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Rediff News  All News  » Getahead » Google unveils new Easter Egg 'let it snow'

Google unveils new Easter Egg 'let it snow'

Last updated on: December 19, 2011 12:24 IST

Google unveils new Easter Egg 'let it snow'


Google's latest surprise is an Easter Egg that fills your computer screen with snow.

It's not a usual thing to do on a Monday morning that you ask for snow and you get exactly that.

Well, we are talking of how Google found a new way to surprise its users today.

All you have to do is type the words 'let it snow' on google's search bar and you will see tiny flakes of snow falling from the top of your screen and it does not stop till it blankets your entire screen. You can also use your mouse and make drawings on it as you clear the snow.

To restore your screen, you have to click on the 'defrost' button only to have the snow fall all over again. This is the search engine's effort to enhance the search experience by using Easter Eggs.

Easter Eggs is the name given to a hidden programming trick and is named after the tradition of gifting Easter eggs in the West which contained hidden surprises.

Wikipedia describes Easter Eggs as "messages, videos, graphics, sound effects, or an unusual change in program behavior that sometimes occur in a software program in response to some undocumented set of commands, mouse clicks, keystrokes or other stimuli intended as a joke or to display program credits."

Easter Eggs are incorporated in computer programs, web pages, video games and crossword puzzles so that when a user clicks on it, they are treated with a surprise.

Other Easter Eggs you can try in Google Search are these phrases (without quotes): 'tilt', 'askew' and 'do a barrel roll'.

Image: Let it snow