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How successful people start their Monday

September 16, 2013 17:13 IST

How successful people start their Monday



Increase your chances of success by taking advice from these successful people.

While it is a well documented fact that combination of hard work and talent leads to success, there is no denying that ‘luck’ also plays an important role, but there is no secret to that luck.

It is just about doing right things at right time and place and how you manage your schedule. has jotted down things that some of the successful people do at the start of their work weeks.

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How successful people start their Monday

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Use weekends effectively 

James Reinhart from has advised to use weekends effectively. He said that weekends are a time to unwind, to relax and to think. Therefore, it is important to give work a halt and yourself some time to reset.

Plan the week

Author of What the Most Successful People Do Before Breakfast, Laura Vanderkam, said that it is very important to plan the week. At the start of the work week, take time to plan out maybe six to eight priorities for the following days, and schedule them. This will help you to have a great week.

Wake up early

Vodaphone’s Vittorio Colao, who starts his day at 6 AM, said that how early you ‘get up’ in the morning depends on what your body can handle and the only way to get more time out of your day is to take it by force. You could use that newfound time for work or for something personal and worthwhile.

Utilise on road time

Tim Armstrong of AOL advised that one can take advantage of the commute. If you are not driving and using public transportation, you can utilise on road time for catching up on emails.


And finally, here's how US president Barack Obama starts his work week. He said that along with the de facto physical benefits, exercising on Monday mornings sets the tone for the day and the entire week that follows.

Photographs: Daniel Munoz/Reuters

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