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She's helping independent artists launch their music for FREE!

September 18, 2013 16:40 IST

She's helping independent artists launch their music for FREE!


Atin Sharma, Courtesy

Find out how Chinmayi Tripathi and her venture Songdew is helping several young independent artists launch and share their music for free.

We have read good stories of people bringing change and making money through the combination of Internet and entrepreneurship, but what if you add a third factor 'music' in this equation? Thrilling, isn't it?

Recently, I saw this equation turning awesome at Hard Rock Cafe, New Delhi, a young and calm Chinmayi Tripathi managing some live event (#freethemusic) swiftly and after few minutes singing her self-composed tracks.

My artist buddy Shantanu (currently with Songdew) introduced me to Chinmayi and we got chatting about her musical journey of entrepreneurship with Songdew and fellow independent artists.

Here is all you want to know about her story:

Songdew is a social network for artists and listeners that hosts online music streaming website for independent artists/fans. Before Songdew, there existed a large number of Indian and foreign independent musicians who did not have a platform to connect on and showcase their talent.

So, Songdew decided to give them a social network to showcase their talent by helping them interact with their fans/listeners, and thereby help bridge the gap between talent and awareness among people.

Songdew would also help share, collaborate, promote, and distribute their music all in one place.

More importantly, the platform could connect with local opportunities of music creation, promotion and events for their music.

And by doing all the above, prevent real artists and musicians to stop migrating from the career path of music to something else.

Within a year of launch, Songdew has more than 25 thousand registered artists and bands from India and abroad who are using the service to engage with fans and connect with new audience, promote or distribute their music.

There is also a growing base of listeners who visit the site to stream music, connect with artists or download music.

Chinmayi believes this is just the beginning: “I feel we are only at the tip of an iceberg considering the number of talented musicians that are there in various parts of our country, especially in the remote areas and small towns,” she says positively.

In the following pages, Chinmayee Tripathi tells us more about Songdew's 'free the music' initiative and how it is helping independent musicians launch their careers. Read on..

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Image: Chinmayee performs at Airtel's Free The Music in Hard Rock Cafe in New Delhi
Photographs: Courtesy Songdew's Facebook page


She's helping independent artists launch their music for FREE!

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What is ‘free the music’ initiative by Songdew all about and how will it earn money for artists?

With this initiative our idea was to create a platform through which artists/bands can launch their music in such a way that the music does not just get distributed through digital stores and CDs, but also reaches out to its audience and gains maximum exposure.

We reached out to various platforms to finalise the launch.

In phase 1, we launched the music of six new bands under the campaign of ‘Free the Music’.

The music is being promoted by Aircel as well as by various partners on their respective platforms.

We have a launch tour of five cities going on at Delhi, Pune, Mumbai, Chennai and Guwahati.

As of now, we are in the middle of the campaign and we are thrilled with the response we've received so far!

With the kind of inquiries that are pouring in, we have started gearing up for the next series as more and more artists / bands are approaching us for the launch.

It's really exciting and we hope to make the next series far bigger than the current one!

What are the other benefits Songdew is innovating for artists and listeners?

There are various new opportunities of contests and events that are lined up for the next few months.

Many of them involve collaborations with other platforms such as 9X0, 9X Tashan, Radio City and other platforms.

There are some ambitious plans involving video based programmes and events of larger scale.

We will keep you posted about all of them through our website from time to time.

How does one connect with Songdew, especially if the artist belongs to an area where there is no or less internet connectivity?

The simplest way to get in touch with us is through e-mail. You can e-mail us your details on

If that’s not viable then call us.

A lot of artists call us on phone or simply drop in to our office.

If you have good original music, we are always happy to talk to you and explore new opportunities with your music.

Image: Chinmayee Tripathi (third from left) during the launch of Free the Music in Mumbai
Photographs: Courtesy

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'The best thing about an entreprenuer is we can choose who we wish to become'

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What’s your team size, any key players?

We have a team size of 15. And it is an exciting blend of people with best skill set and domain knowledge in the area of business, technology, art and energy with entrepreneurial drive.

Where do you see Songdew in next 2-3 years?

There are no boundaries really. We see ourselves as the leading web based platform enabling creative people to come together to create music and provide them all necessary tools to promote and monetise their creations.

Your message for independent artists turning entrepreneurs...

We are currently in a very dynamic and exciting time.

The best thing is that we can choose who we wish to become, even if it’s something not very conventional, we can still do it and carve our own niche in that process.

If you wish to become an entrepreneur and do something on your own, of course it’s going to be challenging, but it’s still worth doing. Besides, what’s the fun in life if there is no challenge?

We hope Chinmayee Tripathi can inspire and promote as many as promising musicians she finds.

Do you remember when ‘flyte’ was pulled back by Flipkart, some people said it failed, some said it’s due to internet piracy killing music and blah-blah.

But for all those who love Indian music and the start-up scene, a good news is that Flipkart is supporting ‘Freethemusic’ by distributing/selling the CD/DVDs.

Mr Internet, you supported Torrent in piracy; now support good initiatives like this in return.

Image: Chinmayee Tripathi and musician Ehsaan Noorani support an independent musician
Photographs: Courtesy Songdew's Facebook page

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