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Astrospeak: Your zodiac forecast for 2013!

Last updated on: January 2, 2013 18:05 IST

Astrospeak: Your zodiac forecast for 2013!


Monisha Singh Dudaney

What is the New Year looking like for you? Here's what the stars predict, based on your astrological sign.

Will you marry the man of your dreams? Is a new house on the cards?

Find out what 2013 has in store for you, horoscope-wise!

Aries (Mesha) March 21 to April 20

In Indian mythology, Mangala -- also known as Angaraka or Bhauma -- is the owner of the Aries sign. His mount is the Mesha (ram), which is the symbol and the name of this sign for Hindus.

2013 promises to be an exciting time for the Arian, who is bullish about new things, plans and movement. Experiences will prove critical as you are on the lookout for critical demonstration of your own mastery.

Printing a book, converting a hobby into a commercial venture will be on agenda.

Health needs rest and relaxation in parts and combining a sport may be necessary.

Fame and fortune will come your way, especially towards the end of the year.

All in all, an action-packed year ahead.

The vibe: Focusing on work and career, but learning to balance it with work will be key.

Career: Work is your touchstone and how this year fares will be derived from how you progress in your decision making skills.

A range of scenarios and a high amount of success will be a given post April as the world begins to appreciate your brilliance.

Keeping up with the new and pushing ahead on the innovation scale will deplete your energy and you will find yourself burning the candle at both ends.

Money: An upswing comes in from all the exciting investments and good advice you take. You are now laughing your way to the bank as your faith and belief in what is due to you increases. Making sure you are ready to play the stock market and global bourses will make you make more than you have aimed for.

Love: Affection and understanding is the glue that is needed to hold your relationships together. It will take hard work and incredible patience, which you may not be well known for.

The single Arians will find themselves willing to settle down, and having to make promises to themselves as phobias and old issues may surface.

Karmic lesson: You are never too old to dream.

Image: Arians like Chitrangada will have fame and fortune come their way, particularly towards the end of the year
Photographs: Tim Chong/Reuters


Taurus (Vrishabha) April 21 to May 21

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As in the Western zodiac, the bull symbolises Vrishabha (Taurus). As the vahana (mount) of lord Shiva, the bull is one of the most commonly seen sculptures in India. Every Shaivite temple has the figure of the bull, named Nandi, who is occasionally also depicted in sculpture as a bull-faced dwarf figure.

A new beginning and a fresh start is what 2013 promises for Taureans who wants to change their outmoded style and make a fresh beginning.

Instant success is yours as after much struggle you decipher your own success formula and plan. Keeping up with new technology and market demands may take much brain work, but you manage with ease.

Those looking for career options choose the unusual to make their bread and butter.

A year that will excite you with many goings and comings.

The vibe: Ethics will drive your year to be and honesty remains the best policy.

Career: Career plans get a heads up as people you meet bring about much change and innovation in your life. Change is the name of the game as the summer months help you sharpen your individualistic streak and create much excitement in your end goals.

Those of you in culinary arts, hospitality and automotive sectors see many new offers coming your way towards the end of the year.

Money: Many new areas of opportunity open up for you giving you a wide range of investment opportunities to choose from. As you search for meaning, your equation with materialism just gets better and easy moolah pours in from all angles, allowing you much breathing space.

October to December prove perfect for making strategic portfolio rejigs and enjoying the money you make with a new luxury car/holiday home is a given.

Love: Working at your relationships will give you the result you desire and 2013 will be proof that what you sow is what you receive and you are now ready to look at the big picture.

Set aside your fears and get ready to look into issues at much depth and you will find many an answer.

The single will be jovial and move ahead with confidence towards people they are attracted to and finding the one is a big certainty for you.

Children and family give you much joy and create happiness patterns around you.

Karmic lesson: Success is yours, if you believe in yourself.

Image: Sharman Joshi and other Taureans can expect much change and innovation in their careers
Photographs: Ferrari Ki Sawaari Movie Press Event Photo

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Gemini (Mithuna) May 22 to June 21

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Mithuna is equivalent to Gemini, but not represented by twins. Mithuna stands for a man and a woman, and also union. In India this is represented as an amorous couple, and is seen in one form or the other in most ancient temples.

2013 brings with it dichotomy, which may flummox the twin sign of the Gemini. Personal chaos and professional success may be what the year heralds and you will need to balance your wits.

With your ability to envision the future beyond what others think and create an almost perfect environment, success will be your big win this year.

The second half of the year proves more exciting post your birthday as everything falls into place.

A progressive year, which highlights to you your own strengths and weaknesses.

The vibe: The devil is in the details and being meticulous and organised about small things and small details helps you win big.

Career: Taking on too much on your work plate is a given, as many of you work towards impossible goals and dreams. Allow yourself to delegate with ease and focus on the big things that you need to do.

Those in media-advertising and entertainment discover much fame and fortune coming your way as your cup of ideas runneth over. Taking a course or working under the mentorship of a well-known professional will also help hone your skills.

Money: You are now making it bigger than ever, allowing yourself to reap the success of all your hard work.

Living it up in style, and allowing yourself the luxury of the best helps you receive the best.

January to March are good months for deal-making and galloping towards a health bank balance. You are advised not to take punts and risks of any kind without due diligence.

Love: Love evades you in the earlier half of the year as you may be busy looking for it in the wrong area. Staying away from emotionally unavailable and manipulative folk will help you center yourself, build new friendships, mingle with the opposite sex and shake a leg at many a fun party where you might by chance discover your true mate.

Married Geminis may have their share of misunderstandings, but your ease in communication and your passion to make it all work helps you overcome the hurdles and draw closer to your spouse in a special way. Enjoy togetherness, memorable holidays and special sunsets together.

Karmic lesson: You are surrounded by mirrors. Look carefully.

Image: The New Year may be a time of ersonal chaos and professional success for Geminis like supermodel Adriana Lima
Photographs: John Parra/Getty Images for Victoria's Secret

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Cancer (Kark) June 22 to July 23

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Varuna corresponds with the zodiac sign of Cancer or Kark where the moon dominates. It is believed that Lord Varuna came to be associated with this water sign when in Krita Yuga all the gods requested him to accept the lordship of all waters on the earth.

Powerful changes, creative insights and many a silver lining is what 2013 holds out for the choosy Cancerian. Professional mandate aside, this year brings about many revelations as to who you are as a person. Understanding your core better with much surety and dealing with its many implications creates a lesson for you.

Circumstances towards the second half of the year may test you, but you come out sailing with ease.

Love for many of you is the biggest solace and you strengthen your bonds.

This is a year of evolution and balance.

The vibe: Knowing what to do and what not to do will the biggest standout of 2013 as you discover hidden strengths you were not aware of.

Career: Entrepreneurship is a given for many of you and may surprise many happily enjoying the machinations of the corporate world.

A hobby that brings you fame or an alternative career that becomes your mainstay will be what you discover in the months of April to June.

Burning the midnight oil as you balance many demands are indicated but the rewards towards September are worth it all. Those of you in the art, photography and media space do exceedingly well to the joy of those around you.

Money: Big bucks come in as you pursue your passion and envelop yourself with much joy and happiness.

A measure of self discipline as you put yourself through paces of taking correct advice and investment is needed and you do exceedingly well, especially in buying silver, gold and playing the realty market.

Avoid giving loans to family members or a colleague without written documentation.

Also ensure you spread your own portfolio wide enough to hedge your bets.

Love: Love may need you to be flexible. Changes, compromises and many other matters of the heart will make you understand and delve deeper into your own self.

You are also likely to surprise yourself this year and make a few unpredictable changes, much to your satisfaction and the shock of others.

Married Cancerians may decide to give each other enough space to rediscover what they need to work on to pump new light and life into their relationships, hoping it will bring to them mutual growth and more love.

Karmic lesson: You are on the right path. Just have enough faith in yourself

Image: 2013 will prove a year of evolution and balance for Argentine footballer Lionel Messi and other Cancerians
Photographs: David Ramos/Getty Images

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Leo (Simha) July 24 to August 23

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Leo or Simha is denoted by the lion. Indian mythology is replete with lion motifs. The entrance of the Konark Temple is guarded by two giant lions denoting power and determination. Besides being the vahana (vehicle) of Goddess Durga, the lion also gains significance with the fourth avatar of Lord Vishnu as Narasimha, the deity who is part lion, part human.

What you do with others is likely to bring you more success than going solo.

Learning to co-exist in harmony changing and wearing many hats through the year will be the biggest learning of 2013. Networking is key on the job, as it allows you to be open to different people, ideas and their way of thinking.

You understand the basics of any difficulty and now work towards approaching it in an extremely logical and mature manner.

Love will be pretty much on the sidelines as your own growth is what holds sway for most part of the year.

The vibe: Having questions, introspecting, stumbling and finding your own path.

Career: Back to basics could very well be the theme for most Leos as you go back to understanding how to do anything and everything. The joy and challenge of this very task gives you such happiness that the outcome won't be your aim. A transformational process as you break old patterns and de-clutter your life will be exciting and interesting.

Those of you in social entrepreneurship, teaching and counselling do very well as you rise and shine above your own call of duty.

A promotion/change in role towards your birthday month is indicated.

Money: Money won't hold as much power and sway as it did in your life earlier; you stay content with all that you have.

Recycling cash to create more is what you do best. So allow yourself this year to invest in new ventures, changing strategy to create something big and bountiful. Watching your assets grow from the sidelines might be wise, as too much jugglery and staking more than you can afford might fall flat.

By year end, you are more joyous than ever before

Love: Love needs understanding your own self before you can honour others. Knowing that and practicing the same will be your biggest lesson of 2013.

Relationships for many of you may demand excessively and learning when to say no will be critical. Taking time off over weekends and regularly to recharge your batteries and allow yourself time out to look at the eventual picture is necessary.

The single mingle, mingle, mingle.

Those in love may need more than dollops of patience and strength to hold their own.

Karmic lesson: A second chance is coming your way. Take it with all you can.

Image: Genelia D'Souza and other Leos need to focus on personal and individual growth in the coming months
Photographs: Mike Cassese/Reuters

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Virgo (Kanya) August 24 to September 23

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Virgo or Kanya is the only sign represented by a human symbol, the Virgin. Legend has it that Kanya Devi or Kumari Amman, an avatar of Goddess Parvati, was to wed Lord Shiva, but he did not turn up for the wedding and she remained a virgin goddess enshrined on the shores of Kanyakumari.

Meticulous you are and meticulous you will be in 2013, playing to your biggest strengths and making every dream come true.

Taking small steps as you put your life in order, you are making the most of what you have with delight. Empowering yourself with study, skill and much patience, you are ready now to get what you desire.

An inspiration to many, especially if in the limelight, you are ready to set boundaries of where the world steps in and what you hold for yourself.

This is a year of brilliant transformations.

The vibe: What you hold out for is what you get, so hold out for the best.

Career: A stupendous year at work lies ahead as you chose much and many to try. Success is a given, especially as you work hard to shape your identity. Letting go of fear and other negative patterns/bad habits holds you in good stead and you dig deep into your reserve to pull out your best.

Much fame and fortune is indicated towards October; you possess the Midas touch.

Those of you in the space of hardware, software and information technology will discover leadership skills and get quick jumps and leaps in your career.

Money: Cash is your comfort zone and you like to make sure you have much of it. 2013 will bring in easy cash, especially from unexpected sources and at unexpected times.

Enjoying the joy and fun money can bring, you create more -- spending and splurging on loved ones.

Investments in property, mutual funds and the stock market will help your money grow quicker than usual, especially towards November.

Love: Love for you is all about the family and chances are, this year, you have to look beyond. Standing more individualistically and listening to your own needs above others is critical.

Revitalising old relationships, letting go of some of the old ones and working hard on fractured equations will take much of your time this year and work hard you will.

November for the singles is a good time to change status quo.

Those in marriages celebrate the birth of a child and other happy moments.

Karmic lesson: Listen to your gut instinct and you will be well.

Image: Virgoans like Ayushmann Khurrana will find that this is a year a year of brilliant transformations
Photographs: Courtesy Perfect Relations

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Libra (Tula) September 24 to October 23

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Libra or Tula denotes the mid-point of the sun's journey through the kalachakra or wheel of time. The scales represent the quest for balance between material life and the deep desire to awaken the spiritual self. The symbol recurs in various Hindu legends.

Get ready to celebrate a new you as you go out of the way to make the most of 2013. Shedding old skin, getting rid of routine and trying something new and exciting is your plan this year and it works.

Patience and perseverance is a must as you may be faced with tests. But your ability to bounce back holds you in good stead. Making choices may throw you in a loop, but you do well to adjust and map your bearings. This is a year to be more confident and absolutely sure of yourself.

The vibe: Learning to be uncomfortable and dealing with ambiguity will be your big task for the year.

Career: Professional success is assured this year, especially because you decide to walk the unusual and innovative path in 2013.You try almost everything that comes your way with the wonder of a child. Seniors and colleagues will be impressed and a speedy promotion/increment is bound to come your way. Those self-employed will expand their horizons and find much success.

Money: The buzz of cash excites you this year. You push matters of investment to the fore, creating new cash flows and saving plans that work for your lifestyle. Learning to spend where needed and saving for a rainy day is finally a skill that comes handy. Investing in commercial property and a new home will prove incredibly wise. November and December are perfect for re-jigging your own investment basket and taking a few risks.

Love: Your mate can help you only if you allow him or her to. This year you will largely be your own wingman as you move away from being a people pleaser to being your own person. It's a tough task for you, given your desire to be popular.

Those in relationships will need to make their intent clear to their mate so they understand you. Singles need to hold on to their status as this year is all about you and being in a relationship may stifle your own growth. So be careful.

Karmic lesson: Break free from your dogmas and you will discover your true self.

Image: Candice Swanepoel and other Librans can expect to remain financially sound and stable this year
Photographs: Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images

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Scorpio (Vrishchika) October 24 to November 22

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A scorpion is the symbol for Vrishchika or Scorpio. Although in many myths the scorpion is associated with the nether world, in Kandakoor village, Karnataka, people worship an idol of the Scorpion Goddess Kondammai. In Assam's Peacock Island the Umananda Temple has the mother Goddess Devi with a scorpion emblem. The scorpion motif is also used in Khajuraho Temples in Madhya Pradesh, where a sculpture depicts a woman with a scorpion on her thigh.

A packed suitcase, a wallet full of money and a place in the spotlight is what 2013 will bring in a big way. This year is intense, exciting, process-driven and full of action.

You run through many layers and textures as you keep moving, changing and innovating before finding the perfect formula that works for you.

2013 will be all about your own ability to overcome challenges and distractions.

The vibe: Knowing about faith and keeping it are two different things. This year you will learn both.

Career: Learning to let go of what's not working may be the biggest challenge that the Mr Fixit inside you will have. Dogging your own patterns and changing yourself will be needed to do more than your best.

Shocking transformations and circumstances may force you to let go and you come out of 2013 feeling lighter, happier and surer of yourself. Those in content, publishing and writing find their own verve and niche towards August.

Money: Money motivates you. Understanding how to use it to create more is a skill and task you learn in 2013.

Coming to you in big and small doses through the year, allowing it to trickle in and respecting its power will be your big lesson.

Having a financial advisor for when to buy and sell shares/dividends and warrants will be wise.

Inheritances are likely and you make the most of them, spending lavishly towards the end of the year.

Love: Break free from pain and all the chains if you are in a relationship that is self-destructive and causing you angst.

Singles meet many potential partners through friends who play Cupid in June. Friendships, dating and the easy path of falling in love as you meet the special one keeps you busy and you enjoy it all.

Health of a loved one may need attention in September and keep you on your toes.

Karmic lesson: You are your best friend. Accept it and trust yourself.

Image: 2013 is is intense, exciting, process-driven and full of action for Scorpions, including Matthew McConaughey
Photographs: Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images

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Sagittarius (Dhanu) November 23 to December 21

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Sagittarius or Dhanu is depicted by an archer with a bow and arrow. In Hindu mythology the bow constantly recurs in the Puranas, where it is the emblem of kingship. It is Arjuna's weapon, and used in the battles of the Mahabharata. Shiva's bow has references in the Ramayana and as the emblem of Vishnu the bow symbolises tamas, the destructive and disintegrating aspect of the gods. The ruling planet of Dhanu is Brihaspati or Jupiter, the guru of the gods and the nemesis of Shukracharya, the guru of the demons.

Balance, accomplishment and a quiet sense of contentment is what 2013 will bring for you.

Versatile, empowered and a charming side of you comes to the fore through the year as you open closed doors and wield your hand with much determination.

Relationships remain the focus of the year ahead as you push yourself to get more and give more for yourself.

A splendid year no matter what you do!

The vibe: Slow and steady wins the race.

Career: A chance to go on your own will be the biggest highlight for many of you as you work hard on courses, certification and push your own terms of success.

Investment in your ideas will come about as you meet many venture capitalists, bank managers and investors.

Those in interior design, real estate and architecture end the year with their own nameplate and many a good roster of clients.

Money: Money may be important and yet may not be what drives you this year as you place a higher premium on satisfaction. However, a healthy bank balance propels you to take risks and you ensure you are a wise man at the end of it all.

Spending on travel, holidays and luxuries that help you recharge after busy weeks are wise investments and you splurge on family and friends.

Love: Love is all about being harmonious with who you are and where you are.

Singles will find themselves meeting new people. By October, you are likely to discover someone who matches your mental level and way of being and a relationship is on the cards.

Those in relationships, find themselves happy ways of enhancing togetherness with common pursuits playing a key role in cementing their relationships.

Karmic lesson: You are ready to open your heart to others.

Image: Sarah-Jane Dias and other Sagittarians can expect to splurge on on travel, holidays and luxuries
Photographs: Courtesy Perfect Relations

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Capricorn (Makara) December 22 to January 20

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Capricorn or Makara is represented by a crocodile (makara) in the Hindu zodiac, not the goat. It is the vehicle of Goddess Ganga as well as the sea god Varuna. It is also the insignia of the love god Kamadeva. It is often portrayed protecting entry ways to Hindu and Buddhist temples. It is as symbolised in ornaments; the Hindu Preserver-god Vishnu is shown wearing makara-shaped earrings.

This year holds a new strategy for a new you. Only this one maybe by force as destiny is forcing your hand to get rid of the old and try the new. Being a willing student will make the journey easier, but knowing the dogged Capricorn, a few chaotic months will give way to a calm and happier summer ahead.

Transitions lead to transformations and you may have your own personal Everest to climb.

Discovering your own identity will be difficult, but you are a persistent mountain climber and make yourself to the top.

This is a year of major personal and professional accomplishments.

The vibe: You have to be your own star and find it.

Career: A year of unprecedented growth in your professional sphere is upon you and the year will bring you many opportunities. Knowing what to take and what not to, will come easy as supportive friends, colleagues and allies back you up with both wisdom and insight.

Professional networking and reaching out to the alumni, old school networks will help many of you get a sizeable breakthrough in July.

Keep your communication channels open and remember a favor given is a favour earned.

Money: Many twists and turns may lie in your path, but nothing you cannot handle with your quick pace and determination.

Your lifestyle picks up pace as holidays and travel across the globe are indicated. You are also likely to splurge on a new car or new luxury gadgets.

Learning to spend on yourself and your family without thought also attracts you to more money and wise plans.

Love: Romance makes everything work for you as a supportive mate plays anchor to your dreams. It is this support and understanding that is the wind beneath your wings, allowing you to find much support and speed when needed.

Singles may be relying heavily on family and friends to help shake off their moody blues and help will be available in all formats.

Children finally blossom under your guidance and you become an easy confidant.

Karmic lesson: Don't go solo or shy away from taking help. It's your time to receive.

Image: Romance makes everything work for Capricornians such as Imran Khan
Photographs: Pradeep Bandekar

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Aquarius (Kumbh) January 21 to February 19

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Aquarius or kumbh is denoted by a pitcher, which is also symbolic of the womb. It represents fertility and sustenance. Kumbh is associated with the mother goddesses, particularly Ganga. In Hindu mythology many references are found of human beings born from a kumbh. In religious rituals till date, kumbhs (pots) filled with water and leaves play an important role.

You are the master of your destiny and no year underlines it better than 2013. Positive thinking backed by positive action creates the big breakthroughs you desire.

A conducive environment, supportive colleagues and family make you realise that it truly is all up to you to make it big this year.

Much action will keep you on your toes and you take many steps to find a comfortable place.

Extra responsibility and pressure may be a given, but you end the year knowing you are pretty much on top of things.

The vibe: Two steps forward, one step back is movement. Enjoy the dance.

Career: A year of much action, much purpose is upon you as you work with dogged determination and drive to get to your eventual dream. Creating your own pace, your own rules will work.

Those of you in sales, marketing and customer service discover a niche that keeps you in the spotlight.

Holding your ambitions close, you make moves to get closer to your target one by one.

Hard work, humility and an ability to challenge yourself hold you in good stead.

Money: A more solid year financially as you make all the bucks you desire to give you a comfortable and happy lifestyle. Paying debts/loans, investing in a wise savings plan and even treating yourself to travel that you desire will make you very happy.

Money is your means to an end and you realise that even more this year than ever before. Big money is your destiny.

Love: Understanding that it takes two to tango is the journey you take this year. Singles allow love to enter their lives as they understand the rules of friendship, self-esteem and endearment.

Those in relationships learn to balance their equation with more care, knowing when to give and when to give in.

Karmic lesson: Learning is the key to what makes this year a success.

Image: Extra responsibility and pressure may be a given in 2013 for Aquarians like Colombian singer Shakira, who is expecting her first child
Photographs: Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images
Tags: Ganga

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Pisces (Meena) February 20 to March 20

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The fish, which is the symbol of Pisces or Meena, is a symbol of transformation and creation in India. The most well-known manifestation of this is when Lord Vishnu takes the form of a fish. In his matsya avatar, he guides the first man, Manu, and a select few through the great flood, saving the world.

An assertive and astute you is what 2013 will see.

Professional plans may not amount to much action and a change/shift in thinking will play an important role.

Your sensibilities and ideas will be novel and hence beneficial and lucrative in the long run.

Rise above the ordinary and you will find yourself becoming the best in your profession.

A satisfying year ahead, which promises more action in the workspace.

The vibe: Mind over matter is your theory to make it big.

Career: Get ready for big changes this year in the work sector.

If involved in the media/event management/film industry, you prove your talents in areas of your expertise going against the grain and yet earning a lot of appreciation and pleasant response.

In February-March, you change many a chosen track for something more exciting and appealing to your aesthetic senses. You will take on these challenging ventures with good spirit and hope others will understand your enthusiasm and ambition.

Support comes from all quarters and you will be quick to rise and shine.

Money: Money-inflow increases mid year and investing it, in stocks and shares is indicated.

Business-cum-pleasure journeys are plenty after August and the chance of transfer or settling down temporarily in another country for a definite purpose will prove the perfect move.

Students do their best and opt for job-oriented courses by October, hoping to end the year on a purposeful and dedicated note.

Lady luck is on your side and your charismatic streak makes sure that you are a winner in all your endeavours, especially on the financial front.

Love: Family members will be more than eager to spend quality moments with you whenever possible.

Choices in romance are in plenty. You may feel confused and less confident, as you fear rejection. Mustering up the guts to approach and strike up a friendship with someone you have secretly admired is indicated.

Giving your romance the shape you desire and spoiling your sweetheart are things you will love indulging in. Have fun.

Karmic lesson: Be grateful for what you have.

Image: Justin Bieber and other Pisceans will have lady luck smile on their careers
Photographs: Jason Merritt/Getty Images

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