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Revealed: What really turns women on

Last updated on: November 01, 2013 16:45 IST

What really turns women on and more sex and relationship news



A round-up of all the sex and relationship news stories that should matter to you.

Eye tracking technology has officially confirmed what we knew all along! People look at the sexual body parts more and faces less when evaluating women's appearance.

The study was led by Sarah Gervais of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in the US, and found that especially women with typical hour glass figures or larger breasts, narrower waists, and bigger hips frequently prompted such gazes.

The study is among the first to use eye-tracking technology to examine objectified glances by which men, especially in Western cultures, purportedly often 'ogle,' 'leer at' or 'check out' women.

Due to these objectifying gazes, American women develop social physique anxiety, and show decreased cognitive performance and self-silencing.

This is because this type of attention reduces them to mere instruments in which their bodies are taken as being representative of their whole being.

Previous research primarily used women's self-reported experiences of this phenomenon.

Gervais and her colleagues used the Eyelink II eye tracking system to examine how 29 women and 36 men from a large Midwestern University in the US reacted to digitally manipulated photographs of the same group of models with various body shapes.

The researchers found that participants focused more on women’s chests and waists and less on faces when they were asked to objectify the women by evaluating their appearance rather than their personality.

This effect was more pronounced for women with hourglass figures, idealised in Western cultures, and to a lesser degree by women with smaller breasts and bigger hips who fall outside of cultural ideals of beauty.

Compared to their female counterparts, the male participants distinguished between women with different body shapes regardless of whether they were focused on appearance or personality.

Women with high ideal bodies (i.e. hourglass figures) were generally regarded more positively than women with average or low ideal bodies -- interestingly enough, even by personality-focused men.

The study is published in Springer’s journal Sex Roles.

Photographs: HBO/Getty Images


Importance of kissing revealed!

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Kissing is very important in a relationship as it helps the bond grow stronger and also make you re-evaluate your relationship.

Kissing is connected to self-confidence as it has been revealed that guys who think they are good-looking kiss more and even men who have dated several women are known to like kissing more, the Huffington Post reported.

Women are said to value kissing more than men and how we kiss with a partner makes us assess our relationship.

Researchers have discovered that there is a specific scent we pick up when we are kissing which is believed to be related to a person’s DNA and women are most attracted to the scent of a man who has a genetic code most different from themselves.

A good kiss can speak a lot about your chemistry with your partner as a good kiss could also mean you will have healthy offspring.

Also, kissing is exclusive to humans, as almost no other animal can kiss.

Photographs: A still from Raaz 3

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Now, fertility test kit for men to calculate sperm count

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A new device that calculates sperm count accurately has been launched by Boots.

The ‘SpermCheck Male Fertility Test’ which is claimed to be “as accurate as a lab test at identifying low/normal sperm count” with results in ten minutes is priced at 29.99 pounds, reported.

SpermCheck chief executive Ray Lopez said that this test can truly help couples suffering from infertility as the cost of attending a clinic for the same test is between 100-400 pounds.

The kit is believed to be 98 per cent accurate at confirming whether a man has 20 million sperm or more per milliliter.

However, it cannot determine how healthy the sperms are, which is crucial in determining if a man has any chance of having children naturally.

Photographs: Anthony Bolante/Reuters

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Mistakes women make that leave them single revealed!

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There are certain mistakes that single women make without even realising it and simple changes in attitude and approach can take single ladies a long way in landing a date.

The head coach of the School of Attraction, Damien Diecke, has advised single women to give signals to indicate that they are interested instead of looking away when a man notices them, as most nice guys are not brave enough to approach women who don’t seem interested, reported.

Diecke has suggested that women should know what they want in a relationship and screen potential suitor on the basis of that to avoid heartbreak later on.

The love guru has revealed that women should smile more as it makes them more attractive and indicates they are open and friendly.

According to the head coach, women need to establish what they want by the first or second date, and need to make their expectations clear.

He added that not replying to texts, phone calls promptly could send the wrong message to a guy as he may think that you aren’t that interested.

He also highlighted the importance of returning compliments as it shows that you are interested and like him for the little things that he does.

Diecke has advised women to fill awkward silences with eye contact instead of looking away as it is totally seductive and can make guys heart skip a beat. 

Photographs: Philip Brown/Reuters

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Booze behind most couples failing to have sex on wedding night

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A previous study had revealed that many newly married couples are unsuccessful when it comes to consummating their marriage on their first night.

And now, the Huffington Post has claimed that alcohol is the reason couples don’t have sex on their wedding night.

The publication interviewed three different married people, and all of them blamed booze for their lack of sex on their wedding night.

Two women claimed that they were completely drunk by the time their wedding festivities ended.

Another said that she slept alone on her wedding night her husband was too wasted.

Photographs: A still from Dev D

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Things that happen during sex while pregnant and after baby birth revealed

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Having sex during pregnancy and beyond is one of those things that is trickier to prepare for.

Let’s face it, things change. Body parts go wonky; emotions go haywire -- and that’s all before sleep deprivation kicks in.

Dr Lauren Streicher, an associate professor of obstetrics and gynecology at Northwestern University and author of the forthcoming Love Sex Again said that a lot of couples have a lot of questions about sex, which doctors aren’t bringing it up, the Huffington Post reported.

Which is why Streicher and several other notables in the sexual health arena agreed to share a few of the very common things that happen during pregnant sex and sex after childbirth.

During the second trimester, many women experience a surge of hormones (including testosterone), which can significantly boost their sex drive, Rose Hartzell, a certified sex therapist with San Diego Sexual Medicine, said.

At the same time, it’s not uncommon for a woman’s partner to report being particularly turned on by her body -- namely, her growing breasts – Streicher said. And that could lead to an overall boost in couple-wide randiness, if you will.

Women’s breasts might leak during sex. Streicher said that it typically begins in the second trimester, adding that it can be difficult for a woman’s partner to adjust to the idea that her breasts are not simply there for sexual pleasure.

As pregnancy progresses and women’s bodies change, many once beloved sexual positions are no longer comfortable or even feasible.

A 2012 study that looked at mothers’ desire postpartum found that women tended to perform oral sex on their partners or masturbate before they were ready to have intercourse or receive oral sex themselves.

Indeed, roughly 40 per cent of women reported they masturbated within the first few weeks of having a baby.

By the end of the first three months, 85 per cent said they’d started having intercourse again, but Streicher said data suggests that many women don’t totally enjoy it right away.

Thus, the “you’re good to go after six weeks” advice that most doctors give to couples after a vaginal birth or C-section simply isn’t realistic or all that helpful, she said.

The number one thing women don’t expect is vaginal dryness, which may cause pain during sexual activity. The dryness results from a lack of estrogen, particularly among women who breastfeed.

A good lubricant can help, but if the dryness persists, Streicher suggests talking to your health care provider about your options.

Another change for which Streicher believes women are woefully unprepared is the incontinence that can occur after childbirth.

For many women, urine leakage (during sex or otherwise) does indeed go away on its own, usually within a matter of weeks or months, she said; for others, pelvic floor physical therapy may be necessary, or they might benefit from using an at-home kegel exerciser device.

Photographs: Nina Matthews/ from Wikimedia Commons

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Clean bed sheets top turn-on for women

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A new survey has revealed that clean bed sheets are a big turn-on for women.

The poll, conducted by a British entertainment brand on 2,000 men and women, found that clean bed linens topped the list of things that get women in the mood for sex followed by losing weight, the Huffington Post reported.

Fresh lines ranked higher than a new hairdo and makeup, and even a hot bath on the list. 

Photographs: A poster from Jism 2

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One in six married women don't let hubbies see them naked

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A new survey suggests that one in six married women have not let their husband see them naked in over a year.

Researchers quizzed 1,902 women from across the UK, and asked the ones who were married when they last allowed their husband to see them nude.

16 per cent claimed that they had not undressed in front of their partners during the last 12 months or more, the Courier Mail reported.

Almost half said that this was because they felt insecure about their appearance, while a third blamed a dip in their sex drive.

Around 40 per cent said that their relationship had suffered as a result and 36 per cent admitted that their constant attempt to cover up had caused rows.

Sarah Bailey, from online pharmacist which commissioned the poll, said that body confidence is a huge element of women’s sex life, and it seems a lack thereof is causing problems. 

Photographs: A still from Jism 2

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How to pick the perfect companion for a trip

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Before embarking on a trip with a companion, you must screen your travel partner for certain traits in order to ensure your trip is fun-filled.

If you are a morning person, don’t invite someone who is, as they would expect you to do the same and it may lead to constant bickering, reported.

According to, you must be sensitive to cultural differences when you travel, and make sure whoever accompanies you is, as well.

Travelling often means spending money, so travel with someone who has the same views on spending as you do, as this often determines the accommodation you stay in and the experiences you have on the trip.

As a travel buddy can make or break your holiday, make sure you travel with someone who is as excited about the trip as you are.

Travel with someone who is spontaneous and you will be sure to enjoy experiences you never would have dreamed of.

Also, make sure you travel with someone who is as adventurous as you are as you may feel pressured otherwise. 

Photographs: A still from Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani
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Why losing weight can ruin your love life

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When one partner in a romantic relationship loses weight, it may not have a positive effect on the relationship, a new study has suggested.

According to the study from North Carolina State University and the University of Texas at Austin, there can be a “dark side” to weight loss, if both partners are not on board with enacting healthy changes.

Lead author Dr Lynsey Romo, an assistant professor of communication at NC State, said that people need to be aware that weight loss can change a relationship for better or worse, and that communication plays an important role in maintaining a healthy relationship.

For the study, researchers surveyed 21 couples -- 42 adults -- from across the country.

One partner in each couple lost 30 or more pounds in less than two years, with an average weight loss of about 60 pounds.

The questionnaires asked each member of the couple about the impact of the weight loss on their relationship.

The researchers found that, after weight loss, the couples’ communication generally changed for the good. The partner who lost weight was more likely to talk about healthy behaviours and inspire his/her partner to maintain or enact a healthy lifestyle. Couples in which both partners were receptive to these healthy changes reported more positive interactions and increased physical and emotional intimacy.

However, in some cases, partners who lost weight nagged their significant other to follow their lead, which caused tension in the relationship.

Other partners who hadn’t lost weight reported feeling threatened and insecure by their partner’s weight loss.

The paper has been published in the journal Health Communication.

Photographs: Ron Mahon on Picasa/Wikimedia Commons

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What women gauge about men from their shoes

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Women can find a lot of things just by looking at a man’s shoes, a survey has revealed.

A pair of loafers tells women that a man is image conscious. When they see these foot wear they know that it is possible that the man will have a better skin-care routine than them.

And if a person wears them with cuffed trousers they know that they could spend more time in front of the mirror than they do. If men wear them with cuffed trousers with no socks then they know that the men are batting for the other team, reported.

If a person wears joggers the women think that he is a very, very funny person.

Men wearing brogues are traditional, dependable and reliable. Brogues say father, husband, and a life-long friend.

But the wearer can also potentially be a little dull. Men who wear logo shoes mostly are trying to prove a point.

If a man wears work boots, it tells the women that he has a traditional personality, is from a traditional family that is traditionally comforting. The work boots could also mean that the man has a country property.

Men who wear hiking boots, are people who really want to be on a mountain, as Hiker boots says that the person is an adventurer and wanderer. 

Photographs: Rajesh Karkera/
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11 per cent drivers have had sex in their cars

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A new survey has found that 11 per cent of drivers have had sex while driving.

The new online survey from the US has revealed some interesting trends on how much “living” goes on in people’s cars -- whether it be eating, using their phone or having sex, the Age reported.

The Scout GPS survey, which involved 2034 participants, found that 11 per cent of drivers admitted to having sex while driving.

Men were three times more likely to admit to participating in sexual activity than women (17 per cent and 5 per cent respectively), and were also overrepresented when it came to flirting with another driver (twice as likely).

Forget easy-to-handle hamburgers while behind the wheel -- 13 per cent of people admitted to eating something with a utensil while driving.

The survey also revealed some intriguing figures on what people would do if no one was watching.

Nine per cent of respondents said they’d drive naked, 15 per cent said they would have sex, 30 per cent said they would pick their noses and 54 per cent admitted they would sing out loud.

The study revealed some more concerning trends about mobile phone use, with 19 per cent of participants admitting they had checked social media, email, or played games whilst driving, and 60 per cent confirmed they had used a phone in some capacity. 

Photographs: Imran Khan and Poorna Jagannathan in Delhi Belly
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How texting could disconnect couples

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A new study suggests that when it comes to serious conversations, disagreements or apologies, couples shouldn’t let their thumbs do the talking.

Brigham Young University researchers Lori Schade and Jonathan Sandberg studied 276 young adults around the country and found that being constantly connected through technology can create some disconnects in committed relationships.

For women, using text messages to apologise, work out differences or make decisions is associated with lower relationship quality.

For men, too frequent texting is associated with lower relationship quality.

“Technology is more important to relationship formation than it was previously,” Schade, who earned her PhD from BYU in August, said.

“The way couples text is having an effect on the relationship as well,” the researcher said.

The study participants weren’t just casually dating -- 38 per cent said they were in a serious relationship, 46 per cent were engaged and 16 per cent were married.

Each participant completed an extensive relationship assessment that included questions about their use of technology in the relationship.

About 82 per cent of them traded text messages with their partner multiple times a day. And it’s not always “I

Many of the couples used texting for stuff scholars call “relationship maintenance,” or the kind of conversations that help couples get on the same page.

Ordinarily having these conversations is a good thing, but texting can get in the way and makes things worse.

“Reaction to disappointment and reality testing occurs more quickly face to face,” Sandberg said.

“There is a narrowness with texting and you don’t get to see the breadth of a person that you need to see,” he added.

For men, more texting doesn’t necessarily mean a better relationship. And they don’t just get tired of receiving texts; their relationship satisfaction is also lower when they send a lot of texts themselves.

The study is published in the Journal of Couple and Relationship Therapy. 

Photographs: Carlos Barria/Reuters

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