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Romantic proposals: 'I rented a whole theatre!'

Last updated on: June 24, 2011 17:08 IST

Romantic proposals: 'I rented a whole theatre!'

Readers share the story of how they proposed marriage. Share yours too!

We asked readers to send in their marriage proposal stories -- here are the first few responses!

First up is New Jersey-based Nachiket Desai 's contribution:

So here is the story of my marriage proposal.

My fiance Katia is from Brazil and I am from India. We met in NY. Both of us were married before. Meeting Katia has been a second life for me.

I had offered her three choices, for a proposal:

1. Cheesy
2. Very Cheesy
3. Extemely Cheesy

She picked 3!

So I decided to make a movie, rent a theatre and propose. To that effect, I crafted the proposal as a 'Blockbuster Movie Trailer'. I rented the theatre, invited family and friends. I told Katia that we were going to watch the screening of a filmmaker friend's movie.

On 12 June (we completed three years together that day), we arrived 'just in time' for the show at the theatre. My friends had already seated everyone. Regular trailers played and then my 'trailer' played last. Katia had no idea until this point. After the trailer was complete, the lights were switched on and I proposed. She said YES!

Here is a link to the video I made:

I made this on my laptop with no crew, just by myself. I wanted it to be romantic, funny and extremely cheesy.

The video only cost me $500. The theatre was the AMC Dine-in Theatre and I had ordered food and wine for everyone, so it all cost me around $2,000 in total.

And next we have S Madhukumar's story:

Hi this is Madhu and my lover's name is Harini, she is from Chennai.

Our love story is a bit different, because it started online. I got to know her on a social networking site, where we became friends.

A few days after, she asked me, "Do you love anyone?" I said yes I did, so she asked me who it was and what she did.

I replied that the one I loved had just asked me indirectly whether I loved her! So she got to know that I loved her and she replied that she loved me too.

We loved each other very deeply for three years, until her dad came to know of our love and separated us. Now he is planning on marrying her off to another guy forcefully. I love her to the core and she loves me a lot too -- please publish this story and make our love come alive. I think this will help us . I think her dad will understand my love if he reads this...

How and where did you pop the question? What lengths did you go to make it unforgettable for the love of your life? Write in to (subject line: 'My Marriage Proposal') with your story and a photograph, if possible, of you and your loved one. We'll be publishing the best entries right here!

Image: Nachiket Desai proposes to fiance Katia and (inset) the happy couple
Photographs: Nachiket Desai