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7 life lessons Candy Crush teaches you

May 19, 2014 11:22 IST

7 life lessons Candy Crush teaches you


This addictive virtual game can teach you a thing or two about the rewards of punctuality and discipline. Find out how...

The latest buzz is that 93 million people play Candy Crush Saga daily.

In case you haven't heard of it or played it yet, here's some information to begin with.

The purpose of Candy Crush Saga is to match three or more similar coloured candies in rows and columns.

You can switch candies, create magic candies and gain bonuses as you clear the levels.

This mind-numbingly, sweetened game has become a phenomenon -- one can notice co-travellers in metros, trains and buses and even colleagues in office obsessively nudging fingers at the screen filled with bright and colourful candies.

We won't dismiss it as just another addictive game; rather we dig a little deeper and see what lessons we can learn from it to get better at what we do.

Here are seven career lessons we can learn from Candy Crush Saga:

1. No hard strategies or tactics are required to clear the Candy Crush levels. You just have to match the similar candies and score points by using your reflexes and being observant.

Similarly, at work, to meet your daily goals, making strategies isn't the trick. You have to ensure that things fall well in place and you do them with equal concentration and zeal.

2. Since school days, every child is taught to develop a healthy competitive spirit to move ahead.

That explains why there is desperation in clearing the game's levels soon and beat the friends who are leading.

One must not forget that competitive spirit is not just healthy, but is fun-filled and result-oriented as well.

You need similar spirit at work to see your professional career move ahead.

3. The initial levels of this game are simple and easy to pass, which lends every player a sense of satisfaction.

This becomes a mini accomplishment for the player's mind, as it releases neuro-chemical dopamine, which is responsible for reinforcing human actions that further supports in learning and recreating behaviour.

The rise in difficulty is gradual, so that you do not get bored with the gumdrops or jelly beans that restrict you from matching candies.

Consider the situation with your job.

You start your day at office by completing all the basic and easy tasks to develop the feeling of satisfaction, and then gradually consider the next difficult task as a challenge to beat your previous performance or of the ones who are doing better than you.

4. Being on time is another skill that the Candy Crush players are experiencing.

Each level has to be cleared by earning specific number of points in a limited time. To successfully clear a level, it is important to discard all the dangerous candies like chocolate and bomb on the board first. Lesson: Destroy hurdles that keep you from reaching your goal.

Needless to explain, how important this habit is for every professional.

The reasons that are keeping you from reaching your work goal should also be eliminated first.

5. The easiest way to move ahead in the game or to score better is by inviting your friends to play.

This is where teamwork comes into play, a quality that makes things easy for you.

6. The purpose behind Candy Crush is mere fun and enjoyment.

It conveys that work will seem simpler if you start enjoying it.

So, enjoy doing the task assigned to you and you will get addicted to your work, like you are to Candy Crush.

7. Did you realise one more thing peculiar about the game? The more levels of Candy Crush Saga you clear, the better your performance gets.

Continue to work hard and be persistent. That is how you will better your performance at work.

So, the next time someone tags you as a 'CC Addict', don't forget to tell them how the game can help elevate career advancement..

Image: The Candy Crush Saga is full of inspiring lessons that nudge you to aim higher and achieve the impossible.