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Yes! you can now access a range of information and services from on your WAP enabled mobile phone.

On your WAP enabled mobile phone just log on to:

  Rediff On-The-Go

What do I need to access Rediff Mobile?
How do I set up my WAP phone for Rediff?
What can I access on Rediff Mobile? All New !

What do I need to access Rediff Mobile?

To get Rediff WAP services you need a WAP
enabled mobile phone. These can be procured from your mobile operator or their dealers. Make sure that the data/fax service is enabled on your phone.

In case of doubt, call your operator and ask them to enable the data/fax service on your phone.


How do I set up my WAP phone for Rediff?

You can set up Rediff as the homepage of your
WAP phone. Click on the link below for detailed instructions with pictures, for setting up Rediff as your homepage on the Nokia 7110.

Setting up Rediff as the homepage


What can I access on Rediff Mobile?
Rediff now helps you get the power on the Internet on your Mobile - wherever you go.
  • News
    Stay updated. Get the latest headlines and details from around the globe.
  • Cricket
    The latest from on field and off it. Get news from the cricketing world about great matches, missed catches and more.
  • Rediffmail
    Manage your favorite e-mail account anytime, anywhere from your GPRS enabled mobile phones. Read and reply to your emails even when you are away from your PC.
  • Business
    From mergers to acquisitions to new policies, the highs and lows of the business world is now at your finger tips.
  • Movies
    Get all the masala from the celluloid world, packed in as juicy tidbits. Read movie reviews, gossip, interviews and more.
  • Western Railway
    Rediff now ties up with Western Railway to give you constant updates on arrival and departure of Western Railway trains thus allowing you to perfectly schedule your time.
  • Emergency Services
    Access emergency services like ambulance, blood bank, hospitals, 24 hr chemist shops, petrol pump, towing services instantly. This service is currently available in the metros.
  • Astrology
    Find out what the day holds in store for you. Check your daily horoscope.
  • Contact US
    Your feedback is valued. Do let us know about your views, ideas and pain points. Drop us a line at:
    Or call us at:
    Tel: +91 (22) 24449144
    Fax: + 91(22) 24455346

    This is not all. Watch this space for more exciting information and services in the days to come...


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