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Jab We Met: A touching love story

Last updated on: January 24, 2013 18:40 IST

Jab We Met: A touching love story



We had invited you, our readers to share your love story this Valentine's Day.

Here, reader Tammi shares a rivetting love story with us. Read on...

The year was 2007. I was pursing my Bachelors of Business Administration, final year. I remember the Orkut boom was spread all over and all youngsters were making friends, exchanging numbers, meeting dating through it.

Since I was well versed with the social networking site, when I met Ajay on Orkut, we decided to exchange numbers.

After a few text chats we decided to meet at a Cafe Coffee Day, one afternoon. I met him, we exchanged words and to be honest, we didn't like each other.

I wasn't very impressed with his casual attitude towards life. We said our good byes and left. I thought my afternoon was wasted.

As Ajay wasn't much interested in meeting me again, he spoke about this to his entire "all male" group, of friends which had three singles as well. And then out of curiosity, one of his friend Vidyasagar, a completely shy guy, thought of doing the same.

So, one day I receive this notification for a friend request. When I checked, it was a friend request from Vidyasagar. His display picture showed a black car!!!!

I was curious to know who this guy was but I was not very excited when I realized that Ajay was a mutual friend. I thought to myself that may be Vidyasagar would be of the same kind as Ajay!

When he initiated the chat, I was like okay! "Hi, I believe you are Ajay's friend".

He said yes and we had some sort of a chat which I don't even remember. And then it went on, until one fine day he asked me for my contact number! Even though I was apprehensive, I shared it and hoped it ended soon, as I wasn't very keen to meet him.

After a series of conversations over the phone through text messages, I figured out that he was not like Ajay! In fact I was happy with Vidyasagar!

I always found his name funny, as in my life, I had never heard a name like his before.

He'd ride his black car in front of my college. I identified him as he had a unique registration number --N 50. Whenever he drove past my campus, he'd call me and say: "Come out of your campus, I wanna see you."

I used to go out and see his vehicle passing by. Then he'd call me again to compliment me for looking good in whatever colour I wore.

This aroused my curiosity and I wanted to know him better – who is he, how is he. Now, I wanted to see him, meet him. But I never expressed it as I wanted to hear from him first.

Being a girl I didn't want to act desperate.

And one fine day, he asked me to meet him.

Vidyasagar had a strange mobile service --  it had outgoing SMS and calls facility but no incoming calls. He had customised his postpaid services which also meant that I could not call him on my own anytime I wished.

All I could do is drop a message and ask him to call back. And that day he acted all confused not sure whether to meet up or build up some more curiosity and watch the fun!

But eventually, he did turn up. I was so excited to meet him.

He'd always described to me that he looked like a monster. I was sure he wasn't great looking but I it didn't bother me now.

Finally we met, behind my college campus.

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Dear readers, do you have an interesting love story that you want to share? Tell us where you first met your partner and how the two of you fell in love. Write in to us at (subject line: 'Jab We Met'). You can also include a photograph of you and your partner and we'll publish the best entries right here on

Image: Tammi (left) with Vidyasagar


'I can't express what I felt then'

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The clock ticked 7.00 pm, and I was already getting late for home.

I was waiting on my bike for him and had already decided to tell my parents that I was late because of the ongoing management fest.

When his car arrived, he parked it just beside my bike, and got down!

 I was like so curious, I still remember the shirt he wore, navy blue in stripes-Levi's.

He was huge, tall, dark and tough, as he'd mentioned. But I loved him, because he was also innocent as a kid. He'd gotten me two chocolates. I took them, opened and started eating them while we were having a conversation. His cousin Yogesh had also come along with him but he never lowered the glasses of window, nor did he step out of the car.

We had a 15-20 minute conversation, and then it was time to leave.

I said, " I am getting late, I gotta be home, mamma must be worried". He said " Yes, it is late and you better ride home safely". We said "bye, take care" to each other and left.

In the 20-minute ride back home, I wondered what was happening to me. Why was I feeling so good, so happy like never before?

I was on the cloud 9, believe me, nine must have been a lesser number when compared to the feeling of seeming so special. When I reached home, I was so impatient to text him and have a conversation. We chatted through the evening and night that day.

Few days later, I told him that I was going for an Industrial Tour to Mangalore by road for three days. He was like, "How do I stay without you for three days?"

I told him that before I go, we would meet and spend some time together. He said 'fine'.

We met an evening before, and went on a drive in his car.

I felt shy and happy... I can't express what I felt then. He'd brought me chocolates like always.

I was happy and started eating them. And when it was time to leave, I was like how do we close the meet.

I knew he had something in his mind, I knew there was something running in his mind all the time through the conversation.

I kept thinking whether he wanted to confess his love, whether it will be a hug or a kiss. He did not open his mouth, while I kept probing him.

He said nothing, nothing at all. I could see he was unhappy to see me go so far in the next few days but he was trying to behave normal.

I told him to take care till I returned and promised him that once I was back, I'd first meet him.

When he heard this, he smiled like a baby.

Then I hugged and kissed him and said: "This is until I come back".

Our first sign of love, our first feeling of togetherness -- our first hug and kiss happened. It was a beautiful experience and believe me, nothing in this world can give me that same feeling again.

I didn't sleep that entire night. I decided to keep chatting with him as I feared, whether he'd taken things in the right spirit.

I feared the consequences, as I was not certain whether he loved me.

I was also not sure whether it was love or infatuation, and feared whether he was just fooling around with me. I felt doubtful.

Next morning, I behaved normal as if nothing had happened between us. I was not sure how to control my own anxiety.

When I sent him a text, he said he was busy.

I informed him of my schedule through the day. I told him that our bus would leave at 6.00pm and that I would like to see him before I left for Mangalore.

He seemed busy and said, "I'll inform you and  let you know about it in the evening."

My fear increased.

It was 6.00pm, and he did not show up. I could not call him because of his unique call settings. I suddenly felt helpless and like a fool.

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Dear readers, do you have an interesting love story that you want to share? Tell us where you first met your partner and how the two of you fell in love. Write in to us at (subject line: 'Jab We Met'). You can also include a photograph of you and your partner and we'll publish the best entries right here on


Image: Tammi (centre) with Vidyasagar (left) and a friend

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'I had a smile and tears in my eyes'

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Finally when the phone rang, I felt alive again.

He said was caught with work and asked whether my bus had already left. I told him that it was scheduled to depart at 6.00pm but seemed like it wont before 6.30pm.

He said he'd try to come.

It was 6.30pm and he was nowhere in sight.

When the bus departed, I was upset and it showed on my face which my friends also noticed.

When he called to ask where I was, I told him that I was heading towards highway NH4, and that we'd meet when I returned. I told him that I'd miss him a lot through the 3 days.

He said okay, and kept asking me, where the bus had reached, how does your bus look? what colour? what is the number, etc etc.

I wondered what was wrong with this guy and kept answering it uninterestedly.

And finally he said, "I am with you baby, just turn behind and see, I am with you, and I'll see you before you leave."

When I turned, from the rear windshield of the bus, I could see his black car following our bus.

Finally he over took the bus, stopped at the nearby bride and stepped out of his car. He also asked me to come to the left window so that he could see me properly.

I saw him and what a relief it gave my heart.

I passed him a flying kiss and shouted aloud, "I'll miss you" with smile and tears in my eyes.

I had never felt so special in my life. I was so much convinced that he was the guy I wanted to spend my life with. I thought once I returned I would propose my love to him and get committed.

All through the trip, we chatted continuously. I could not wait to return and meet him.

When we finally met, he told me, "See, please tell me your feelings and, whether you love me. If you do, I love you too, if not then I also don't love you".

I was shocked and surprised as well, because I was expecting a different kind of proposal – something very special.

Although I loved him, I said I needed time. He was scared and asked me, "how much time?"

He said "I am not in a hurry but please tell me soon as possible because I can't wait."

I thought it was time to take the story ahead and make it special. So I accepted his proposal and then came the good times --  long drives, shopping, dating, lunch, dinner, chocolates, surprise gifts.

On my birthday, he dropped at my college to surprise me. There was a Malaysian Terrapin and two gold fishes, with a big aquarium in the rear seats of the car.

He knew I loved pets and he always did everything to get that smile on my face. He was always there with me to show me love and life.

I was so happy and felt so special. I told my friends and family that I was happy and needed nothing at all in life.

At the same time, he spoke to his parents at his home and they readily agreed to our relationship.

I told my sister, she was happy for me and advised me to share this with my mother when the right time came. I had to still pursue my education, so my sister assured me that my mother would not have a problem.

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Dear readers, do you have an interesting love story that you want to share? Tell us where you first met your partner and how the two of you fell in love. Write in to us at (subject line: 'Jab We Met'). You can also include a photograph of you and your partner and we'll publish the best entries right here on

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'Nothing on earth can separate us now'

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I kept hoping and longing for the day when we will unite.

He had mixed well with my family -- he was a son to my mom and a charmer to my elder sister.

My brother-in-law took him as a friend while all my relatives loved his humble nature.

In 2008, he decided to start over his education again and continue his engineering specializing in automobiles.

He wanted to be able enough to confront my parents after he set up his own business.

He left for another city and sought admission in BEC.

After 2 years, in 2010, I completed my MBA and joined an automobile company as a CR Manager.

Time passed by and in 2011, he graduated as an automobile engineer.

He had crores of property but was unable to sit idle.

So he joined a Diploma Engineering College as a Lecturer.

We'd planned to get married, but it kept delaying due to some reason or the other.

On December 15, 2012, at 5.00pm he dropped at my office and said that he wanted to meet me.

I said I had urgent work and could not meet him.

Instead, I asked him to go home, come online for some time. I said I would hire a cab and join him at home. When he refused, I felt weird.

That day, we spoke over the phone almost every 10mins.

When I took a cab and left from office, I called him and informed him that I'll be reaching home and he can leave as well.

As we travelled, I saw his car (not the black one) following our cab.

Once I reached home I called him, but his phone was not reachable.

Between 6.30 to 8.30, I kept trying and waited for his call.

I wondered where he had gone, since I realized his phone's battery must have dried up.

I was angry, and thought that I would not talk to him.

Later that evening, I got a call at 9.45pm, from Vinay, a friend from his group.

He said, " Tammi, did Vidyasagar come to meet you at your office today?"

I said:  "Yes, he did but we didn't meet. I was busy so I instructed him to leave for my home but he didn't. I am trying his number from 6.30pm."

That's when Vinay broke the news that I would not be able to talk to him ever again as Vidyasagar had met with an accident and had died on the spot.

As I stood in my balcony, I saw two guys rush to my home. They asked me, "Are you Tammie?"

I said: "Yes,"

They confirmed that Vidyasagar had met with an accident and was no more.

Dayasagar (Vidya's elder brother) had sent them to take me with them, so that I could see him one last time.

I called Dayasagar, thinking at least he will not play such a dirty prank with me.

But Dayasagar said, "Come if you want to see him one last time."

I rushed to the hospital with my mom but did not have the courage to enter the room and see him.

When I saw his body, I felt lost. I broke down crying and shivering, unable to take the fact that he was dead.

Vidya was my life and my life was no more? How can this happen?

I could not believe that life would change completely for me.

This year, on January 17, it was his birthday and I felt terrible.

I have still not accepted his death and with each passing day I feel his presence more and more around me.

I miss everything about my life -- the way we laughed, the way we loved, the way we fought, the way we were.

Today, everything is lost, my smile, my life, my happy days have come to an end.

I didn't know that God had planned such a short love story for me.

I regret not spending more time with him. Had I known he would leave me forever so soon, I would have stayed with him 24hrs and made the most of it.

I would also have been with him every single moment of my life and also faced death with him by being beside him in the car.

What's unfortunate is that he met with an accident on the same NH4 bride where he'd overtaken our college bus and waited for me during my Mangalore trip.

I still cannot overcome the truth.

Some stories are like that – they are not finished, and even death could not separate us.

Today, he is with me -- he is within me, forever in my heart, mind and soul. Nothing on earth can separate us now.

Life is unpredictable and not all love stories have a happy ending. I'd just request everybody to pray for him, to rest in peace.

RIP- Vidyasagar (Jan 17, 1985- Dec 15, 2012), I love you and will love you forever. We miss you the most at home -- me, mamma, dadda, Vishal and Joy, miss you like hell. You will always be amongst my family.

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Dear readers, do you have an interesting love story that you want to share? Tell us where you first met your partner and how the two of you fell in love. Write in to us at (subject line: 'Jab We Met'). You can also include a photograph of you and your partner and we'll publish the best entries right here on

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