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Box office : Week 1

Box office : Week of release

The magic of Apaharan

When we started working on 'Apaharan', we hoped to craft a film that would highlight a gripping contemporary reality. We hoped the film would appeal to all.

There were nervous palpitations too, which increased in intensity as the release date came closer.

IIFI hosted Apaharan's premiere in Goa. Then, Apaharan had a worldwide release on December 2, 2005. The audience and critics in equal measure have appreciated it nationally and internationally.

We had a feeling that Apaharan will do well, but the box office response has surpassed our imagination.

We are still in a wonderous state of surprise. If you look at the table below, you will know why:

Box Office Results
Top Opening Weeks of 2005 across India
Film Release Date Budget Opening Week Collections
  Apaharan Dec 02, 05 10,00,00,000 110,482,854
  Mangal Pandey: The   Rising Aug 12, 05 35,00,00,000 18,51,12,822
  Bunti aur Babli May 27, 05 12,00,00,000 16,10,34,118
  No Entry Aug 26,05 18,00,00,000 13,41,44,506
  Sarkar Jul 1,05 13,00,00,000 13,41,44,506
  Salaam Namaste Sep 9,05 13,00,00,000 12,06,13,598
  Waqt Apr 22,05 13,00,00,000 10,66,76,194
  Paheli Jun 24,05 15,00,00,000 8,92,28,288
  Black Feb 4,05 20,00,00,000 8,65,50,468

Source: International Business Overview Standard
We also take this opportunity to convey our sincere thanks for your continuous support and encouragement.

Prakash Jha
Director, Apaharan