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How to choose the right study abroad destination

Last updated on: October 24, 2013 17:15 IST

How to choose the right study abroad destination



In an online chat with readers on October 24, Anshika Singh, Senior Vice President - Student Engagement at Univariety answered queries on how to pursue the right study abroad destination.

In the current highly competitive environment, it is important that students choose the right institute for higher education.

At the same time, it is also very important to choose the right destination.

Whether Indian students prefer to stay closer home or venture west to Europe or the US, picking the perfect study abroad destination can be a daunting task, especially when there are a lot of options available for your preferred course.

The opportunity to experience other cultures and the benefits of learning at a different setting under the guidance of professors from diverse backgrounds is something you could look forward to.

College planning expert Anshika Singh from Univariety interacted with readers on Thursday, October 24, 2013 between 3 pm and 4 pm IST.

For those who missed the live chat, here's the unedited transcript:

SantraMantra: I want to go abroad for studies. but is it safe & secure?

Anshika Singh : If you choose to study at a recognized university and take a decent accommodation then it is safe. Sometimes students opt for low cost accommodations to save money and that is not safe. In India also, there are many places which are not safe. Likewise in other countries also, there are places which are not safe to stay.Students should therefore do a thorough research .

rajat: hi what is the cost to study fashion in france?

Anshika Singh: Are you looking for a UG or PG course ? France is one of the preferred destination for studying fashion and the expense would usually come in the range of 13-17 lakhs per year inclusive of tuition and living cost. Tuition fees will vary from 4000-10,000 euros and for living cost, you are required to show at least 7500 euros.

ulfat: how to decide budget. pls help.

Anshika Singh: First understand the average tuition fees and living cost for your course for the countries where your course is available. Compare and then decide which country suits your budget. Check for scholarship options.You should also check the visa rules. Some countries have stringent visa rules and want funding to be shown in a certain format.

anil: Which countries are currently offering undergraduate scholarships for indian students?

Anshika Singh: All the countries are offering scholarships for UG students. The most popular ones are USA,UK,Singapore, Germany & Hongkong. It is important to note that most of the scholarships are merit-based. If you are academically good and you have good scores in the required entrance tests then you can secure good scholarships, infact full tuition fees scholarships.

shinde: What is the eligibility criteria to apply to European nations? 

Anshika Singh: Admission criteria for european universities is much easier as compared to other countries like USA & Australia. Admission in european countries is based purely on your performance in Class 12. If you score 80 per cent and above then you can study at top 10 university in any of the european countries. You are also required to appear for IELTS or TOEFL but in most cases these scores are not mandatory.

mustafa: I want to know which countries are good for post study visas? 

Anshika Singh: Do you mean which countries allow to stay back after completion of your studies? If yes, then you should look at Canada,Australia, NZ and USA. You can stay in UK also subject to meeting the visa conditions. You need to complete your course within the stipulated duration and you should be able to secure a job worth 21000 pounds & above. Then you can stay back in UK also.

vibha malhotra: Does it matter from which school you are if you are applying for undergrad schools. Do students from more known schools like Doon, Welhams, DPS etc stand a better chance?

Anshika Singh:In most of the countries, the admissions are based on your performance in Class 12 and entrance tests and then finally the quality of your application overall like essays and recommendation letters. Decisions are not at all based on which school have you studied from. However, studying at a school like Doon can compliment your application if you are meeting the conditions of the University.

vibha malhotra: How difficult is it to get scholarships for pursuing a bachelor's in engineering in the US?

Anshika Singh: It is easy to get scholarships from USA Universities provided you target the right set of universities and you prepare well in advance for entrance tests and submit a good application. Every year,students from India get scholarships ranging between $7,000 to full scholarships . You need to have a decent SAT 1 & SAT subject tests apart from good essays and recommendation letters.

shaishav: Since dollar rates have gone up, which countries besides the US and UK would you suggest for higher education?

Anshika Singh: Consider Canada, Singapore and Hong Kong. The advantage is that these countries have low living cost.Tuition fees is quite competitive as compared to countries like USA & UK.

ulfat: [SKB] What are the scholarships for post doctoral research in engineering in US & UK

Anshika Singh: Mostly post doctoral scholarships will be available with the concerned universities itself . Once you have received an offer from the supervisor then check with them about the funding availability. Each and every university keeps some funding aside for Phd and post -doctoral scholarships. You may also get good assistant ships. At times, you will find organizations who will be ready to sponsor you.

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'Is work experience important to pursue post graduation?'

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Siddharth: Is work experience a major criteria for admissions for post grad ? Because I am planning to go immediately after my BE.

Anshika Singh: No, work experience is not mandatory. Work experience is only required for MBA. For MS, admission criteria is based either on your performance in graduation degree or the entrance tests specially in the case of USA.

ulfat: [SKB] Hi, How is NTU, Singapore for EMBA. Please guide 

Anshika Singh: NTU is among one of the top University in Singapore. Please go ahead to pursue your EMBA. You should also consider applying to NUS and SMU.

ulfat: [SKB] R/madam, my daughter has completed B.Tech in Computer science and Engg. now she want to do M.Tech. Please advice about good university in abroad those grants scholarship also.regards,K L arya

Anshika Singh: There are a lot of scholarship options available in USA, UK & Germany provided your daughter has good academic credentials. Please contact British Council to know about the scholarships for UK, If your daughter is able to score above 300 in GRE then she can get very good scholarship from the US Universities. Kent State University, USA has very good scholarship options.

bharath v: Is doing a MIS abroad a good option with a person with 9 years of IT experience?

Anshika Singh: MIS is a good option. However, it is important for you check if pursuing MIS will help you the growth you are desiring for yourself. It is a good idea to check with the prospective organizations as to what weightage will they give to MIS qualification.

Akshay Bhere: I am a final year student of engineering and wish to apply for fall 2014, but my aggregate upto third year is 57.64%, GRE score is314 and TOEFL is 104. Should I apply for fall 2014 or should I wait for fall 2015 as I expect my aggregate to increase in my final year?

Anshika Singh: Your GRE & TOEFL scores are fantastic. I suggest you to apply for Fall 2014 and not waste a year. Put a strong application, write good essays and get good recommendations. You still stand a good chance to get into many top Universities. In case you do not get admission from a good University then you can always apply again for 2015.

kunal yadav: Which option is a better one? I have offer letter from fanshawe college london city canada for information system security management and i am waiting for offer letter from george brown college canada for wireless networking program? both are pgdm 1 year program! please advice!!!

Anshika Singh: Both are very good options Kunal. Canada has good scope in wireless networking. Check which course interests you more and go for it. Both the colleges are good and reputed however George Brown is more popular.

muthu rathinavel: I am a BE-CSE graduate & completed 7 years of experience in telecommunication. Now i am confused to do MBA or MS. what should i prefer?

Anshika Singh: With 7 years of experience, you are eligible to pursue MBA from one of the top MBA school in whichever part of the world. The answer to your question depends on how you want to progress in your career from here-on. If you want to handle managerial roles now then go for MBA else go for MS. Masters in UK is one year. Go to UK for MS and then MBA. You will complete both the degrees in two years.

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