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Inspiration: 5 football icons, 5 life lessons

July 13, 2014 13:38 IST

Inspiration: 5 football icons, 5 life lessons


Varun Deshpande,

What makes Neymar, Messi, Van Persie, Balotelli and Hazard different from the rest? What can you learn from them about success? Find out!

The FIFA season is coming to a close and the entire world is glued to the television set to find out who will lift the coveted cup tonight.

One of the world's most popular sports indeed has millions of takers! With so much going on and with so much buzz each and everyday, almost all of us are pumped up as we go to work and wait for the day to end so that we are treated to awesomeness.

Amidst all this excitement, there is a lot for us to learn as well!

Right from Messi to Hazard, we are seeing excellent performances on a daily basis and we can't help but think just how they managed to get to the top.

What makes these players different?

What makes them so incredibly good at what they do?

What is it in them that makes them the highest paying footballers in the world? Let's find out!

Lionel Messi

It wouldn't be an exaggeration to call Lionel Messi the greatest football player right now.

He has set records that many footballers can only dream of!

At the age of 25 he accomplished more than many do in a lifetime including being crowned the 'world player of the year' for three consecutive years!

His skill is regarded unmatchable and until this point in the World Cup, he has been single-handedly enabling Argentina cruise through.

His phenomenal control over the ball and his unmatched speed are two of his great qualities followed closely by agility, combativeness, and sheer intelligence.

While football is a game of the foot, he uses his mind just as much, which is probably why he reigns with an iron fist right now.


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Image: Lionel Messi
Photographs: Getty Images


Neymar da Silva Santos Junior

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The Brazilian has much to his name as well.

Just like Messi, he is quick.

He is so quick that sometimes, he is a blur to the other players!

Neymar is also a confident man with lots of tricks in his bag, which he keeps implementing every now and then.

This is one reason why spectators simply love watching him.

However, we think his biggest strength is his ability to understand the game and strategising immediately to work things in his team's favour.

Plus, he has this 'flair of finishing' that barely anyone can replicate.

All these put together make him one of the most successful football players today.

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Image: Neymar da Silva Santos Junior
Photographs: Buda Mendes/Getty Images

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Robin Van Persie

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Persie represents Netherlands and his goal scoring capacity is like a dream.

He came into limelight in 2011 and since then, he hasn't looked back.

In fact, his record is strengthening with each match he plays.

His consistency is incredible and right from the time a Dutch match begins, all eyes are on him for spectacular goals and entertainment!

His biggest strength is his creativity and his timing!

He navigates with elan even through tight areas, leaving the opponents gaping at him.

His technical ability is also excellent.

Lastly, he embraces leadership and ensures that the team plays in harmony under his captainship.

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Image: Robin Van Persie
Photographs: Dean Mouhtaropoulos/Getty Images

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Mario Balotelli

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Italy's bad boy Mario Balotelli is a gem of a player.

Many football experts feel he is one of the best when it comes to penalty kicks and that is a golden quality.

He is quick, he is strong, and he is agile.

These three main qualities make him stand out and conquer matches for Italy time again.

From the time he debuted in 2006 to date, his career has escalated and today, thanks to his amazing performances, he is among the top paid footballers in the world.

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Image: Mario Balotelli
Photographs: Reuters

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Eden Hazard

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Eden Hazard is another star player who has plenty of hopes pinned to his name.

Experts have gone as far as saying that he has the ability to be the next Messi.

That in itself is probably the biggest compliment a football player could get.

He represents Belgium and his unpredictability is the key behind his success.

Both as a fan or as a defender, you will not be able to catch his next move.

His technical skills are simply beyond words.

These two gifts and qualities combined make him a player to watch out not just now but also in the future.

What makes them the highest paying footballers in the world?

Their consistency!

Their passion for the sport!

Their ability to single-handedly guide their teams to success!

If you take Messi's speed and Persie's leadership along with Neymar's consistency and Balotelli's agility, incorporate these skills into our lives, you will definitely be able to grow both in your personal and professional lives.

Remember, there is always something to learn from stars!

Image: Eden Hazard
Photographs: Christopher Lee/Getty Images

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