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Modelspeak: Be yourself. Don't suck up

Last updated on: August 4, 2012 13:06 IST

Modelspeak: Be yourself. Don't suck up


Krithika Babu came to the city of Mumbai from Bangalore a year ago to become a model. After going through some tough time she has managed to fulfill her dream. Positive thinking and being nice to people is what helped her cope with adverse times in her modeling career.

How has the city been to you?

I really miss home but I think Mumbai is better for work so I have to deal with being away from home.

What do you miss the most about Bangalore?

I miss everything about Bangalore. I think it is a very laidback back city and Mumbai is very fast-paced.

You look very tired...

We have been sleep-deprived (says this looking at her fellow model and roommate Mitali Rannorey), have been working from 7 am to 9 pm for the last five days and by the time we reach home we get some 5 to 5 and half hours of sleep.

Is this what the glamour world actually is for somebody who is a part of it?

Yes, absolutely. People are mistaken (about modeling being glamorous) but this is what it is. It is very hectic, very tiring.

How do you then still manage to keep looking fresh and rejuvenated?

It just happens. We don't really do much because by the time you reach home the day is almost over and you don't get to do anything (to relax).

How do you manage to stay fit when the life of a model is so hectic and tiring?

It is not about excessive dieting or starving. It's just about eating right, eating what you want and make sure you workout at the same time, get good sleep and hydrate yourself.

Your favourite food...

Since I have been away from home for so long I miss my mom's food. She makes amazing prawn curry.

Tell us about the good, the bad and the ugly of the world of fashion...

It's the way you take it. There will always be the good energy and bad energy. It is up to you to seek just good energy.

Your success mantras...

Staying positive and being nice. That's about it.

How do you maintain your figure? Do you exercise?

I hate going to the gym because it is so boring but I manage to exercise whatever little I can to stay fit. My mum's a yoga instructor and whenever I get time I do yoga with her at home. Or go for a swim or dance it out.

What does it take to become a successful fashion model?

One thing is sure when you are a fresher and you get fame – that's what I have learnt, I have seen it and it has not yet happened to me – and when fame hits you and you start thinking about it so much and you tend to forget who you are, who your friends are and show that extra attitude it pulls you down. If you manage to work yourself out of this vicious circle then success is bound to follow.

Maintaining your cool and a wise attitude is so very necessary for success.

Your days of struggle and how did you manage to cope with it...

I have had my share of challenges and... you face bad days, you don't get booked for work for a couple of weeks or months. It happened to me as well when I didn't have work for months I thought that this (modeling) is not meant for me and suddenly everything clicked and fell in place for me. I just kept my cool during those days when I had no work.

How did you motivate yourself?

There were times though when I'd feel all negative, get upset but I spoke to a lot of people. I consciously changed this attitude by listening to music, watch comedy stuff... it does affect you but somehow I pulled myself through. Now I know for sure that feeling positive and speaking to people during one's bad times helps a lot to emerge out of the situation.

Your advice to aspiring models...

Be yourself. Don't suck up.

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Photographs: Model Mitali Rannorey at Lakme Fashion Week