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Science on your finger tips: Getting a 100% score

Last updated on: February 15, 2011 17:24 IST

Getting a 100% score: Physics


Parminder Kaur, JL Kapoor and Navdeep Singh

It's as important to get a perfect score in science as it is in maths or in any other subject -- be it social science or language. And in order to do so you must attend to the basics, and groom yourself. This is the only way you will improve your chances of making it to a 100% performance. With a little help and guidance, it shouldn't be very difficult. So, here are a few subject-wise tips on how to do so.

Physics. This is the most scoring and the least time consuming subject. You must draw a diagram wherever possible, so you can analyse the problem closely and clearly. This approach will assist you in writing the correct signs for each value of object distance, image distance, and focal length -- where mirror and lens related numericals are concerned. It will help you to cross check your answers and justify them.

You must brush up and revise some important topics like:

  • theoretical concepts related to Ohm's law;
  • factors affecting the resistance of a conductor;
  • series combination of resistors, parallel combination of resistors;
  • laws of reflection and refraction
Make a summary of all the formulae and fundamentals related to each chapter so that you can run through it right before the exam.

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Getting a 100% score: Chemistry

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Chemistry: This can be easy for some; difficult for others. If you do not feel comfortable with chemistry right now, you might begin loving it if you practice these tips.

If you know your symbols, valencies and how to balance equations, half of your work will be done. Look up the list of symbols and valencies for a fortnight, and practice the formulae. This will be sufficient for you to build your confidence.

The second step involves solving numerical problems on basic topics. Some of these include:

  • Avogadro's number;
  • the mole concept;
  • questions related to IUPAC's naming of carbon compounds;
  • the correct writing of structural formulae for hydrocarbons;
  • understanding concepts involved in a periodic table (both period-wise and group-wise).

Write down facts in a tabular form, so you remember them.

Learn the chemical properties of different functional groups by understanding the methodology of replacement of atoms of different elements, rather than by rote learning.

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Getting a 100% score: Biology

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Biology. The most important thing in biology is that your terminology must be clear, and that you understand all the important differences among them. Another crucial thing is that you should have all the diagrams on your finger tips along with its labelling. The drawing should be in the centre of the answering sheet with labelling on the left and the right.

Make a review sheet for important terms and topics like:

  • heredity;
  • variation;
  • evolution;
  • laws and principles of Mendel;
  • sexual and asexual reproduction;
  • the male and female reproductive system
Memorise this sheet and practice regularly.

Lastly, it's wise to say that practice makes man perfect. Latest and comprehensive testing material is available at for more guidance.

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