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Video: The Down Troddence bring down the house

Last updated on: February 2, 2012 11:06 IST

Video: The Down Troddence bring down the house

Kerala-based band The Down Troddence sent us this video of their song.

The Down Troddence, more commonly known as the acronym TDT is a six-piece metal band from Kannur, Kerala. Thrash/Prog/Melo Death are various genres this band experiments with. They established their presence in the metal/rock scene with their debut single 'DEATH VANITY'.

Their songs articulate the illness of the social system and its dismal failures. This band dream of an ultimate social revolution....And confronting the social system. Kannur can attribute itself very little to ANY rock music tradition or fan circles. Majority are still after the colorful numbers of love and lust which drug them into 'LOTOS EATER' dreaminess and lull them to a suicidal ignorance of the contradictions of the society. The band chooses to intervene into their lives, shatter their world of seeming cosines and let them have a glimpse of the scorching realities around them and in them. Variously influenced in musical interests, the members of the band are steadfast to the Death metal variant. The band recently released their debut music video of their popular single 'Shiva'. They are presently working on their Debut Album Release.

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Image: The Down Troddence