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'MS or MBA? I am confused. Please advise'

Last updated on: April 02, 2014 16:59 IST

'MS or MBA? I am confused. Please advise'


In an online chat with readers Neeraj Saxena, CEO, Avanse Education Loans answered queries on how to pick the right international course.

Are you planning to travel abroad for your higher studies this year?

Have you decided on the country and course you want to apply to?

What the best programmes available for you?

What are the entrance exams you'll have to prepare for?

What is the documentation process like?

Are you eligible for a scholarship or financial grant?

To help readers make an informed choice, had organised a chat with Neeraj Saxena, CEO, Avanse Loans on Wednesday, April 2, 2014 between 3 pm and 4 pm IST.

For those who missed the live chat, here's the unedited transcript:

Ashok: Where should I get scholarship in India?

Neeraj Saxena: Scholarships are institute dependent. Pl finalise the university and explore the scholarship options available there.

varun sharma: Can u please guide me to some good universities in Australia for masters in health care management. What is the admission criteria and placements in Australia like? Can i do part time job?

Neeraj Saxena: For healthcare in Australia, Monash is by far the best university.

alex: Pls share some tips on how to write a good essay

Neeraj Saxena: Your essay should showcase your academic and other proficiencies. Also, the purpose of the particular choice of your course and how it would align to your future career aspirations is important to establish.

Zeel Kappor: What is the right time to start applying for universities abroad?

Neeraj Saxena: Generally, 10-12 months before your intended joining date.

rahul: Sir I scored 82 per cent in 10th std and 74 per cent in 12th. How much should i score in graduation and GRE for applying in UK universities?

Neeraj Saxena: Try to score a minimum of 300 on the computer-based GRE, to be on the safe side. Though, many UK universities may not even require a GRE score.

sandeep saha:What is the interest rate on education loan? Floating/fixed? And repayment period?

Neeraj Saxena: Interest rates start from 12.25 per cent. It is a floating rate interest. Repayment periods vary from case to case and generally range between 7 and 10 years, and are very flexible.

Richard DSouza: Is it possible for an Indian university graduate with fifteen years' education to obtain admission to postgraduate courses in American Universities?

Neeraj Saxena: You would have to complete one year of Master's in India, to qualify for a Master's programme in good US universities, though some universities may consider 15 years education as well.

adil: How beneficial are dual degree programmes? I want to specialise in politics and commerce in my final year.

Neeraj Saxena: Dual degree programmes are beneficial considering they give you a wider canvas of learning. However, pl practice caution in your choice of programmes, and align it with your career aspiration, for maximum benefit.

sandeep saha: Any pointers for scholarship for MS CS in US? Aggregate 83 per cent, GRE 320.

Neeraj Saxena: Quite a lot of scholarships are available for CS programmes. I would recommend that you check with your choice of universities for their scholarship programmes. After completion of your first semester, you may also avail of assistantship.

vijay: Are IGNOU passouts (Distance Mode) eligible for MBA through GMAT?

Neeraj Saxena: You may take your GMAT even if you have passed out of IGNOU. However, the prerogative of the specific universities you are applying to will decide on whether IGNOU works as far as their admission policy is concerned.

Ashok: In which month/year GRE/GMAT is to be held ? My son is in 5th Semester and would like to do MS in USA.

Neeraj Saxena: GRE / GMAT is conducted through the year. You should enroll your son at least 12-15 months before the intended intake.

Nitin Deshmukh: What happens if there is a travel advisory issued for the country where I want to study?

Neeraj Saxena: The decision should be based on the severity of the advisory, the political and socio-economic situation of the country etc.

Boddapati Sridhar: What is the status of BTH University, is good to study MS in Computer Science?

Neeraj Saxena: As per our understanding and research, this is an approved university of decent repute. May I suggest that you do your side of the research as well before deciding on the course?

Manasi Nath: Pls tell me about UG scholarship options in China.

Neeraj Saxena: Hi Manasi. Scholarship options will differ basis institutes though there are some Chinese government scholarship schemes which you can check on the relevant websites for further details.

Dinkar Dosanjh: What is the best time to apply for GRE?

Neeraj Saxena: You should take GRE approximately 12-15 month before your intended intake. This will give you ample time to complete the whole admission process.

Jignesh Kaisth: My budget is 10 lakhs. i want to pursue a short term degree in interior designing. France is very expensive. Please guide.

Neeraj Saxena: For international studies, the expenditure will surely go over 10 lakhs. You can consider choosing a good institute in India or you can also consider availing an education loan.

Gambhir Harbir: MS or MBA? I am confused. Please advise what is best to do after engineering.

Neeraj Saxena: People choose either of them depending on their interest and in what field they want to build their career. if you want to enhance your knowledge and build a career in engineering field only, you should go for MS. Otherwise if you are interested in management roles you should go for MBA. Both of them give equally good career opportunities.

Lalji Margasahayam: Which country is best for PG in hotel management?

Neeraj Saxena: Switzerland has one of the best hospitality management courses. Other than that you can consider Australia, France or UK

Amit Shellar: What are the best countries for MBA?

Neeraj Saxena: Hi Amit, there are a lot of good MBA institutes to choose from both in India and Abroad. Of course the US is one of the best for MBA courses. Countries like UK, France, Spain, Canada and Australia have also excellent MBA courses. I suggest you do a thorough research based on your future plans, costs involved, specialisations, etc.

Image: Find out what are the best international programmes available for you.
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