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Outsourcing and India

May 31, 2004

Customer First bags Simputer contract
Volvo sees India as Asia sourcing hub

May 26, 2004

HR outsourcing to boom in Asia-Pacific
Maran: India to be IT manpower hub

May 24, 2004

Lloyds survey fuels anti-BPO wave
BPO to spawn huge realty demand
BPO to rise 65% to $3 bn in 2004

May 21, 2004

New tax rules for BPO cos soon
Offshore BPO to grow 65% in 2004: Gartner

May 18, 2004

BPO to be 53% of IT services mart
Covansys to invest $8 mn; hire 1,800 in India
3.4 mn US jobs to be offshored by 2015
Abbey to shift 600 more jobs to India
Global MR firms to board the outsourcing bandwagon

May 17, 2004

eFunds takes BPO work back to US

May 14, 2004

GE, HSBC eye Kolkata for BPO
24/7 Customer to hire 4,000
Cut-throat competition puts pressure on BPO margins

May 13, 2004

Electrolux to up sourcing from India

May 12, 2004

US firm Symphony to hire 1,000 in India
UK BPO firms set to beat India
Indian firms too outsourcing to US

May 11, 2004

US state adopts anti-BPO bill
300 firms to participate in Nasscom BPO summit
India no more hot BPO destination

May 10, 2004

Bank of America to hire 1,500 in India
SAP to hire 500 more in India
Bharti, Wipro in talks for BPO deal
Most Britons unhappy with offshoring
Top B-school graduates join BPO firm
HSBC may farm out some IT biz

May 08, 2004

ICICI oneSource plans IPO to fund buyouts

May 07, 2004

Greespan slams anti-BPO brigade
UK call centres set to overtake India
EU may put squeeze on outsourcing

May 06, 2004

ICRA to set up BPO unit in Kolkata
Worldwide BPO market to reach $682 bn in 2008

May 04, 2004

Bangalore firm thinks local in outsourcing
An MBA in BPO?

May 03, 2004

Only 5% British happy with overseas call centres
vCustomer to hire 2,500 more professionals in India
The new mantra is HR outsourcing
'Invest in US to beat BPO backlash'


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