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'Transaction tax may be scaled back'

July 09, 2004

baracuda:with afocuson education,andmacmillannowprintingbooksinvernacular eventhe books div shouldshow anmargianlimprovemrnt going forward the bpo business is ofcourse doing wellwouldyu thenadvice anaccumulate on the stock
Ramesh S Damani:It should but MacMillan future is in ITES. That is the high growth and margin business.

baracuda:increasing fdiin insurance should be a big plus for sundaramfn,soshould more be added at the current rate and will higher interst rates affect the cost of capital
Ramesh S Damani:Thanks for joining. Let's start. Yes it does help. Sundarman finance business is sound at current time.

baracuda:indian rayonis not there inmyprtfolio should i buy fresh at market rate,ionly have shree raj in textiles
Ramesh S Damani:It is on a high not currently.

Deep:How do you read market after budget ? what should be startegy would u still like to fully invested
Ramesh S Damani:Yes, well invested market may be rangebound with a top of 5150.

skk:what do u feel. Transaction cost will be going to increase. How it will affect market. Why market fell yesterday again rose today
Ramesh S Damani:Hightransaction cost will decrease the level of liquidity and volume and increase spread.

Deep:Which sector you like in budget and where would you like to invest fresh
Ramesh S Damani:In agriculture.

skk:ramesh how is the budget overall. Are u happy and then with what sectors do u see are positive
Ramesh S Damani:Agriculture,defense,ITES/IT could be a surprise.

baracuda:tata infotech and sitel have atie up could yu please explain what this tie up is and tata info has declared a100% div would yu buyat 350
Ramesh S Damani:Sitel is owned 40% by Tata Infotech.I think they are going to have a good year,I own it.

Deep:First of all , thanks for considering mass investor who come on this chat and take valuable guide from u
Ramesh S Damani:It is a pleasure, to help understand markets,I am also a student of the market.

baracuda:would yu now consider vst tillers and tractors as an investment or is it still a trading call.
Ramesh S Damani:Trading ...Swaraj Engines might be a a good benificiary.

Deep:Turnover tax : Is hope that tax will be rollback , market has shown positive trend or was there any other reason
Ramesh S Damani:The tax may be scaled back otherwise volumes will be impacted but for investors no capital gains tax is great news.

Nisha:I have MRPL in my portfolio, does it make sense to hold it any more?
Ramesh S Damani:Sorry,I don't follow it.

Deep:TATA ELXSI : Just one question as we don't want the same sitaution with this loike we did with some other. IS 100 was the level when u started recommending and it has just started its growth story or one run up has already happened
Ramesh S Damani:These questions are hard to answer is not neat.I have made an investment call in it and would like to keep it for a while.

baracuda:if agriculture does well then fmcg also should pick up i recently read a clsa report on colgate,vol sales have picked up 8% from jan -june,with rs 22 per share on its books div shouldnt be any problem at 15 times going forward do yu see value ,even if the monsoon is below normal
Ramesh S Damani:Yes,I have recommended it as a low risk pick,I own it.

skk:Ramesh lot of old recommendations are there like tata elexi/balaji/crest/kale/logix/goldiam/godrej etc. whicj stocks do u feel will be worth investing now
Ramesh S Damani:For safety Godrej Indbalancesheetlooks good to me. Elixsi is a good growth stock.

Deep:agriculture , defensive and then what did you write ? please
Ramesh S Damani:IT-enabled.

kkz:Do you know of any logic as to why Advocates and Doctors are outside the purview of Service Tax - does the Government think that they do not offer any "services" ?
Ramesh S Damani:For lawyers no. Drs perform a social service.

Sanrel:What is reason for HLL sliding to 120? Shall I hold it?
Ramesh S Damani:At current levels yes.

chandansn:Are you sure that our FM would reverse the turnover tax,
Ramesh S Damani:No, but decrease it.

Nil:I am holding Zodiac in big quantity. Wht u suggest to do with it ?
Ramesh S Damani:You could sell some part.

hera:What is the prospect for TV 18? Should I hold it or sell it at current levels... I got the stock at 223.
Ramesh S Damani:I would hold it.

manish:Sir I am in a desp soup i invested around 50000 during IPO before elections and could not sell as expected them to rise now the value has follon drastically advice what to do i have shares of GAIL,CMC etc
Ramesh S Damani:I would hold on,I own both.

balladsandblues:It does look to me that Chidhambaram/Manmohan team is taking everyone for a jolly ride.Expenditure up 23000 crore and the corresponding earnings projected from Corpates is going up by 8000 crores.Whom are they fooling? Are you sure that the deficit will be broughtdown by 1% point?
Ramesh S Damani:I am also not convinced.

Kamal 1:IT ENABLED could be surprise in what sense ? and are u increading your macmillan
Ramesh S Damani:Good growth and margins.I am not buying it currently.

rohitranjan:Mr. damani when is the proposed Turnover tax going to be implemented for the investors
Ramesh S Damani:May take 60 days.

sudhir:sir what should be the tot for the brokers & markets to feel comfortable
Ramesh S Damani:Around .05 or .10 but on delivery only.

SAD:Hello Ramesh,I want do make fresh investment in BPCL & Reliance Ind for 4-6 months is it a write time ?
Ramesh S Damani:It is not a compelling invt for 6 months.

baracuda:have yu had a look at praj indrecently they have got some good orders also rd benefits in the budjet should help should do well in the current year
Ramesh S Damani:Yes,I own some... they are having a good year.

cparagm:i am 20 yr boy want to learn abt stocks...can you suggest me any books from basics
Ramesh S Damani:Look at the transcripts of the earlier chat.

Sanjay:The raise in interest rates could let FII reducing exposure
Ramesh S Damani:Yes, emerging market would be less attractive.

manish:how much time frame do you think is best to get the market back on track and finally as good as it was 3-4 months back i.e at the level of 6000
Ramesh S Damani:Maybe after the 2005 Budget.

kori:hi ramesh,can we expect good returns on TISCO, now a days it is going down like anything.
Ramesh S Damani:Earnings remain on track.

chandansn:what are the hopes of IDBI , IFCI etc getting merged cause the trades of today have seen a major 20 % increase in IDBI , are these speculatives or some real thing going behind the scenes
Ramesh S Damani:IDBI is being restructured.

kishor:proposed turnover tax is not fair for day traders. Should it not be abolished?
Ramesh S Damani:It is not but you could develop a new business model.

Ramesh S Damani:Equities remain the best bet for most Indians.

Ramesh S Damani:Just read my transcriptsI have mentioned them.

Nil:Heard the brokers of BSE & NSE are meeting today to sort out the Transaction TAx issue. ??
Ramesh S Damani:YesI am sure they are meeting.

girish:Hi Ramesh ,My name is Girish and I have my money invested in Various Mutual fund schemes ...all of them equity ... like Prima . HDFC Top 200 , Alliance Basic Industries , HDFC equity , Franklin Phrama , ILFS Growth and Value . With the current state of the markets do you think a investor like me should stay invested or should do some thing else with the money
Ramesh S Damani:I would remain invested, the cut in taxes is bullish for investors, have conviction.

Ramesh S Damani:I was,I have to leave now. Please join me next Tuesday for a full chat. Thanks for joining and goodluck.

An MBA from California State University, Ramesh Shrichand Damani, is one of India's most respected brokers. Mr Damani is a frequent commentator on financial issues on CNBC and Star News.

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