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Quiz: What's the ideal workout for you?

March 18, 2014 14:12 IST

Quiz: What's the ideal workout for you?


Brinda Sapat

Do you like to sweat it out at the gym or you prefer an outdoor boot camp with music and new friends? Take the quiz and find out what's best for you!

If you find yourself constantly giving up on exercise, it means you haven't got the right workout to suit your personality.

Take this simple quiz and find the ideal one for you!

1. You enjoy the idea of being…

A. Indoors, at home
B. Indoors in a swanky place
C. Outdoors in the fresh air
D. Indoors in a neat place

2. What gets you going?

A. Peaceful surroundings
B. Thumping music and a charged atmosphere
C. Peaceful, but fun surrounding
D. Varying music styles and motivating atmosphere

3. You prefer...

A. Alone time
B. A big social surrounding
C. Small group of people
D. Anything's good

4. Do you like to look good and strut your stuff?

A. I don't really care.
B. Of course! if you got it, flaunt it!
C. To some extent, yes.
D. Depends on my mood.

5. Time-wise you are…

A. Under the gun.
B. Unpredictable.
C. Well managed with enough time to spare for everything.
D. Can carve out the time for something good.

6. When you exercise, you need…

A. Someone to motivate you constantly.
B. I'm my own boss and enjoy appreciative glances.
C & D. I like some motivation.

7. The maximum time you'd like to spend on exercise is...

A. 30 minutes
B. There's no fixed time
C. 1 and 1/2 hours
D. 1 hour

8. Your workout should be…

A. A carefully designed one just for you.
B. Straight up, no frills sort.
C. Creative and tough.
D. A combination of varying elements and pace.

Please click NEXT to see the results...

Photographs: Gary Hershorn/Reuters


Quiz: What's the ideal workout for you?

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Mostly As

Get a personal trainer. One on one attention focussed solely on you in your comfortable home is what you like.

The trainer will come in at a time convenient to you and will be flexible if you are on a tight schedule.

The workout will be planned for your individual needs and constantly changed to help you progress.

Make sure the trainer you higher is properly certified and is better when he/she comes through reliable recommendations.

Mostly Bs

You are the gym king/queen!

You love a social surrounding and buzzing atmosphere. That acts as a motivating factor for you.

You know your way round machines or can have the cute trainer come and help you. And if you do care for a variety to your routine, you can hop into the group classes on offer at the gym.

The music's thumping and energy up beat. The gym is your playground!

Scout for a well reputed gym which has a motivating crowd and buzz.

Mostly Cs

Outdoor boot camp or cross fit is the name of your game!

These are power packed workouts in the pleasant outdoors.

Usually lasting an hour, they are conducted by certified trainers to give you a complete workout. They are creative and challenging.

Mostly Ds

The studio beckons!

You love being in a fun place where the instructor guides you through a vast variety of workouts from the good old step to indoor bootcamp, some bits of yoga, circuits, weight training, dancing and stretching.

Dress up when you feel like it or come as you are!

The music, group of people and trainer keep you motivated and you enjoy a bit of socialising.

Look out for a good cross training class that will give you a complete workout.

Combination of all?!

Way to go!!!

Nothing beats mixing things up. You are a person of varied interests and to keep the excitement going, try getting in all four types of workouts a week, or go with one for a month, then switch to the next.

But be safe and make sure the workouts are conducted by certified and well recommended trainers.

Photographs: lulemon athletica/Wikimedia Commons

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