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'I quit Facebook and nobody cared'

July 11, 2014 14:26 IST

'I quit Facebook and nobody cared'


We had asked you, our readers to tell us if you've tried to stay off Facebook.

Himalay Oza who deleted his Facebook account a few months ago, tells us how he fought the addiction. You can share your experience too!

Much as I hate to talk to people over the phone, I just love to connect with them in person and talk to them non-stop on topics ranging from sports and economics to science.

I started using Facebook roughly five years ago, when Orkut was at its peak.

Let me confess, I was not a major 'contributor' to Facebook posts in all these years.

I was more of a 'consumer' who loved to browse through friends' updates, photographs, events, emotions and opinions, maybe drop a comment here and a like there.

Yet, I used to spend close to two hours a day browsing Facebook.

Whenever I was home I would be browsing the updates while my wife was talking or my kids were playing near me.

My family would always complain about my lack of attention to important topics, because of the time I spent on Facebook.

Every year on my marriage anniversary, I forgo one thing that I like or am comfortable with but my wife gets annoyed with.

This year, a few months ago, I deactivated my Facebook account and also deleted the application from my mobile phone.

A few of my friends did ring me up when they failed to find my account while searching to tag me but nothing more than that.

Nobody was missing me on Facebook; they had tons of other friends to 'like' or 'comment' on their posts.

Today, I am happily living my Facebook-free life.

I am proud I came out of the side-effects of the social melodrama called Facebook.

Next in line is YouTube; but until then, let me enjoy the funny videos and the TED Talks :-)

Adios Facebook, Hello family and friends!!!

Do you think your life will be more fun without Facebook's interference?

Were you not living a happier social life before Facebook caught you unawares?

Did you ever try to stay off Facebook and succeeded?

Please mail us your story at with subject line (Quitting Facebook) and we will publish the best responses on

Illustration: Dominic Xavier/

Image: Have you ever tried to stay off Facebook? Tell us your story.

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