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Outsourcing and India

February 26, 2004

British MPs slam BPO backlash

February 25, 2004

Irish embassy to outsource visa services
Paging firms get BPO lifeline

February 23, 2004

BPO seats to touch 210,000 by March
Anti-BPO moves may hurt in long-run
'BPOs will not be affected by US ban'
BPO not here to stay, warns Levering

February 21, 2004

Greenspan too defends outsourcing

February 20, 2004

BPO: Job loss fear misplaced
Bharti inks pact with Atlinks

February 19, 2004

Kerry, Edwards make BPO a major poll issue
Macmillan to focus on BPO biz
'US goes bananas every few years'
New bill to protect US jobs

February 18, 2004

BankAm to hire 1,000 in Indian unit
I never defended US job loss: Mankiw
BPO firms to hire 74,500 more this year
Mansingh allays fears about outsourcing
BPOs face another tax blow
Bertelsmann plans big splash in India
Wipro bags BPO deal from Aviva

February 17, 2004

Fight anti-BPO moves: Shourie
India to discuss BPO with US after polls

February 16, 2004

Colorado kills anti-BPO bill
US industry is all for BPO: Jaitley
London Tube to send jobs to India?
India slams US over BPO ban
Kerry draws flak for anti-BPO stance

February 14, 2004

Offshore trend irreversible, says Premji
'India can be a BPO hub for printing'
vCustomer to double headcount to 6000
Bush aide lauded for supporting BPO
Carly too slams BPO backlash

February 13, 2004

'BPO backlash will subside after US poll'
ICRA Online to venture into BPO
Reuters to shift jobs to India

February 12, 2004

BPO: A win-win situation
Bush aide under fire for supporting BPO
BearingPoint to hire 2,000 at India centre

February 11, 2004

24/7 plans overseas buyout
Foreign pros seeking jobs in India
India to showcase BPO benefits

February 10, 2004

BPO good for all: Bush's advisors
Bharti, Ericsson in $400m network outsourcing deal

February 09, 2004

Premji slams US on BPO backlash
UK unions slam Straw on BPO
BPO treasure chest seen at $12 bn
Advani slams US over BPO double-talk
China can't beat India in IT: Premji
UK split over outsourcing issue
EU welcomes outsourcing to India
Govt to shed light on BPO tax soon
Arms bazaar is outsourcing too

February 07, 2004

British MP seeks dialogue on BPO
No BPO ban in UK: Straw
BPO ban adds twist to Zoellick visit

February 06, 2004

Rail queries: UK unions cry foul
US firms that outsource are traitors: Kerry
US firms happy to outsource
Restraint is the refrain on backlash
Backlash dubbed 'temporary'
60 anti-BPO laws in US

February 05, 2004

BPO: US law has 'narrow scope'
UK firm to recruit 400 more people
BPO firms in a quandary over new tax rules
Global BPO sector saves 80% costs through India
Half of UK rail queries come to India

February 04, 2004

BPO to boom in 5 years: expert
Convince US about BPO benefits: Murthy
Xansa to set up offshore centre for Lawson in Chennai
BPO tax regime keeps confusion alive

February 03, 2004

BPO tax on MNCs abolished
US think-tanks presage fresh anti-BPO bills

February 02, 2004

US stand on outsourcing retaliation: India
BPO: US seeks its pound of flesh
J C Penney to source $600-mn apparel from India
BPO tax: Foreign cos may shun India
Tax seen a bigger threat to BPO than US curbs


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