to not be isolated, and it is likely to become more powerful over time.
March 26, 2015
Why AirAsia needs a new flight plan
AirAsia's competitors are offering more reliable services. Too much optimism on inflation targeting is misplaced
Are we adopting an idea whose time has come and gone? My feeling is, yes, says ex-banker C Joseph Chacko in the fourth article of the series on inflation targeting.
March 25, 2015
Infrastructure: Govt policy inconsistent
Corporatisation of NHAI was one of the achievements of the NDA govt.
March 24, 2015
Why Mudra Bank is a major landmark in our growth process
For the first time in our economic history a government has thought about more than 50 per cent of our economic activity instead of the five per cent represented by the Sensex companies, observes IIM-B professor R Vaidyanathan.
March 23, 2015
Minimum government? It starts right here!
Nobody is clear what 'minimum government maximum governance' means.
March 20, 2015
Black money: Will punishment and threats be truly effective?
Enforcement agencies will be empowered to confiscate assets
March 19, 2015
Make in India push: Is it a flight of fancy?
Has Make in India's mascot, the metal lion, begun to rust? Why govt's moves on transfer pricing tax need clarity
The government must rein in its tax officers. Inflation targeting can be a game changer
Retired banker P Balagopala Kurup says one of the reasons he favours inflation targeting is that its first priority is to insulate the lesser fortunate citizens from adversity and in the process to ensure that the economy retains its inherent vibrancy and strength.
March 18, 2015
'We know India can run -- judging by cricket -- but can it fly?'
The elements are all aligned to make India a global powerhouse, says IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde. Of websites and factories
Regulating the internet only as a medium is somewhat similar to regulating electricity only as a driver of the TV industry A Budget with sense and sensibility
To begin, the Budget has no doubt attempted to address uncertainty. India growing at 7.4%? Experts argue
The new national income numbers produced by the Central Statistics Office (CSO) have elicited two kinds of reaction. Budget 2015: Why execution is so important this year
Modi govt must implement few policy measures which it announced in Budget 2015. Why India's reforms cannot be postponed
India's numbers have shown a reasonable amount of improvement.
March 16, 2015
Inflation targeting will stabilise the economy
Sahil Kapoor of Edelweiss Retail Capital Market Research says that setting up a monetary policy committee should have been the first step. And the central bank could have moved towards a formal inflation targeting mechanism after the processes and data sets are in place. Is RBI justified in cutting rates out-of-turn?
RBI's out-of-turn rate cut has surprise few economists.
March 15, 2015
Five game-changers in the Budget
This Budget signals a shift from a hand-out to a hand-up economy.
March 14, 2015
Few things that are bothering L&T chief
L&T chairman AM Naik is worried about few things.
March 13, 2015
Land acquisition and democracy
Those who have a long-range mission of true nation-building will pay close attention to World Bank's new action plan for fairness in all matters of land use, says Rajni Bakshi. Chinese economy in a deflationary cycle?
There has been an increase of $17 trillion in total debt in China. Dilip Shanghvi's X factor shows up in different ways
Dilip Shanghvi has never tried to be everything to everybody. Why RBI should do more to prevent rupee appreciation
The rupee has not depreciated enough against other currencies.
March 12, 2015
Budget not excellent but just above average
This Budget plans for an increase to 10.3% of GDP from 9.9%.
March 11, 2015
Here's how to fix the public distribution system
Now the PMO needs to take the food sector reforms forward. Say goodbye to the national health policy
Expenditure on health in India is at a global low of 1.2% of GDP. Budget: Excellent, yet tough!
Can Jaitley's team hope to garner 17% more on personal income tax?
March 10, 2015
Who will benefit most from proposed changes in the land bill?
The amendment Act provides for the elimination of the exemption as it relates to compensation and resettlement and rehabilitation of families. Why inflation targeting alone will not help India
M V Subramanian says there is an imperative need for collective responsibility to tackle inflation, prices and availability of essential commodities, and not rely on inflation targeting alone. Modi sarkar must focus on credible fiscal target to ensure stability
The recent agreement between the RBI and the Centre marks a significant step forward toward financial inclusion. 6 policy measures to kick-start India's prime infra projects
Modi govt must bring about reforms to kick-start big-ticket infra projects. Modi's search for an economic ideology
The absence of a clear underlying economic ideology in the Budget was quite evident, say experts.
March 09, 2015
Stock market riches for the poor
Govt must introduce automated investment scheme for poor.
March 07, 2015
3 reasons why India's tax-GDP ratio has fallen
Biggest culprit behind India's eroding tax base is excise
March 05, 2015
How Railways can pave the way for a Digital India
Railway Budget is the first indicator of possibly better days Buffett's wit, humility, charm never fail to impress shareholders
Berkshire Hathaway annual meetings are most awaited. Move forward on infrastructure, not back
Shifting to a PPP model could repeat the errors of the past Black Money: Archaic laws won't help, India must ban Mauritius route
The larger amount of black money either goes into domestic real estate or bullion, or is round-tripped back into India anyway. Budget has succeeded in keeping market mood positive
The Nifty and Sensex traded close to their respective all-time highs.
March 04, 2015
All about the politics of Budget
The finance minister defended the change in the tax rates.
March 03, 2015
Why is the Budget silent on ecommerce
Budget had no sector-specific measures. Budget has set ambitious goals, clear vision
The Budget decides to take the lead in revving up infrastructure. The noise around the land acquisition law
Land laws in India need not be archaic, say experts.
March 02, 2015
2 things Jaitley can do to better the lives of common Indians
There is a total disconnect between the vast majority of Indians and their elected rulers and their minions in the executive and judiciary, says Sudip Mazumdar. Decoding the Budget's 'carbon tax'
In Budget 2015, the finance minister has opted to take the slow road and has doubled the cess on coal to "balance the need to tax pollution and the price of power" in his words. Budget impact on agriculture? It's pretty blurry
The Budget has stuck to annual increases in agri credit targets. Plan to reduce corporation tax? More clarity, please!
A few companies continue to pay taxes at 15-20%. Budget Impact: Hope and disappointment
The government will have to get projects moving. Budget is populist, aims to transform lives of the masses
Budget is a populist one, wil lbeneift common people Growth oriented, far-sighted Budget has impressed bull market
Finance minister Arun Jaitley has delivered a Arun Jaitley delivered a bold, far sighted budget Suresh Prabhu: A star who can transform the Railways
Prabhu proposed an unprecedented 50% hike in investment.
February 28, 2015
Not a Big Bang Budget, but very positive and realistic
The government should now focus on governance and monitoring the supply side to manage inflation, says M V Subramanian. Balancing the budget -- the Jaitley way
All credit to the finance minister for walking the fiscal and expectation tightrope extremely well in his budget speech, says Ganesh Natarajan. The masterclass and the Budget
'The finance minister and the government have met the immediate challenge. The wine this time is new and also in a new bottle, which, though not full, is less than half empty.' Budget 2015: What the 'aam junta' expects from Jaitley
The general masses have high expectations from the Budget.
February 27, 2015
The Railway Budget's many firsts
Many of the steps outlined are innovative. Railway Budget: Intent is good but where is the revenue strategy
we are facing a situation of empty coffers but eagerness to expand. This Rail Budget is different but on the right track
The railways have been able to project improvement in finances. Why we need to manage our Budget expectations
Most expect the Budget to be path-breaking.
February 26, 2015
Legacy issues with Air India and the way ahead
Air India needs to up the ante in order to compete with rival carriers. Is Indian Railways for the people?
The lawmakers seem as uninterested as those who use the railways.
February 25, 2015
Save lives, fight air pollution
Air that people breathe in Indian cities is among the worst in the world. The Cinderella of all Budgets
The service conditions and judges' remuneration are not alluring . FinCom's steps: Will they help India bridge fiscal deficit?
FinCom prescribes scrapping of effective revenue deficit. This Budget will be Mr Modi's credibility test
Curbing the federal deficit is the government's absolute priority on February 28.
February 24, 2015
Budget: Government must not give up on difficult reforms
Expectations from this Budget are sky-high. When will you speak on GM crops, Mr Modi?
The future of the GM tech in India is still uncertain. Why this Budget is a challenging one for the Modi government
The Budget will indicate where the Modi government stands on reforms, growth and development.
February 23, 2015
Why is it risky to stray from deficit target in Budget
The macroeconomic environment has changed dramatically for the better.
February 20, 2015
Why the Budget needs to be demystified
The hype surrounding the Budget gives it undue importance.
February 19, 2015
A Budget for the Aam Aadmi, please!
It is time to take a few macroeconomic risks to kick start the growth.
February 18, 2015
For Subrata Roy, anxiety rises as deal unravels
Subrata Roy is in jail since March last year.
February 17, 2015
Will Budget 2015 ensure Make in India?
Skill development is a key area of concern.
February 16, 2015
Few factors Jaitley must consider before presenting the Budget
India Inc has high hopes from the upcoming Budget.
February 13, 2015
Indian economy has revived? Not quite!
Large and small businesses alike have delivered low-key performances. Why the government must let fuel prices rise now
If crude prices have increased, retail petro product prices should go up.
February 12, 2015
What ails the Chinese economy
The risks of a cascade of defaults are high. 4 areas that Jaitley must focus on in its '1st real Budget'
FM should avoid proposals such as to tax financial transactions and fringe benefits
February 11, 2015
The perils of China's slowing economy
Chinese leaders may well respond to challenges with heightened rhetoric.
February 08, 2015
Will 'Make in India' reform trade, too?
An ambitious long-term vision to ensure economic connectivity between India and the rest of Southern Asia is critical to India's trade policy objectives.
February 07, 2015
Where is the global economy headed to?
India was ranked 12th among the large economies in 2008, and moved up to 10th by 2013, overtaking Canada and Spain.
February 03, 2015
You too can be a victim of credit card fraud; these tips can help
One must be extremely cautious while shopping with a credit card. Make in India is fine; Modi must first resolve domestic issues
Make in India has few advantages and some disadvatnages too.
February 02, 2015
How to make Budget 2015-16 investment-friendly
Simplicity will make the Budget investment-friendly
January 29, 2015
Indian markets are 'fully valued' at current levels
It's the beginning of a rate reduction cycle
January 28, 2015
Economic revival? Govt, RBI must work in tandem
Both the government and RBI have to complement each other if the economy has to revive quickly. Why Jaitley must allocate more funds to states in the Budget
The upcoming Budget gives Finance Minister Arun Jaitley a chance to let states boost spending.
January 27, 2015
Rescuing a threatened species -- the Manager
In leading companies in Information Age industries, the word "manager" is taking on a pejorative meaning -- something like "zamindar" -- a man who lived off other people's work and did no work himself, says Ajit Balakrishnan.
January 26, 2015
What to learn and unlearn from the US
Prior public consultations when making regulations is a critical feature
January 23, 2015
How the Railways can carry Swachh Bharat message across India
Envisioning and implementing a Railway innovation programme needs attitude training and skill impartation, says R Gopalakrishnan.
January 21, 2015
How the aviation sector can benefit from a reformed SpiceJet
Competition promotes innovation in the business model, creating sustainable value. Modi's 'Make in India': A few points to ponder
India must be seen to be continuing on the path of reducing tariff and non-tariff barriers, if it is to fulfil its ambitions to export to the rest of the world.
January 20, 2015
Life of an entrepreneur: Tears and fears, guts and glory
Entrepreneurship is like boxing. Where every entrepreneur has to live his life in a 16x20 box, if lucky then in a 20x20 one. So is the case with me. Once inside the ring, you only have two outcomes. Either you get knocked down or you knock someone off. There is no in-between, says Krishna Kumar.
January 16, 2015
After RBI's rate cut, Budget must show fiscal tightening
If providing a stimulus to growth is the objective now, that would be best served by moving rates as quickly as possible to the bottom.
January 15, 2015
Will the decline in inflation be sustained?
If the pattern over the last three months is going to continue, the likelihood is that both indices will register inflation rates close to current levels over the next few months. SpiceJet saga: Lessons to learn for low-cost carrier
At the height of its troubles and desperate to mop up cash to fly the next day, SpiceJet was offering ridiculously high deposit incentives to travel agents and online portals -- incentives it could ill afford.
January 14, 2015
The political roots of black money
An enormous amount of black money flows in and out of the banking system and still remains black.
January 13, 2015
Hail the invisible hand of the State
Neither pharma nor IT would have become the stars of the economy without the active but largely invisible hand of the Indian State, says Ajit Balakrishnan.
January 12, 2015
How GST will benefit traders and manufacturers
The benefits are common in many cases, but are also different in some other respects.
January 10, 2015
Is Modi govt's economic agenda ready?
Modi government has to come up with a robust economic agenda to impress the masses.
January 08, 2015
There's little proof that acche din has arrived for India
Because of India's weak fiscal position, the plethora of debt-burdened infrastructure companies and the poor asset quality of public sector banks, economic growth in 2015-16 may be limited to about six per cent, say Shankar Acharya.
January 07, 2015
The challenges Modi govt faces in 2015
Four specific areas will be watched carefully in the first half of FY16 Why the new National Health Policy is misdirected
The implementation of the policy would require public health spending to rise to nearly 2.5 per cent of the gross domestic product, from the present dismal one per cent, with the Centre bearing about 40 per cent of it. Inflation and interest rates: What is the Reserve Bank's policy?
A comprehensive technical framework needed, from which a more convincing policy could be demonstrated
January 05, 2015
How private airlines destroyed Indian aviation
In the previous decade, the government, with Praful Patel as the civil aviation minister, saw the introduction of an irrational 5/20 policy. Why more clarity on NITI Aayog's role is necessary
The prime minister's economic advisory council was disbanded early on, and not reconstituted.
January 03, 2015
Oil @ $60 a barrel: Should we be happy?
The retail prices of petroleum products have moved broadly in line with, or somewhat more than, the rupee cost of oil imports.
December 31, 2014
2014 was the year of challenges and reforms
The year 2014 was one of the most challenging years for India. For two consecutive years our GDP growth was sub 5 per cent. Employment generation had declined, the revenue buoyancy was low and the country had become investment starved. Why 2015 will be a make-or-break year for Modi Sarkar
2015 will be a real test for Modi govt.
December 30, 2014
The Great War, online
Facebook owns WhatsApp and Microsoft owns Skype, the two services that are at the centre of the current "net neutrality battle".
December 29, 2014
Indian economy is going strong but headwinds prevail
India is set for decent growth in 2015. What do the markets expect from 2015?
In 2015-16, reforms will take hold, growth in GDP, will accelerate, and government processes and statutory clearances will speed up If all goes well, Indian economy will see 'achche din' in 2015
Inflation is down and there's every chance that crude prices will be subdued through the next year. Few hard questions Modi will not ask bankers in next meeting
Prime Minister Narendra Modi will hold discussions with public sector banks (PSBs) and financial institutions to draw up an action plan for banking reforms Smart strategies that India Inc adopted to beat slowdown in 2014
After two years of growth in the 4 per cent to 5 per cent range, the gross domestic product is expected to increase more robustly in 2015, growing to an expected 6.4 per cent.
December 25, 2014
A brilliant plan to help India achieve top spot in solar power
India needs to fix policy paralysis in order to reach teh top slot in solar power.
December 24, 2014
Why West Bengal is lagging behind other states
West Bengal was the second-most industrialised state in terms of value added and first in terms of number of factories and employment even in the mid-1960s. With a severe and long process of deindustrialisation, it lost its primacy. Govt must consider these factors while capping LPG subsidy
Indian govt must find solution to ever increasing LPG subsidy.
December 23, 2014
New age technologies will shape the future of young India
New age technology will reshape India's future. Few mind-blowing events that rocked India Inc in 2014
Key events that rocked India Inc in 2014 and one of them is Vishal Sikka taking over reins at Infosys.
December 22, 2014
Climate Change: Looking for hope beyond Lima conference
With the weaker-than-expected agreement at the recent Climate Change Conference at Lima, there is an urgent need to highlight endeavours in civil society and business for a sustainable global economy with grassroots empowerment, say Rajni Bakshi. Power centre Delhi holds key to Modi's India revival dream
Modi government must push reforms at a fast pace to restore growth. Economy recovering? Govt has a tough task ahead
The Analysis lists a number of steps taken by the government that have contributed to both positive short-term outcomes, such as lower food inflation, and the capacity for more equitable growth, through financial inclusion.
December 20, 2014
Few fund raising options that can help Modi govt
Modi government must fix policy paralysis.
December 19, 2014
Yes, the rupee IS overvalued
December 18, 2014
The govt should ideally let SpiceJet fail
Any government aid to the airline will ultimately hurt the economy
December 17, 2014
Why high growth is no panacea
When industrial output and inflation fall simultaneously, though it is both a piece of good and bad news, taken together they can signal clear signs of an economic slowdown. Uber, redux?
The Information Technology Act needs another tweak to allow a different kind of information intermediary to flourish, says Ajit Balakrishnan.
December 16, 2014
10 factors that make a city really smart
Experts are upbeat about developing smart cities in India.
December 15, 2014
How banking outlets in villages can lift lower income groups
Upcoming payment banks will lift lower income groups in distant villages. Big bang projects that need solid groundwork to get started
Government must first focus on groundwork to start big ticket projects, say experts. 3 things Modi must fix for the success of 'Make in India'
Modi's Make in India will work only if the cost of borrowing comes down.
December 11, 2014
The big picture: 5 factors that keep China way ahead of India
India needs to work on economic parameters to outpace China.
December 09, 2014
Few things RBI expects from the Modi government
The RBI expects change, presumably commencing in the next Budget, but must hold its current view until this actually happens.
December 06, 2014
Will govt's divestment programme 'SAIL' through?
Going by the experience of the previous years -- when the actual proceeds from stake sale were much lower than the targets -- the government's disinvestment target for 2014-15 appears too ambitious. E-commerce vs kirana: And the winner is. . .
Foreign retail chains, reluctantly allowed limited entry, have begun to make their initial moves and, like Ikea, intend to spend big money -- sometimes in the billions of dollars.
December 02, 2014
Getting angels to fly
India needs to build an economic system that will provide adequate capital to budding entrepreneurs, says Ajit Balakrishnan.
December 01, 2014
8 goals India must achieve to fulfil its commitment to the UN
Time is running out: Will India manage to attain goals set by the UN. Why payment banks are not a good option
Payment banks may not be viable option to attain financial inclusion. Black money trail: Tall promises meet big challenges
There is no doubt that the Modi government has showed greater urgency in unearthing unaccounted money stashed away by some Indians in tax havens and other countries, enjoying the advantages of the latter's banking secrecy laws.
November 28, 2014
India is world's investment bet as long as RBI, govt deliver
Its time the RBI, govt pushes reforms to boost global investment
November 27, 2014
The risks of cutting rates too soon
If credit is not going to flow in response to a policy rate cut, while inflationary pressures, as well as expectations, may be stoked, a rate cut may not be appropriate at this point
November 26, 2014
Why CEOs are less jubilant about Modi
Around 40% of India Inc feels that Modi govt's biggest weakness in the last 6 months has been its slow pace of economic reforms. RBI's rate cut: Risks and benefits to the Indian economy
Global disinflation has finally caught up with India's high-cost economy.
November 24, 2014
How Japan's recession can impact India
For 20 years, the stock market headed nowhere, and this has created permanent aversion.
November 23, 2014
Make in India? First, Modi must end tax terrorism
With wages rapidly rising in China, all is still not lost. Wage costs in India are significantly lower and this fact could still help us turn the tide in our favour.
November 22, 2014
How Suresh Prabhu can set railway finances right
He has the ability to instantly go to the heart of issues and deconstruct them. When time ran out for HMT
Being public sector employees, they still saw no reason to stir themselves unduly.
November 21, 2014
Want to outsmart your boss? But, it may backfire
At the end, however, Allen finds too much of what he calls positive thinking can boomerang.
November 20, 2014
How swachh is Narendra Modi's business 'abhiyan'?
Indian business has many legitimate grievances against the political class for not delivering an optimal business environment.
November 19, 2014
Why the rising dollar is a global problem
Emerging markets and Asia may be first in the firing line
November 18, 2014
Here's how Suresh Prabhu can reengineer the Railways
Suresh Prabhu, the new railway minister, described his charge as being 'the engine of growth'. The internet's next step
The step forward in marketing could be a move to bypass the media and towards owning it directly, says Ajit Balakrishnan.
November 17, 2014
3 factors that suggest India is on the right path to recovery
Data used for the graph and cited elsewhere in the column were obtained from various publications of the RBI. Modi must act fast on cleaning up the financial sector mess
The three main regulators have different approaches to grievance redressal and different standards to stop harmful from coming pitched at the consumer. Indian economy is growing but Modi's 'achchhe din' far away
The combination of sanctions, and low fuel prices is really hurting the Putin regime.
November 14, 2014
What the Sino-US climate deal means for India
Why Germany should be India's best partner in Europe
Germany, as the locomotive of Europe, has much to teach India in manufacturing and process management, says Rajeev Srinivasan.
November 13, 2014
Mr Jaitley, why is the income tax department hiding data?
Our income tax department should bring out monthly bulletin as well as annual reports providing insights into the nature of our direct tax segments, points out R Vaidyanathan.
November 11, 2014
Plan Panel is scrapped, govt must now have a roadmap to reforms
The implementation of their recommendations means that an adequate apparatus to change this is at the disposal of the government. Are Modi's labour reforms strong enough to uplift the poor?
The Vasundhara Raje government's initiatives mark a critical step forward in labour law reforms.
November 10, 2014
Clearing the cobwebs from the concept of GST
GST necessarily includes service tax, but VAT can only be on goods without including service tax
November 06, 2014
India's systemic flaws, a big barrier to growth
What we want from spectrum allocation is access to broadband networks at prices that will result in productivity gains. Why Tim Cook's coming-out is a big thing
Cook's statement is of major significance, especially given Apple's recognition as a global brand, says Aseem Chhabra.
November 05, 2014
Modi's smart strategy to select top guys at public banks
The BJP had not filed till May the expenses statement for the Karnataka Assembly elections held last year in July.
November 04, 2014
Time to grow again?
May be the strong United States growth will lead the world back to a period of growth and help us all put this painful recrimination behind us. Why corporates must design projects to involve local populace
Businesses that either take local communities for granted or see them as an obstacle to be 'managed' are skating on thin ice. Why corporates must design projects to involve local populace
Businesses that either take local communities for granted or see them as an obstacle to be 'managed' are skating on thin ice.
November 03, 2014
Achieving 100 GW power by 2019 is a big challenge for Modi
A pro rata expansion of that number for 100 Gw means investing that much every year. 3 reasons why India's rich stash money abroad
Clearly, rich Indians have little confidence in India. Perhaps we are also chronically dishonest.
October 28, 2014
Rahul Bajaj's quick ride back into the Licence Raj era
These automotive companies were afraid of competition and made wrong accusations on grounds of safety. Why RIL, Infosys, HUL are keen to play the real game
Begin with ITC. Larsen & Toubro, yes. ICICI and HDFC, yes again. How India's financial sector tackled economic crisis
A customer wanting to buy a car would have to wait a long time for delivery.
October 24, 2014
Anil Agarwal's big plans go wrong in India
All this is happening at a time when aluminium prices in the world market are firming up.
October 22, 2014
Harsh truths about child labour in India
If gender disparities are eroded with more women being better-educated, that pool also becomes smaller.
October 20, 2014
Global factors can play truant to the Indian economy
Technically speaking, US equities have seen net losses since January. India is strongly influenced by US trends. Modi must deliver all that he promised
The truth is that few ministries in the Modi sarkar are working on new and updated legislation of any kind. FinMin's new A-team to unveil a big bang Budget?
The shift was sudden, quite unlike Shukla's departure from North Block, which had been anticipated for some months even before Singh''s first Budget.
October 19, 2014
How India can resolve the WTO deadlock
This was a very strong position and was criticised by many, both from the developed and developing world.
October 17, 2014
Why it is time to scrap NREGA
'How many people have been skilled up and thus able to escape from needing to be in NREGA? The true success of NREGA would lie in its irrelevance -- that is, people no longer need it as a crutch.' 'NREGA should enable them to climb out of poverty and stand on their feet.'
October 16, 2014
Economic mantras Modi must learn to be successful
Amartya Sen and Jagadish Bhagwati publicly sparred last year on the direction of India's economic policy. India's GDP forecast is rosy but roadblocks ahead
The IMF's predictions for India's near-term growth may seem rosy, but the usual caveats apply - that is, we are apt to under-perform.
October 13, 2014
Why we should not blindly trust the US dollar
The fact that the US dollar has become the world's preferred reserve currency is now the core of global financial crisis, says Mohan Guruswamy. IIP a negative surprise, but recovery durable
The expectation of a recovery will clearly be strengthened by the rapidly improving macroeconomic situation.
October 10, 2014
Why dollar will strenghten against the rupee
Some type of global shock adds to the allure of the dollar.
October 08, 2014
The other e-commerce
What will it take to get India's poor broadband penetration to be seen as a problem and not as a condition, thus enabling real, serious e-commerce to take off in India?
October 06, 2014
The economy is shining but India needs to treat few dark spots
Across the board, demand would appear to be slacker than it should be if we are headed for a healthy recovery. Modi, Obama's new agenda to strengthen Indo-US ties
The prime minister and president stated their intention to expand defence co-operation to bolster national, regional and global security. Big infra push? India must facelift the PPP model
The assumption clearly was that project execution timelines would be adhered to and revenues would flow in as scheduled.
October 03, 2014
China's $20 bn investment to transform India?
The prejudices the Chinese carry with them mean they are not natural global managers.
October 02, 2014
Why big infra projects get delayed in India
The NHAI says non-availability of funds from private developers and financial institutions is also responsible for major delays. Why India's coal policy needs a makeover
Realistically, coal will be the major fuel for electricity generation in India, as in America, for a long time.
October 01, 2014
How real is Modi's India revival dream
To a lay observer, therefore, India today presents two conflicting realities.
September 30, 2014
Key changes the new Plan Panel must look into
The ability and quality of implementation of development initiatives remains India's Achilles' heel.
September 29, 2014
Modi govt has a progressive agenda for health: Melinda Gates
For the philanthropy, we wanted also to have big impact, a kind of a new dimension.
September 26, 2014
Rich should degrow so poor can prosper
Current forms of economic growth are widening disparities, leaving hundreds of millions of people to live in poverty, says Rajni Bakshi. 3 factors that can make global firms more competitive
First was the desire to tap the large domestic market while remaining competitive in global markets. No respite for coal; Uncertainty for other sectors
Exceptions were made for ultra-mega power plants, such as the one at Sasan, which the court observed were not under consideration, and for coal blocks attached to the power and steel companies controlled by the central government. Inflation trend reassuring, but not enough for a rate cut
Food inflation is still very much a problem and needs fixing urgently, but the bad monsoon apparently did not make it worse. Indian economy back on track; key factors can play truant
We still have time for this government to take action. Coalgate verdict: A chance to clean up the mess
It is hoped that the decision of India's apex court will send a signal to politicians and their cronies from the world of business that the rule of the law does eventually prevail, says Paranjoy Guha Thakurta.
September 24, 2014
Why WTO must reconsider India's subsidy stance
The WTO has fixed an external reference price (ERP) for rice at Rs 3.52 per kg US or China: Modi should tread cautiously
Instead, increases in foreign-direct-investment levels; and reforms to make labour, land and capital more mobile.
September 23, 2014
New life for Aadhaar: Is it possible?
The key gain from using Aadhaar will be a drastic cut in impersonation and fictitious identities, thereby plugging a major loophole through which a lot of leakage in subsidy payment takes place. Marketing lessons from the Alibaba IPO
The stock jumped significantly on listing.
September 22, 2014
Modi's small reforms have big impact on the economy
This will, of course, go a long way in meeting the promised fiscal deficit target of 3.6 per cent of GDP in 2015-16. India Shining! 3 factors that point to a stable economy
First, there has been a significant softening in commodity prices - most notably oil. Despite jitters, markets stay headstrong
Given the relative rates of gross domestic product growth, the differential will increase. India can't grow as fast as China, Japan
High growth is also much easier to log in a small business than in a Reliance. Why RBI must give priority to India's financial condition index
To the extent that monetary variables affect investment, the weather, thus, looks far less clement.
September 18, 2014
Tricks of trade: How South Asian network can help India
ADB has often expressed its interest in promoting sub-regional integration in South Asia and perhaps could be involved as a facilitator. How serious is China about investing in India?
Another sobering number is that the total Chinese investment in India in the past 10 years amounts to $400 million.
September 17, 2014
Jaitley must focus on fiscal consolidation to sustain growth
The obvious temptation for Mr Jaitley would be to achieve a better fiscal deficit figure than what he had promised in July. Why RBI's reading of inflation numbers is a significant pointer
CPI inflation has declined by almost a percentage point from July, from close to eight per cent to just above seven per cent.
September 16, 2014
Pill for thought: Sweetheart deals that hurt consumers
'Pay-for-delay' settlements between drug patent-holders and generics manufacturers to delay the launch of cheaper generic medicine are increasingly being scrutinised by antitrust regulators
September 15, 2014
India must fight corruption to ensure global competitiveness
The overall rank has been propped by the third criteria of innovation and sophistication, which have ranks of 59 and 57 respectively. Economic ties with China? Modi must move closer with caution
New Delhi can strengthen its leverage by having better relations with the two than they have with each other. Why economic uptick cannot be taken for granted
Production grew by a mere 0.5 per cent year-on-year, a significant comedown from the 3.5 per cent clocked in June.
September 12, 2014
Key indicators that will move the bond market
Faster normalisation of central-bank balance sheets will drive yields higher. The new government must not undermine PSU independence
The Union Cabinet on Wednesday decided that 10 per cent of the government's stake in Coal India Ltd would be sold. Similarly, the sale of five per cent of its stake in ONGC and 11.4 per cent in the hydropower public-sector unit, NHPC, has been cleared. Bullet trains in India: Fast track to nowhere?
Some would argue that it bullet trains are too expensive for the cash-starved Indian Railways, and its cost far outweighs the benefits.
September 11, 2014
Evolution of branchless banking in India
For people at the bottom of the pyramid, which I would rather address as mass market or emerging class; the primary challenge in accessing banking services are not just affordability but applicability and accessibility of services. 40 Years Ago...and now: Earning respect for the ad craft
Mohammed Khan, co-founder of one of India's largest ad agencies, Rediffusion, talks about how the business has changed. Why the govt should give greater autonomy to public banks
Control over PSU banks is what is allowing the government to drive this scheme.
September 10, 2014
How to make unsmart cities smart
The government is looking at building by-laws and floor area ratio so that you can build up instead of out, thus requiring less land.
September 09, 2014
Don't leave finance to the financiers
A new generation of scholars -- this time, sociologists and anthropologists, who hitherto have been busy with researching social practices of primitive tribes and social structures like India's caste system -- are starting to cast their eyes on the financial sector.
September 08, 2014
How to make Jan Dhan Yojana a successful scheme
How internet, social media can transform the stock market
An individual might not be able to put together the data and number-crunching resources that institutional traders employ. Change in the nature of monsoon and its effect on the economy
Each year, economic damages increase -- and once again, development gains are lost in one season of flood or bad drought. Too much exposure to NRI investments is risky for India
Just three years ago, at the end of March 2011, NRI deposits were only $52 billion, half of what they are today.
September 05, 2014
Policy makers can brace for good times ahead
While the US is definitely recovering, Europe, Japan and, now, China are all going through another wave of what some fear could be a multi-year slowdown.
September 04, 2014
Infrastructure is key to Jan Dhan Yojana's success
The problem is set to grow following issuance of 75 million new RuPay cards in the next six months with the launch of the Jan Dhan Yojana. Why India may never beat US to become a world power
The power of a nation is directly related to the revenues it realises from its citizens. But India loses a gargantuan Rs 5.8 lakh crore, as the IT department drags its feet over recovering uncollected taxes in time or holding up files in appeal cases, says Mohan Guruswamy. How India can escape the dry spell doom
Since 2000, India has had three serious droughts. Rajan has done well but his task is incomplete
RBI data show one-fifth of all the infrastructure loans are stressed and the share of such loans in overall stressed assets is nearly a third.
September 03, 2014
'Insiders' vs 'outsiders' at RBI
The more competent junior or the outsider with experience in the field should get the higher post. 100 days: Govt starts with energy but has no grand strategy
The problems facing India and its economy are far too severe and deep to be fixed in 100 days, and an excessive focus on the first 100 days might have indicated that the government had failed to understand that.
September 02, 2014
Why consumers must cheer CCI's ruling on errant car makers
Such allegations are unjustified, given that the CCI's remedies do not promote a free-for-all scheme. What Rajan needs to do to cement his legacy
He has had a productive first year at the RBI -- one which saw, also, India's economic imbalances improve and the unexpectedly strong general election outcome.
September 01, 2014
All you want to know about shadow banking
In advanced economies where the financial system is more matured, the form of shadow banking is more of risk transformation through securitisation. 'Come. Make in India' -- but how?
In the World Bank's rankings on the "Ease of Doing Business" India stands at 139 out of 189 economies surveyed in 2014; its position has in fact dropped from 131 last year. Why India's low-growth phase seems to be over
Evidently, the economy has come out of the low growth phase in the past two years and it does appear the economy will continue to remain in the plus-five per cent range.
August 30, 2014
Why Modi's approach to financial inclusion is better
Within two weeks of the speech, the prime minister flagged off the Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana, and the day was marked by announcing its outcome on the very first day of its implementation.
August 28, 2014
Coalgate and India's crony capitalism
The Supreme Court judgement will hopefully ensure that those in power and authority will hesitate before allotting precious natural resources that belong to each and every citizen of the country in an arbitrary and corrupt manner, says Paranjoy Guha Thakurta. India may not weather the poor monsoon
The total rainfall till now is not only deficient, but is also erratic in terms of both geographical spread and timings. Skipping Asean meet makes government look amateurish
Mr Modi has indicated he will carry on, and intensify, India's 'Look East' policy. But this start is hardly inspiring. Brave new world: Modi's 100 days,10 top moves
Modi government has taken some interesting policy decisions in the 100 days since the time he met President Pranab Mukherjee to present his claim as Prime Minister of the world's largest democracy, says Tanmaya Nanda.
August 27, 2014
'Minimum government, maximum governance' in public sector banks
The Bharatiya Janata Party regime will have to make good on this election slogan to restore state-owned banks to health, says Rajiv Lall. More government, more growth?
Most mainstream researchers agree that good governance is a necessary condition for growth.
August 26, 2014
Modi govt must act swiftly to revive Air India's fortunes
National carrier Air India is running in losses and needs government's attention. Rise of Naxalism: Blame India's skewed mining policy
It is the low cost of iron ore extracted from their adivasi homeland mines that enables steelmakers like Tata Steel and Essar, and miners like NMDC, not only to be among the most profitable companies in India, but also gives it the financial muscle to make huge overseas acquisitions. Ultimately, it is the poor adivasi who pays for it with his home and hearth and gets no credit for it! Either from the State, which connives in their exploitation, or the industry that lords over their resources, says Mohan Guruswamy. Is replacing the Planning Commission justified?
The need for co-ordinated policy between Centre and states was likewise foreseen and assigned.
August 25, 2014
Use technology, get taxi pronto
To address a crescendo of complaints, the state government recently created a new category of taxis that have a self-explanatory 'no refusal' blazoned on them and come in the by-now-ubiquitous blue and white colours of the Trinamool Congress. Why it's so difficult to formulate an oil price policy
The government should start with two assumptions: first, that oil prices are fundamentally unstable and susceptible to wide fluctuations, and second, that raising the prices of petroleum products is politically difficult.
August 22, 2014
Finally, a ray of hope for the Indian economy
The good news for us is that India's economy - and sentiment about it - is much better than it was a year ago, says Jamal Mecklai. Why the govt should end diesel subsidy now
It's time government used oil windfall wisely.
August 21, 2014
Why the Planning Commission failed to meet expectations
The Planning Commission has not been central to the policy making process since the mid-1960s, says Nitin Desai.
August 20, 2014
Understanding Modi government's economic priorities
The prime minister's August 15 address was undoubtedly inspirational and outlined important economic and social objectives, such as making India a global hub for manufacturing, ensuring bank accounts for all poor families, major thrusts in sanitation and cleanliness, and a radical restructuring of the Planning Commission. Good opportunity for Modi govt to push economic reforms
Luck appears to be on the government's side. It needs to take full advantage of it by initiating long overdue economic reforms without delay, says A K Bhattacharya. Is the market's bull run sustainable?
This rally is largely being driven by hopes that the Modi government will drive economic growth higher, and, thus, increase earnings growth for companies.
August 19, 2014
A behavioural theory on why productivity declines
The impact of 'family first' on productivity in developing societies is yet to be modeled, says Agnikalam. An inflation targeting policy regime for India?
Richard Clarida's recent paper could be key for policymakers in deciding whether India should move to an 'inflation targeting policy regime', says Vivek Dehejia.
August 18, 2014
Retail trade in derivatives: Is there really a problem?
Before considering reducing the freedom of private investors in the derivatives market, we need to check if the maladies in markets elsewhere exist in India, says Susan Thomas. Should Tata be ranked India's best brand?
Famous and long believed to be trusted Indian brands have wilted against foreign brands, says Mohan Guruswamy. What must replace the Planning Commission
There are justifiable concerns that, if all financial allocation powers are now shifted to the finance ministry, then the end of the Commission might be counter-productive -- states' needs could, in fact, be addressed less.
August 14, 2014
Relaxing labour laws: Modi to lose or gain?
Narendra Modi's pay-off from relaxing labour laws would be huge. How India plans to attract more foreign investment
India will look to play a key role in the APEC, EU and Africa regions to increase its competitiveness. What ails India's industrial production
But growth recovery is under way.
August 13, 2014
Modi govt must not ignore farmers
The farming community expects much more substance from the government, Ajay Vir Jakhar.
August 12, 2014
Modi govt needs new talent to change India
If the Modi government is to keep its promise of change, it must bring in fresh faces.
August 11, 2014
Smart cities can change the urban way of life
Smart cities can provide more safety, better management of traffic congestion, a low-carbon environment and better services. Why attack Ratan Tata for criticising Bengal's flaws
Mitra's stout and vociferous protest to what most see as Tata's meandering and even affectionate critique has taken people by surprise. Global factors spell trouble for the stock market
The market could be influenced by events elsewhere in the world and regardless of what happens to India's economy
August 08, 2014
It's dangerous to invest all savings to buy a house
Housing is a highly illiquid and, by definition, high-risk market, and individuals, in general, do not have the skills to manage this risk.
August 07, 2014
Even Bangladesh has moved ahead, Modi must act now
Consider the credentials of our pro-farmer governments: almost half our rural households lack electricity connections, says Rahul Jacob. Lessons for badly-planned, congested Asian cities
Most of the ill-planned Asian cities need a more creative plan aimed at weaning people away from using personal cars for commuting.
August 06, 2014
Will Modi's I-Day speech push reforms?
With Narendra Modi about to make his first Independence Day speech, there is a buzz in Delhi that Modi will make some big announcements to signal major reforms and directional shifts. But we have to wait and see if it happens, says Mohan Guruswamy. No reliable data available on online media
Online media is changing the status quo within the Rs 83,000-crore media and entertainment industry, and becoming critical for growth. Vasundhara Raje's 'Rajasthan Model' set to be a success
Vasundhara Raje is pioneering the 'Rajasthan Model', which places policy reform at the centre of the development strategy. Why RBI is right in maintaining status quo
The RBI's projections for consumer inflation over the rest of the year indicate some acceleration, with the rate reaching eight per cent in its baseline scenario. Modi govt lacks courage to bring real change
The government has neither the mental model nor the political courage to effect real change, point out Ashoka Mody & Michael Walton.
August 05, 2014
Inside Governor Rajan's mind
There is little scope for significant monetary easing even in the next fiscal year. India's big mobile broadband revolution
A great smartphone experience is driven by network performance and the app experience.
August 04, 2014
Modi's financial inclusion plan: Rs 75,000-crore loan?
India needs to find Rs 75,000 crore of new money from somewhere to lend to those among the poorest. Modi's lack of interest to push reforms not puzzling
Modi's government has proceeded in a manner exactly predictable from his claims and promises on the campaign trail. The brief wondrous life of Indian ecommerce
The international investors who are investing, merging and shaping India's new ecommerce start-ups are betting that if China can produce an Alibaba with an expected market value of $ 170+ billion market value when it does its IPO, India should produce at least one or two with a $5bn+ market value, says Ajit Balakrishnan. What's wrong with India's economic census?
The economic census excludes all farming and plantation work, as well as workers in administration and defence services. Modi's economic strategy fails to address India's problems
Narendra Modi's strategy in Gujarat was to run the state as a business entity.
August 01, 2014
The secret behind building brands
Faces are important in India, because people connect with people, not concepts. Gen Y employees: A boon or bane for companies?
Younger employees no longer ask what they can do for their employers, but what their employers can do for them.
July 31, 2014
What makes India an e-commerce hotspot
India's e-commerce sector is a prize, but one that may end up being spread thinly. Corporate governance: It's not getting any better
The markets have reacted negatively, for example, to recent news that Cairn India, of which the Anil Agarwal group company Vedanta owns 60 per cent, will give a $1.25-billion loan (about Rs 7,500 crore) on notably easy terms to Sesa Sterlite, another Anil Agarwal group company.
July 29, 2014
Column: The truth about labour law reforms in India
Good companies would want to treat labour as partners; bad companies would want to exploit labour as much as possible, Effective labour laws should weed out the latter without hampering the former, says Shubhashis Gangopadhyay.
July 28, 2014
At WTO, India has little choice but to fall in line
Despite the noise that India is making at the WTO saying that its food security concerns are non-negotiable, back home it is aggressively pushing for dismantling minimum support prices and at the same time limiting the sovereign role of Food Corporation of India in food distribution to the hungry and the needy, says Devinder Sharma. Bengal Aerotropolis's fate hangs in balance
The ambitious project by Bengal Aerotropolis Projects Limited to set up India's first airport-cum-metropolis has developed fault-lines that typically inflict major infrastructure projects in the country. It takes 10 years to make key policy changes in India
The lack of change in policy can be hugely damaging not only for foreign investors but also for the Indian economy and domestic industry, says A K Bhattacharya.
July 27, 2014
'Over-emphasis on real estate may not be very healthy'
India is also exploring that way but the strength of the Indian economy was such that not even one bank was threatened, not even one insurance company was threatened, and we were able to withstand the shocks.
July 26, 2014
Why India ranks low in the Human Development Index
Like its predecessors, the 2014 report (released two days ago) allows one to compare India's performance with other countries. How we can make our banks safer
Capital adequacy and tighter regulation are just one step forward.
July 25, 2014
India's first aerotropolis is mired in controversies
The promoters of BAPL are embroiled in messy legal tussles with accusations of forgery and fraud flying thick and fast. The US biologist who rescued India from a severe food crisis
The Green Revolution owes a debt to Norman Borlaug, whose birth centenary falls this
July 24, 2014
Singapore's pride: 'Skyrise' gardens that save energy, water
Vertical gardens are a cornerstone of the state's development plan and can be a game-changer in its quest for greater sustainability, says Barun Roy. From nostalgia to nightmare: A traveller's experience in trains
Travelling by rail in India was once a pleasure, but has now become a forbidding challenge.
July 23, 2014
Will 100 smart cities become a reality in India?
Sizes of cities often turn out to be their enemies because everything costs a bomb to build and operate, says Mahesh Vijapurkar. FDI will push media firms to clean up their act
We are already reading and watching news from around the world. Budget proposals can tame food inflation; implementation is key
The price stabilisation fund will call for processing capacity for perishables. 4 reforms that can solve India's land woes
The government must, therefore, legislate to automatically allow non-irrigated agricultural land to be used for industrial purposes, subject only to obtaining environmental clearances. Modi govt fails to impress in the first two months
It is important to note that this realisation seems to have dawned on the leadership in spite of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)'s comfortable majority in the Lok Sabha. Why the monsoon numbers in India hide reality
Because the ecology of various regions differs, it is silly to club them all under one countrywide average number, says Nitin Sethi.
July 22, 2014
India's biggest problem: Scarcity of land
India must mount nothing short of a war effort to address what is becoming a binding constraint on India's development. Why derivatives are a Pyrrhic triumph for our equity markets
The expansion in equity market volumes is driven by retail speculators indulging in heavy trading of complex derivatives that are economically unproductive, say Praveen Chakravarthy and T V Somanathan.
July 21, 2014
The rising vulnerability of emerging markets
Emerging markets could be affected by a combination of lower liquidity and higher dollar interest rates caused by a hike in the US Fed funds rate. Modi govt lacks good decision makers, advisors
What is missing in the government are people with enough weight in the system who can give quality economic advice, and offer subject expertise, says T N Ninan.
July 18, 2014
Best investment options in the real estate sector
India, the world's fourth largest economy with 1.2 billion people, has steadily emerged as one of the most preferred destinations for global business. Double whammy for Malaysia Airlines
The airline industry is one of the least able to financially absorb shocks. Microsoft carefully dismantles Ballmer legacy
The careful dismantling of Steve Ballmer's legacy is moving apace. Microsoft just announced 18,000 job cuts, more than two-thirds of which relate to Nokia, the handset maker the former boss bought for $7.2 billion. The inside story of India's biggest corporate fraud
The big thing was inflating the revenue of the company through fake invoices.
July 17, 2014
What is the purpose of the BRICS Bank?
The fact that the Indian government has allowed the bank to be headquartered in Shanghai merely underlines the fact that this will be a largely Chinese enterprise. Why Jaitley's 1st Budget is impressive on all counts
Arun Jaitley's maiden effort is a welcome and purposeful change in direction and not UPA redux.
July 16, 2014
Budget: Good beginning or missed opportunity?
With Jaitley preferring continuity over change, good days might take a little longer to arrive, says Shankar Acharya.
July 15, 2014
Economic Survey's agricultural road map better than Budget's
A barrier-free market -- coupled with removal of controls, licensing system, intermediaries and state-imposed levies on farm commodities -- will benefit both sellers and buyers. All about job creation and destruction
In India, the need to find a solution for the jobs problem is perhaps even more urgent considering the oft-quoted number of a million young people arriving every month looking for jobs. How to bring India back on the growth path
The idea is to boost household savings and turn more of them into growth capital. If the plan succeeds, sustained eight per cent-plus rates of gross domestic product growth should be within reach in a few years. Jaitley's 16,473-word balancing act
An analysis of the frequency of various watchwords in the finance minister's Budget speech shows that he was perhaps trying to hold on to his ideas without treading on anybody else's toes, says A K Bhattacharya.
July 12, 2014
This whole Budget is Modi's big bet
It is unfair to expect Mr Jaitley to perform miracles with the Centre's straitened finances. No money for infrastructure? Blame it on subsidies
The funny thing is that the government has the money - but it is going into subsidies that Mr Jaitley has chosen to leave untouched. Why the Budget will not check inflation
Far from reducing inflation, some of the assumptions made in the Budget imply that the government is not at all expecting prices to come down.
July 11, 2014
Budget: The annual drama over a report on inefficiencies
The Bharatiya Janata Party, which promised us "maximum governance, minimum government" ought to make the annual Budget less of a national drama than it is today, says Rahul Jacob. Budget: A preparatory exercise to usher in reforms
Finance minister tries to put house in order before reforms are unveiled in February. Budget: Not a bang, but not a whimper either
Abheek Barua analyses varied nuances of the Union Budget. Competent, but not a breakout Budget
In the run up to the elections Narendra Modi kept telling us achche din aane wale hain. Far from that, Jaitley's Budget just seems to be more of the wohi raat aur wohi din, says Mohan Guruswamy. Why UPA govt's job scheme is a total failure
MNREGA is a poverty-continuation scheme and is destructive to Indian aspirations and progress. Budget: An assumption of 'Achche Din'?
There is logic at work in most of what has been announced by Arun Jaitlley.
July 10, 2014
This Budget is old wine in old bottle
Despite its sincere tone in describing the gravity of the economic situation, the Budget broke little new ground or displayed initiatives that would have fired our imagination.
July 09, 2014
Bullet trains? First change the stinky coaches and stations
Amid all these changes which included replacement of the steam engines with diesel and electric locomotives, one thing has been constant: untidy stations and malodourous trains and stations. Finally, Railways is on the reforms track
In other words, its revenue numbers are likely to carry greater conviction and the instances of overstated revenue projections may well be a thing of the past.
July 08, 2014
Budget: Jaitley must outline a reformist vision
The finance minister must reverse the government's turn to statism, and lay out a reformist vision in the Budget. Why expectations are high from Jaitley's first Budget
Union Budget 2014 hinges on reforms and restarting projects.
July 07, 2014
Does Jaitley have the cure for India's ailing economy?
As things stand today, there would be extraordinary pressure on the government against raising user charges, be it for services or actual goods and commodities with controlled prices.
July 01, 2014
Key issues Jaitley must address in the Budget
The Finance Minister must deliver a business sentiment boosting budget and show that the new government can walk its talk.
June 30, 2014
A weak monsoon, Iraq crisis to have some impact on the Budget
Coming to the oil situation, the developments in Iraq are worrying because the outcomes are completely unpredictable at this point. Budget must reassure, not try anything fancy
The fiscal situation is in a mess, with widespread suspicion that the deficit is much larger than it was claimed to be. Why the FM should not repackage older policies in the Budget
For the NDA government, it was just like the case of the railway fare and freight hike. Modi govt's big economic mistakes
It is odd how governments don't learn from their predecessors' mistakes, says T N Ninan.
June 27, 2014
The lone supporter of FDI in defence
While most other big companies like Tata, Mahindra and Reliance remain non-committal on FDI, Nikhil Gandhi was the lone voice supporting 51 per cent FDI through the automatic route. Will Modi grasp the economic nettle?
In putting the country's economy back on the rails, it is best that Narendra Modi and Arun Jaitley draw on grass-roots feedback and their own practical sense and native wisdom without allowing themselves to be sucked into the quicksand of economic punditry, says B S Prakash.
June 26, 2014
Here's a quick-fix that can help India recover from the lows
Income inequality is a big concern in india. The controversy over India's fiscal deficit
Arvind Panagariya explains why his suggestion of the fiscal deficit at 4.5% of GDP differs from P Chidambaram's 4.1% in the interim Budget.
June 25, 2014
Why this hue and cry over Reliance-Network18 affair?
For more than a hundred years, media companies have been started and owned by corporates, in the US, Europe and in India as well. Why tax cuts will be key focus in Jaitley's maiden Budget
The key numbers in Mr Jaitley's Budget will be looked at closely to assess the extent of revisions they represent over what Mr Chidambaram had presented in February.
June 19, 2014
A few points the FM must consider in his first Budget
The finance minister has the difficult job of responding to this spirit of hope and yet getting the country back on a more sustainable fiscal path.
June 17, 2014
Why Modi govt should stick to its agenda
The prime minister has promised to fix investment, but world economy is still too weak to fund it.
June 16, 2014
Are Indian airports, metros world-class?
The building of the metro in south Bangalore has represented, to borrow a line, not the building of a city, but the sacking of a city.
June 13, 2014
Murthy silences his critics with Sikka's appointment
The succession strategy has an unmistakable stamp of Murthy's sharp management and leadership acumen - a trait he has been regarded for all this while.
June 12, 2014
What Reliance's takeover of Network 18 means for media
With Mukesh Ambani taking over Network 18, the space for disseminating a diverse range of views could shrink, feels Paranjoy Guha Thakurta.
June 11, 2014
Most rural Indians can afford a toilet but don't want one
A household survey shows that they don't think using a toilet is good for their health, pointing to the need for sanitation policies that focus on changing attitudes rather than just building latrines. Will India shine again under the Modi govt?
The Narendra Modi-led government included neither a 100-day agenda nor its five-year programme of action in the speech it had approved for the president to read out at the joint session of Parliament. 'Political meddling is at the root of India's power problems'
The whole of India's electricity system was synchronised and started to function as one giant machine.
June 10, 2014
Public sector banks can get a big leap forward
A Bank Investment Company to act as a holding company for state-owned banks would go a long way in minimising government interference and improving governance. 'Bull markets are a bit like revolutions'
Bull markets need a a charismatic leader and a fancy destination.
June 09, 2014
Creating jobs is the new govt's biggest challenge
In an economy such as India's, jobs create themselves to a large extent, which is why the rate of unemployment is perennially low, at two-three per cent.
June 06, 2014
Why is good monsoon so important for the economy?
Agricultural growth is volatile and rain-dependent, among others.
June 04, 2014
How Modi can build a world-class railway network in India
Indian Railways should aim for a quantum growth in traffic. This will require investments in new infrastructure, including 125 capacity expansion works on the shelf, costing about Rs 35,000 crore.
June 03, 2014
Say no to inflation Botox
The idiosyncratic aspect of India's macroeconomic challenge is the stubbornly high retail -- especially core -- inflation, despite the collapse in economic growth. What ails the aviation sector?
India perhaps is the only market in the world where full-service and low-cost fares have become one.
June 02, 2014
What India Inc, global investors expect from the upcoming Budget
The Budget, will be a mega-signalling device in terms of policy, as well as a document outlining public finance projections.
May 27, 2014
Why India needs to have 'economic democracy'
As an ideal, economic democracy is not easy to define, but its core principle is to prevent any concentration of wealth that inhibits economic freedoms of society as a whole.
May 23, 2014
Why this is a good time to invest in stocks
Indian equities are poised for good years, so stay invested even through a few sharp corrections. How policy change can create more jobs
The more sectors contribute to growth, the more employment growth will generate. There are no short cuts. Sugar industry has high hopes from Modi govt
The price at which mills buy sugarcane is fixed by the Uttar Pradesh government. India must crack down on Swiss banking malpractices
The charges of aiding tax fraud, to which Credit Suisse has admitted, are serious and reflect the deep malaise that afflicts the Swiss banking system.
May 20, 2014
Can Modi beat Singh's economic benchmarks?
Though the Sensex kissed 25,000 on Friday, analysts are not seeing farther than 30,000 by the year-end. They seem bound by 'cautious optimism', a legacy of the crisis years. Can Modi deliver all that he promised?
Recent data suggest that the economy isn't out of the woods, and the PM-designate must live up to high expectations.
May 19, 2014
How Modi can bring the economy back on track
Former RBI deputy governor Subir Gokarn outlines an economic plan for Modi sarkar. 6-point agenda for Narendra Modi
Narendra Modi will have to survive and create confidence by adopting policy measures that will benefit all.
May 15, 2014
Polls okay, but when will the two Indias merge?
This year is supposed to be a year of change, and change there will be of political leadership and alliances. Cracks in China's economy could hit the Sensex
The ripples of the Chinese property slowdown could be felt far and wide across the world.
May 14, 2014
Why RBI must start building reserves soon
Reserve Bank of India Governor Raghuram Rajan has been a consistent advocate of floating exchange rates and this may come in the way of his willingness to buy up dollars, thereby preventing the rupee from discovering its true value.
May 09, 2014
COLUMN: What actually plagues India's cities
What India needs is not costly, brand new cities but a revamping of urban institutional structures and policies.
May 08, 2014
Success recipe of Tata, Wipro and Cipla
Corporate houses like Tata Sons and Wipro have not only seen growth in India but have created a name in global markets too.
May 07, 2014
Finance Minister P Chidambaram's report card is a mixed bag
In a recent public appearance, Mr Chidambaram was quite candid in saying that UPA-II misread the signals from its electoral performance in 2009.
May 03, 2014
COLUMN: All about the El Nino blues
We should be prepared for any impact of the dreaded weather pattern.
May 01, 2014
Power sector: What the new government needs to do
Now, expectations are high that the incoming government will act swiftly to put the sector back on the rails.
April 30, 2014
Points new govt must focus on while presenting its 1st Budget
If the Budget has to be announced by July, there simply isn't enough time to entirely rework the interim Budget and produce an alternative set of forecasts.
April 28, 2014
How top corporates fared during Manmohan Singh's 10 years
The original big boys (Tata, Birla, Ambani) were not the stars of the decade. 10 things the next govt must do to build great cities
More than 32 per cent of our population lives in cities and towns.
April 24, 2014
Lessons for Modi to put the economy on track
Modi might be tempted to hit the brakes on spending. But an austerity drive could be self-defeating in a weak economy.
April 23, 2014
Are Indians really worried about corruption?
Indians were happy to make money off corruption, and happily turned a blind eye to what lay beneath the boom, says Shankar Sharma.
April 22, 2014
UPA vs NDA: Who excelled in performance?
Opinions are being formed about the UPA and erstwhile NDA governments at the onset of elections across states.
April 21, 2014
Is Narendra Modi confused about economic policies?
If Mr Modi is not in favour of privatisation, he should outline what alternative strategies he has in mind to revive PSUs whose deteriorating finances have become a drag on central resources.
April 18, 2014
Market boom: Are stock prices inflated?
Despite what partisan fund managers are projecting, the rise in the Indian equity market has to be evaluated carefully.
April 15, 2014
Can India afford bullet trains? Go for super-fast ones
Taking up the speeds of inter-city Shatabdi Express trains from the present average of 70-75 km/hour to about 100 km/hour will cut the Mumbai-Ahmedabad travel time from seven to five hours. CCI's fine on Google: A wake up call for Indian companies
The fair trade body's penalty on the internet giant should be a wake-up call for Indian companies that tend to be lackadaisical towards regulatory investigations.
April 11, 2014
Why investors are bullish on Indian markets
Investors are willing to wait to give a new government a chance. Sun Pharma has all the reasons to cheer Ranbaxy deal
One of the suitors says that Ranbaxy's Indian portfolio alone is worth $2 billion, or approximately Rs 11,900 crore.
April 08, 2014
Learn from China, transform the Indian Railways
The next government should view Indian Railways as a strategic tool, not legacy problem.
April 07, 2014
Ranbaxy sale shows risk in Japanese M&A adventures
The investment has lost almost 40 percent of its value in six years.
April 04, 2014
The inspiring success story of Bandhan
What sets Bandhan apart is the roots it has in the world of the rural poor.
April 02, 2014
The saga of Subrata Roy: From a flamboyant boss to Tihar inmate
Sahara's propensity to issue full-page advertisements indirectly targeting the court's wisdom every time it suffered a setback could have hardly helped its cause.
April 01, 2014
An economic agenda for the new Prime Minister
The new prime minister should learn from the mistakes of the current government and pay more attention to inflation.
March 28, 2014
Is India's war against multinational corporations justified?
The realisation has struck people that multinationals have been doing all those things that Indian businessmen have long been accused of doing. COLUMN: Why RBI needs to clean up home loan rules
Six public sector banks have been identified as having a particularly problematic housing loan portfolio.
March 26, 2014
Inflation targeting: What are banks, market fretting about?
Inflation targeting is not de facto a kind of shock therapy that the RBI wants to administer. UPA rule: The poor never had it so good
By all accounts, India's poor, mostly in rural areas, can look back to a 10-year period when their lot clearly improved.
March 25, 2014
Column: The Left, the Right and us
Now, the world over, policymakers are dusting off their copies of Keynes' classic, The General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money, and figuring out whether there are any answers there to our own challenges of growing our economies. How govt's welfare schemes turn into big scams
In several states, there were cases of falsification of records and money never reached the poor.
March 24, 2014
How good roads have transformed Uttar Pradesh
The extraordinary thing about UP is that, quietly, there has been an enormous improvement in the quality of roads. Which is the UPA govt's worst legacy?
The law may be good politics, but politics without grounding in basic economics is the surest guarantee of economic disaster.
March 21, 2014
Is there remedy to avert rampant corruption in India?
Relatively unnoticed in India is that China is going through its own high-profile battle with corruption.
March 20, 2014
Lessons Asian cities need to learn from China's urbanisation
With a population of more than 60 million, the delta region accounts for nearly 30 per cent of China's exports.
March 19, 2014
COLUMN: India's coal, power sectors need change in mindset
The economy can't grow without increasing electrification, which requires more power plants, and given coal is the cheapest form of fuel and is abundant, it makes sense that India is looking to boost the use of the fuel. COLUMN: How Amit Mitra fixed Bengal's finances
Amit Mitra may have stopped talking about relaxing rules for foreign investment in India, but there is no dilution of his commitment to the cause of fiscal consolidation in West Bengal. MNCs' India honeymoon gets over in UPA-II
Blame the government's huge tax demand, while domestic investors point to their falling corporate governance standards.
March 18, 2014
Challenges Modi will face to revive the economy
Narendra Modi may be able to fix India's ailing domestic economy, but it's the sorry state of world demand that will pose a bigger and more intractable challenge to the country's prime ministerial hopeful.
March 13, 2014
The thorn in India-US business ties
The challenge for India will be to ensure the law does not get out of step with the demands of a country that needs foreign investment and new technologies. Can Modi rescue the Indian economy?
Even if Narendra Modi comes to power, the revival of sustainable growth is far from certain.
March 11, 2014
Is there hope for Maruti's protesting shareholders?
The question in Maruti's relationship with its parent company, Suzuki, is whether the Japanese company intends to treat its minority Indian shareholders fairly.
March 10, 2014
Will UPA manage to implement Food Bill before elections?
If the government manages to deliver on Congress chief Sonia Gandhi's scheme of providing grains to the needy at nominal rates, it could mean an end malnutrition issues in rural areas. What India should do to improve its global image
The more globally integrated the economy becomes, the more this inefficiency costs us, in terms of foregone export opportunities because of higher costs and more expensive imports.
March 09, 2014
Why India Inc needs to be cautious while dealing with China
Since 2009, the average volatility of the yuan has been just a bit over one per cent, with a high of under three per cent. Sahara case: A classic example of slippages by authorities
The Sahara case reveals that, in today's environment, court intervention is what makes a major difference.
March 06, 2014
High charges on spectrum, petroleum: Who benefits from this?
The author examines whether government levies on these critical inputs are beneficial or detrimental.
March 05, 2014
How India can fire itself back to high growth
Fix agriculture to target food inflation, create labour-intensive manufacturing to target the current account deficit, and fiscal restructuring can target the infrastructure deficit. India must call the US' bluff on patents
The recent US-India friction over trade is being driven by Big Pharma.
February 28, 2014
Religious heads should educate masses on climate change
It is difficult to predict whether religious organisations can mobilise enough global public pressure to minimise perils of global warming.
February 27, 2014
India's shame: The nexus between govt and businessmen
India's government is increasingly for, of and by its biggest businessmen.
February 26, 2014
Why Indian cities are unlivable
Governance structures have left municipalities uniquely incapable of developing efficient delivery and planning mechanisms. UPA's economic legacy: Good, bad or ugly?
UPA failed to undertake economic, social and administrative reforms to strengthen India's long-term development potential.
February 24, 2014
How prudent states helped in curbing India's fiscal deficit
Had the states not fulfilled their commitment on fiscal consolidation, the overall fiscal deficit would have widened. India's growth: How the 'dream team' failed miserably
If P Chidambaram's Budget speech was an hour-long attempt at presenting his government's and his own record in a good light - as he is perfectly entitled to do - such a "marketing" effort invites the recounting of an alternative retelling of the record.
February 21, 2014
Why did Chidambaram shut down New Delhi?
The economic logic - and political reasons - behind the giant shift of spending power to the states COLUMN: Why it is important to exercise prudence
It is important to understand that debt investors are a conservative lot and, in general, most such investments are hedged out of foreign exchange risk to simply earn an arbitrage profit, rather than carry the risk to possibly increase their yield.
February 20, 2014
Series: It will take three years for economic growth to pick up
It will take more than three years to restart economic growth provided the new government, in all earnestness, brings in reforms right from the beginning, says M V Subramanian. Continuing our series on the state of the Indian economy.
February 19, 2014
What the govt needs to do to cut expenses
For instance, the size of a central ministry's annual outlay should ideally be a key factor in determining the number of people who need to be employed by it. How India prevents money laundering
India has been classified as high risk zone in terms of money laundering. Why India's toll plazas are so mismanaged
Violence and vandalism at toll plazas point to poor planning. An independent highway regulator would have helped the cause. Budget: A magic show from Chidambaram
Investors would have much preferred a gritty, honest appraisal of the tough trade-offs.
February 18, 2014
Why it is important now to boost growth
There was hope in some quarters that the interim Budget would boost sentiment and lay the groundwork for kick-starting the investment cycle, while staying on a path of fiscal consolidation. Fiscal deficit: The devil is in the detail
Even to the more jaded India hands inured to the tricks of the country's fiscal trade, an overwhelming element of jugaad - that desperate bid to somehow put the decades-old family Ambassador together for that one final ride - is apparent. Interim Budget lists a vision for the future
Regardless of who forms the next government, the interim Budget speech lays down a must-do list. COLUMN: How good was the vote-on-account?
The vote-on-account is essentially a measure to seek Parliament's approval for government expenditure until the full Budget is presented. Is India's defence budgeting flawed?
The most worrying aspect of defence budgeting is that the military's long-term equipment planning is based on fundamentally flawed fiscal assumptions. Direct taxes and GST: The unfulfilled promises
The government now ends its mandate with reaffirmation in the vote-on-account of the same goals, for which it claims to have a clear line of sight.
February 17, 2014
From boom to doom: An uphill task to revive the economy
The Indian economy is in deep crisis, and it will take at least two years to recover -- and that if we have a focused government. The challenges are immense as it will take a long while to overcome the policy paralysis of the last few years, says Paranjoy Guha Thakurta, in the first of our series on what awaits the next government on the economic front
February 16, 2014
The dismal state of India's public sector banks
Foreign investors did not lap up the new SBI issue because of deeper worries about public sector banks
February 14, 2014
A Plan B for global business
The 'B Team' feels capitalism needs to move to another model which serves people and planet better.
February 13, 2014
COLUMN: Will Asian growth rebound?
The resilience of many emerging markets, notably China and India, in the aftermath of the Lehman shock further strengthened this sense of manifest destiny. COLUMN: All about a duel on drugs
The South African government and large pharmaceutical companies are in combat mode regarding the proposed national policy on intellectual property that hopes to improve access to medicines for the poorer sections of the population.
February 04, 2014
Corruption in public sector banks: Who pays the price?
The inefficient public sector with higher costs offers a lobbying cover for the entire sector, which confers even greater benefits on the private sector.
January 31, 2014
From dignity to disgrace: What went wrong with Ranbaxy
Yet another factory of Ranbaxy, this time in Toansa (Punjab), has been banned from selling in the United States. Once again the company faces charges of unclean manufacturing practices.
January 29, 2014
Why is the govt running its banks so badly?
The relatively poor performance of government-owned banks comes at a cost to taxpayers.
January 28, 2014
A journey in a double-decker train from Delhi to Jaipur
The superfast double-decker train running between Delhi and Jaipur is new and posh, says a friend who has just been on it, up and down.
January 27, 2014
How we can clean the highly polluted Ganga river
Water is drawn for agriculture, industry and cities, but only waste is returned to the river. Budget: Will Chidambaram try to please voters?
Interim Budgets are usually presented in an election year either just before the general polls or immediately after them.
January 24, 2014
COLUMN: Is deflation the real threat?
Many macroeconomic forecasters have built predictive models on inflation, all of which highlight intense downward pressure on prices. What stops India from being a superpower? Poor education
A nation touted at places like the World Economic Forum in Davos a few years ago as an economic superpower in the making is only just beginning to address the problem that only 27 per cent of children in class 5 in its village schools can subtract.
January 23, 2014
Jagriti Yatra: Building India through enterprise
An ambitious endeavour, the Jagriti Yatra is both a promotion of enterprise and itself a manifestation of ingenuity and entrepreneurial spirit.
January 22, 2014
Considerable churn in US and European stock markets
In India, however, the Nifty continues to climb a wall of worry as general elections loom, fiscal deficit surges and the current account deficit is barely under control following subdued gold and crude prices, says Sonali Ranade.
January 21, 2014
Can the UPA claim India is 'shining'?
The poor quality of the initial statistics must take some of the blame for the flak that the government has been getting; growth rates have been recorded as plunging more than they may in fact have.
January 20, 2014
UPA's fatal neglect of the direct taxes
Obsessed with spending, the UPA has ignored the vital task of expanding the direct tax net. Market Notes: Is it really time to buy commodities?
Waiting for capitulation in commodity markets is the better route to profits, says Sonali Ranade. Do Indian politicians lack economic vision?
Both BJP and Congress are offering more of the same, without appearing to realise that welfarism can cause bigger economic problems if adequate growth is not ensured.
January 16, 2014
Inflation: What the RBI, government need to do
Inflation moderates, but a rate cut is unlikely. Why do AAP's electoral promises make little financial sense?
The author looks at what can be discerned of citizens' troubles from the new political party's platform.
January 15, 2014
BJP wants to do away with Income Tax; is it practical?
The Bharatiya Janata Party's proposed banking transaction tax is ill-conceived and inadvisable but it is disruptive enough to raise questions about the perverse nature of India's current tax regime and the need to reinvent it.
January 14, 2014
The goal of the Committee on Comprehensive Financial Services for Small Businesses and Low-Income Households, a panel chaired by Nachiket Mor that submitted its report to the Reserve Bank of India last week, is truly a BHAG. Is US recovery a positive sign for Indian markets?
The developed world's recovery, particularly that of the US, is not necessarily a positive for the Indian market.
January 13, 2014
The Murthy effect
Global recovery and internal shake-up at Infosys have worked in tandem. There's nothing bearish about most equity markets
It is too early to say if we have seen the "final" bottom to these stocks in August 2013 or if another attempt to test them will be made before or just after elections, says Sonali Ranade.
January 10, 2014
Can the industry avoid being scrutinised by CAG?
CAG may not be the cure-all for the ills that afflict PPP projects and is perhaps a sub-optimal solution to the problem. Is market's love affair with the BJP justified?
Akash Prakash argues the changes needed to revive growth will happen, whether the BJP or anyone else comes to power in 2014.
January 09, 2014
Why the Indian economy will continue to suffer
The overhang of corporate debt is the primary straitjacket that ties our firms down, not the bottlenecks created by our alternately slothful and interventionist courts and bureaucrats. Aam Aadmi Party: Good politics but bad economics
Arvind Kejriwal has got his politics right. Now, he needs to rethink his party's economic policies.
January 08, 2014
COLUMN: Will the US economy look up in 2014?
Although there are serious risks facing the US economy in the coming year, there is also a good chance that growth will be substantially stronger than it has been since before the recession began.
January 07, 2014
MARKET NOTES: Commodities in early phase of recovery
Where do the commodities market go in the new year? Sonali Ranade offers an insight.
January 06, 2014
Weak yen will continue to drive currency markets
A lot will depend on how the equity markets in the US play out in April-May this year. A correction there, long overdue, could change all the variables in the current equations, says Sonali Ranade How the govt can revive India's economic growth
2013 will go down as an "annus horriblis" for the Indian economy. Instead of a growth rate over 10 per cent and inflation under 5 per cent we have the reverse.
January 03, 2014
Are firms ready for the smarter next generation employees?
It's time for employers to get ready for a generation - born in the digital age - that will be a lot smarter than its predecessors.
January 02, 2014
COLUMN: Why trade resolutions for 2014 matter a lot
The success of the Bali Ministerial meeting of the World Trade Organisation in the first week of December in 2013 will mean that in 2014 countries will identify areas for early conclusion so that within the next two years, the Doha Agenda of the WTO -- which has remained in a limbo for long -- can be concluded. How Indian cities can be successful
Indian cities need a new intellectual underpinning.
December 27, 2013
COLUMN: The dangers of 'tolerable' inflation
The committee set up under Urjit Patel to revise the policy framework needs to re-examine the Reserve Bank's approach to monetary stability.
December 24, 2013
Why no private companies want to construct roads in India
Government does not have adequate money to fund the projects and the framework to award contracts is flawed, too. Will Infosys appoint an outsider as the CEO?
As front-runners for the CEO positions leave, speculation is rife that Infosys will have to look for a suitable candidate outside the company.
December 23, 2013
The myriad risks India faces at the moment
Rajan also did his bit by taking steps to protect the currency against speculative attack as did the government in curbing gold imports and bringing the Current Account Deficit Another scam in the making
An open letter to the prime minister on the Rangarajan formula doubling the price of KG basin gas
December 19, 2013
What exactly ails the world's advanced economies
The biggest failure of post-2008 economic policy has consisted in governments' inability to find creative ways to write down unsustainable debts, for example in US mortgage markets, and in Europe's periphery. A sinking economy has put the UPA in trouble
It's the floundering economy that caused the Congress' grievous loss in the Assembly elections.
December 18, 2013
The only way to fix food inflation
The blame for the relentless ascent rests largely with the misguided agricultural marketing policies of the Centre and state governments. India's infrastructure action on the Twitter route
From Kudankulam to the Land Bill, the author takes the Twitter route to capture the infra action of 2013.
December 17, 2013
Which political party will be the best for Indian economy?
The disconnect with the AAP is that its economic agenda sounds suspiciously like Indira Gandhi's of the early 1970s: more subsidies, higher taxes, regulation of private school fees, free water, et al. How to curb the demand for gold
Financial substitutes for gold are key to addressing the pressure from large imports.
December 16, 2013
How Indian politicians must deal with global economic matters
It's time Indian parliamentarians learnt to view global economic frameworks without the narrow prism of domestic politics Market Notes: Gold waits for capitulation
Once the US dollar launches into its final bull leg from the 79 region towards 84, the appreciating currency should put a lot of pressure on commodities that will perhaps trigger the capitulation that the market needs in commodities liker gold, silver and WTI crude, says Sonali Ranade.
December 13, 2013
Why 2014 will be a fascinating year for the Indian economy
The building blocks of a sustainable and significant market rise are in place.
December 12, 2013
Will the New Year bring cheer to the economy?
The US economy will once again demonstrate its resilience and flexibility and grow around three per cent despite extremely fractious domestic politics over fiscal and other policies.
December 10, 2013
What makes NRIs so successful
Many of my NRI friends agree that America's Immigration & Naturalisation Service, because of its immigration criteria, has created a highly selective and narrow population of NRIs in terms of capability .
December 09, 2013
Why Tamil Nadu is one of the best states for doing business
Despite small hiccups, Tamil Nadu is a state with an urban outlook on life and where laws still work. India's self-created fiscal cliff
A closer look at deficit and accumulated debt suggests that, contrary to claims, the fiscal deficit is not under control. How India brought down the current account deficit
While euphoria over the Iran deal has waned sharply, the current account deficit has gone into remission due to a collapse in gold demand. The flaws in India's growth model
The ongoing economic travails in India arise from a combination of severe macroeconomic difficulties and a sharp deceleration in the trend rate of economic growth. Rupee could fall steadily in next four months
If the market starts getting nervous about the political risk factor, currency depreciation could be a lot more severe and movement's jerky.
December 06, 2013
How to retain the best women employees
In order to retain their brightest female employees, organisations need to create a more flexible and family-friendly workforce
December 05, 2013
Is the worst over for the Indian economy?
Over the last few months, the Indian economy has been on nothing short of a roller-coaster ride.
December 04, 2013
Can India bounce back to a high growth phase?
The role of global factors in accelerating India's growth to unprecedented levels continues to be worryingly underappreciated. Can 'Modinomics' work wonders for India?
Investors need to ask some basic questions before betting in the markets on the Gujarat model's national success.
December 03, 2013
Tehelka tarnishes the image of India's media industry
The alleged sexual assault of a junior colleague by one of India's best-known activist-editors brings out not just Mr Tejpal's infirmities but those of an entire industry. Why there is hope for the Indian economy
The safe conclusion to draw from the second-quarter gross domestic product (GDP) numbers that were published last Friday is that the cycle has bottomed out and things are unlikely to get any worse.
December 02, 2013
The trouble with India's disinvestment story
What should have primarily served as an instrument for improving PSU management has over the years become a mere financial exercise to raise revenue to reduce the fiscal deficit. How election results will impact markets
From here till the next government is installed, political equations will play an increasing role in driving perceptions about India. How will the Indian economy be post elections?
The key similarity between 1991 and 2014 is the criticality of decisive action.
November 29, 2013
Japan's superfast trains will be able to touch 500km/hour
Japan will start building the world's first long-distance magnetic levitation railway that can hit a top speed of over 500 km an hour. Why India failed to become an economic giant
Investment in human capital is likely to fail to translate into effective growth if incentives for entrepreneurs are missing. Why the Iran nuclear deal is an economic breather
Recently, Iran and western powers signed a deal in which it was agreed the West Asian nation would scale down its nuclear programme in exchange for a cut in economic sanctions.
November 28, 2013
How to make India's public sector banks successful
Since public sector banks are unlikely to be privatised soon, the aim has to be to make as many of them perform as is possible.
November 27, 2013
Are special perks for VIPs in India justified?
The race for VIP perks has pernicious consequences and is undermining the elite's authority. Dealing with government, a big hurdle for India Inc
Reforms may have removed many controls on industry, but the need to deal with the government or its civil servants has not declined.
November 23, 2013
Why businessmen WANT Narendra Modi to come to POWER
There is a wide chasm that separates business and the UPA government. This has driven business straight into the arms of Narendra Modi.
November 22, 2013
COLUMN: Applying economic theory to airline regulation
In July and August full-service carriers cut fares to levels that were, absurdly, only a whisker more than the fares of low-cost carriers. Why investors are unhappy with leadership at Apple, Microsoft
Stakeholders are getting impatient with CEOs who are steady and stable. They want the leaders to take fast decisions and deliver quickly.
November 21, 2013
India will be devastated if it ignores environmental concerns
By 2050, India will be a devastated country if the deafness to environmental and resource concerns persists. The unique story of India's luxury market
The real talent for purveyors of luxury goods and services will lie in training Indians to serve them. How research will change after this year's Nobel Prize
The Prize highlights that that if researchers from different fields work together, the quality of results is better and more definite.
November 20, 2013
The good, the bad and the ugly of India's rural transformation
Despite impressive progress, a Green Revolution-era policy framework - subsidies for fertiliser and free electricity for groundwater irrigation - has now become an escalating risk to sustainability.
November 19, 2013
What triggers Sensex's split personality
A few shares foreigners love have lifted markets, leaving investors open to a reversal of hot money as well as political risk. The Reserve Bank's mission impossible?
Taming inflation may prove difficult because the social consensus in favour of moderate inflation appears to have eroded
November 18, 2013
COLUMN: How to predict the next economic crisis
Economists have long argued that they shouldn't be expected to predict crises, such as the one that almost sank the global economy five years ago. Vegflation: Another killer for India's economy!
A double-digit food inflation has become a standard feature of our economic history now for the sixth year. Why rupee fall is good for India
In March 2012, the rupee was about 51 to the US dollar - not much cheaper than it was a decade earlier. 'Non-IAS experts must feel welcome in govt organisations'
The sudden exit of Yogesh Agarwal as the chairman of the Pension Fund Regulatory and Development Authority, or PFRDA, has once again brought the relationship between financial sector regulators and the finance ministry into sharp focus. Why the long-term bullish trend remains intact for markets
Although the current long-term bullish trend is intact, markets are awaiting clarity on the taper and the Assembly election results.
November 15, 2013
How low oil prices can revolutionise Islamic countries
As the oil moneybags get lighter, it will be increasingly difficult for Saudi Arabia and other Gulf states to continue to support incendiary radicals. And over time, there will be greater integration of Muslim life and culture into the "mainstream".
November 14, 2013
Economists vs politicians: Tough fight over economic policies
Macroeconomic policy aimed at short-term political gains does not augur well for a poorly performing economy.
November 13, 2013
How smart cities can transform India's future
Cisco's CEO says India's urban planners urgently need to think innovatively to prepare for the unprecedented migration from villages that is expected over the next decade. Twin DEVILS that have eroded the Indian economy
Consumer durables shrank year on year, which could suggest to observers that spending confidence is yet to return to the economy.
November 12, 2013
Private investment: Engine to drive India's economic growth
By enabling, not colluding, with the private sector, the government can drive growth and deliver social protection on a much larger scale.
November 11, 2013
Why it may be a very volatile week for markets
Trading through this coming week could be influenced by reactions to events in Europe and the US. How India's business leaders have let down the country
The private sector has been selfish and greedy, and does not realise that it's they who should be blamed for the failure of India's growth story rather than the system and politicians. Fresh tremors for the rupee?
The RBI's strategy to feed dollars to oil marketing companies directly from its dwindling reserves is not sustainable How Sardar Patel could have changed India's economic fortunes
Narendra Modi's recent observation that India's fate would have been different had Sardar Patel been the country's first prime minister, instead of Jawaharlal Nehru, has caused a stampede of public opinion.
November 08, 2013
Advantages of RBI opening up to foreign banks' subsidiaries
In the absence of clear incentives for subsidiaries, foreign banks logically prefer the branch mode; but now, those who see India as a long-term growth opportunity have the basis for deciding between the two modes. COLUMN: How to deal with post-retirement blues
The number of financially well-off people seeking emotional crutches after retirement is increasing rapidly. COLUMN: How long will the equity bubbles last?
Most expect these bubbles to break in short order and cause serious financial pain to anyone who's foolhardy enough to remain invested in financial assets.
November 07, 2013
COLUMN: All about the row over GM crops
It is past time for India to revisit the question of cultivating Bt brinjal hybrids that have been field-tested in the country. COLUMN: Of Raghuram Rajan and a few natural-born biases
If Mr Rajan's citizenship is considered relevant for heading an organisation that issues sovereign currency, should the provenance of a participant in a critical function of a sovereign democracy not count as well?
November 06, 2013
There is a SWISS connection to Indians' craze for gold
Swiss data secrecy suggests a sinister explanation for India's gold fetish.
November 05, 2013
Philanthropy and Buffett Junior
While his father has often been quoted on tips for investing, Buffett junior's focus is on spreading the word about both self-improvement and ways in which to make a positive difference in the world - with a special focus on solving hunger. 27 days to start a business in India! It's UPA's failure
India has been ranked 134th among 189 countries in the World Bank's Doing Business 2014 report.
November 04, 2013
Why powerful business houses want Sebi chairman to quit
The Supreme Court has dismissed many petitions in the past but rarely has the country's apex court accused the petitioners of being "stool pigeons" of powerful corporate lobbies.
November 01, 2013
COLUMN: Is management responsible for Infosys' setback?
The US legal action is likely to further strengthen public opinion, at a time of high unemployment, against information technology outsourcing -- which is seen to take away jobs from locals. Economy: No RECOVERY yet in sight
But weak rupee helps India Inc.
October 31, 2013
COLUMN: Why do Indian cities need a complete redesign
We need a comprehensive redevelopment plan that seeks to redesign our overgrown cities in terms of connectivity, mobility and liveability. COLUMN: Why the govt needs to focus on growth now
The consumer price index has been in double digits for much of the past year, and was 9.8 per cent in September. Swiss tax pacts: Can India catch the biggest tax defaulters?
Switzerland finally signed an agreement to exchange information on potential money launderers and tax dodgers last week but neither this nor a modified tax avoidance treaty is likely to help India.
October 30, 2013
How India can reduce poverty drastically
Policymakers need to work towards raising the median household income rather than per capita income. It is a dead-end for India's services-led growth
Resumption of rapid GDP expansion requires accelerated growth of the production and export of manufactures.
October 29, 2013
Who will be the next Steve Jobs?
In some ways, Elon Musk's vision is even bolder and more transformative than that of Steve Jobs, says B S Prakash. Will oil get cheaper in India? No way!
India's overwhelming dependence on imported energy will remain a significant weakness.
October 25, 2013
When cronies plunder scarce resources
Crony capitalism will of course generate investment and ensure profit for private capital, but it won't give employment or income to the people. If you can make money by selling coal or speculating in land, why produce electricity, why invest in research and development, why even set up factories, asks Praful Bidwai. Indian economy: There's no room for complacency
Given the 18-day government shutdown in the US and the likelihood for continued wrangling between the Democrats and the Republicans, it now looks like tapering may be off the table till the first quarter of 2014. COLUMN: Will CBI move against Birla dampen biz confidence?
Corporate Affairs Minister Sachin Pilot intoned, "Recent incidents will certainly dampen business confidence and investment sentiment, both domestic and foreign; and perhaps also negatively affect decision making by bureaucrats and policy makers."
October 24, 2013
COLUMN: Why soft loans will be hard on the exchequer
The government is somehow convinced that selective low-rate lending will stimulate demand and accelerate economic growth that plunged to a four-year low of 4.4 per cent in the first three months of 2013-14.
October 23, 2013
How India can become a technology leader
There is a big hole in India's electronics manufacturing capabilities, one that does not fit in well with the notion of a large economy with matching technology muscles, says Subir Roy.
October 22, 2013
Should Aadhaar be made mandatory?
The concept of Aadhaar (the Hindi word for basis or foundation) has evolved since it was introduced in 2009.
October 18, 2013
Why India must clear the sky for airlines flying abroad
India must do away a pointless policy that mandates that a domestic airline must have been in operation for five years and have 20 aircraft before flying. COLUMN: What actually saved the rupee?
An upward climb of the rupee has been maintained since Dr Raghuram Rajan's appointment, helped by his policy announcements and actions. But was this the whole story?
October 16, 2013
UPA vs NDA: Who helped Indian economy the most?
While UPA has been more pro-farmer, and delivered better GDP growth while the NDA was steadier on the fiscal and industrial side.
October 15, 2013
COLUMN: Whom to blame for India's stagflation?
Raghuram Rajan is correct -- the RBI's monetary response to inflation in the past has been too weak.
October 14, 2013
COLUMN: Changing the climate of India-US strategic ties
Under the radar, Manmohan Singh and Barack Obama made a great deal of progress in resolving outstanding bilateral issues around climate change. COLUMN: How India can gain from the US Fed's taper programme
For one thing, US Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke was perhaps right in postponing the quantitative easing taper even though the markets had complained at that time that they were primed for some reduction in QE3 and the Fed had missed an opportunity to execute their plans without causing too much of a flutter.
October 11, 2013
COLUMN: The irony of India story
Hopes for India's long-term growth have never been lower, but the likelihood of that growth has never been higher. COLUMN: Indian promoter-CEO is answerable to nobody
There is no shortage of businessmen in India who have run their firms into the ground, putting into jeopardy money given to them by small shareholders.
October 10, 2013
Indian economy: Why we shouldn't be complacent
The tide began to turn in early September with the new Reserve Bank of India governor's confident and well-considered initial policy statement on September 4. COLUMN: Why is it hard for founders to step down?
The question holds significance in the light of investors' call for Bill Gates to step down as Microsoft chairman.
October 09, 2013
Why Indians FEAR rapid economic growth
The fear is that we in India are really not ready for a society where the social order is disrupted, says Amberish K Diwanji.
October 08, 2013
Why inflation is so high in India
India's rampant inflation remains a hotly debated puzzle.
October 03, 2013
Has the Rajan panel BETRAYED Bihar?
While the rest of India marches towards the promised destiny of 'progress', Bihar - the heart of India- is doomed to poverty and the injustices of a caste-based society.
October 01, 2013
Column: Decoding Governor Rajan
Raghuram Rajan's signal of a neutral stance is at odds with concerns about inflation and markets' revised expectation of more increases in the repo rate The real culprit behind the hike in onion prices
The most plausible suspect for the price surge, therefore, is the inability of the market to channel onions from growers to consumers without too many intermediaries adding to costs.
September 30, 2013
Raghuram Rajan on the right track to save economy
Everything seems to be falling in place for the new RBI governor but there is a need to prepare for the imminent tapering by the Fed.
September 27, 2013
COLUMN: Why diesel subsidy should be removed for all
In January this year, with a view to cutting the subsidy on diesel, the government had decreed that all bulk users, such as the railways, state transport corporations, armed forces and all commercial establishments, would be charged the market price for diesel.
September 26, 2013
COLUMN: Honouring Solar Mamas
Bunker Roy, founder of the Barefoot College at Tilonia in Rajasthan, was awarded the Clinton Global Citizen Award at a ceremony in New York on September 25.
September 25, 2013
Glaring errors in Modi's big claims will backfire
Narendra Modi should worry about fact-checking.
September 21, 2013
How India can boost its foreign exchange reserves
Regrettably, another voluntary disclosure scheme may be needed to strengthen India's foreign exchange reserves.
September 20, 2013
Rajan targets inflation, now will government go after growth?
Rajan was treated as the messiah who would rescue India from its current economic mess of growth stagnancy and high inflation.
September 19, 2013
COLUMN: Of markets, politics and policy
The fragmentation of politics and the pressures of coalition management have contributed to a near-secular rise in budgetary social expenditures and spending on subsidies since 1991, leaving little fiscal space for government-led capital investment. How India can build world class cities
Between 2010 and 2050 India is expected to add about 500 million to its 2011 urban population of 377 million.
September 17, 2013
It's the GDP, stupid
'India should exit Hubristan and stop patting itself on its back for 5 years of rapid growth, and all the Rolls Royces, BMWs and private jets owned by its billionaires, and instead focus on the urgently needed reforms to get GDP growth back in the 7 to 8 pc range and higher,' says Ram Kelkar. Why India cannot grow as fast as China
In the past two decades China grew at a breakneck speed keeping its debt low and the quality of its infrastructure high.
September 16, 2013
The situation in India is grave but hardly hopeless
The immediate challenge to faster growth is to restore stability to the currency markets.
September 13, 2013
The ugly spat between Vikram Bakshi and McDonald's
The war of words that has broken out between Vikram Bakshi and McDonald's Corporation is the latest in the long list of ugly spats between Indian businessmen and their overseas collaborators.
September 12, 2013
Why thousands are losing jobs in India
India Inc's hiring outlook has become the weakest in the past eight years in the Asia-Pacific region, even as job losses have emerged as a critical concern.
September 10, 2013
Food Bill: Lessons India should have learnt from Soviet Union
By throwing food at poverty that is result of faulty economics and lack of jobs, one is only trying to suicidal path. Why holding on to shares can save tax liability
Don't sell the shares immediately after you get possession. It might translate into tax liability, if not held for one year or more.
September 06, 2013
Stagflation: Biggest challenge for Raghuram Rajan
Rajan's call to diaspora can't stem rupee rout. Rupee fall: India can revamp its manufacturing sector
Thanks to rupee depreciation, India has a chance to fundamentally rework its stifled manufacturing sector. COLUMN: Is Infosys losing its corporate governance sheen?
There are solid reasons recent observations at the company raise question marks about its adhering to corporate governance in spirit. Mr PM, the Bangladeshi taka is doing better than the rupee!
Based on the GDP numbers and the remarkable stability of the taka Bangladesh's Prime Minister, Sheikh Hasina, is a better manager than our 'economist prime minister',' says TVR Shenoy.
September 05, 2013
Why restrictions on home loans is a good move
India's real estate sector, many fear, is unstable. H-1B visas: Why does the US blame Indian firms?
Indian and Indian-American IT businesses are being scapegoated for abuse of the visa programme - using it for cheap, immobile labour - that actually pervades the entire industry.
September 04, 2013
Food Bill: Boon for politicians, bane for economy
Whatever may be their flaws and the adverse impact on industry or the Centre's finances, the food security and land acquisition Bills are likely to be seen by voters as people-friendly initiatives COLUMN: All about the Food Security Bill myth
The Bill at best makes the existing public distribution system a legal right, an aspect that seems of little consequence to the lords of high finance, whose primary anxiety is the FSB-by-numbers. How the government can stabilise the rupee
The shortage of capital flows into emerging markets is unlikely to go away in a hurry. Why the market rally is likely to be short-term
Mass downgrades of GDP projections make it likely that there will be another wave of FII selling fairly soon
September 03, 2013
How to cut oil import bill? Mr Moily has no clue
Veerappa Moily's suggestions on oil use do not inspire hope
September 02, 2013
These 6 people are responsible for India's economic crisis
These six people have created a political climate more difficult for business, indeed more hostile to business, than at any time since the mid-1980s.
September 01, 2013
The long-rumoured dollar rally in world markets is at hand
Don't catch falling knives or chase bear rallies no matter how enticing those eight pc green blips look. They may be mouse traps, warns Sonali Ranade
August 28, 2013
COLUMN: The trouble with the richie itch
The basics and history of India's tax policy suggests that increase in the number of taxpayers has occurred and so has compliance with a reduction of tax slabs and moderate rates of tax. COLUMN: How policy dilemmas led to the economic mess
As concern about the unfolding economic crisis has risen in India, many experts have assured us that 2013 is not 1991.
August 27, 2013
COLUMN: Fall of the rupee only a symptom of India's mess
India imports more than it exports, so the rupee's decline will hurt more than it may help. Reviving the economy won't be easy for Raghuram Rajan
The rupee's travails allow the RBI's incoming governor to renegotiate the objectives of monetary policy.
August 26, 2013
Manmohan Singh's biggest failure in reviving the economy
When the prime minister thanked his predecessor during his Independence Day speech, it was significant because it was Dr Singh's final acknowledgement that political support for reform is essential. Why India's 'dream team' has failed
The 1990s team worked wonders because the leaders took care to build a tier of competent secretaries and advisors under them. COLUMN: Rupee approaching tipping point
India's fundamentals might be better served by allowing the rupee cycle to run its course.
August 25, 2013
US equities stage routine pullback from 38 pc retracement level
The dollar's preliminary moves after the low 80.90 are supportive of a like dollar rally back to 85.50. We should see confirmation of that in the early part of next week, says Sonali Ranade
August 23, 2013
Giving by force
Corporate Social Responsibility can become a serious tool for improving the lives of millions in any structural and long term way, writes Rajni Bakshi. COLUMN: How Tirupati Trust can help India counter economic crisis
While there are no definitive statistics available, the Tirupati Trust Foundation has well over 1,000 tonnes of gold.
August 21, 2013
India's infrastructure development has come to a STANDSTILL
Infrastructure development has come to a standstill despite all the promises. COLUMN: Are politicians even in touch with reality?
If politicians are not even aware of the deep economic trouble a country is in, the crisis can only escalate.
August 20, 2013
How India can revive the rupee, economy
All major financial markets - equities, bonds and currency - are on a slippery slope, with no respite in sight. Column: Making sense of the rupee
In the medium term what will truly matter for the rupee's fortunes are India's growth and inflation fundamentals.
August 19, 2013
Why the supposed rupee-dollar parity of 1947 is a MYTH
Mr Modi should welcome the rupee's fall as overdue, not criticise it. COLUMN: Story of two devaluations
But an unimpressed finance minister plays King Canute. Please, let's not write the rupee off
It's in the same boat as other emerging markets with current account deficits, but the recent capital-raising measures may help
August 16, 2013
How India has curbed child labour
An ILO study shows child labour has declined for girls from households that had taken up the work guarantee programme. After kicking out the Tatas, Didi plans 'industrial revolution'
Industrialists say they were bowled over by the West Bengal chief minister's 'charm and simplicity'.
August 15, 2013
Column: A cloudy Independence Day
Silver linings in the India's economic gloom.
August 14, 2013
Curbing CAD? FM FAILS to take right steps
The government has chosen the wrong way to control the current account deficit. Why even a brilliant RBI governor cannot help India much
There's no point in having a brilliant RBI governor if politicians do not listen to him.
August 13, 2013
India's growth? Well, it comes last!
Trade deficit falls, inflation steady, but industry is still frozen.
August 12, 2013
UPA has 'managed' to take the economy back to the 80s
The eight years and more since 2004-05 have seen a continuous non-oil trade deficit, the first such period since the 1980s.
August 11, 2013
A few points for India's new RBI governor
It was the RBI which destroyed our $-job economy. It is for the RBI to resurrect it by instituting news ways of managing the INR, says Sonali Ranade
August 08, 2013
Can Jeff Bezos invent a new future for newspapers?
By buying The Washington Post in his personal capacity, the Amazon founder and internet pioneer may just be looking to save an American institution.
August 07, 2013
COLUMN: Has RBI actually MANAGED to stem the rupee fall?
It is logical to believe the measures that have been introduced are 'temporary'. Insurance bill: The reasons behind BJP's puzzling about-turn
Reports suggest that the BJP may now be willing to support the Bill in the ongoing monsoon session of Parliament provided some of its conditions are met.
August 04, 2013
The US dollar could surprise with a massive rally
Hoard cash. There will be plenty of time and opportunity at far lower levels, warns Sonali Ranade in her weekly Market Notes
August 02, 2013
COLUMN: Beyond the Bhagwati-Sen slugfest
Recent growth has wrought enormous environmental destruction and degradation in India, says Praful Bidwai.
August 01, 2013
The danger of defending the rupee revealed
To first take a position that the currency would be managed, and then to witness it fall, is a grave loss of credibility for any government, and for any central bank.
July 30, 2013
India's darkest hour: Hopes recede of economic recovery
Companies, bankers and experts have all given up hope of an economic recovery Will shale gas become a game-changer for India?
Seeing the potential of shale gas, Reliance Industries moved early to secure a foothold in the Marcellus shale reserves in the US.
July 29, 2013
COLUMN: Murphy's law at work in India
Last year this time, India was grappling with an imminent sovereign downgrade, with an uncontrolled fiscal deficit, policy paralysis of the highest order with no economic reforms for eight long years and a weakening rupee. Is India planning to take a loan from IMF?
A rapidly deteriorating balance of payments may warrant that but the political climate is too risky
July 28, 2013
US equity markets are approaching an intermediate correction
The dollar is king in an intermediate correction, says Sonali Ranade
July 26, 2013
The Sen-Bhagwati slugfest: Not the 1st in history
Is the unfolding Bhagwati-Sen debate likely to have the same impact on economic policy in India as Hayek versus Keynes had on the West?
July 24, 2013
Can we trust India's poverty figure? Well...
The Planning Commission has issued poverty estimates based on the Suresh Tendulkar methodology, while admitting it was not taking this seriously. Singur: A tale of ambition, politics and BLATANT LIES
Mamata Banerjee and Singur share a history that dates back to 2006.
July 23, 2013
COLUMN: Vexing issues of gold import, current account deficit
The external current account deficit remains our biggest worry today. Digital media turns into a money spinner in India
As both video and streaming services take off, online entertainment is finally showing signs of making money.
July 22, 2013
Bihar and India's uncertain glory
There are reasons for India to hang its head in shame," says Amartya Sen in an interview this week. How the govt bent rules to appoint Ramadorai as PSU chief
The senior Tata Group executive's appointment as NSDC chairman raises the vital question of conflict of interest Black money: Tackling the controversial Mauritius route
Mauritius is back in the news, and as usual not for the right reasons.
July 21, 2013
When the market offers you money for jam, take both and run!
Time to take profits and move to the sidelines in an euphoria, says Sonali Ranade
July 19, 2013
India faces growing problem of more skilled workers than jobs
In 10 years, we will have two college-trained aspirants for every job.
July 18, 2013
Fliers beware! AirAsia in India may not be good for you
The airline's entry may trigger charges for every extra service such as baggage and seat selection. If Indian companies don't spend on R&D, they will die
At present, India spends 0.9 per cent of its GDP on research and development (R&D), which is well below what developed countries. How G5 power can revive emerging economies
Brazil, China, India, Mexico and South Africa are still a logical grouping. COLUMN: Govt's move on FDI welcome, but insufficient
Simple fact is that this will not be enough to get pools of long-term funds interested in India again.
July 17, 2013
How a telecom miracle can happen in India
The mistrust between the authorities and service providers can end if the contentious issues are addressed as a package deal.
July 15, 2013
Myths and reality of the Food Security Bill
All those who have been dismayed by the food security ordinance should thank Manmohan Singh and his colleagues for a neat optical trick, says T N Ninan.
July 14, 2013
As the markets hit new highs, look to take profits
Keep exit plans handy, D-day could be the second week of August, writes Sonali Ranade in Market Notes.
July 12, 2013
COLUMN: Why have some students rejected IIT?
The inference that the IIT brand name has been devalued is unfair; this could as well reflect a wider market for student choices
July 11, 2013
COLUMN: Is the Indian economy shrinking?
The toxic brew of fiscal populism, crony capitalism and bad economic management has ensured the collapse of economic growth, industrial stagnation, stubbornly high consumer inflation, declining savings and investment, shrinking employment opportunities, and a dangerously vulnerable external financing situation. COLUMN: Why measures to arrest rupee fall are not enough
Recent measures by the Reserve Bank of India and the Securities and Exchange Board of India are being seen by observers as an attempt to reverse the inexorable decline of the rupee.
July 10, 2013
COLUMN: UPA and the economic consequences of Amartya Sen
One may fault this government for incompetence, corruption, and delayed action but it cannot be faulted for lacking a vision. COLUMN: Justice and the Indian-American way
Is focusing on Rajat Gupta and Raj Rajaratnam the best way to chronicle the South Asian-American Diaspora's rise? Is the Food Security Bill a game-changer?
Food insecurity and hunger are rooted in bad policies, faulty design, poor governance and a lack of political will.
July 09, 2013
Tough times for emerging markets
India is hugely vulnerable to a sudden stop in emerging market liquidity.
July 08, 2013
Why India lags behind in innovation
Stricter intellectual norms can help India grow faster. Major problems with the Food security Bill
There continues to be several major problems with the food security scheme that deserve to be more thoroughly discussed at the highest level of law making than they have been so far.
July 07, 2013
US equities resume rise amid surging $, crashing commodities
A resurgent US dollar is the key feature of the current scenario and its value continues to drive other markets, from euro, yen to the INR. Most currencies continue to seek lower valuations against the greenback. This trend is likely to continue until the dollar peaks out by yearend at around 89 as opposed to 84.5 right now, says Sonali Ranade
July 06, 2013
Why India should take care of the telecom sector
DoT, has decided that it will not cancel the GSM licences of dual-technology companies.
July 05, 2013
Uttarakhand disaster: Should govt ban dam construction?
These activities need proper environmental assessment, disaster potential assessment, and climate change assessment before giving the green light.
July 04, 2013
How the India-Europe bilateral trade pact will help
Time is running out for a possible India-Europe bilateral trade investment agreement that would be beneficial for both parties. New banks: Why RBI must be cautious
New banks will mean the RBI must improve oversight. India's aspiring banking moguls fail to impress
The scarcity value of the licences has attracted a motley crew of hopefuls, ranging from India's humble postal department to billionaires.
July 03, 2013
Zombie wheat case: GM food safety debate far from settled
Efforts by Indian activists to challenge the Biotechnology Regulatory Authority Bill, now pending in Parliament, may get a boost from a controversy that has broken out in the US How India can improve its highway network
If India had a road regulator in the late nineties, the capacity-building model based on public-private partnerships would not have been in tatters. How FM, RBI handled the economic crisis
The response by the finance ministry and the RBI to the churning in financial markets is mature. COLUMN: Don't bet on the rupee's story to end soon
Rupee's misunderstood fall is far from over despite some near-term respite.
July 02, 2013
COLUMN: Why malnutrition, not hunger, is the problem in India
UN report shows holes in govt's food security proposal. What keeps China from playing fair?
This corporate pragmatism makes sense individually, but may undermine efforts to make China one day 'do the right thing'.
July 01, 2013
COLUMN: Govt courts controversy by increasing gas prices
India's reforms are business-friendly rather than market-friendly, says T N Ninan.
June 30, 2013
Equity markets resilient but precious metals collapse
If the dollar continues to rally as expected, commodities will continue to tank after a short counter-trend rally.The same holds true for precious metals, says Sonali Ranade
June 28, 2013
India sees deficit falling, debt rising
There is vulnerability on both current and capital accounts. COLUMN: Difference between super-rich and rest of the world
A recent incident has underscored one more way in which the lives of the super-rich are diverging from the lives of everyone else.
June 26, 2013
COLUMN: Asia's emerging markets should be called 'submerging'
Everything, from stocks to bonds and currencies, has been hammered by indiscriminate selling.
June 25, 2013
Mobile remittances: A potential game changer in India?
While Indians are increasingly using mobile platforms and technology for various financial transactions and purchases like bill payments, ticket bookings, entertainment, travel and banking transactions, cross border mobile remittance is yet to see the light of the day. COLUMN: Why the rupee needs to fall some more
The calculations on the inflation-adjusted value of the rupee are deceptive COLUMN: Microsoft needs narrower focus and more realism
Microsoft has done well in selling software to enterprises, but it has never really figured out consumers or hardware.
June 24, 2013
Column: Why India must support start-ups
We need to make start-ups, instead of small businesses, part of the priority sector, says Shubhashis Gangopadhyay. The upturn in the interest rate cycle cracks SPX and DAX
The crack in the equity markets is serious and portends a deeper correction ahead. The markets will almost certainly attempt to complete the interrupted up move next week, says Sonali Ranade
June 21, 2013
COLUMN: Rise of the winner-take-all economy
Number of people in the world with more than $1 million to invest soared to a record of 12 million in 2012, a 9.2 per cent increase over 2011. Succession plan: Why India Inc STRUGGLES to find a leader
Too many corporate leaders cherish the crown of indispensability. The UNHOLY nexus between business and politics
The unholy nexus between business and politics has taken a whole new form, says Bhupesh Bhandari. How rupee fall adds to India's external sector risk
As the rupee falls to new lows, the author reviews India's external sector risk indicators.
June 20, 2013
European banks: The elephants in the room
With non-performing loans rising, European banks may be forced to reduce their India exposure, putting more pressure on the rupee.
June 19, 2013
COLUMN: For India, high growth is now a mirage
Policy focus should shift to targeting modestly good growth and using its fruits to improve lives. Blacklisting companies? What the govt must do
Governments must give companies a hearing before blacklisting them.
June 18, 2013
COLUMN: Economic worries and the global elite
Making capitalism work for everyone, and not just the plutocrats, is our most pressing political and economic problem. Water: By the people, of the people, for the people
Six villages in Maharashtra that are within the drought affected area have remained water secure even in an extremely bad year.
June 16, 2013
World equity markets may attempt to stake out a new high
The fall in equity values following the spike in interest rates was sharp but very shallow; stopping just at the 50 DMA for most markets even after the first 5-wave leg down was complete. That shows markets could have another leg up that could make new highs, says Sonali Ranade
June 13, 2013
COLUMN: Why is the rupee under pressure?
The rupee has been falling for five straight weeks, taking its losses this quarter to 6.6 per cent, making it the worst performing currencies in Asia during this period.
June 12, 2013
COLUMN: Halfway to an emerging bear market
One culprit behind the poor recent performance of emerging markets is growing bond market volatility and the knock-on effect that that may be having on so-called carry trades, under which investors borrow money cheaply in one currency and then invest it for what they hope will be higher returns elsewhere.
June 11, 2013
Address the current account deficit with concrete steps
Given recent tendencies, it was only a matter of time before the rupee fell below its previous low.
June 10, 2013
Downslide: Rupee to FALL further
All the indicators point to a further steady weakening of the Rupee. Any rally in RUPEE will be short-lived
Emerging markets, including India have been large beneficiaries of global monetary easing. How India's urban poor also HELPS the economy grow
Most informal enterprises in slums employ local residents, generating benefits for the local economy.
June 09, 2013
Equities all set to resume bid for new highs
The structure of the rallies that unfold will determine if they make new highs or not, and there is scope for new highs, says Sonali Ranade
June 07, 2013
Real Estate Bill: How it makes buyers the KING
The provisions in the bill will curb malpractices by developers and it even proposes to penalise them if norms are violated. ANALYSIS: Founders at helm is Infosys' BIGGEST problem
The stranglehold of the founders over the Infosys management has strengthened after the recent changes. Narayana Murthy: A big BRAND in the IT sector
Narayana Murthy is akin to being the first man on the moon for the IT services industry.
June 06, 2013
Apple patent case EXPOSES trade arbiter's flaws
A US ban on imports of older iPhones and iPads is example of the International Trade Commission being too quick to block products on dubious grounds. Why austerity can be BAD for economy
In the current circumstances, aggressive efforts to rapidly reduce budget deficits may backfire and affect industrail output and jobs. Column: The rupee's FALL still makes waves
An immediate aftermath of the recent fall in rupee is rise in fuel prices, the decision made politically easy by simply blaming it on the exchange rate.
June 05, 2013
Mohandas Pai: How Murthy can TURN AROUND Infosys
A centralised, founder-led model that relies on organic growth is no longer workable.
June 04, 2013
COLUMN: Why there's a twist in the GM tale
Anti-GM voices have inadvertently spurred farm scientists to support the use of gene manipulation for producing stress-resistant crops. New RBI norms: They are tough but necessary
After 2015, all re-structured assets will be treated on a par with non-performing assets, requiring the same level of provisioning.
June 03, 2013
Column: RBI should explain 'liquidity'
There seem to be several concepts of liquidity floating around. And a distinction is sought to be made between money supply and liquidity. Murthy's return shows DEPTH of malaise at Infosys
The company should reward the confidence of the shareholders by returning some cash to them. COLUMN: Protecting customers from 'banksters'
The RBI must apply its mind to the heart of the issue: are bankers competent to advise customers on anything other than their own banking product?
June 02, 2013
Next market rally could be last before major correction
If the corrections underway across most markets hold first support, the probability of another leg to the rally until mid-August is fairly certain, says Sonali Ranade
June 01, 2013
COLUMN: What's behind the spooked stock market?
The outlook appears to be improving as policy shifts away from austerity and toward growth.
May 31, 2013
Warren Buffett needs luck for Las Vegas gamble to pay off
The Billionaire investor is under pressure to deploy the $44 bn cash on Berkshire's balance sheet.
May 30, 2013
LESSONS from China's public transport system
A network of interchangeable transport systems with seamless access, like in China's Guangzhou city, can go a long way in easing urban commuters' woes. COLUMN: Open fight over sustainability
While the violence of guns gets more media attention the war between votaries of sustainable development and those who favour rapid industrial growth rages on. Why RBI reducing policy rates will not REVIVE economy
It's not the high interest rates that's affecting the economy but the policy bottlenecks. The DANGEROUS aristocrats of finance
Despite the financial crisis of 2008, the finance industry is still arrogant, isolated and ridiculously lucrative.
May 29, 2013
Should you trust Delhi govt's claims on the city's growth?
Once you analyse the data, you will realise the state government wants to take credit for achievements that do not belong to it.
May 28, 2013
Why safety concerns over Bajaj's quadricycle are overblown
Due to the low power engine, the chances of serious accidents are less compared to other four-wheelers. How the West's central banks' turbulence will AFFECT India
Winding down quantitative easing will be messy for the West and a big problem for India.
May 27, 2013
COLUMN: Global inflation slide stirs the bogeyman
Policymakers now have to start worrying about deflation.
May 26, 2013
World commodity markets continue to slide, equities pause
There is no ignoring the fact that world equity markets at this point are in unsustainable parabolic trajectories. The question is when, not if, a deep and sharp correction arrives. Investors need to be prepared for a quick exit if they are riding the rallies at this late stage, says Sonali Ranade
May 21, 2013
Why global companies are betting BIG on India
Global businesses still believe that India consumption story is intact despite the slowdown of the past couple of years.
May 20, 2013
COLUMN: How India should reform its trade?
Focus should be on integrating India into regional trade blocs and helping professional services transcend borders.
May 19, 2013
Expect equity markets and dollar to consolidate
Clearly the DXY is overbought and needs to work off overbought conditions. That will trigger consolidation in US equity markets that are just as overbought, says Sonali Ranade
May 18, 2013
Call the doctor, toll free
A Piramal social venture enables people all over Rajasthan to call 104 toll free to seek medical advice.
May 17, 2013
New Mercedes S Class is MAKE or BREAK for Daimler
If the car flops, Daimler's goal to regain leadership in the premium segment by 2020 will be a pipe dream. Markets: Preparation for volatility a must
Low volatility, in general, means low risk, which highlights another anomaly -- when any asset gets into uncharted territory, risk, almost by definition, should be high. Corporate group-run banks: Are they useful?
On February 22, 2013, the Reserve Bank of India issued guidelines on 'Licensing of New Banks in the Private Sector'.
May 16, 2013
FDI in retail: Why govt's policy is completely FLAWED
The conditions imposed on prospective investors in the retail sector betray a lack of understanding of the dynamics of the business.
May 15, 2013
How CORRUPTION has engulfed the Railways
Lucrative contracts negotiated through influential middlemen, gratification for officials and their political patrons has become a norm in Indian Railways.
May 14, 2013
How the US immigration Bill will hit Indian cos
The immigration Bill from a bipartisan group of US Senators will hurt US companies as much as Indian IT service providers.
May 13, 2013
India needs to focus on e-vehicles for public transport
The future of sustainable transportation in India lies in developing electric vehicles across transit automobile segments. Did the CAG overstep the mark?
The Comptroller and Auditor General reports saw senior politicians, powerful ministers and top bureaucrats end up in jail. Thanks to those reports, public scams such as 2G, Coalgate and the Commonwealth Games became part of the popular discourse.
May 12, 2013
US markets make new highs while Nifty plods on
Nifty could consolidate below 6100 for a week or so. Those who missed the bus at 5400 could consider buying their blue chips in the consolidation that ensues, says Sonali Ranade
May 09, 2013
COLUMN: Five days below the poverty line
A look at the lessons learnt by the columnist in his experiment to whittle down the weekly food bill to sub-poverty levels.
May 08, 2013
Why India should WORRY about US' trade pacts in Asia
US is fast forging partnership with Asian countries. To grow its international trade, India needs to engage with the US urgently. Why CAG appointment procedure needs to be CHANGED
Currently, the appointment is at he discretion of the Prime Minister. It needs to be more transparent and non-partisan. When AGING provides a business OPPORTUNITY
The aging of the population is creating market demand for new products and services at an unprecedented pace.
May 06, 2013
How to rewrite India's GROWTH story
The RBI issued a fairly gloomy forecast in its monetary policy statement last Friday. Why does India need balance sheet reforms?
In the absence of market opportunities, the management will need to persuade shareholders that legitimate methods of valuation were used and the transaction price was justifiable.
May 05, 2013
How India can RAISE $1 trillion for infra projects
The government needs to create a sustainable bond market and cut the fiscal deficit. S&P 500 makes a new high, Nifty begins a new super cycle
On April 10, the Nifty could have begun a new super cycle which could run to 2025, says Sonali Ranade
May 04, 2013
How to SELL India to the US
We need to create more effective programmes to show that life in modern India is not that different from life anywhere else.
May 03, 2013
Why it's DIFFICULT for India to manufacture chips
Infrastructure require for making chips is not available in the country.
May 02, 2013
Revealed! How Unilever PROFITS from HUL open offer
It borrowed cheaply in the West and now investing in high-earnings assets in India.
April 30, 2013
Why India DESERVES a rating upgrade
East European countries have better rating than India though their economies are not as stable as the latter.
April 28, 2013
Expect the equity markets to retest recent supports
The rally from supports averted an immediate meltdown but the correction is far from over, says Sonali Ranade.
April 27, 2013
Brown rice and Bluetooth
Brown and organic rice were just words to many who lived in cities
April 25, 2013
Vedanta and international standards on mining
The most significant development over the last 10 years is that such organisations have accepted the need to operate on the basis of the principle of FPIC, namely Free, Prior and Informed Consent, by the local people whom a mining project affects.
April 24, 2013
COLUMN: Know your city to set it right
India's cities are in poor shape and it is axiomatic that unless you have proper systems of governance in place working through the right kind of institutions, there is no hope for their uplift.
April 23, 2013
COLUMN: All about Bengal's Saradha scourge
The collapse of a large deposit taker, the Saradha group, has brought protesting collection agents right to the doorstep of West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, whose government has given a free hand to such firms.
April 21, 2013
Column: Will tax havens FALL APART?
612 Indians are among those who had parked their money in tax havens around the world. Clawback in commodities last week was a dead cat bounce
Most commodities are on the verge of tipping over into deep long-term bear markets not seen for decades, says Sonali Ranade
April 19, 2013
Why govt export schemes are INEFFECTIVE
India's exports need free trade and reform. The government, however, is extending failed schemes.
April 18, 2013
COLUMN: Legitimising myths about gold imports
The massive buyers of gold in the past two years have not been the distressed farmers or the manual scavengers, writes Ajit Balakrishnan.
April 17, 2013
COLUMN: Indians unwilling to set up productive cos
Devesh Kapur asks why FDI is not attracted to India - and why Indians themselves are unwilling to set up productive enterprises.
April 16, 2013
Should you be brave and buy gold, or silver?
We are in a general commodity correction wherein we must expect all commodities to bottom more or less simultaneously since money is fungible and you have no means of knowing which bull is trapped where, says Sonali Ranade COLUMN: Struggle for life saving drugs
People die from diseases like AIDS, TB, etc because life saving essential medicines are either too expensive, or not available because they are not seen as financially viable.
April 15, 2013
Gold crash sets up market for correction in commodities
The best part of the collapse in the price of gold [bullish for India on its own merits] was in what it says for commodities in general but for crude in particula, says Sonali Ranade An economic DISASTER is brewing in India
Rising CAD, low growth & inflation may spark off an economic crisis in India. COLUMN: How to prevent future slums
Many people's groups have taken up the cause of Mumbai's slum dwellers, especially since the city municipal authorities set up the Slum Rehabilitation Authority.
April 12, 2013
India-EU FTA: A parting kick from UPA?
Barring a few exceptions India has a chronic trade deficit with most of its existing FTA partners as it is with most of its proposed FTA partners. Should pharma MNCs be peeved?
In spite of all their complaints, pharma MNCs have been gaining market share in India. And this growth has come largely with generics.
April 10, 2013
RBI's exchange rate policy should favour exports
The daily movement in exchange rates should favour exporters, and not importers, in a visible transparent manner. The RBI owes this to exporters, says Sonali Ranade
April 08, 2013
Column: What was the Novartis case really about?
The drug Glivec was a genuinely new and important discovery deserving of patent protection. US markets in short-term correction but no reversal sign
Signs abound of money flowing out of commodities and equities into US treasuries, indicating we are nearing a top even in the US markets, says Sonali Ranade COLUMN: India's love affair with gold
India does not regard gold merely as an investment, it is also the preferred form of hoarding tax-evaded wealth.
April 06, 2013
India Inc is equally to BLAME for the current MESS!
Business has paid a pittance for farmers' land, indulged in widespread illegal mining, and cheated on 'green' commitments.
April 04, 2013
Why foreign investors are LOSING faith in Vietnam
Foreign investors are losing faith in Vietnam, which was sought-after destination just three-four years back. Due to slow reforms and rising corruption the growth in foreign investments has turned negative.
April 03, 2013
Why the food security bill will NOT help the POOR
'Food security' will, unfortunately, become a giant boondoggle.
April 02, 2013
COLUMN: Can we have waterless agriculture too Mr PM?
We need a master plan to increase our water storage capacity, improve irrigation facilities and create water networks across the country that links the draught prone with those experiencing floods. Will Aakash SUCCEED even as it FAILS?
Aakash is now two years beyond its initial delivery date.
April 01, 2013
NASDAQ 100, SPX make all-time (closing) highs, DAX sags
Unless the markets confirm a downtrend, don't short the markets. Investors should wait till a direction to US markets becomes clear, says Sonali Ranade How India can ensure fuel security
The one fact of life that will be unchanged into the foreseeable future is that India will remain hugely import-dependent for energy, while rival countries are booking sources of supply, or blocking other sources through trade embargoes. The many PROBLEMS with a BRICS bank
The BRICS bank is simply too expensive a proposition for a group of developing countries that includes many who are already overspending domestically.
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