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First Salary: It changed my life for good

Last updated on: November 20, 2012 11:54 IST

First Salary: It changed my life for good



We asked you readers to tell us about your first salary and how you spent it. Here's the final set of responses we received. Thank you for sharing your stories.

First up, we have this response from Varun who tells us how his first salary changed his life:

I was very young when I got the job of an Accounts Assistant to work with a CA. Knowing that I had got the job, my dad got me an RX bike! Little did he know that my salary was just Rs 1,000 a month.

I was doing well for myself but the CA got so jealous that he stopped teaching me the basics presuming I was from an affluent background and did not need a job!

I bore him for a month till I was paid my first salary. I went straight to my dad and shared it with him. He was as usual emotional and asked me what I wanted. I said "Dad, I want to quit this job and do something big and make you proud."

Although he was stunned by my response, he supported me.
I didn't return to work for the CA, instead started working towards cherishing my dreams of what I actually wanted to be.

What I want to share about my experience is that my first salary changed my life for good. Had I stuck to my first job for a year or two, my life would have been like any typical employee whose life revolves around their office and home.

Today, I earn more than three lakhs a month, and still own that bike my dad presented me (in running condition).

Friends, there is nothing wrong in thinking big, but how safe you play your cards is how it can turn the corner for you.

Illustration: Dominic Xavier

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'Nani maa got emotional and accepted the money'

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We also heard from 72-year-old K Subramanian. The retired head of SSD, ECIL, Hyderabad tells us about his first salary and how he spent it:

My first employment was with Lucas-TVS in erstwhile Madras (now Chennai).

I joined them as a tool progress and planning engineer. My first salary was Rs 250.

With my salary, I bought a small silver lamp (kuthhu villakku) for my cousin sister's wedding. I also bought a sari for my mother and my first wrist watch from Favre Leuba.

Next up, is this response from 26-year-old Mohammad Rafiq, who is a commerce graduate:

I do not belong to a rich family. Between 2002 and 2005 when I was pursuing my graduation in commerce, I'd receive a pocket money of Rs 50 every month from my parents for daily expenses.

I completed my graduation in March 2005 and joined a CA firm. My first salary was Rs 1500 per month. Of that, I gave Rs 500 to my dadi maa (paternal gradmother), Rs 500 to my nani maa (maternal grandmother) and donated the remaining towards the masjid after securing some amount for my expense.

When I shared the money with my nani ma, she told me that I was like her son and she did not require any money from me.

I reminded her how I had been indebted to my own mother for taking care of me all these years and never refused when she gave me money. That's when nani maa got emotional and accepted the money.

And last but not the least, here's what C T Johnson from Chennai shared with us:

After completing my engineering in May 1965, I'd joined an engineering institute as an Instructor.

I received my first salary on June 5, from the owner of the institute. Since we'd not discussed the salary at the time of joining, I was very curious.

Since the envelope carrying my salary was sealed, I decided to hand it over to my dad without opening it.

In the evening, when I gave it to my dad, he was surprised to know that I had not opened it yet. When he asked me about the salary amount, I asked him to open the envelope and find out. It carried Rs 50. He gave me a five rupee note for my expenses and blessed me.

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