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What alcohol does to your sex life

Last updated on: January 8, 2013 17:59 IST

What alcohol does to your sex life



Not everything that alcohol does has a negative effect on sex.

Experts have analysed what a cocktail or glass of wine, which can help us relax and even feel a little sexier, actually does to our sex life.

Alcohol is a central nervous system depressant and acts by inhibiting parts of the central nervous system important for sexual arousal and orgasm -- respiration, circulation and sensitivity of nerve endings.

It dehydrates the body, while sexual arousal needs a certain volume of blood to bring oxygen and greater sensation to the genitals. This process is associated with erection in men and lubrication in women.

With less volume of liquid in the body and with a depressed nervous system, the body struggles with sexual performance.

But not everything that alcohol does has a negative effect on sex, the Huffington Post reported.

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What alcohol does to your sex life

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Alcohol has the reputation of being an aphrodisiac and the answer lies in moderation.

One, maybe two drinks can act as a social lubricant. Studies have shown that alcohol can enable some people to overcome sexual inhibitions or feelings of inadequacy.

But add a few more drinks and that depressant action starts to inhibit our body's ability to respond sexually resulting in fewer erections, delayed ejaculation and vaginal dryness.

But the news doesn't seem to be all bad as some researchers recommend alcohol as a treatment to control ejaculatory timing. While alcohol may be a temporary solution, there are more effective and permanent treatments for PE.

Alcohol increases subjective pleasure in women - while tipsy women have more difficulty reaching orgasm physically, some women report feeling more pleasure subjectively, which can likely be explained by the relaxed social feelings they gain with their first few drinks.

Photographs: Moni Sertel, Deutschland/Wikimedia Commons
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