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Crush vs Love: Is she interested in you?

April 13, 2017 12:13 IST

Are you sure she is into you? Or is your imagination getting the better of you?

So you have a crush on her and one fine day, you send her a message.

She responds with a text and now you decide to text her once more.

She does not respond immediately and your heart skips a beat.

You wait for some more time before sending the message a third time. This time, she responds and you think everything's not lost.

You don't realise, but you have begun chasing her. And you don't have the faintest idea whether she is interested in you too. Do you?

Before you send her the next message and get further in the relationship, bear these things in mind:

Don't demean yourself

Are you sure she is into you too? Is your imagination getting the better of you?

Do you think that the little smiley that she put in her reply means she likes you too?

Ask these questions before you start in this 'one-way street'.

It would do you a whole lot of good if you accepted that your crush is not necessarily reciprocated by 'your girl'.

Your self-esteem would remain intact and you would save yourself from a lot of self-inflicted psychological damage.

Don't hurt her

Do you realise the psychological damage that is being inflicted on her every time when you send that text message?

Probably, she does not want her family to know that you are stalking her because that would upset them. But, all the while she is bottling her emotions inside.

If you persist in your 'stalking', she may end up becoming a nervous wreck.

Don't lose out

While you are busy chasing your 'lady love', have you looked around? Is there someone who's taken a fancy on you?

What if the other girl really likes you; but upon seeing you engrossed in your 'crush', decides to give up on you?

Is it infatuation?

Take a deep breath and think about whether you are infatuated by your crush or it is a case of genuine love.

What aspect of her personality drives you to her?

Is it a case of the latest fashion sense that she is displaying? Is this 'crush' taking you away from your schedule?

Are you spending too much time, and money?

The most practical reason why you should not chase your crush is it tells upon your two most critical resources like money and time.

The amount of time you are spending on her can better be spent on creating a website of lasting value. Or doing something productive.

Your sexuality is at stake

Research after research has proven that chasers are viewed by women in an undesirable light in the sexual hierarchy pyramid.

Simply put, it means you lose your charm when you are busy chasing your crush.

Lead image -- a still from Raanjhanaa -- used for representational purposes only.