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We want to kiss this guy! Do you too?

July 22, 2014 15:34 IST

We want to kiss this guy! Do you too?


The world's second wealthiest person wants us to have a three-day workweek. But is it really possible?

How often have you started your week counting down to Friday?

If your answer is: 'Every freaking Monday' chances are you will want to kiss Carlos Slim.

Slim just happens to be the second richest person in the world and he thinks a three-day work week is the best way to help people balance their work and personal lives.

At a conference in Paraguay, the Mexican billionaire suggested that workers put in 11 hour work days (as against eight hours) to make up for the lost time.

While all of this sounds very utopian (imagine getting done on a Wednesday!) it begs the question: Is it really possible?

Most Indians keep super long hours (think of it, how many people working in the private sector do you know of who work an eight hour-shift?).

It also doesn't help that we pepper our work days with long lunches, tea breaks, cigarette breaks, water cooler conversations that go on and on... and oh... should we even get started on the endless hours spent on social media during office hours?

Then again, take all of it out from your workday and you realise that it is in fact possible to be efficient.

But efficient enough for a three-day workweek?

Tell us!

Would you like a three-day workweek?

What are you willing to give up for it?

And of course...

How can you be efficient working only three days a week?

We would love to hear from you!

Mail your responses to (subject line: Three-day workweek) and we will post the best responses right here on!

Note: This picture is used only for representational purpose

Image: Lebanese MP Strida Geagea welcomes Mexican tycoon Carlos Slim, who is of Lebanese descent, as they tour Bcharreh's cedars forest, northern Lebanon March 17, 2010.
Photographs: Shamoun Daher/Reuters