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Cooking can help you get laid!

June 30, 2011 12:27 IST

The way to a man's heart is his stomach – and apparently, the same holds true for women!

The best, and perhaps the only way for men to get a woman who is clearly out of their league is to cook for her, according to Spencer Walker, author of Cook To Bang: The Lay Cook's Guide to Getting Laid.

"Cooking becomes wooing out of necessity," Fox News quoted Walker as saying.

He says that those who can't afford four-star restaurants and don't look like Brad Pitt should especially get in the kitchen.

This book levels the playing field. "I wrote it for the poorer, younger version of myself," explains Walker.

Guys always want to score, says Walker. Cooking is simply the best way to do it as, "Women are always impressed with a guy that cooks."

At the very least, he says, they'll remember you.

Walker says that a few basics will avert disaster:

1. Know your date's preferences. Don't serve steak tartar to a vegan, and ask about allergies. An ER visit to rid her of hives is a guaranteed buzz-kill.

2. Get comfortable with few go-to dishes so you're relaxed. You'll reek of desperation if you look like you're working too hard.

3. Remember: Beer goes with Chinese food, wine does not. Ever.

4. Eat light: Pasta and meat can make your date feel bloated and gassy, which means "no sexy time."

5. Stick with salads and fish. "Aphrodisiacs create nymphomaniacs," he says.

Do you have quick date-night recipes to share with us? Send them in to (subject line: 'Quick Recipes') and we'll publish them right here!

Photograph: Ecelan/Wikimedia Commons


Source: ANI