Rediff - Masttones is available on the following carriers:

Access the Get It Now® service on your handsets. Click on the shopping cart to browse all tones, select Masttones, and purchase the desired number of ringtone credits. The following Verizon phones apply:

 LG [VX 6000, VX 6100, VX 4500,
VX 4400, VX 4700, 7000, 6100]
Audiovox [CDM 8900, CDM8910]
Kyocera [SE47, KX2, KX414]
Motorola [T720, V260, V710]
Samsung [A670, A650]
Nokia [3589, 3589i]

U.S. Cellular's easyedge® service brings Masttones to your mobile phone. Select the DOWNLOAD SHOP option from the Main Menu and press start. Select the ringtones category and scroll until you find Masttones. Then choose a pricing option, confirm your purchase and download. The following U.S. Cellular phones apply

LGs [LG VX 6000, LG VX 4400]
Audiovox [CDM 8900]
Kyocera [SE 47]

@metro® service makes it easy to download your favorite ringtones. On your @metro enabled phone, select the @metro menu icon to shop for available applications. Select the Shopping Cart to browse the @metro mobile shop, chose @tones and scroll to find Masttones. Approve the payment with funds from your metro connect account and Masttones will automatically download.

Audiovox [CDM 8900]
Kyocera [SE47, KX414, KX433]
  • Activate mMode to access Masttones
  • Scroll down to select "Search" and type in Masttones.
  • Select Beyond mMode and scroll down to
    find and download Masttones
  • $1.99 for one credit
  • Search for Karmacy tones by "Singer"

These are the AT&T phones that currently offer Masttones:

LG 4015, 4020, Motorola V600, V220
NEC 525, Panasonic GAD87
Nokia 3200, 3595, 3650, 6200, 6620, 6820
Samsung E316, X426, Siemens M56, S56
Sony Erricson T637

  • Select "Services" from the Main Menu
  • Go to "Tones, games and pictures"
  • Click "More downloads"
  • Scroll down to "Cool Tools (by Cellmania)
  • Then select "Cool Ringtones"
  • Scroll down and select "More" to find and download Masttones; $1.99 for one credit
  • Search for Karmacy tones by "Singer"

These are the Cingular phones that currently offer Masttones:

Nokia 3650, 6620, Motorola V400, V220,
Samsung X427 M, E317, Sony Erricson T637