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'How much does an MBBS in China cost?'

Last updated on: December 5, 2012 11:01 IST

'How much does an MBBS in China cost?'



In an online chat with readers on December 4, Dipti Punjabi, counsellor, EGE Global Education addressed reader queries about pursuing a course abroad and offered advice on how to choose the right programme and university.

For those who missed the live chat, here's the unedited transcript:

abroad asked, hi, pls share some tips to crack gre and toefl. what is an ideal score?

Dipti Punjabi answers, at 2012-12-04 16:25:47
The GRE is out of 340 points and a good score is 325+ Give yourself sufficient time for preparation - at least 3-4 months. Do many online practice tests (15-20). The TOEFL is out of 120 points and a good score is 100+ 2 weeks is good time for prep if your English is fluent. You must do online practice before the main exam.
saloni asked, i want to study abroad through scholarship, can you pls help with details?

Dipti Punjabi answers,
Scholarship depends on various factors such as previous academics, test scores, application documents and so on. Apply early to the universities (atleast 9 months prior to course starting date).
natasha asked, MBA program

Dipti Punjabi answers,
Take the GMAT and TOEFL and apply to the universities with preferably about 4 years of work experience to get a good admit. Try to target R1 or R2, or apply early before Dec.
Narendra asked, I want to study abroad MS..what is the procedure? And how much i will have to spent?

Dipti Punjabi answers,
The MS is a 1-2 year program depending on the country you appy to. You need to take the GRE and TOEFL for US and Canada, TOEFL/IELTS for UK/Europe, IELTS for Australia/NZ. Prepare your application documents and apply to the universities well before the deadline. Select your universities carefully. An avg cost for US/Canadian/Australian univs is abt 18-20 lacs per yr including living expenses(2 year program). UK and Europe will cost you abt 15 lakhs for a 1 yr program.
deepak asked, how to write a good essay/SOP? can you give some examples

Dipti Punjabi answers,
Start thinking about your SOP 30 days ptior to writing. Write down points about your participation, achievements in the last 3-4 years, goals and why you want to apply to that particular country/course. Let the first draft be free flowing (can be long). Get trusted people (teachers, family, friends, seniors) to read the same and take their feedback. Though this process may be time consuming, it will eventually be very satisfying.
Jadav asked, What advanced courses are suggested for Emergency/Disaster management?

Dipti Punjabi answers,
You can opt for MS programs in Disaster Management if you have already completed your undergraduate studies. UK/European schools are good options. Have a look at the courses below: University of Leicester - University of Copenhagen:
jim asked, hi dipti, I have completed my MBBS and want to do masters in public health in texas USA . what is the total fee amount to be arranged ? how long will the total process take for the application to be completed ? any agency you would like to suggest who takes care of everything and relaible? thanks

Dipti Punjabi answers,
Generally the MS aplication process can take up to 1 yr if you have not taken the entrance tests. An average expense per yr can be abt 17-18 lacs in Texas (including living). You can write to us on with your resume to know more about the application processing service.
ramu asked, are higher studies good in australia?
Dipti Punjabi answers, Yes, depending on the course you choose - especially known for business, nursing and hospitality related programs
parvez asked, how much does it cost to do MBBS in China? and is it valid in India?

Dipti Punjabi answers,
On an avg 4.5 lacs per yr (avg 6 yrs). You need to take the MCI exam to be able to practice in India.
ANANT asked,
How can I get license of Dentist in Canada after doing BDS from India?

Dipti Punjabi answers,
You must opt for a Masters program (2years), and take the dental examination for your licensing.
Kiran asked, I am looking for MBA in corporate social responsibility . Which are good Universities ?

Dipti Punjabi answers,
Harvard, Columbia in the US, INSEAD in France, IE in Spain are among some top schools offering the MBA in CSR.
Vijay asked, MS (Computers) is better in US or any other country ? Concerns - Fees, Cost of Living, MS Recongition What's average cost per annum in US (including all ? Where can I get help on exams/universities etc?

Dipti Punjabi answers,
In my opinion, the US is the best option for MS in CS. Fees including living - abt 18-20 lacs per yr (2 yr program). MS recognition - recognized worldwide depending on the university you graduate from You can visit and Write in to for further queries
Illustration: Dominic Xavier

If you have a question for Dipti, you can reach her on

Dear readers, you are also invited to share your study abroad experience and queries with us. Tell us which university you went to, and how the experience tranformed your career. To share your queries, suggestions and advice, write in to us at (Subject Line: 'My Study Abroad Experience') and we will publish the best responses on

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'The MBA is a global degree'

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vbb asked,
I am plannnig to do MBA from Singapore Nayang Institute of Management..can you please let me know if it is good college and process to apply for visa etc

Dipti Punjabi answers,
Nanyang is an excellent private university in Singapore. NUS and Nanyang are the 2 top schools in Singapore for the MBA.
Ricky asked, Hi Dipti, I am Ricky from Mumbai. I have done my Engineering in Industrial Electronics and 2 years full time PGDM in Marketing. I am Married. My wife is Mcom and also has done 2 years full time PGDM. We wish to migrate abroad and to ensure good future out there I am looking out for some study options for my wife by which she can pursue that career and also it should not be full time as she wont have time needed to spend for family. please give your opinion on this.

Dipti Punjabi answers,
I suggest that you be the primary aopplicant and your wife the dependant. If you have the relevant amt of work ex (atleast 2 yrs) you can opt for an MBA in Canada/Aus, work for sometime and then apply for a PR. However, a closer look at your resume will help us give the right decision.
rashmi asked, can u tell me the gre score for phd in operations research..and which universities are gud for the same?.whats the criterion for selection in phd?

Dipti Punjabi answers,
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and Florida Instiute of Tech are some good schools in the US offering a PHD in OR. Aim for 325+ in the GRE PhD applicants must contact the professors at the universities of their choice with the complete profile (test scores, academics, work ex, research). If your research interests match the professors requirement and the admissions committee recommends your application, you will be given an offer.
himanshu asked, what initial amount (including living) should we have for MS and MBA in USA in computers.??

Dipti Punjabi answers,
1 yr equivalent MS - 18-20 lacs MBA - 20-22 lacs
nitish asked, i want to do MBA. so,which university and in which country,should i select

Dipti Punjabi answers,
The MBA is a global degree and I suggest that you look at good Business schools worldwide.
vikas asked, hello,,, i hv done masters in agriculture,,,, now i want to persue further somewhere in foriegn university, but i m clueless i.e., i hv no idea where nd how to apply,,,, nd wat makes a better chance to get thru there.

Dipti Punjabi answers,
You can opt for an PhD in the same field or an MBA depending on your further goals.
manish asked, how much will the GRE programme cost for MS in USA in information technology?

Dipti Punjabi answers,
The GRE exam costs $175, Your application fees to the universities can range from $50-$100 (you may apply to 8 universities)
N asked, I have done BCA and have 5 years of experience. In which country (Canada/Australia)should I opt for Masters and what is the eligibility criteria for getting admissions especially exam.

Dipti Punjabi answers,
Since you have 15 yrs of education (BCA), Australia is a better bet. IELTS is the only entrance test requirement.
Dipti Punjabi says, Thank you all for joining us today. Hope most of your questions were addressed. Looking forward to more of these next week. In the meanwhile, have a great week ahead. Goodbye!
Illustration: Uttam Ghosh

If you have a question for Dipti, you can reach her on

Dear readers, you are also invited to share your study abroad experience and queries with us.

Tell us which university you went to, and how the experience tranformed your career.

To share your queries, suggestions and advice, write in to us at (Subject Line: 'My Study Abroad Experience') and we will publish the best responses on

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