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A hard-hitting tale set against the backdrop of India's Hindi heartland, Bihar.

Where a crime like kidnapping has become a booming industry.

Wetting their fingers in this dirty, yet hugely lucrative, money pool are the upholders or the law -- the politicians and the police.

Pitted against this social and political background is Ajay Shastri (Ajay Devgan), a young man with small dreams and simple hopes.

All he wants is to become a police officer and make his father proud; to share a life of bliss and happiness with Megha (Bipasha Basu), whom he loves.

Ajay works hard, does everything possible to realise his dream. Soon, his chance at happiness… his passport to status, respectability and love… seem within reach.

This is when he faces a setback, one that seems insurmountable. Ironically, the obstacle in his path to happiness is the result of certain choices made by his father.

As a result, a broken, disillusioned Ajay is sucked into a world that is both dark and dangerous.

Will he have the courage to face the truth?

Will there be redemption?