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How to make your current job work for you

Last updated on: June 23, 2014 10:13 IST

How to make your current job work for you



Do you find yourself churning up excuses not to go to work every other day? Perhaps there is something bothering you at work which you must fix.

If every Monday morning, you dream of Friday to advance sooner, then you are probably not loving your current job!

Unfortunately, you are living an important part of life half-heartedly.

Is this what you really hoped for while starting your career?

Surely not! isn't it? Then what's the solution?

To change your job is surely one way to fix it, but that’s not going to change the way you perceive your work life.

There are lot of other things, which you can do to love your current job.

To find the solution of any problem, it is important that you identify the reason behind its occurrence.

We start by identifying the three reasons that make you unhappy at work.

1. Monotony

One of the perspectives can be that you are stuck in your current job.

You might be feeling that there is no more learning scope for you, or there are less chances of promotion in your job.

Monotony develops boredom in the current job.

What you can do when you are in such situation?

Communicating always brings solutions.

Talk to your manager or boss to understand whether it is actually a situation or not.

You can discuss the future prospects with your boss regarding your career with the company.

So, before you decide to make the big move, indulge into exploring different options in the current job.

Another way you can come out of this situation is by switching your roles within the department.

If you have a colleague who is going through similar situation, then try to swap your work duties with him/her.

At the same time, make sure you have the consent of your manager.

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Image: Find out how you can improve your work life.
Photographs: Rediff Archives
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Good work brings no appreciation

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Well, who doesn't love appreciation.

In case you have been craving to get the right kind of feedback for all the hard work you put in, then that might be a reason for your unsatisfactory work life.

What you can do when you are in such situation?

Speak to your manager about how much do you value feedbacks.

Ask him/her to sit with you once in a week, or twice a month to suggest how you can improve.

You can also suggest the development of an employee recognition team to look at generating employee feedback, training and improvement.

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Image: Talk to your manager to find out if there's scope for improvement.
Photographs: Patrick Fallon/Reuters
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You are overworked

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Stress is a major reason why you don’t love your work life.

What you can do when you are in such situation?

Prepare a flowchart of your daily tasks and duties that you have to perform.

Analyse how you can sort it out by eliminating all those tasks that do not require much attention and still eating your crucial time.

Consult your manager to find out how you can eliminate the least important tasks.

Alternately, you may identify or suggest ways to complete the tasks in lesser time.

If you still feel overburdened, then you may suggest your manager to hire extra resources.

Besides the ones listed above, there can be several other situations that would be affecting your current work life.

Instead of changing your job, try and identify the issues affecting your performance and find a way to fix it.

Image: Stress could be a reason why you're unhappy at work.
Photographs: Dadang Tri/Reuters
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