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Winners of the 'Love Story in 140 characters' contest!

Last updated on: February 21, 2011 12:15 IST

Winners of the 'Love Story in 140' contest!


We invited you to share your love story in 140 characters. Here are the winners -- are you one of them?

We were flooded with entries for our Valentine's Day ' Love story in 140 characters' contest. After much debating, we listed the best entries and, through a lucky draw, selected our four winners!

So, without further ado, here are the winning V-Day entries:

In 1st place:

Anamika Dabral
"We logged in as Strangers and logged out as Life Partners"

In 2nd place:

Suresh M:
Wrng Num,Prtty Voice,cald back,bcame frnds,sent pics,1st kiss on phone,Felt bliss,Msging evry hour,590 days,Luv each othr madly,Not met yet

In 3rd place:

Aishwarya Varsha:
chatd on orkut fr 3 mnths,saw each oder on streets fr 1 mnth,spoke ovr fone fr 15 days,met for 2 days,bt fel in luv jus in a moment :)


Winners will be contacted via email so that prizes may be collected; in the meantime, check out a few other messages we quite liked:

Manish S Sharma:
V stud. in same school &college didnt even said hi to 1other,she got married w oth. guy,got divorced.met her in train fell in love got married

Kiran Srivastava:
Argument, she breaks down, cries 'papa chahiye'. Confused, gav a tight hug, she returns a kiss on my cheek, smiles here lo, luv story begins

Naresh Kumar:
In office she was like a cat
Always run after me as if I am a Rat,
Finally we both wants to get marry
And stay together like Tom & Jerry

Gurpreet Kaur:
He met me on my birthday. He is really a God's gift to me and I am his return gift :)

Samit Nagarsenkar:
My Luv Story Ingredients= Cyber Cafe + + Barista + Archies + Meru + Inox + Juhu beach + Baskins n den v lived happily ever after.

Nimesh Doshi:
As I held her hand and told her I loved her, I knew the rest of the school would be out for our blood.

Uday Kadam:
She asked me, Will U marry me? I replied No.. And, ever since, we both lived happily ever after

Vishal Anam:
:)... ;)... :P... :)... :D... ♥... :@... : ... :(... :'(...

Illustration: Uttam Ghosh