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Jab We Met: 'I didn't know we'll be together forever'

Last updated on: January 30, 2013 16:43 IST

Jab We Met: 'I didn't know we'll be together forever'


Reader Shruti Narula from Delhi remembers the first time she met Mahesh in Mumbai and how their friendship materialised to love and ended in marriage.

Five years back I shifted from Delhi to Mumbai with my family.

At that time, I'd hated my parents' decision because I had to leave my university and miss the opportunity to be a lecturer.

But today, when I look back, I understand the reason why luck brought me here.

Two years ago, I started working in a company where I was introduced by my manager, to my immediate senior.

And that was the first time I met Mahesh – he was shabby, had a long mane and full of attitude.

My manager told him to show me the office and introduce me to a few people.

Mahesh went back to his seat, and asked me to check the places on my own.

But I being new, felt a bit strange, and slowly started walking behind him.

He sat on his seat and asked me to sit too and started explaining me about work.

After a few training sessions, I knew that he was a no-nonsense guy. Then came friendship.

With more team mates adding up, I gained his confidence as a good team mate...he continued to take our project to success.

We had daily journeys back home by cab, chit chats, even sharing our love affairs and crushes, we least thought what our luck had written for us.

Soon, his crush got married and I too had a break up. We shared our sorrows.

One thing I liked is that we shared common interests of songs.

I admired his intelligence, dedication to work, sense of humour. I had great respect for him and also seem to be attracted a little but I knew that he was not meant for me, because we belonged to different states. I am from Punjab and he was a Maharashtrian.

Soon I changed my job, and my parents had found a boy for me. At this point, suddenly Mahesh proposed marriage to me which I obviously declined. But I realised that he was the one for me.

When I discussed it with my parents, the world at home came upside down. But it also settled when Mahesh convinced my mom. 

Six months after I joined my new job, I got engaged to him.

We got married on February 25, 2012.

I don't know when the friendship between us changed to love but we really missed each other after going far.

I cherish the days of our friendship and the time we spent together. I do not regret not having a love affair when we could have had.

One year later, today, I can say, we took a good decision.

Jab we met, we dint know life will bring us together forever!

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Image: Mahesh and Shruti Narula