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Jab We Met: 'We met at the shorthand institute'

Last updated on: January 30, 2013 10:04 IST

Jab We Met: 'We met at the shorthand institute'


We had invited you, our readers to share your love story this Valentine's Day.

A reader who did not wish to be named shares this interesting story of how God helped him unite with his love. Illustration by Uttam Ghosh

It was 1973.

I first met her at a shorthand institute called Mark's Commercial.

When we met I was 18 years six months, and she was 18 years four months old.

We are just two months apart in our ages.

When she joined, I had already completed my course and was going to the institute to refresh my shorthand for my job interviews.

One day our master asked me to tutor this girl who was a beginner.

When I started taking the class, her eyes caught my attention and it was love at first sight.

I admired her sparkling eyes and bubbly nature.

From day one I started liking her. I hoped she also liked me.

She always tried to strike a conversation with me.

In the course of time we started dating. Now I realised that as the elder son of my family I had a huge responsibility of five brothers and two sisters on my shoulders. (Forty years, our society was different).

Since she belonged to a different caste, if I married her, it would be difficult for my sisters to get married within our caste.

Hence, I backed out and told her that I will not be able to marry her but will continue as a friend.

She could not digest this development and reluctantly agreed to my proposal.

After this, we continued to be friends. Meanwhile she got into a relationship with another boy and introduced him to me to know my opinion.

He was tall and better looking than me. I told her to go ahead. They dated for some time, but later fell apart for some reasons.

In the meantime I got about four marriage proposals to choose from, but I could not make up my mind as to whom I should marry.

To break this indecisiveness, I had decided to choose my would-be through chits before Lord Venkateshwara.

I told her about my decision and she instantly agreed.

I prepared chits with the names of five girls which also included her name. I asked her to come to the temple where she would herself pick the chit for me.

As planned, we met in the temple. She picked up a chit and to our surprise it had her name on it.

Out of great excitement she ran to Lord Venkateshwara to thank him for granting her wish to be my better half.

From that day I also treat her as a God given priceless gift to me.

In spite of many hurdles from our respective families and society, I got married to her. By the grace of God, we have completed 32 years of our married life, with many ups and downs. Yet, it has been a successful and and fulfilling journey.

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