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How to optimise your campus placements

Last updated on: September 9, 2011 08:59 IST

How to optimise your campus placements


In a chat hosted by Get Ahead on September 6, Aziz Manva of addressed reader queries related to campus placements and offered suggestions on how to optimise their chances and bag the right deal.

Here's the unedited transcript:

maneesh:anyone here?
Aziz can ask your questions

yukta:pls tell me how to crack the personal interview round
Aziz Manva:There may be two personal interview rounds...technical and HR. For technical...know the basics and latest technologies of your engineering branch. For the HR round, focus on strengths, weaknesses, career goals, etc. Mainly, be truthful and confident. Do not get intimidated by the interview panel

sdgf:Do they give a real time situation and asked to be solved ?
Aziz Manva:They may give you a real life situation in the personal interview and see your reaction. If that happens, think like how you would solve it if you were a manager and answer accordingly
mindovermatters:hello, i am a final year student of finance and accounting. can you tell me what questions can be expected at the interview? which firms should i apply to?
Aziz Manva:Expect technical question on basic accounting, taxation, economica etc. In the HR round, expect questions on your career goals, strengths, weaknesses, family background etc. Since Finance and Accounting is a general function, you can apply to nearly every company

vikas:can you please tell me how analytics industry jobs are different from IT industry? which is better in terms of salary and onsite opportunities
Aziz Manva:In the IT industry, you will be involved in a lot more programming, coding etc. On the other hand, analytics may involve more of MIS, data mining and warehousing, their tools, etc

yukta:will my package be depended on my score in the final exam?
Aziz Manva:Not really...but your chances of being shortlisted and selected will greatly depend on your scores in the final exam

CKC:Do B-Schools like IIPM give good placements like advertised in the newspapers, or its just the HYPE !!!
Aziz Manva:The best people to answer this question are the students studying there. They will be to give the most accurate data

yukta:what is the average package i can expect/quote after a diploma in HR?
Aziz Manva:It varies from institute to institute and depend on where you have done your diploma. Also, it depends on what industry you are applying to. So, this is very difficult to predict

camp:What things to consider to crack the interview?
Aziz Manva:For the technical interview, brush up your favourite and least favourite subject. Learn the bare basics of your core area well. Also, try to know the latest developments in your area of gradaution. For the HR round, work on your profile. You will face questions on what your career goals are, what you want to be 5 years from now, your achievements, strengths, etc

preetim:hello sir, i completed my masters in marketing from mumbai university this year. i am yet to get a job. since i did not get college placements, can you please guide me about how to apply to companies?
Aziz Manva:You will need to go through reputed consultants or portals. An even better options is to use the alumni network of the institute that you passed from and try and get a job from there. The alumni network generally works!

amolshelar:I am an engineer graduate with 1 year experience as a Quality Analyst professional i wish to switch into HR field and do a certified course for same! do you feel i will get a gud growth considering my background is different ? and if i get into IT company as HR can i become a IT consultant?
Aziz Manva:If you want to do HR, then do an MBA in HR, rather than some smaller course. Also, if you want to become an IT consultant, then an HR course may not help you.

ayush:I have a cgpa of 6 and a standing backlog.right now,i am in my seventh semester.Do i have a prospect of hetting into any of the Mass re cruitment companies ?
Aziz Manva:You can but you will have to do very well in the aptitude test as well as GDPI rounds in order to compensate for your academic performance.

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Image: How to optimise your campus placements
Photographs: Illustrations by Uttam Ghosh

Do not use casual language; be polite

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PhD:I am about to complete my phd from a tier 2 MBA college. I have an option to attend placements with MBA students. What kind of jobs do I need to target?any other suggestions for me?
Aziz Manva:You can target jobs that require a lot more analytical work and/or research kind of work. Your PhD will help you there. Look for "business analyst" kind of jobs

vinay:i have completed dis seems that the recruitment for 2012 batchs have already started..then wat about walk ins for 2011 batches. when will the dates be out
Aziz Manva:The walk-in dates depend from company to company. Make a list of companies that you want to target on priority and keep check their websites as well as classifieds regularly for walk-in dates.

amolshelar:ok If i Do MBA in HR part time ? would that be beneficial or full time would be good ? also there is Post graduate diploma course in HR from NMIMS are these type of courses efficent? Also please tell me how can i become a IT consultant?
Aziz Manva:A full time MBA is always beneficial compared to a part time MBA. However, if you cannot spare 2 years for a full time MBA, then a part time MBA is fine. If you want to become an IT Consultant, try and so a Systems MBA. That should be more beneficial

kjhjk:what are the career prospects of non-MBAs in management level functions?
Aziz Manva:Non-MBAs can definitely prosper in management level functions. The only issue is that it generally takes longer for a non-MBA to reach that level. Thus, if an MBA reaches a management level in say 5 years, the non-MBA may need 8-9 years

shriniwas:Sir...Iam an MBA with over 10 years experience...I want to do Phd or write NET as Iam interested in teaching...should I go for campus placements after phd or directly apply?
Aziz Manva:I think you can go in for your PhD and then go in for a professor post.

shridhar:Hi Sir, I hav 1 yr exp. working for MNC. I m BE graduate. Now I m thinking of doing part time MBA from TASMAC.Your views on the same wud be appriciated.
Aziz Manva:I would suggest that you work towards pursuing a full time MBA over a part time MBA as the value of a full time course is always more. Having said that, TASMAC is a quite decent institute. So you can go there but again full time is a better option

vinay:what are important things we should keep in mind while giving telephonic interview
Aziz Manva:Be crisp and concise in what you say. Do not stammer. Your confidence will be decided on the basis of how you voice sounds. If you are nervous, your voice will tremble and that will create a bad impression. Do not use casual language. Be polite. Stay away from very noisy areas during the interview.

Pallav:I am in final year engg at IIT. Companies started visiting the college. Can you help me with some suugestive ways which company to choose from? This is because, if i am selected to the first company, i can not present to another.
Aziz Manva:Go through the companies website and learn more about the company. Try and speak to a college senior who has been placed there (if possible). Find out details about package, work culture, growth prospects, training provided, etc. That will help you take a better decision

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Image: Do not use casual language; be polite

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In large firms, scope to innovate and experiment will be less

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kjhjk:Which firms are considered good marketeers suited for a marketing professional?
Aziz Manva:This depends on what kind of marketing you are interested in. However, one way to look at this is to look at size of the firm. Bigger companies will have set processes and systems, so you will learn marketing operations well but everything will be very structured. So your scope to innovate and experiment will be less. On the other hand, smaller companies will give you lot of scope to experiment, try out new things etc. However, they will not have the kind of technological support, CRM that bigger companies have. So, see what kind of marketing interests you from the above two types and then decide.

pravin:hello i completed my MBA in Marketing and graduation in pharmacy, wht type of job i can choose
Aziz Manva:You can definitely try and apply to pharma majors such as GSK, DRL etc. Also, you can apply to FMCG companies like HUL and P & G that have healthcare products
dev:how do u negotiate on salary when you have moved out from job due to no job satisfaction
Aziz Manva:Try and say that you are moving out of the job due to no job satisfaction AND low salary growth. So say that you are looking at both. In the interview, if you just say job satisfaction, it will become difficult to negotiate over price. In fact, you may even have to take a pay cut. So, say that you want an improvement in both - profile as well as pay
vijay:I am not a student. i am parent. My daughter got campus placement in one of the Top IT company in last oct2010 and she is yet to receive joining call from that company. It is not only my daughter many students who have been selected are still to receive their joining call . It is really puzzling when top IT companies are managed by topmanagement professionals how come they could not plan well in advance about the man power requirements and place the people with in couple of months after they finish their final year instead of making them to wait for more than six months and create mental agony. They (IT Companies) talk big about themselves in public they could not organise even this small matter well in time
Aziz Manva:Generally, these IT companies have recruitment targets given to their HR departments based on potential projects (that they are expecting in the next year). So, HR recruits people in bulk (even though the project may not have started). This is also because they want to get the cream of students. So, they recruit and keep students on bench or make them wait for offer letters. As soon as the project gets confirmed, they make an offer put them on the project. This is definitely not the best way to do it but unfortunately that industry works that way.

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Image: In large firms, scope to innovate and experiment will be less

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Be upfront and ask for a hike

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shridhar:thanks... my other point is... will I be able to get placed with higher package say above 10lac in TASMAC,as they say[more than what i get here]
Aziz Manva:Yes, you can but you will have to be among the top 10% within the batch. However, it also depends on what is the job scenario at that time

ss:i am working in telecom company for 4 years, i wants to do mBA, can u suggest me which sub is better for my fileld
Aziz Manva:You can go in for a Systems or Marketing or General MBA. That will suit you
dev:Aziz i would appreciate if you could respond to my Question i.e : how do u negotiate on salary when you have moved out from job due to no job satisfaction
Aziz Manva:You need to stress that you are moving due to limited pay improvement as well as job dissatisfaction. Focus more on the pay part even if you know that you are quitting due to job dissatisfaction
Sneha:Sir, I plan to sit for CAT 2012. I am comfortable with Maths & DI. PLEASE ADVISE ME ON HOW TO PREPARE FOR VERBAL. My mail id : Thanks
Aziz Manva:Focus on improving your reading skills currently. Read on as many different kinds of topics as you can over the next few months. For every unfamiliar word in that passage, try and find out the multiple meanings, antonyms, synonyms, word usage etc
max:can we get marketing directly or we have to do sales before we get a marketing position
Aziz Manva:You can get marketing directly if you have done your MBA from a very good B-school, but it is always better to first get experience in Sales and only then do Marketing
jag:iam just now joined in a plant engineering concern. Iam interested in automotive field,since ican't get enough opportunities i joined this company. can i change my field to automotive ? if so when is the best time possible in terms of experience?
Aziz Manva:If you are seriously interested in automotive field, then change within the first 1-2 years. After that changing industries may be difficult.
amolshelar:Can you please give me more information about systems mba ? or any link or detail where i can find more information abt system mba plz
Aziz Manva:A systems MBA will give you exposure to use of IT in Business Management. it will including MIS, Data Mining, CRM, ERP packages, system designing, product specification designing. One of the best institutes in India for Systems MBA is NITIE in Mumbai. However, most of the top 10-15 B-Schools in India also have a good Systems specialisation
sl:what is the prospective for Business analytic's/Data Minning area? and any good institute in Bangalore for these course
Aziz Manva:The prospects for such fields are very good as more and more companies are looking at better use of data, better customer relationship techniques etc. However, I am not aware of any specific institute in Bangalore that provides training specially in this. You may have to pursue a Systems MBA
dev:thanks aziz for your response what if they are paying good salary only reason is no job satisfactions hiring company says ok fine we give job to me come at same salary
Aziz Manva:Then you have to be upfront and ask for a 30-40% hike saying that you will have to start completely fresh in the new role. Had you continued in the old role, you would have got a higher jump and a better profile in the next year or so.
ajitanshu:what all companies except infy n tcs started recruitment for 2012 batch??
Aziz Manva:I have heard that Deloitte, Wipro, L & T IT, Tech Mahindra have started
CAMPUSRECRUIT:sir can u tell me under whose nick name u have answered I could not find the answer
Aziz Manva:Which company is good for marketing will depend on what kind of marketing do you want to do? If you want to do viral marketing, AMWAY type of companies may be better. On the other hand, if you want to work with clear cut processes and systems, you will need to apply a multinational. If you feel you want to innovate and experiment in marketing, join a start up. Also, it depends on whether you want to do marketing of products, services, events, etc. It is impossible to name one or two companies.

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Image: Be upfront and ask for a hike

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If your concepts are clear, you can get a good job

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psoberoi:What future do u see for a civil engineer in India.
Aziz Manva:Considering the amount of money being pumped into India through the World Bank and IMF for infrastructure projects, it should be definitely good.

RAH89:I ama BTECH Mechanical Fresher with backlogs.Will i get placed in any core industries?
Aziz Manva:Yes, why not. Provided you do well in the aptitude test and interview. Explain clearly about your backlogs. if your concepts are clear, you can get a good job even in the core sectors

sudipto.raj:can an engineering student apply for bank PO after graduation?
Aziz Manva:Yes, you can apply for Bank PO after graduation. There is no restriction on what graduation stream you should be from.

ramola:dear sir, i working for the past 3 years but still not happy with d job. Actually i am interested MBA....but i am in confuse ....To go for part time or full time...plz reply ....
Aziz Manva:It is always better to pursue full time MBA. The job prospects, network, etc are all better

max:sir i have done my bba and working in a stock broking firm doing sales...will this count if i change to product sales as my current profile has intangible product .i e a demat account...besides i plan to do my MBA in england do u think this will count???
Aziz Manva:Yes. this will count. Remember that your functional expertise (sales) is not changing. On the other hand, it will be beneficial as you will now have experience in sales in two completely different sectors. So your exposure will be much better

zoefast:Do you feel that creative writing holds a good future? Also i am currently working as a SEO in a IT Firm...Does SEO have a bright future in India..
Aziz Manva:Definitely...this is one of the new upcoming fields in India. With more and more projects being outsourced to India, this will only develop more.

Amrish:good evening sir.. can you tell me, which one is better MBA in finace or Marketing..?? in terms of salary....
Aziz Manva:In terms of salary, both are very similar. So, go for the one that interest you more

Image: If your concepts are clear, you can get a good job

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