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Year of the Snake: Chinese New Year predictions

Last updated on: February 8, 2013 16:46 IST

Year of the Snake: Chinese New Year predictions


On the occasion of Chinese New Year, Monisha Singh Dudaney gives you a look at what 2013, the Year of the Snake has in store for you!

Using the five elements -- metal, water, wood, fire and earth -- Chinese astrology talks about what kind of a year you are likely to have.

The Chinese Astrology is based on the cycle of the moon and not those of the sun, planet and the stars.

The Chinese New Year is on a different date each year because the lunar calendar does not fit in exactly with the solar calendar.

The Chinese have used twelve animals to express the zodiacal time.

Based on your year of birth, find out which sign you belong to:

The Snake: 1917, 1929, 1941, 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001, 2013

The Horse: 1918, 1930, 1942, 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990, 2002

The Sheep: 1919, 1931, 1943, 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991, 2003

The Monkey: 1920, 1932, 1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004

The Rooster: 1921, 1933, 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005

The Dog: 1922, 1934, 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006

The Pig: 1923, 1935, 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007

The Rat: 1912, 1924, 1936, 1948, 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996, 2008

The Ox: 1913, 1925, 1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997, 2009

The Tiger:1914, 1926, 1938, 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998, 2010

The Rabbit: 1915, 1927, 1939, 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999, 2011

The Dragon: 1916, 1928, 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000, 2012

Illustration: Dominic Xavier

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Year of the Snake: Chinese New Year predictions

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The Snake

A calm, shy, and a low-profile animal, Snakes are wise men and women!

Thinkers, diplomats and savvy investors, Snakes make for the most enigmatic animal of the Chinese Astrology cycle!

Intuitive, attractive and graceful people, people born under this sign will be contemplative and private.

Exciting and dark, yet with a wisdom -- the Snake will work hard to make things go their way!

Influential and insightful, they manage others well and are usually found in senior positions.

Their ability to make themselves affectionate with family and friends and yet appear brisk and business-like with work mates is a very obvious give-away!

Generous with money, known to always be materialistically wealth creators, snakes can completely be persuasive when they put their mind to it!

Snakes need calm and quiet to survive and succeed.

Adrenalin rushes are not for them. They make fabulous astrologers, politicians and also brilliant photographers.

Snakes are all about creativity!

Famous people born under this sign: Shakira, Indira Gandhi, Mao Tse Tsung, John Kennedy, Abraham Lincoln

2013 for the Snake: The snake is getting ready to have yet another progressive year, as confidence is high and breakthroughs come through in March.

All deals and ventures stuck and waiting for licenses and permissions go through, a great showcase for the cool and classy snakes to showcase their raw talent.

May onwards the finances kick in, and that vehicle and travel plan you have will be satisfied, happiness allowing for more abundance.

Love life for the passionate snake is a tad frisky, make sure you don't allow your vulnerability to take over your sensibilities and allow the slow and steady approach to get to know your mate.

The winter months speaks of marriages and family bondings catching up with those you love and are far from.

Lucky colour: Wearing a touch of green around your dates will make you more charismatic and magnetic.

Lucky day: Thursday

Lucky number:3

Best compatibility: Ox, Dragon, Rabbit, Rooster

Tip of the year: Allowing stress not to overtake you will prove wise

Image: Shakira, born on February 2, 1977, is among the famous people to be born in the year of the Snake
Photographs: Punit Paranjpe/Reuters

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Year of the Snake: Chinese New Year predictions

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The Horse

Excited, extroverted -- everything about the horse is extra.

The life and soul of every party, the Horse entertains friends and strangers alike with much ease and charm. 

Quick witted, sharp, intelligent and practical, Horses make use of it all at home and at work.

Their ability to multi-task, their huge independent streak holds them in good stead.

Horses love company and visitors to their home will always be treated like royalty!

Their willingness to try anything and their ability to try something new makes Horses good at anything they would like to try.

Freedom is a critical aspect to their personality and day to day living and careers in communication, media and performing arts suits them well!

Horses know how to have fun and keep their wits about themselves and are truly long runners of the race.

Famous people born under this sign: FD Roosevelt, Barbara Streisand, Rembrandt, Chris Evert, Amitabh Bachchan

2013 for the Horse: A busy year lies ahead for the Horse who is intending to keep himself active and on the go! 

Breakthroughs and activities jump up as a busy first half keeps you occupied.

June onwards, you will find yourself under the spotlight and excited with all you do as you are raring to go and push new boundaries.

July onwards, finances move upwards also allowing you to make a difference to your day to day living.

The romantic horses meet their soulmates and find common pursuits and hobbies to keep themselves busy and excited. 

Family adds a happy aura around you giving the faith and the support you desire.

Lucky colour: Wearing a touch of blue adds more focus and steadiness to your daily schedule allowing you to feel the focus.

Lucky Day: Thursday

Lucky numbers: 5 and 9

Image: Amitabh Bachchan, born on 11 October 1942, is among the famous people to be born in the year of the Horse
Photographs: Rupak De Chowdhuri/Reuters

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Year of the Snake: Chinese New Year predictions

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The Rat

Easy to get along with, hardworking and extremely enterprising, Rats know how to find solutions and take care of themselves without troubling others.

Reserved or quiet under the surface, rats are always busy with activity and getting things done.

Lively with a need for constant  stimulation, Rats are blessed with high intellect and are extremely sharp. 

At work, Rats are good at being thrifty and saving for a rainy day and they make for excellent writers, broadcasters, directors and race-car drivers.

With their incredible patience and persistence -- anything that keeps them on the ball is necessary and welcome!

Known to be extremely cautious and cunning with money, Rats always have a stash saved away for the rainy day!

Famous people born under this sign: Pope John Paul, William Shakespeare, Yves St Laurent, Prince Charles, Karim Aga Khan

2013 for the Rat: The bright, very popular Rat this year is happy to come out from their shell and showcase their immense talent.

If employed, the urge to try music or an art m to learn and make a commercial vocation will pull them in different varied and directions unplanned, a business proposal this summer for some is not ruled out.

Follow your heart, and make sure you have the knowledge to move ahead, if research or study is required, September on wards you are on the ball for your chosen calling.

Health may need extra care -- especially for those working long hours with less sleep, yoga, pranayama, and Ayurvedic massages will help rejuvenate.

Romance looks up in the latter half, and those in a limbo situation with their mates will find themselves committed /engaged by the end of the year.

Vacations with family members will clear communication blocks enjoy your bliss.

Lucky colour: Wearing a touch of yellow will provide for great decisions in all areas of your love.

Lucky day: Friday

Lucky numbers: 5 and 7

Best compatibility: Monkey, Dragon, Ox

Tip of the year: You need to allow room for ambiguity this year

Image: Shakespeare, said to be born in 1564, was among the famous people to be born in the year of the Rat
Photographs: Luke MacGregor / Reuters

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Year of the Snake: Chinese New Year predictions

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The Tiger

Courage, power, passion and daring... the Tiger is a master of it all.

Protective in their instinct, in the way they deal with it -- Tigers seek approval from peers and family.

Given that money and power is not their kick zone, they are restless, reckless and always geared for action.

At work, they are energetic and always ready to look for the right time to leap into new plans and pursuits.

Money-wise, Tigers always find enough and loyalty more than anything else is what gets them going.

Given their attractive self as Tigers are not just beautiful on the outside, but draw the world in, they make for compelling speakers, actors and painters. 

Keeping on their right side is necessary as Tigers can otherwise also just be extremely cruel and make quick work of their enemies

Famous people born under this sign: Charles De Gaulle, Groucho Mark, Queen Elizabeth II, Marilyn Monroe

2013 for the Tiger: The passionate daring yet a tad impulsive tiger this year is full of feisty ideas, and without the usual hesitancy seems absolutely charming to crowds.

Those holding good positions in the telecom or entertainment industry, make their mark, as they are spotted and success is effortless.

Money pours in easily, and the desire to splurge could see them making some impulsive luxury buys that will keep them smiling this march.

Between May and August is pivotal in terms of performance as they will be under the arc lights and judged tried and tested.

It is best for them to adopt an attitude of gratitude, and much more will build naturally providing all round success.

Health remains good, and love life is full of weekend breaks and memorable sunsets, if single, keep that charm on.

Lucky colour: Wearing a tad of orange allows them effective communication

Lucky day: Wednesday

Lucky numbers: 6 and 8

Best compatibility: Pig, Dog, Horse

Tip of the year: Maintaining relationships keeps you in good stead.

Image: Marilyn Monroe, born on June 1, 1926, was among the famous people to be born in the year of the Tiger

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Year of the Snake: Chinese New Year predictions

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The Dragon

Vital, full of intense power and one of good fortune, Dragons are a master in authority!

Energetic, lively and full of authority, Dragons are the complete free spirits of the Chinese Zodiac.

Big ideas, big themes and the attempt of everything new -- Dragons like to try things on a grand scale.

Tactless, quick tempered and being too suspicious could be their issues, but Dragons make the best of what they have given their own sense of ownership, adaptability and more.

Dragons work better being in positions of power and make for excellent campaigners, politicians, PR and advertising managers.

Driven with risks, Dragons take risks and burn the midnight oil making them susceptible to stress-related tensions.

Famous people born under this sign: John Lennon, St Joan of Arc, Frank Sinatra, Yehudi Menuhin, Che Guevara.

2013 for the Dragon: The year for the dynamic and magnetic Dragons is one of action.

Plans can be activated, movement leading to momentum easily as the winds if good fortune are on their side.

There could be a natural tendency to take risky decisions and tread in unknown zones around April.

Although instinct is high, team work they will realise will play an important role for over all progress.

If involved in medicine or beauty, travel-cum-business pleasure trips are rampant around September, and much limelight and fame is bestowed on them.

Love life is all over the place, and the singles are urged to drop their arrogance and mingle, party and explore new friendships.

The winter months are for getting fit. So they may join that yoga class they so want or make time for a favourite sport.

Lucky colour: Wearing a dash of red will provide the necessary positive energy on a daily basis.

Lucky day: Monday

Lucky numbers: 6 and 7

Best compatibility: Rabbit, Tiger, Ox

Tip of the year: Keeping their cool will help and will be needed!

Image: John Lennon, born on October 9, 1940, whose sunglasses are seen here alongside his photographs was among the famous people to be born in the year of the Dragon
Photographs: Lucas Jackson/Reuters

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Year of the Snake: Chinese New Year predictions

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The Sheep

Calm, quiet and cultured -- the Sheep like living the good, graceful and peaceful life.

Easy going and peaceful in their manner, they are reserved and soothing.

While they enjoy company, they like to watch because they prefer the sidelines.

Well-groomed and well-dressed, Sheeps make for excellent architects, illustrators, musicians and art historians.

Given their love for serenity, Sheeps usually keep good health. But any sort of confrontation or argument can make them sick!

Usually homebodies, Sheeps like to be surrounded by people at work and are happy to take low-key roles and positions.

Sheeps make for excellent editors, pediatricians and enjoy home-hobbies of reading, cooking, and watching movies.

Famous people born under this sign: Mark Twain, Muhammad Ali, Billie Jean King, King George IV, The Shah of Iran

2013 for the Sheep: Happy in every way and keeping it simple is what is the plan that the Sheep have for this year and it works!

The first half from March to June which you take chances and you believe that there is no gain without pain.

The summer months of April to June prove extremely effective as you take money risks and quit regular jobs to pursue a hobby or a passion making it commercially successful.

Money matters are all about your faith and belief, so if you believe the good will come your way, it truly will!

Investments especially in the unusual ways will be extremely profitable and be your highlight.

The single Sheep will find themselves will to settle down having to make promises to themselves as commitment issues and old patterns surface.

Health needs rest and relaxation in parts as vegetable juices, ayurvedic massages and yoga pranayam is necessary!

Lucky colour: Wearing black will keep you out of trouble

Lucky day: Friday

Lucky numbers: 3 and 9

Best compatibility: Tiger, Horse, Monkey, Dragon

Tip of the year: Keeping it cool and calm works for you this year!

Image: Mark Twain, born on November 30, 1835, was among the famous people to be born in the year of the Sheep
Photographs: Wikimedia Commons

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Year of the Snake: Chinese New Year predictions

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The Monkey

Curious and inventive in nature, Monkeys can run circles around other people with ease!

Clever, result-oriented and sharp, Monkeys appreciate challenges of any kind.

At work, given their memory and ability to adapt, they tend to be huge successes.

Monkeys usually prefer to wear a poker face, refusing to share any emotions or feelings with others.

Active in their lifestyle, they are usually very healthy creatures and also ensure that they choose the buzz and go of the city life!

People-watching is a big hobby to amuse them and they generally take occupations like finance, accounting scientists and dealers!

Famous people born under this sign: Walter Matthau, Edward Kennedy, Mick Jagger, Duchess of Windsor, Nelson Rockfeller

2013 for the Monkey: Busy in many ways and yet keeping it cool is how the Monkeys will play it this year. 

The summer months of March and May bring in big deals, more joy, creativity and extreme delight as you are now able to create the big dream that you've always wanted this year.

Snake years are perfect for the Monkey who is pushing his might at work and you manage to move ahead with lightning speed. 

Money-wise, it's a positive spell as you take fresh risks and plan wise investments and alliances with new partners.

Those planning to travel abroad for a new course of study find their perspectives improved.

The single monkeys may have to patiently bide their time as this year needs you to experience the new and solitude.

Those of you in love now plan a big bash, wedding and many celebrations.

Lucky colour: Wearing white will keep you calm

Lucky day: Sundays provide positive movement

Lucky numbers: 2 and 7

Best compatibility: Rat, Ox, Sheep, Snake

Tip of the year: Being able to use pressure to propel you than faze you is wise!

Image: Mick Jagger, born on July 26, 1943, is among the famous people to be born in the year of the Monkey
Photographs: Jim Bourg/Reuters

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Year of the Snake: Chinese New Year predictions

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The Rooster

Flamboyant, feisty and obstinate, Roosters are extroverts and those who love to blow their own trumpet.

Known to be outwardly confident as they below their own trumpet, Roosters are hardworking and trustworthy individuals who are direct and forthright!

Happiest when surrounded by a crowd, under the spotlight, they can get very angry if crossed.

Roosters are extremely motivated people who give their careers their all.

Given their focus and meticulousness, Roosters are also good with money and ensuring all on the financial front is under control. 

The environment around a rooster is clean, neat and extremely organised given their own habit of being fussy about small things!

Making for excellent actors, armed forces personnel, musicians and Chartered Accountants, Roosters are fun people to have around.

Famous people born under this sign: Prince Phillip, Elton John, Pope Paul VI

2013 for the Rooster: The bright and slightly cocky roosters maybe known for insight and creativity, but this year they may have to learn to deal with obstacle, issues and a slow environment. 

Professionally, you are in a rare environment and keeping up with energy and the environment will take effort and plans too.

July to November will be busy months especially as you create focussed work ways and new environments to do and try something unusual.

Love for the single starts on a positive war footing and you meet many to mingle with.

Those in relationships may need to resolve their communication issues and keeping the faith will be critical.

Monetary benefits come in from all angles and you push all formats of key investing plans to be on the top of it all!

Lucky colour: Wearing white will keep you focussed

Lucky numbers: 3 and 4

Lucky day: Saturday is your happy day and proves to be your creative high.

Best compatibility: Tiger, Horse, Monkey, Dragon

Tip of the year:  Hold on and explore your relationships!

Image: Elton John, March 25, 1947, is among the famous people to be born in the year of the Rooster
Photographs: David Moir/Reuters

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Year of the Snake: Chinese New Year predictions

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The Dog

Compassionate, loyal and giving -- the sign lives upto its true name.

Surrounded by friends, always available for their friends and family, Dogs make for great partners and can be extremely attentive.

Known to take charge of any situation, money and status don't really matter to the Dog as much as the wellbeing of his loved ones.

Once Dogs master a subject of interest, they usually take off well.

Honest, trust worthy and ethical, Dogs work hard and spend wisely.

Professionally, they make for excellent counselors, interior decorators and priests allowing for a lot of dialogue and discussion.

Dogs dislike hurting other people's feelings and can get into quite a sulk if treated unfairly.

Love is what keeps their world going... so ensure you stay loving and positive!

Famous people born under this sign: Charles Bronson, Pierre Cardin, Sir Winston Churchill, Elvis Presley

2013 for the Dog: The faithful dog person ventures out of darkness this year, usually helping and sorting things or involved in charity or partnerships, they plan to make it a year for their own progress both professional and personal.

Trusted by all, and impeccable in their pursuits and all their duties, they move towards their personal goals around May.

A dream long unfulfilled, an area of business not researched, areas if study left, due to circumstances will now happen easily.

For some a home away from home makes them strong independent successful and monied.

Finances are good in winter and long vacations to dream destinations are on the cards, as they explore and discover much along their journey.

Romance is an area that they focus on throughout and those dating seriously tie the knot with the blessings of loved ones.

Make sure to keep a healthy circulation, fresh air, and a happy attitude is all they need.

Lucky colour: A touch of purple will keep them ever evolving and progressive in thought.

Lucky day: Saturdays will prove extra with a punch and filled with surprises

Lucky numbers: 1 and 9

Best compatibility: Rabbit, Snake, Dog, Rat

Tip of the year: Keeping yourself occupied is critical this year.

Image: Elvis Presley, January 8, 1935, was among the famous people to be born in the year of the Dog
Photographs: American Movie Classics/Handout/Reuters

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Year of the Snake: Chinese New Year predictions

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The Pig

Honest, frank, chivalrous and gallant, Pigs are born under the sign of much honesty!

While they may tend to appear rough and hewn, under their jovial and happy surface, they make for fabulous people.

Their tendency to overdo things – be it overindulge with food, alcohol or even partying can tend to give them poor health and an exercise regime is extremely necessary for them.

Pigs tend to have comfortable homes as they like to ensure their wealth is displayed.

Cleanlinessness is not really on their top most agenda both at home and at work.

Professionally, their creative side comes out when they can totally express themselves and they remain enthusiastic about new opportunities.

Making for excellent doctors, caterers and hoteliers, Pigs are on the whole lovely people to be around.

Famous people born: Ronald Reagan, Julie Andrews, Woody Allen, Alfred Hitchcock

2013 for the Pig: The honest and predictable pig this year is in high spirits, and happy to be.

Big changes around the rainy season are indicated, as new horizons emerge in the firm of business partnerships from the most unlikely sources and people.

Calculated risks turn to big turnovers soon, and the beaming boar will dabble in property stock markets and maybe even purchase a new office space.

Beyond all of this, family time is important to the boar who decides to take enough quality time out for that exotic location that has been a dream. Splurging on loved ones gives you immense pleasure and allows them to discover new sides.

Students studying for special examinations will need to put in that extra mental effort post August for desired results and work postings.

Love lives have their ups and downs, and yet all the passion will get them closer to their mates.

Promises made should be keynote.

Health is good if they promise a perfect mind body spirit connection by staying happy and grounded.

Lucky colour: Wearing a touch of blue will bring in clarity and all round serenity to them.

Lucky day: Tuesdays are lucrative

Lucky numbers: 2 and 4

Best compatibility: Sheep, Tiger, Dog

Tip of the year: Attend to your professional skies and focus on clearing clutter this year!

Image: Woody Allen, born on December 1, 1935, is among the famous people to be born in the year of the Pig
Photographs: Eric Gaillard/Reuters

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Year of the Snake: Chinese New Year predictions

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The Rabbit

The Rabbit symbolises graciousness, good manners, sound counsel, kindness and sensitivity to beauty.

Their soft speech and graceful and nimble ways embody all the desirable traits of a successful diplomat.

They are reserved, artistic and posses good judgment and a sharp memory.

Their thoroughness also makes them good scholars.

Though flirtations and full of fun, with the help of the mind and brain, they will shine in the fields of law, politics and government.

While those under this sign are extremely lucky in business and monetary transactions, they also tend to be very moody!

Famous people born under this sign: David Rockfeller, Ingrid Bergman, Joseph Stalin, Fidel Castro, Albert Einstein.

2013 for the Rabbit: The busy and happy Rabbits discover a year much to their liking.

Innovative, Interesting and exciting, they will be scampering around in top speed doing all they like and focusing on the new and exciting.

Creatively, they will find themselves running at top speed and keeping their channels of listening, intelligence and patience open -- they will find themselves working hard to reach their goals.

The single Rabbits discover many that hold their attention during the year. Those in love will celebrate good news.

Taking care of their energy levels will be critical, as a lot of work comes back to settle on their plate.

Lucky colour: Orange is their happy colour, and wearing it allows them to vent and say what's on their mind.

Lucky numbers: 4 and 5

Lucky day: Thursday promises to be their day of luck and big deals

Best compatibility: Tiger, Dragon, Monkey

Tip of the year: Patience will be a much needed virtue this year.

Image: Ingrid Bergman, born on August 29, 1915, was among the famous people to be born in the year of the Rabbit

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Year of the Snake: Chinese New Year predictions

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The Ox

The Ox or the buffalo sign symbolises prosperity through fortitude and hard work.

People born under this year will be dependable, calm and methodical.

Patient and tireless workers, they like routine and convention.

Beneath their modest but neat appearance, the Ox usually shields a resolute and logical mind.

They walk with their head held high.

People born under this sign are systematic. You can rely on their promises.

Once they give their word, they will stick with it.

The Ox likes to take their own sweet time in the matters of the heart. They are slow to warm up and reveal their true feelings.

If you marry an Ox and place your trust in them, you will never be disappointed.

They generally excel in politics, farming and agriculture though their rigid and stubborn nature may lead to conflicts with others time and again.

Famous people born under this sign: Bruce Springsteen, Jawaharlal Nehru, Walt Disney, Richard Nixon, Margaret Thatcher, Adolf Hitler

2013 for the Ox: The Ox is getting around to a new change!

Keen to remodel their life, they decide to take the unusual and the never walked path.

The decision comes to experiment comes with their current restlessness of the current state of affairs in their own life.

Post July, the hard work and the constant push and pull results into a significant turnaround... One which makes them smile!

From then on, it seems to be an easy journey till the year end, as they chalk up many wins, get many trophies and also date the man/woman of their dreams!

Money-wise, a lot of you may approach your friends, ask for support to make major life altering changes and breakthroughs you have been looking for the last six months.

The equity markets prove favourable post August. 

Winning strategies come through by October-November as you begin to flow with it all!

Lucky colour: Pink is your colour

Lucky numbers: 6 and 8

Lucky day: Saturdays prove perfect to start something new. 
Best compatibility: Rat, Rabbit, Rooster

Tip of the year: Be open to new ideas and you will do just fine.

Image: Bruce Springsteen, September 23, 1949, is among the famous people to be born in the year of the Ox
Photographs: Peter Morgan/Reuters

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