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2 States: We could have eloped but didn't

May 15, 2014 15:12 IST

2 States: We could have eloped but didn't


We invited you, our dear readers, to share your 2 States stories. This is Sandip Dalpat Dhodi's tale:

She is from Gujarat and I am from Maharashtra.

We'd only heard about each other from one of my cousins and hadn't met until much later at a wedding.

I fell in love with her the moment I saw her.

By then, I had ‘settled' in life and held a good job in Dubai.

So I proposed to her through my cousin, who is also her friend.

She sent a word back saying that she'd think about it.

By the time I had returned home from the wedding, she'd accepted my proposal.

I thought I'd tell my mother about her before I went back to Dubai and set the ball rolling.

But I was in for a shock. My mother didn't take it very well and it caused a great deal of tension within the family.

Word reached her family and they forced her to get engaged to a boy in their neighbourhood.

I suggested eloping but she wasn't very happy with the idea.

Meanwhile her father started drinking heavily and even met with an accident.

She finally got engaged to the boy her parents selected and asked me not to call her again.

I found it difficult to get over the shock but my parents had already begun looking for prospective bride.

By now I was so disappointed, I told them to select the girl themselves and I'd present myself for the wedding.

Meanwhile I got the news that she'd broken her engagement.

I didn't want to lose her the second time around so I began trying to convince my parents all over again.

After much drama and lot of fights, they finally agreed.

She convinced her parents too and we got married November 29, 2010.

We are living happily with our parents; we have a three-year-old daughter. The best part? My wife and my mother are good friends now!

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Are you a north Indian who's married a south Indian or vice versa?

How did you two meet?

How did your families react?

Was there enough drama for a Bollywood movie or a bestselling book? :-)

Tell us!

Email us the stories of your inter-cultural marriage!

Write to (Subject line: 'My 2 States story') along with a picture of you and your spouse, and we will publish the best stories right here!

Image: Sandip and his wife on a vacation

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