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Rediff News  All News  » Getahead » 2 States: Love doesn't understand religion or language

2 States: Love doesn't understand religion or language

Last updated on: April 17, 2014 11:00 IST

2 States: Love doesn't understand religion or language


We had asked you, our dear readers, to tell us what it is really like for a south Indian to marry a north Indian and have been inundated with your responses.

Geetika Choudhary from Haryana shares the story of her marriage to Rupak Mohapatra who hails from Andhra Pradesh:

This story begins in 2011 when Rupak came to be interviewed for a job in the company where I work as an HR manager.

Initially, it seemed that we were complete opposites and we hated each other.

But then one night when I was busy chatting with my friends on Facebook, a friend request popped up.

It was Rupak!

After couple of days, we were chatting online and the way he started talking to me and making me laugh, I couldn't stopped myself falling for him.

And then comes his punch line: I am coming tomorrow evening to kidnap you, he said

From the day, he started 'kidnapping' me very frequently… to roam around and spend time together.

In less than a month after we started dating, we agreed to get married.

All of this was fine till we realised the challenges that come in a north-south wedding!

My parents had pre-conceived notions about south Indians -- that they had weird accents were dark-skinned etc.

Much to their surprise, Rupak's family did not look a bit like the south Indian that my family imagined.

They agreed to meet his family and after initial hiccups, we had a north Indian style wedding

No non vegetarian was served at the wedding to respect Rupak's family's culture.

We performed the rituals as per the wishes of our parents and Rupak played an important role in helping our families get together.

We may be from two states but we speak the same language -- that of love

He loves non vegetarian food as well as idlis and dosas and I love Rajma rice

I spend; he saves.

He loves Nagarjuna and I love Akshay Kumar

He loves dancing to south Indian songs and I love dancing to Punjabi ones.

I think we make a wonderful fun-loving couple and we've just completed a year-and-a-half of our wedded life journey.

Love doesn't understand culture, religion or language.

What matters is how much you care for and respect the other person.

Are you a north Indian who's married a south Indian or vice versa?

How did you two meet?

How did your families react?

Was there enough drama for a Bollywood movie or a bestselling book? :-)

Tell us!

Email us the stories of your inter-cultural marriage!

Write to (Subject line: 'My 2 States story') along with a picture of you and your spouse, and we will publish the best stories right here on!

Image: Geetika Choudhary and Rupak Mohapatra have been married for a little over a year and a half.