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'Which is the best country to study abroad?'

Last updated on: September 05, 2013 16:04 IST

'Which is the best country to study abroad?'



In an online chat with readers on September 6, Anshika Singh, Senior Vice President-Student Engagement at addressed queries on how to pick the right course and university abroad.

For those who missed the live chat, here's the unedited transcript:

Deepak Goyal: I want to do an mba abroad. What are the documents needed to do.

Anshika Singh: Most of the Universities abroad will require the following documents for admission on to their MBA programme - All your marksheets from Class 12 onwards, updated Resume, documents proving your work experience, letter of references (very important), Statement of Purpose/essays (very important), GRE/GMAT (if required by the university, very important) and IELTS/TOEFL score.

mustafa: Is studying abroad expensive? How can i know it?

Anshika Singh:
It depends which countries you are considering. Expense for studying at colleges in countries like UK & USA is high as compare to countries like Canada, NZ, Singapore, Hong kong and Dubai. Students should consider exploring colleges which offer financial aid and scholarships.

vishal: What are the basic requirements do I need to fulfill for to do abroad study?

Anshika Singh: There are two kinds of requirements you need to fulfill- (1) academic (2) entrance test. You should check the entry criteria of the college you are considering to apply, both in terms of the percentage they require in your previous qualification and the minimum score they require to qualify for admission in the particular course. In case of MBA, you should check the number of years of experience they require.

jitesh: Hi which is the best country to study abroad?

Anshika Singh Factors like course,placements, tuition fees, living cost, part time work opportunities determine which country will be best for a particular student. Traditionally students have been opting for countries like USA,UK, Australia,Canada and NZ. Singapore,Germany and other European countries like France, Sweden,Netherlands and Hong kong are gaining popularity among the new generation.

haresh: What challenges should I expect to face? Kindly Guide.

Anshika Singh: The most common challenges students face while studying abroad are adapting to new environments both in terms of culture and climate,understanding different teaching styles,handling group assignments and independent learning . Most importantly, effectively communicating among diverse groups from different nationalities.You should be prepared to be out of your comfort zone & be highly adaptable.

Hitansh: how to choose a good university? my budget is 15-25 lakhs for a one-year PG programme. what are my options in US and Canada

Anshika Singh: Check the overall ranking and standing of the college and then check the concerned department/course you are keen to pursue in a college. In your budget, Canada will be suitable to you thank USA. In both these countries masters degree is of two years duration. I suggest you to consider UK & Ireland universities as they have one year PG/masters programmes and will fit your budget comfortably.

Christchary guntupalli: Please let me know the procedure for getting post doctoral fellowship in Australia?

Anshika Singh :
You will need to connect with the professor who is pursuing research in the same field you are interested in. Prepare a good research proposal and send it to the concerned professors.You will be advised to put in an application as soon as you receive a positive response from a professor. Once the application is submitted, you can apply for scholarships.

vijay arora: Pl clarify whether any entrance test , IELTS , GRE , GMAT etc to be cleared for admission to universities in Germany

Anshika Singh:
IELTS or TOEFL would usually be required by the universities for admission. Some universities will waive this requirement also if your performance in english subject in the class 12 is good. GRE/GMAT is seldom required.

hitansh: how to choose a good university in Ireland and the UK? pls advice

Anshika Singh:
In UK, refer to Good University guide or Guardian league tables. Ireland Universities do not follow any ranking system, however universities like Trinity College,UCD,Limerick, Cork are very good. You can even consider various Institute of Technologies in Ireland. Go through the course offered by the colleges you select, check which course is giving your maximum learning and exposure and decide.

Illustration by Dominic Xavier/

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'Is it a wise decision to pursue MBBS in China?'

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Jayasimha P: My sister's daughter completed her BE in Bio-Technology and want to do MS in Germany. She selected one university in JANA. How is the educational standards in Germany?

Anshika Singh: Universities in Germany have good standards and are good for science courses like Engineering and Biotechnology etc. Do ask your sister to complete B2 level German language before she leaves for Germany even if it is not required by the University she is applying to. This will help her extremely.

Deependra Singh: Is it a wise decision to do MBBS from China?

Anshika Singh: If the degree gained from the college in China is recognised back by MCI , then it is alright. Do a thorough check before applying I suggest.

Mohit uppal: My Brother has done B.Tech in civil , now i am searching some university for him for MS . can you help me out ?

Anshika Singh: Some of the universities which are popular for their civil engineering courses, you can consider are University of California, Berkeley (UCB), Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT),University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign,University of Texas at Austin,Purdue University,University of Southampton,UCL and University of Bristol

Talha Isab: Need to do some course in which I can make a career in Aviation in ground staff, now which the best course and which country would be ideal so as to get job post the course is acomplished. Presently I am doing my 10 2 in Arts stream. kindly advice

Anshika Singh: Check the courses offered by the Asian Aviation College and Airline Academy. It is the first aviation college in India having the largest number of students and is also recognised by the Ministry of Civil Aviation, Govt of india. Countries like the UK, USA and Australia have good courses in Aviation.

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