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Apart from news on Rediff.com, the Rediff News App aggregates news from sources such as Reuters, The New York Times, Business Week, Washington Post, The Times Of India, Hindustan Times, The Economic Times, The Hindu, CNBC, CNN, ESPN, Aaj Tak, Gujarat Samachar, Zee News, Manorama News and others You can choose to read news of your interest from across a wide range of categories including political news, sports, business news, stock market news, Bollywood news, movie reviews, technology news and even live cricket scores as soon as they are published. The free news app works on a wide range of mobile operating systems including Android, Symbian, Java, iOS, Windows and Blackberry and is available on all popular app stores including Google Play Store for Android phones, Apple iOS App Store, Get Jar and others.
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User Reviews :
Sushil Pawariya
A must have application. Thnx for keeping me updated with all latest news....Nice job developers... .5/5...:)
Mamata Mukherjee
Amazingly beautiful app Its awesome, its attractive & its worth downloading
Rediffmail User
One of the better news aps! Nice UI, love the way news is captured from so many different news sites, search feature is very useful, offline news reading is a great add-on!
Great stuff! Superb app. Nice one to be up to date on the go!
Vidz K. Shah
Awesome App! This app makes all the news easily accessible & looks really nice.
Nice app...Nice use of space and best way to present !!!

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