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2 States: When Kerala met Odisha

May 16, 2014 09:08 IST

2 States: When Kerala met Odisha


We invited you, our dear readers, to share your 2 States stories. This is Supriya Nair's tale:

I was born in Kerala but raised in Jamshedpur and my husband is from Odisha.

It was in 1996 that we met while doing our MTA at Bhubanewsar and eventually fell in love.

I was always hesitant to get into a romantic relationship because I was scared of approaching my father.

I was raised in a fairly conservative family which had strict dos and don't's.

I never had any hopes of getting my parents agreeing for this match.

We kept our relationship going for about a year and then approached our parents.

Of course, there was resentment from both families but eventually they conceded to our persuasions.

We got married in 1999 and have since been leading a happy and content life.

We've been blessed with two sons and continue to enjoy the mix of two diverse cultures.

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Are you a north Indian who's married a south Indian or vice versa?

How did you two meet?

How did your families react?

Was there enough drama for a Bollywood movie or a bestselling book? :-)

Tell us!

Email us the stories of your inter-cultural marriage!

Write to (Subject line: 'My 2 States story') along with a picture of you and your spouse, and we will publish the best stories right here!

Image: Supriya Nair with her husband