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Rediff News  All News  » Getahead » 'Celebs as showstoppers? I don't care!'

'Celebs as showstoppers? I don't care!'

Last updated on: August 19, 2011 11:48 IST

'Celebs as showstoppers? I don't care!'


Model Tamara Moss spells out the rules of fashion business in India.

Who is the coolest designer you've walked for this season of Lakme Fashion Week?

That would be Nachiket Barve and Swapnil Shinde. Their collections have very beautiful colours and I believe Nachiket uses natural dyes -- so they also look amazing. Of the two days, today (Day 2) is definitely a better day. The clothes also are beautiful.

When a designer picks an outfit you don't like, what do you tell him/her?

You can't really say anything it's your job to make the clothes look good.

Your take on plus-size models?

That's great (sic)! Why not?

What's your take on celebrities as showstoppers?

I haven't really cared, actually.

Does it make you conscious that some of India's greatest superstars are sizing you up sitting in the fist row?

No not really.

Your take on the 10-year-old model Thylane Blondeau posing in the recent issue of Vogue magazine...

It's really weird and not cool. In fact when I saw these little girls backstage -- I think one of them was Karisma Kapur's niece -- getting their hair ironed, I felt you should try not to use products on kids and they want it. And at that age the last thing they need to have on their mind is how they look. That's ridiculous.

Ok, let's see, why did you get into modelling?

I didn't actually. It chose me. But thankfully I got to meet some very good people so it inspired me to stay around.

Do you remember the first paycheque you received?

Erm it must have been around Rs 4,000. Can't remember who it was for. Perhaps for Sanchita who shows her designs at Wills (Lifestyle India Fashion Week).

The rules of fashion business in India you shouldn't break?

Well, apparently it's really high heels and really tight clothes from what I can see. But in India you have to have a sense of style and be classy, people take you more seriously then.

According to a recent study, men are more likely to fall in love at first sight than women. Would you agree?

Who knows! I It doesn't seem like from the lot of stories I have heard from my girlfriends! Can't be!

What do you look for in a man?

I don't anymore because I've already found someone!

Who is it?

His name is Manu. He's (half Indian) like me and he's a DJ and he loves to cook!

So what does he cook for you?

Everything! Pasta, salad -- he makes the best salad dressing

What is the highest calorie food you've had so far?

(Laughs) I don't really count my calories.

How do you stay fit?

Lots of yoga with good food, lots of fresh air, sunshine soaked in a lot of love!

Image: Tamara Moss at Lakme Fashion Week, Mumbai
Photographs: Abhishek Mande